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HON. E. P. I have long been thinking of some plan, by which every child, in the higher classes, should preserve a record of his or her con. duct and progress, while the interest of both parents and children should be increased; and a teacher, or visitor could see at a glance the character of the child, even without asking a question. After trying the plan in more than fifty schools, I can now say it has fully answered ; and you will see that it is quite as simple, as I have fonnd it useful. It consists in giving to the child, after explaining the object, a card of character, of which I enclose a specimen, and which is marked off by the teacher every Sunday. A card answers for half a year, and is a faith. ful register of the child's character and con. duct during that time. Allow me to illustrate the specimen.

C. S. D. “Shew me your character card, Mary.”

Mary. (Opening a neat little cotton case, which she has made for her cards.) “Here is my last card, Sir.” · C. S. D. “I am sorry to perceive one bad, and one indifferent mark. Were you un. well on the 16th of February?".

Mary. “ No, Sir.”

C. S. D. “ Was it Mr. A. who read prayers and who preached on that day ?"

Mary. " It was, Sir,"

C. S.D. Did he read and speak as andibly as he is accustomed to do ?” · Mary. " I believe he did, Sir."

C. S. D. “Now, Mary, think a little, and then tell me the reason that you repeated the collect of that day so ill, and could not remember the texts ?”

Mary. (After a long pause.) “ I believe, Sir, that I know the reason, but I cannot express it."

C.S. D. "Well, Mary, I will help you. Suppose we look at these five short texts for short sermons, at the bottom of your card. One of these may serve as a guide to truth; it could not be want of punctuality,' for you have good marks against every day for “attendance,' what say you to attention ?!

Mary. (Bursting into tears.) “Ah ! Sir, that was it! I was not attending to the minister, I was thinking of my new frock and bonnet."

C. S. D. “And yet, Mary, you know why you go to church, and that God will not be mocked.'»

Mary. “Oh! Sir, I have been very naughty.”

C. S. D. “ Yes, Mary, you have, and oniy see how many sins follow one. You were inattentive in the house of God - you did not yield obedience to him instead of " humility', vanity filled your heart, and if you were to describe your prayer,' truly it

would be this, “Oh! Lord, let every body admire me as much as I admire myself!'”

Mary. (Weeping bitterly.) “Oh! Sir, I am very, very sorry-may God forgive me, and enable me to behave well, I know I have sinned.”

C. S. D. “I believe you are sorry, Mary, and I believe you are more sorry for having sinned; than for being found out. You have been told that prayer is the golden key that unlocks heaven, but we must turn that key ourselves.--.We must strive against sin, while we pray to be freed from its power.

This little fact will shew you, my dear madam, the advantages of such a card : but I cannot describe the delight of the children who have them, or the pleasure of their parents.---Nor can you imagine the delay and fumbling with which the little cases are opened, when bad marks are to be seen, and the readiness and joy which these records are produced which are full of good marks. You will perceive there are two columns with blanks for markings, as many schools, or classes, differ in the kind of in. struction. The teacher heads these columns as may best suit him.

I have had some thousands printed off, which are sold at the cost price of six shil. lings a hundred.

C. S. D.
P. S. I should have stated, that 312 re-
fers to the No. of the child in the roll, or
Register book of the school.

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Day | Attendance Col-Cate-Humne Scripture, Texts, M. A. lect. chism

Lessons &c.

(Reverse side of the card.)







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