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Where the snorting sea-horse shows
His ivory teeth in grinning rows :
Where, tumbling in their seal-skin boat,
Fearless the hungry fishers float,
And from teeming seals supply
The food those niggard plains deny."


Gracious Saviour ! can it be
When I bend my suppliant knee,
When I lisp my evening prayer,
Thou wilt condescend to hear ?
Wilt thou from thy throne above,
Stoop with looks of pitying love,
When my feeble tongue essays
Simplest notes of heartfelt praise ?
Yes, so gracious, Lord, art thou,
Dear to thee is childhood's vow,
Sweet to thee the infant's hymn
As the strains of Seraphim.

May I, Lord, such matchless grace
Deeper feel and worthier praise ;
Feel, till angels, highest song
Almost breaks from infant tongue.

God of the infant and the sage,

To thee in faith and hope we pray;
From dawning youth to latest age,

Be thou our refuge and our stay.

As children to a father kind,

As suppliants to a gracious Lord, · We come in humble hope to find

The blessings promised in thy word.

Young, erring, weak,---where'er we go,

A thousand snares beset us round;
And oh! we have a dangerous foe,

Subtle to tempt, and fierce to wound.

But thine the victory, thine the power,

From thee alone our help must spring Oh! shield us in the battle hour,

“Beneath the covert of thy wing.” Armed with thy sword, and girt with truth,

We need not fear though he assail ;
L'en 'gainst the helplessness of youth

His fiery darts shall not prevail.

And when at last we shall receive

The palm of conquest, and the crown, To thee alone the praise we'll give,

And cast them, Lord, before thy throne. MATTHEW XI. 25.

In the mines of deep science thou dost not

conceal Thegem of salvation, more precious than gold; But even to babes will thy spirit reveal The secrets to spotless archangels untold.

The fair tree of life, full of verdure and bloom, Casts over our path its far-spreading shoots; And even the hand of a child may presume To gather its blossoms, and take of its fruits.

As the child of thy bounty I come to be fed; My soul has been famished and weary before; But now to green pastures my footsteps are

led, I shall faint and be hungry and thirsty no more.



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