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railings and cursings, our God will this day turn them into blessings in the sight of lum. self and all his holy angels.”

One then said to Martin, “thou silly youth ! thou sayest thou knowest not what. Thou art too proud of thyself and thy cause. Seest thou not all this people here about thee? What thinkest thou of them? They believe not as thou doest, and yet I doubt not they shall be saved." .

Martin's mother hearing this, replied ; “Sir, Jesus Christ saith, that it is the wide gate and broad way which lead to destruction, and that many go in thereat: but that the gate is narrow that leads to life, and few there be that find it. Compare our doctrine with that of your priests and monks. For our parts, we are determined to have but one Christ and him crucified. We only em. brace the Scriptures of the Old and New Testament. Are we deceived in believing that, which the holy prophets and apostles taught?”

One of the friars turning towards Martin, said ; "young man, be well advised : thy father and thy brother have owned their errors; and thou, poor silly youth! art deluded by the heretics.”

Martin answered, “I'pray you, Sir, doth not Christ our Lord tell us, that his Father hath hid the secrets of his kingdom from


the wise and prudent, and revealed them unto babes ? and doth not the Lord often catch the wise in their own craftiness ? and whereas you say my father and brother have owned their errors, I well perceive by this, that I ought not to credit ought you say. Know ye not that the devil is the father of lies, and of all liars ?”

Then came there into the prison two great men of the city of Lisle, who promised great things, if Martin would recant and turn to the Romish church. One of them said ;- “young man, I have pity on thy tender years; if thou wilt be ruled by us, I promise thee thou shalt not die this shameful death. Moreover, I will give thee one hun. dred pounds stirling.”

Martin replied ; “Sir, you set before me great earthly advantare but do you think



me so simple as to forsake an heavenly kingdom in order to enjoy this short fleeting life? No, Sir, it is too late to speak to me now of earthly benefits, but of those spiritual ones, which God hath prepared for me today in his kingdom. Nor do I purpose to hearken after any other. Only I pray you let me beg one hour's quiet, to give myself unto prayer, and calling upon the name of my God : for you know now it is eight days since my father left this world, and I have scarcely had an hour's rest; having eight or nine persons always about me, and talking to me." ir oro b

After these great men were forced to go even as they came, Martin said to certain brethren who were with him in prison, "let us lift up our heads, brethren; the brunt is over ; this, I hope, is their last assault. Forget not, I pray you, the holy doctrine of the Gospel, nor those good lessons which you have learnt from our minister. Shew now to all, that you have not only received them into your ears, but also into your hearts. Follow me: we lead you the way: fear not; God will never leave nor forsake you : farewell, brethren." And so they departed.

Soon after, Martin and his mother were bound, and brought to the place where they were to suffer. His mother, having ascended


the scaffold, cried to Martin ; 6come up, come up, my son.” And as he was speaking to the people, she said; “ speak out, Martin, that it may appear to all the people that we die not heretics." Martin would have made a confession of his faith, but was not suffered. His mother being bound to the stake, said with a loud voice, “we are Christians : and that which we now suffer is not for murder or theft; but because we will believe no more than what the word of God teaches us." Both rejoiced that they were counted worthy to suffer for the same.

The fire being kindled, the heat thereof did nothing abate the fervency of their zeal; but they continued constant in the faith ; and lifting up their hands to heaven, in an holy accord said ; “Lord Jesus, into thy

hands we commend our spirits. And thus they blessedly slept in the Lord.

These were the fruits, which these holy assemblies in the city of Lisle brought forth. None need inquire whether the rest ware suffered to live in peace. Great indeed was the cruelty of the Papists among them. And yet, when all is done, God will be glo. rified in his saints and children.


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On Thursday afternoon, as she was lying on her little bed, (which during the last fortnight was in the drawing room,) and I upon the sofa beside her; she began to pray fervently and distinctly in her sleep; and after proceeding for nearly a quarter of an hour, awoke herself with the fervency with which she prayed; and continued without ceasing, for about twenty minutes after she awoke. She went to bed on Thursday night, in a very sweet frame of mind. About two in the morning of Friday, she again began to pray in her sleep; and, sometimes asleep, sometimes awake, continued in the spirit of fervent supplication, intercession, and thanksgiving, scarcely ever stopping, until six : earnestly and fervently imploring grace

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