Fraser's Magazine for Town and Country, Volym 48

James Fraser, 1853

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Sida 28 - One of the most remarkable and inexplicable experiments relative to the strength of the human frame, which you have yourself seen and admired, is that in which a heavy man is raised with the greatest facility, when he is lifted up the instant that his own lungs and those of the persons who faise him are inflated with air.
Sida 28 - The heaviest person in the party lies down upon two chairs, his legs being supported by the one, and his back by the other. Four persons, one at each leg, and one at each shoulder, then try to raise him, and they find his dead weight to be very great, from the difficulty they experience in supporting him. When he is replaced in the chair, each of the four persons...
Sida 80 - With eager bite of pike, or bleak, or dace; And on the world and my creator think: Whilst some men strive ill-gotten goods t' embrace; And others spend their time in base excess Of wine, or worse, in war or wantonness.
Sida 80 - From wisard's* cheeks, who making curious search For nature's secrets, the First Innating Cause Laughs them to scorn, as man doth busy Apes When they will zany men.
Sida 8 - In spite, however, of contempt, the impudence of this Frenchman half angered him. He said to his brother : " You will have seen Latouche's letter ; how he chased me, and how I ran. I keep it : and if I take him, by God he shall eat it.
Sida 36 - Whinny-muir thou comest at laste ; And Christe receive thye saule. If ever thou gavest hosen and shoon, Every night and alle ; Sit thee down, and put them on ; And Christe receive thye saule. If hosen and shoon thou ne'er gavest nane, Every night and alle : The whinnes shall pricke thee to the bare bane ; And Christe receive thye saule.
Sida 28 - ... has been lightened, or the bearer strengthened, by the prescribed process. At Venice, the experiment was performed in a much more imposing manner. The heaviest man in the party was raised and sustained upon the points of the forefingers of six persons. Major H. declared that the experiment would not succeed, if the person lifted were placed upon a board, and the strength of the individuals applied to the board. He conceived it necessary that the bearers should communicate directly with the body...
Sida 28 - ... completed, or the lungs filled, the second signal is given for raising the person from the chair. To his own surprise, and that of his bearers, he rises with the greatest facility, as if he were no heavier than a feather. On several occasions, I have observed, that when one of the bearers performs his part ill by making the inhalation out of tim,e, the part of the body which he tries to raise is left as it were behind.
Sida 69 - ... favourite mistress, formerly a stage dancer, presides at these revels, and takes the lead in all the scenes of indecent mirth which pass there. She is large in her person, spirited in her looks, loose in her attire, and gives a true idea of a perfect bacchanalian. He is liberal to her to a degree, and she alone spends the full income he receives from the King. She makes, indeed, the best return in her power to such generosity ; for at the same time she assures him that he has the sole possession...
Sida 28 - When he is replaced in the chair, each of the four persons takes hold of the body as before ; and the person to be lifted gives two signals, by clapping his hands. At the first signal, he himself, and the four lifters, begin to draw a long...

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