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Acts Apostles Pegden, 291

Aerial Navigation, by Dr. Jeffries, a Bostonian

(1184), 311

Almanac, Antiquarian, 40

Army ot the Revolution, list of the General Officers

in, 31


Hutchinson, Richard, 362 ; Jarris, mm, 193 -,

Lyon, Nath'L 97; Pepperrcll, Wm., 1

Baptisms, Rumney Marsh, now North Chelsea (1715-

1747), 328

Baxter, Rev. Joseph, of Medfleld, Memoranda, 157

Bible, first edition or, in English, printed in Ameri-

ca, 291

Birth Day Celebration of Widow Abigail Alden, 259

Births, 41,114, 336

Bond from Philip to Isaac Curtis, 232

Books noticed—

Albany, Random Recollections of, by Worth, 281

Anthology of New Netherland, by Murphy, 285

Beyond the Lines, by Geer, 95

Bolles Family in America, 91

Curwen's Journal, with Appendix of biographical

sketches by Ward, 287

Daring and Suffering, by Pettlnger, 95

Davids's Annals of Ecclesiastical Nonconformity

in Essex, 192

Dawson's edition, of Dring's Recollections of the

Jersey Prison Ship, 287 ; Gleanings from the

Harvest-Field of American History, Part iv,


Deane's In Memoruun. Jared Sparks, LL.D.,


De Peyster on the Moral and Intellectual Influ-

ence of Libraries, 286

De Soto, Hernando, Narratives of the career of,

translated by Smith, 288

Dext*T's edition, of Church's History of King

Philip's War, 283 ; Mourt's Relation, 281

Dinner to Senor Romero, 286

Duyckinck's, Cyclopaedia of American Litera-

ture, 189 ; edition of Freneau's Poems relating

to the American Revolution, 191

Dwight's Journal of Music, 283

Essex County, Mass., Contributions to the Eccle-

siastical History of, 386

Firmin, Giles, Memoir of, 280

Frothingham's Life and Times of Joseph War-

ren, 188

Gardner's Centennial Address at Wales, Mass.,


Genealogical Investigations,conditions of sneers

In, by Fowler, 281

Geographical Society's Report, Dresden, Germa-

ny, 387

Hastings Memorial, 282

Herald aod Genealogist, by John Qough Nichols,


Heraldic Journal, 283

Hlckcox't History of Bills of Credit, 4c, 96

Kidder's Lovewell's Expeditions, &c, 93

Lanmao's Dictionary of Congress, 92

.Lincolniana, 96

Lyon, Gen. Nath'l, Life of, by Woodward, 96

Miscellanea Genealogica et Heraldica, by Joseph

Jackson Howard, 385

New Hampshire Historical Society, Collections

of (vol. viii), 279

Niagara Frontier, by Marshall, 281

Old Log School House, by Clark, 06

Palmer's Discourse at Norwich, Conn., 1S8

Prince Society, Publications of—Hutchinson Pa-

pers, vol. U., 92 •, Wood's New England Pros-

pect, 92

Read's Historical Inquiry concerning nenry

Hudson, 386

Sbeppard's Reminiscences of the Vaughan Fami-

ly, 190

Sibley's notices of Harvard University Cata-

logues, with a reprint of the Catalogues of 1674,

1682, 1700, 91

Stark, Gen. John, Memoir of, 189

Suffolk Institute of Archajologv, Proceedings at


Thurston Genealogy, 192

Troy, N. Y., Tribute of, to Abraham Lincoln, 187

Webster's calendar, or Albany Almanac (1866),


Wheildon's Memoir of Solomon Willard, 186

Wisconsin State Historical Society, Addresses at

Dedication of the Rooms of, 280

Yankee Conscript, by Fisher, 95

Books, rare American, sale of, 289

Boston Records, 12

Brookneul, second precinct tax list (about 1750), 160

Centennial and other Celebrations, 71,163, 259, 391

Church Record, Walpole, Mass., 12

Clarkes of Rhode Island, memoranda, 210

Coaches, Hourly, Roxbury, 141

Continental army, volunteers in, from Scituate, 20

Convention at South Kingston, K. I. (1781), Resolves

of, "0

Cromwell's reported embarkation for New England,


Cruikshank, George, 290

Current Events, 72, 161, 292, 372

Deaths, 14, 78, 114, 106, 260, 33U, 375

Depositions from the files of Suffolk, 142

Diary of John Tileston, extracts from, 11

Doop Dock of the Dutch Church, Schenectady, N. Y.,

extracts from, 217

Double Dating, 12

English Children, one of the first Female born in

Boston, death of (1730), 371 /

Engraving—Plan of the Battle of Wilson's Creek, Mo.

Errata, 388

Essex County, England, no wars in, before 1648, 54
Estates in Euyliuul, Heirs to, 12
Fossil Elephant's Tusk, discovery of a, in Brattleboro',

Vu, 159


Capen, 246; Davis, 212, 299 ; Foster, 227, 308;

Freeman, 5!>, 353; Hutchinson, 355 ; Osgood,

22; Peppernll, 1 i Towne, 367 j Valentine,

221 j Wallingford, 335 ; Warner, 61

Genealogical Investigations, Conditions of Success

In, 312

Genealogy, Carlyle's opinion of, 220; Importance of,


Gleanings, 31

Gold, 290, 291

Hancock, Palmer, Cushing, 352

Hendrick, an Indian Sachem, narrative of, 237

Hull, John, notice of him, when young, by Rer. John

Wilson, 327

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