Widows and widowers


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Sida 85 - Tis certain, greatness once fall'n out with fortune, Must fall out with men too ; what the declin'd is, He shall as soon read in the eyes of others As feel in his own fall ; for men, like butterflies. Shew not their mealy wings but to the summer.
Sida 218 - Too late I stayed ; forgive the crime ; Unheeded flew the hours ; How noiseless falls the foot of Time That only treads on flowers ! What eye with clear account remarks The ebbing of the glass, When all the sands are diamond sparks That dazzle as they pass
Sida 118 - VII. When remedies are past, the griefs are ended ; By seeing the worst, which late on hopes depended. To mourn a mischief that is past and gone Is the best way to bring new mischief on.
Sida 185 - Happy is England ! I could be content To sec no other verdure than its own ; To feel no other breezes than are blown Through its tall woods with high romances blent : Happy is England
Sida 266 - On the part of the prosecution a great deal of evidence has been laid before you. It is all circumstantial evidence, and in its nature it must be so, for in cases of this sort no man is weak enough to commit the act in the presence of other persons
Sida 339 - If any hopes thy bosom share But those which Love has planted there, Or any cares hut his thy breast enthrall ; Thou never yet his power hast known, Love sits on a despotic throne, And reigns a tyrant if he reigns at all.
Sida 5 - I long woo'd your daughter,—my suit you denied ;— Love swells like the Solway, but ebbs like its tide.
Sida 266 - satisfactory than any other kind of evidence, because it is not within the reach and compass of human abilities to invent a train of circumstances which shall be so connected together as to amount to a proof of guilt, without affording opportunities of contradicting a great part, if not all, of those circumstances. But if the circumstances are such as, when laid together, bring conviction
Sida 29 - me no reason why I love you, for though love use reason for his precision, he admits him not for his counsellor. Merry Wives
Sida 134 - O visions ill foreseen ! Better had I Lived ignorant of future ! so had borne My part of evil only, each day's lot Enough to bear

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