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Ò V I D's ART O L O V E.


N Cupid's school whoe'er would take degree,
Must learn his rudiments, by reading me.

Seamen with sailing arts their vessels move;
Art guides the chariot ; art instructs to love.
Of ships and chariots others know the rule ;
But I am master in Love's mighty school.
Cupid indeed is obstinate and wild,
A stubborn God; but yet the God's a child:
Easy to govern in his tender age,
Like fierce Achilles in his pupillage:
That hero, born for conquest, trembling stood
Before the Centaur, and receiv'd the rod.
As Chiron mollify'd his cruel mind
With art, and taught his warlike hands to wind
The silver strings of his melodious lyre:
So Love's fair Goddess does my soul inspire,
To teach her softer arts; to footh the mind,
And smooth the rugged breasts of human kind,
Vol. IV.


Yet Cupid and Achilles, each with scorn And rage were fill’d; and both were goddess-born. The bull, reclaim'd and yok'd, the burden draws: The horse receives the bit within his jaws; And stubborn Love shall bend beneath my sway, Tho struggling oft he strives to disobey. He shakes his torch, he wounds me with his darts; But vain his force, and vainer are his arts. The more he burns my soul, or wounds my fight, The more he teaches to revenge the spite.

I boast no aid the Delphian God affords, Nor auspice from the flight of chattering birds; Nor Clio, nor her sisters have I seen; As Hefiod saw them on the shady green: Experience makes my work; a truth so try'd You may believe; and Venus be my guide.

Far hence, ye vestals, be, who bind your hair ; And wives, who gowns


ancles wear.
I sing the brothels loose and unconfin'd,
Th’unpunishable pleasures of the kind;
Which all alike, for love, or money, find.

You, who in Cupid's rolls inscribe your name, First seek an object worthy of your flame; Then strive, with art, your lady's mind to gain: And, last, provide your love may long remain.

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