Sidor som bilder

For when disclos'd, and hast’ning to the field,
He laid his distaff down, and took the shield,
With tears her humble suit she did prefer,
And thought to stay the grateful ravilher.
She fighs, the fobs, she begs him not to part:
And now 'tis nature, what before was art.
She strives by force her lover to detain,
And wishes to be ravish'd once again.
This is the sex, they will not first begin,
But, when compelld, are pleas'd to suffer fin.
Is there, who thinks that women first should

Lay by thy self-conceit, thou foolish beau.
Begin, and save their modesty the shame;
'Tis well for thee, if they receive thy flame.
'Tis decent for a man to speak his mind;
They but expect th’occasion to be kind.
Ask, that thou mayst enjoy; she waits for this;
And on thy first advance depends thy bliss.
E'en Jove himself was forc'd to sue for love ;
None of the nymphs did first solicit Jove.
But if you find your pray’rs increase her pride,
Strike fail awhile, and wait another tide.
They fly when we pursue; but make delay,
And, when they see you flacken, they will stay.

Sometimes it profits to conceal your end;
Name not yourself her lover, but her friend.
How many skittish girls have thus been caught?
He prov'd a lover, who a friend was thought.
Sailors by sun and wind are swarthy made;
A tann'd complexion best becomes their trade.
'Tis a disgrace to ploughmen to be fair ;
Bluff cheeks they have, and weather-beaten

hair. Th'ambitious youth, who seeks an olive crown, • Is fun-burnt with his daily toil, and brown.

But if the lover hopes to be in grace,
Wan be his looks, and meagre be his face.
That colour from the fair compassion draws :
She thinks you fick, and thinks herself the cause.
Orion wander'd in the woods for love:
His paleness did the nymphs to pity move;
His ghasily visage argu'd hidden love.
Nor fail a night-cap, in full health, to wear ;
Neglect thy dress, and discompose thy hair.
All things are decent, that in love avail:
Read long by night, and study to be pale:
Forsake your food, refuse your needful rest;
Be miserable, that you may be blest, .

Shall I complain, or shall I warn you most? Faith, truth, and friendship in the world are lost; A little and an empty name they boast. Trust not thy friend, much less thy mistress praise; If he believe, thou mayst a rival raise. 'Tis true, Patroclus, by no lust misled, Sought not to stain his dear companion's bed. Nor Pylades Hermione embrac'd ; E'en Phædra to Pirithous ftill was chaste. But hope not thou, in this vile age, to find Those rare examples of a faithful mind. The sea shall sooner with sweet honey flow; Or from the furzes pears and apples grow. We sin with gust, we love by fraud to gain ; And find a pleasure in our fellow's pain. From rival foes you may the fair defend; But, would you ward the blow, beware your friend: Beware your brother, and your next of kin; But from

your care begin. Here I had ended, but experience finds, That fundry women are of sundry minds; With various crotchets fill’d, and hard to plcase: They therefore must be caught by various ways. All things are not produc'd in any foil; This ground for wine is proper, that for oil.

your bosom-friend

So 'tis in men, but more in womankind:
Diff'rent in face, in manners, and in mind :
But wise men shift their fails with every wind:
As changeful Proteus vary'd oft his Mape,
And did in fundry forms and figures 'scape;
A running stream, a standing tree became,
A roaring lion, or a bleating lamb.
Some fish with harpons, some with darts are struck,
Some drawn with nets, some hang upon the hook:
So turn thyself; and imitating them,
Try sev'ral tricks, and change thy stratagem.
One rule will not for diff'rent ages hold;
The jades grow cunning, as they grow more old..
Then talk not bawdy to the bashful maid;
Broad words will make her innocence afraid.
Nor to an ign'rant girl of learning speak;
She thinks
you conjure, when


talk in Greek. And hence 'tis often seen, the simple shun The learn'd, and into vile embraces run. Part of

my task is done, and part to do: But here 'tis time to rest myself and you.


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