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Yurovsky; and the Murder of the Tzar

by CAPTAIN FRANCIS McCULLAGH A remarkable account of one of the darkest episodes in modern history by one who has personally visited the scene of the murder and conversed with his assassins. The most tragic story of the Great War told for the first time. Capt. McCullagh had the advantage of very unusual opportunities for the collection of the information contained in this account, which forms one of the most important articles in any recent periodical. In the September number of THE NINETEENTH CENTURY AND AFTER

Price 75 cents

249 West 13th St., New York SCHOOLS

SCHOOLS new Jersey

galitornia College of St. Elizabeth California Hospital, Los Angeles Convent Station, New Jersey

School for Nurses private hospita


The most noted 45 Minutes from New York

in this beautiful residence city. Catholic College for Women

Medical, Surgical, Maternity, Eye and Ear and Registered by Regents

X-Ray Departments. In the midst of tropics: Standard College Preparatory Courses

gardens. Booklets free. 1414 South Hope St.

Los Angeles. Also limited number of young Academy of St. Elizabeth

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two years course. Obio

University of Southern California Art Academy of Cincinnati

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COLLEGE8-Liberal Arts, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Lav
Thoroughly Equipped Art School

Music, Fine Arts, Oratory and Theology,
Winter and Summer Term
J. H. GEST, Director

CINCINNATI HIGH STANDARDS in Scbolarship and Morais

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Students. Send for Catalogue. new york


University Avenue Saint Mary's School

SHORT COURSE IN NURSING Mount Saint Gabriel A small hospital for non-surgical and conval

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PURPOSE Boarding School for Girls

Examinations given on theoretical and practies

Instruction Under the charge of the Sisters of St. Mary.

Diploma. New fireproof building beautifully situated

Particulars from

MISS NOBLE, Superintendent Por catalogues address The Sister Superior. I. Now Brunowlek


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MICHAEL DINNEEN'S cottage Carrigarinka was keeping a
in Carrigarinka village wore a compulsory holiday-the third
deserted look when I passed within the week. From at
it on my way to the railway least one window in every
junction. Not that it ever house a Sinn Fein flag hung
looked particularly comfortable limply in the mild spring air ;
or prosperous, nor, indeed, even the whitewashed wall
could Dinneen himself be de- round the pump was enlivened
scribed in these terms.

by stripes of green and yellow
An ex-soldier, who had lost paint. In the distance I could
an arm in the war, he was a see the limestone crag known
comparatively recent settler in as the little rock of the dancing,
the village, driven there, it was with a defiantly large flag tied
reported, by ill-treatment re- to a stunted tree on its summit.
ceived in his native place, The rock itself was a landmark
which happened to be fiercely visible for many miles. In the
Sinn Fein and pro-German. field below the country people
I gathered he was popular in formerly assembled for games
his new home. His neighbours and dancing. Later, the rock
treated him with cautious overlooked less innocent occu-
friendliness. He managed to pations, for, when not detained
obtain employment in the tele- at the nation's expense, the
graph office in a country town chief Sinn Feiner of the dis-
three miles off, and went his trict, one Teige O'Leary (or, as
way unmolested.

he patriotically rendered it,
As I drove my car down the Tadg Laeghire), lived beneath
village street I realised that its shelter.


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