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ENTERED, according to Act of Congress, in the year 1866, by

D. APPLETON & CO., In the Clerk's Office of the District Court of the United States for the

Southern District of New York.

[blocks in formation]


Administration of President Pierce.-Position of the Democratic Party.-President

Pierco's Message to Congress in December, 1853.—" Domestic Controversies passing

away.”—The Civil War began in Kansas.-Statement of the Question in regard to

Kansas.-Mr. Webster's Views of the Effect of the Compromise of 1850.-Mr. Clay's

Opinion of the Impolicy of an Imaginary Line.-The Bill for the Organization of tho

Territory passes the House, making no Mention of Compromise or Slavery, and is

introduced into the Senate by Mr. Douglas, from the Committee on Territories, with-

ont amendment.-- The Debate in the Senate chiefly in regard to the Rights of the

Aborigines.—The Bill laid on the Table, for further Consideration of this Topic, and not

taken up during the session. At the next session, Mr. Douglas introduces (January

4th, 1854) an Amendment to the Bill, proposing the Specific Repeal of the Missouri

Compromise. -The large Majority in favor of it.—Memorials to Congress, in opposi.

tion to its Passage--one from three thousand and fifty Clergymen of New England.-

Effect of this Clerical Movement upon the Public Mind.-Final Passage of the Bill by

the House.-Action of the North. The “Emigrant Aid” Companies.--Secret Associa-

tion of Members of Congress to resist the Objects of the Act.—The several Reports to

Congress-Further Proceedings as to Kansas.-Opposite Opinions of Mr. Davis and

Mr. Yancey.-Position of Mr. Douglas.--Extension of Slave Territory does not mean

Increase of Slavery.—The reasons why the Adoption of the Kansas-Nebraska Bill was


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