The New Road to Ruin: A Novel, Volym 3

R. Bentley, 1833
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Sida 185 - Lulled in the countless chambers of the brain, Our thoughts are linked by many a hidden chain. Awake but one, and lo, what myriads rise! * Each stamps its image as the other flies.
Sida 1 - LOOK round the habitable world, how few Know their own good, or, knowing it, pursue. How void of reason are our hopes and fears ! What in the conduct of our life appears So well...
Sida 25 - It's no in titles nor in rank ; It's no in wealth like Lon'on bank, To purchase peace and rest ; It's no in making muckle, mair : It's no in books, it's no in lear, To make us truly blest : If happiness hae not her seat And centre in the breast, We may be wise, or rich, or great, But never can be blest : Nae treasures, nor pleasures, Could make us happy lang ; The heart ay's the part ay, That makes us right or wrang. Think ye, that sic as you and I, Wha drudge and drive thro...
Sida 44 - That eagle's fate and mine are one, Which, on the shaft that made him die, Espied a feather of his own, Wherewith he wont to soar so high.
Sida 123 - But what will not ambition and revenge Descend to? Who aspires must down as low As high he soared, obnoxious, first or last, To basest things.
Sida 189 - Fortune, that with malicious joy Does Man, her slave, oppress, Proud of her office to destroy, Is seldom pleased to bless; Still various and unconstant still, But with an inclination to be ill, Promotes, degrades, delights in strife And makes a lottery of life. I can enjoy her while she's kind, But when she dances in the wind, And shakes the wings and will not stay, I puff the prostitute away.
Sida 38 - FAUST. Happy in error's sea who finds the land, Or o'er delusion's waves his limbs can buoy; We use the arts we cannot understand — And what we know, we know not to employ. But let us not, in fancy's moody play, The moment's present raptures waste away. See how, from tufted trees, in evening's glow, Ere daylight sets, the cottage casements glow : It sinks, the sun has lived another day, And yields to death but to recruit his fires : Alas ! no wing may bear me on my way, To track the monarch, as...
Sida 84 - Secrets to difcover, -"Tis what we never look for in a Lo-ver, Let but the Bridegroom prudently provide All other Matters fitting for a Bride, So he make good the Jewels and the Jointure, To mifs the Heart, does feldom difappoint her.
Sida 61 - Twixt right and wrong ; for pleasure and revenge Have ears more deaf than adders to the voice Of any true decision.

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