Sidor som bilder

Psalm xi, xii, xiii, xiv, xv, xvi, xvii.

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Thou hast it feen, for their mischief 2 How long take counsel in my soul,
and spite thou wilt repay :

Of their drink-offerings of blood ftill fad in heart, snall I ?

I will no oft'ring make ;
The poor commits himself to thee, How long exalted over me

Yea, neither I their very names
thou art the orphan's stay.
shall be mine enemy?

up in my lips will take, 15 The arm break of the wicked man, 3 O Lord my God,consider well,

s God is of mine inheritance,
and of the evil one :
and answer to me make:

and cup the portion :
Do thou seek out his wickedness
Mine eyes enlighten, left the sleep

The lot that fallen is to me
until thou findest none,
of death me overtake.

thou dost maintain alone, 16 The Lord is King through ages all,


Left that mine enemy should say, 6 Unto me happily the lines ev’n to eternity :

Against him I prevaild:
Home The heathen people from his land

in pleasant places fell;
And thole that trouble me rejoyce, Yea, the inheritance I got,
are perifh'd utterly.
when I am mov'd and fail'd.

in beauty doth excel. 17 O Lord, of those that humble are 5 But I have all my confidence

7 I bless the Lord, because he doth thou the degre didst hear : thy mercy fet upon :

by counsel me conduct : halia Thou wilt prepare their heart, and thou My heart within me shall rejoyce

And in the seasons of the night
to hear wilt bend thine ear :
in thy salvation.

my reins do me instruct. 18 To judge the fatherless, and those 6 I will onto the Lord my God

8 Before me still the Lord I set;
that are oppreffed Core ;
sing praises cheerfully,

sith it is so, that he pittu That man that is but sprung of earth Because he hath his bounty shown Doth ever stand at my right hand, F. may them oppress no more.

to me abundantly.

I shall not moved be. PSA L. XI. 1.


Because of this my heart is glad,

and joy shall be expreft, In the Lord do put my trust;

Hat there is not a God, the fool

Ev'n by my glory: and my flesh
how is it then that
doth in his heart conclude:

in confidence shall rest. 5, 0. Say to my soul, Flee as a bird

They are corrupt, their works are vile, unto your mountain high?

not one of them doth good.

10 Because my soul in grave to dwell 2 For lo, the wicked bend their bow; 2 Upon mens sons the Lord from heav'n

shall not be left by thee : c? their shafts on strings they fit:

did cast his eyes abroad,

Nor wilt thou give thine holy One That those who upright are in heart To see if any understood,

corruption to see. they privily may hit.

and did seek after God.

11 Thou wilt me shew the path of life ; i

of joy there is full store 3 If the foundations be destroy’d, 3 They altogether filthy are,

Before thy façe, at thy right hand what hath the righteous done? they all aside are gone :

are pleasures evermore. ire 4 God in his holy temple is,

And there is none that doeth good, : in heaven is his throne. yea, sure there is not one.

P & A L. vvt: His eyes do see, his eye-lids try 4 Those workers of iniquity, re s mens fons. The just he proves : do they not know at all,

Ord, hear the right, attend my crya ed But his soul hates the wicked man, That they my people cat as bread,

unto my pray'r give heed, and him that vi'lence loves

That doth not in hypocrisy and on God do not call ?

from feigned lips proceed. 6 Snares, fire and brimstone, furious storms is There fear’d they much: forGod is with 2 And from before thy presence fortla on sinners he shall rain : the whole race of the just.

my sentence do thou send : a This, as the portion of their cup, 6 You shame the counsel of the poor, Toward these things that equal are, doth unto them pertain. becaule God is his trust.

do thou thine eyes intend. 7 Because the Lord most righteous doth 7 Let Ifra’l's help from Zion come,

3 Thou prov’dst mine heart, thou vidit'dft in righteousness delight, when back the Lord shall bring

by night, thou didst me try,

(me And with a plealant countenance His captives, Jacob shall rejoyce, beholdeth the upright.

and Israel shall sing.

Yet nothing toundft: for that

my mouth

shall not fin, purpos'd I. PSA L. XII.


4 As for mens works, I, by the word Elp, Lord, because the godly man

that from thy lips doth flow,
Ithin thy tabernacle, Lord,
doth daily fade away,

who shall abide with thee?

Did me preserve out of the paths

wherein destroyers go. And

from among the sons of men And in thy high and holy hill 15 · the faithful do decay.

who fall a dweller be?

s Hold up my goings, Lord, me guide 2 Unto his neighbour ev'ry one 2 The man that walketh uprightly,

in those thy paths divine ; doth utter vanity :

and worketh righteousness,

So that my footsteps may not fide They with a double heart do speak, And as he thinketh in his heart,

out of those ways of thine, and lips of flattery:

so doth he truth express.

6 I called have on thee, O God,

because thou wilt me hear: 3 God shall cur oft all flatèr’ing lips, 3 Who doth not Nander with his tongue,

That thou mayst hearken to my speech, tongues that speak proudly, thus, nor to his friend doch hurt ;

to me incline thine ear. 4 We'll with our tongue prevail, our lips | Nor yet against his neighbour doth are ours : who's Lord o'er us?

7 Thy wondrous loving kindness show, 5 For poor opprest, and for the fighs 4 In whofe eyes vile men are despis'd, thou that by thy right hand of needy rise will I,

but those that God do fear

Sav'ft them that in thee trust, from those Saith God, and him in safety set He honoureth : and changeth not,

that up against them stand. from such as him defy.

though to his hurt he swear.

8 As th’apple of thine eye me keep:

in thy wings shade me close : 6 The words of God are words most pure, s His coin puts not to usury,

9 From lewd oppreflors, compassing they be like silver try'd nor take reward will he

me round as deadly foes. In earthen furnace, leven times

Against the guiltlels. Who doch thus, that hath been purify'd.

shall never moved be.

10 In their own fat they are enclos'd, 7 Lord, thou shalt them preserve and keep


their mouth speaks loftily. for ever from this race.

11 Our fteps they compaft,and to ground 8 On each side walk the wicked, when Ord, keep me : for I trust in thee.

down bowing set their eye. vile men are high in place.

2 To God thus was my speech, 12 He like unto a lion is,
Thou art my Lord, and unto thee

that's greedy of his prey,
my goodness doth not reach :

Or lion young, which lurking doth
Ow long wilt thou forget me, Lord, 3 To saints on earth, to th’excellent, in secret places stay.
shall it for ever be ?
where my delight's all plac'd.

13 Arise, and disappoint my foe, O how long shall it be, that thou 4 Their sorrows hall be multiply'd,

A 2

and wilt hide thy face from me ?

to other gods that haste :

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Help, Lord

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take up an

ill report.


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cry to my God did I;

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and cast him down, O Lord : 17. He me reliev'd from my strong focs 41 They cried out, but there was none My soul save from the wicked man,

and such as did me hate :

that would or could them lave; the man which is thy sword. Because he saw that they for me

Yea, they did cry unto the Lord,

but he no answer gave, 14 From men which are thy hand, O Lord, too strong were, and too great, from worldly men me fave,

42 Then did I beat them (mall as dust 18 They me prevented in the day

before the wind that flies : Which only in this present life

of my calamity :

And I did cast them out like dirt their part and portion have ; But even then the Lord himself

upon the streer that lies. Whose belly with thy treasure hid

a stay was unto me. thou fill’lt; they children have 19 He to a place where liberty

43 Thou mad’lt me free from people's Arife,

and heathens head to be In plenty, of their goods the rest

and room was, hath me brought : they to their children leave. Because he took delight in me,

A people whom I have not known, is But as for me, I thinc own face


shall service do to me, deliv'rance wrought.

my in righteousness will see,

44 At hearing they shall me obey, 20 According to my righteousness And with thy likeness, when I wake,

to me they shall submit. he did me recompense, I satisfy'd Mall be.

45 Strangers for fear shall fade away, He me repaid according to

who in close places sit. PS A. L. XVIII.

my hands pure innocence:

21 For I God's ways kept, from my God 46 God lives, blest be my rock: the God Hee will I love, O Lord, my strength. did not turn wickedly.


my health praised be. 2 My fortress is the Lord,

22 His judgments were before me, I 47 God doth avenge me, and fubdues My rock, and he that doth to me

his laws put not from me:

the people under me. deliverance afford :

48 He saves me from mine enemics ; My God, my ftrength, whom I will trust, | 23 Sincere before him was my heart,


thou haft litted me with him upright was 1 : a buckler unto me,

And watchfully I kept my The horn of my falvation,

Above my foes : and from the man self

of vi'lence fet' ft me free. and my high tow'r is he:

from mine iniquity.

24 After my righteousness the Lord 49 Therefore to thee will I give thanks 3 Upon the Lord, who worthy is

hath recompensed me,

the heathen folk among : of praises, will I cry : After the cleannels of my hands

And to thy name, O Lord, I will And then shall I preserved be

appearing in his eye.

sing praises in a song. safe from mine enemy,

25 Thou gracious to the gracious art, 4 Floods of ill men affrighted me,

so He great deliv'rance gives his king;

he mercy doth extend death's pangs about me went.

to upright men upright. s Hell's forrows me environed : 26 Pure to the pure, froward thou kyth’n To David his anointed one,

and his feed without end. death's snares did me prevent.

unto the froward wight.
27 For thou wilt the afflicted save,

PSA L. XI X. 6 In my distress I callid on God,

in grief that low do ly;
But wilt bring down the countenance

He heav'ns God's glory do declare, He from his temple heard my voice, of them whose looks are high.

the skies his hand-work preach. to his ears came my cry.

2 Day utcers speech to day, and night 7 Th'earth,as aftrighted, then did shake, 28 The Lord will light my candle so to night doth knowledge teach. trembling upon it seiz'd :

that it shall shine full bright;


There is no speech nor tongue to which The hills foundations moved were, The Lord my God will also make

their voice doth not extend. because he was displeas'd.

my darkness to be light.

4 Their line is gone through all the earth, 29 By thee chro' troops of men I break, their words to the world's end : 8 Up from his nostrils came a smoke,

and them discomfit all : and from his mouth there came

In them he fet the fun a tent,
And by my God alfisting me,
Devouring fire, and coals by it

I over-leap a wall.

5 Who bridegroom-like forth goes were turned into flame.

From’s chamber, as a strong man doth . He also bowed down the heav'ns, 30 As for God, perfect is his way :

to run his race rejoyce: and thence he did descend :

the Lord his word is try'd :

6 From heav'n's end is his going forth, And thickest clouds of darkness did He is a buckler to all those

circling to th' end again : under his feet attend.

who do in him confide.

And there is nothing from his heat 10 And he upon a cherub rode, 31 Who but the Lord is God? but he

that hidden doth remain, who is a rock and stay? and thereon he did fly : Yea, on the swift wings of the wind, 32 'Tis God that girdeth me with strength, 7 God's law is perfea, and converts

the soul in Gin that lies : his flight was from on high.

and perfect makes my way.

God's testimony is most sure, 11 He darkness made his secret place : 33 He made my feet fwift as the hinds, and makes the simple wise. about him for his tent

fer me on my high places.

8 The statutes of the Lord are right, Dark waters were ; and thickest clouds

34Mine hands to war he taught,minc arms and do rejoyce the heart : of th' airy firmament,

brake bows of steel in pieces, The Lord's command is pure, and doth 12 And at the brightness of that light 35 The shield of thy salvation

light to the eyes impart. thou didst on me bestow : which was before his eye,

Thy right hand held me up,


9 Unspotted is the fear of God, His thick clouds past away, hailstores


and doth endure for ever: thy kindness made me grow. and coals of fire did fly,

The judgments of the Lord are true, 13 The Lord God also in heav'ns 36 And in my way my steps thou hast and righteous altogether. did thunder in his ire;

enlarged under me,

10 They more than gold, yea, much fine And there the Highest gave his voice, That I go safely, and my feet

to be desired are : hailstones and coals of fire.

are kept from sliding free.

Than hony, from the hony-comb 14 Yea, he his arrows sent abroad, 37 Mine en’mies I pursued hæve,

that droppeth, sweeter far. and them he scattered:

and did them overtake : Nor did I turn again till I

u Moreover, they thy servant warn His lightnings also he shot olit,

how he his life should frame : an end of them did make. and them discomfited.

A great reward provided is 15 The waters chanels then were seen, 38 I wounded them, they could not rise, for them that keep the same. the world's foundations vast

they at my feet did fail.

12 Who can his errors understand ? At thy rebuke discover'd were,

39Thou girdedst me with strength for war, O cleanse thou me within and at thy nostrils blast,

my foes thou broughtít down all. 13 From secret faults. Thy servant keep 16 And from above the Lord sent down, 40 And thou hast giv'n to me the necks from all presumptuous sin; and took me from below,

of all mine enemies :

And do not suffer them so have From many waters he me drew,

That I might them destroy and say which would me overflow. who did against me rile.

dominion over me :



Psalm xx, xxi, xxii, xxiii, xxiv.



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Then righteous and innocent

12 Thou therefore shalt make them turn I from much sin fhall be. (ceed,

an ear to me thou gave.

when thou thy shafts shalt place (back, 22 I will shew forth thy name unto 14 The words which from my mouth pro- Upon thy strings, made ready all the thoughts sent from my heart

those that my brethren are : to Hy against their face.

Amidst the congregation
Accept, O Lord, for thou my strength 13 In thy great pow'r and strength, O Lord,
and my redeemer art.
be thou exalted high :

thy praise I will declare.
So shall we sing with joyful hearts,

23 Praise ye the Lord, who do him fear;

him glorifie all ye thy power praile shall we. Ehovah hear thee in the day

The seed of Jacob fear him all when trouble he doth send:


thât lira'l's children be. And let the name of Jacob's God

Y God,

24 my

For he despisd thee from all ill defend.

forsaken? why

th’afflicted's misery 2 O let him help send from above, Art thou from helping me, and from

Nor from him hid his face; but heard out of the sanctuary : my words that roring are?

when he to him did cry. From Zion his own holy hill

2 All day, my God, to thee I cry, let him give strength to thee.

25 Within the congregation great, yet am not heard by thee

mý praise shall be ot thee 6 3 Let him remember all thy gifts,

And in the season of the night

My vows, before them that him fear, accept thy sacrifice : I cannot filent be.

shall be perform'd by me. Grant thee thine heart's wish, and fulfil 3 But thou art holy, thou that dost

26 The meek shall eat, and shall be fillid; thy thoughts and counsel wise. inhabit Ifra'l's praise.

they also praise shall give 5 In thy salvation we will joy ; 4 Our fathers hop'd in thee, they hop'd, Unto the Lord, that do him seck; in our God's name we will and thou didst them release.

your heart thall ever live, Display our banners : and the Lord s When unto thee they sent their cry,


All ends of th' earth remember shall; thy prayers all fulfil. to them deliv’rance came :

and turn the Lord unto, 6 Now know I, God his king doth save, Because they put their trust in thee, All kindreds of the nations he from his holy heav'n shey were not put to shame.

to him shall homage do. Will hear him, with the saving strength 6 But as for me, a worm I am;

28 Because the kingdom to the Lord by his own right hand giv’n.

and as no man am priz’d;

doch appertain, as his: In chariots some put confidence,

Likewise among the nations
Reproach of men I am, and by
tome horles trust upon,
the people am despis'd.

the governor he is. But we remember will the name

7 All that me see, laugh me to scorn : of our Lord God alone.

29 Earth's fat ones eat and worship shall: shoot out the lip do they,

all who to dust descend 8 We rise, and upright stand, when they They nod and shake their heads at me, Shall bow to him, none of them can are howed down and fall. and mocking; thus do say,

his soul from death defend. 9 Deliver, Lord, and let the King 8 This man did trust in God, that he 30 A feed ball service do to him; us hear when we do call. would free him by his might :

unto the Lord it fall

Be for a generation

Let him deliver him, sith he
had in him such delight.

reck’ned in ages all.
He king in thy great strength, O Lord,, But thou art he out of the womb
Thall very joyful be

31 They shall come,and they shall declare that didst me safely take:

his truth and righteousness
In thy salvation rejoyce
When I was on my mother's breasts,

Unto a people yet unbora,
how veh’mently shall he ?
thou me to hope didst make.

and that he hath done this.
| 2 Thou hast bestowed upon him
all that his heart would have,
10 And I was cast upon thy care,

PS A L. XXIII. 15 And thou from him didst not withhold ev'n from the womb till now : ง whate'er bis lips did crave. And from my mother's belly, Lord,

He Lord's my shepherd, I'll not want: my God and guide art thou.

2 He makes me down to ly 3 For thou with blessings him prevent'st

1 Be not far oft, for grief is near; In pastures green : he leadeth me
of goodness manitold:
and none to help is found.

the quiet waters by. And thou hast set upon his head

Ź My soul he doth restore again ;
12 Bulls many compass me, strong bulls
a crown of purest gold.
of Balhan me lurround,

and me to walk doth make
When he desired life of thee,

Within the paths of righteousness;
thou life to him didst give :
13 Their mouths they open'd wide on me,

ev'n for his own name's lake. Ev’n such a length of days, that he

upon me gape did they,
for evermore should live.
Like to a lion ravening,

4 Yea,though I walk in death's dark vale; and roring for his prey.

yet will I fear no ill: 5 In that salvation wrought by thee,

14 Like water I'm pour'd out, my bones For thou art with me, and thy rod
his glory is made great :
all out of joynt do part :

and staff me comfort still.
Honour and comely majisty
Amidst my bowels, as the wax,

5 My table thou hast furnished
thou hast upon him set.
so melted is my heart.

in presence of my foes : 6 Becaule that thou for evermore most blesled hast him made ; 15 My strength is like a potsherd dry’d: My head thou dost with oyl anoint;

and my cup overflows, And thou hast with thy countenance


6 Goodness and mercy all my
made him exceeding glad.

Unto my jaws, and to the dust
of death thou brought me hast.

shall surely follow me; 7. Because the king upon the Lord

16 For dogs have compast me about : And in God's house for evermore
his confidence dorh lay,
the wicked that did meet

my dwelling-place shall be. And through the grace of the most High In their allembly me inclos’d,

Niall not be mov'd away.

they pierc'd my hands and feet. 8 Thine hand shall all those men find out

He earth belongs unto the Lord, that en’mies are to thee : 17 I all my bones may tell, they do

and all that it contains: Er’n thy right hand fill find out those upon me look and stare,

The world that is inhabited,
of thee that haters be.
18 Upon my vesture lots they calt,

and all that there remains.

and clothes among them share. 9 Like fiery ov’n thou shalt them make,

19 But be not far, O Lord, my strength, 2 For the foundations thercof when kindled is thine ire;

he on the seas did lay,

haste to give help to me. God shall them swallow in his wrath, 20From Tword my soul,from pow'r of dogs And he hath it established devour them all the fire.

upon the floods to stay: 10 Their fruit from earth thou shalt destroy,

3 Who is the man that shall ascend their feed men from among. 21 Out of the roring lion's mouth

into the hill of God? uiFor they,beyond their might,'gainst thee do thou me shield and lave :


Os did plot mischief and wrong:

For from the horns of unicorns


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my tongue it cleaveth fast


my darling set thou tree.

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gates, lift

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Or who within his holy place

shall have a firm abode? 4 Whose hands are clean, whose heart is and unto vanity

(pure, Who hath not lifted up his soul,

nor sworn deceitfully. 5 He from th’Eternal shall receive

the blessing him upon, And righteousness, ev’n from the God

of his salvation. 6 This is the generation

that after him enquire ; O Jacob, who do seck thy face

with their whole hearts desire: 7 Ye gates, lift up your heads on high,

ye doors that last for ay, Be lifted up, that so the King

of glory enter may. 8 But who of glory is the King?

the mighty Lord is this, Ev’n that lame Lord, that great in might

and strong in battle is, 9 Ye

up your heads, ye doors, doors that do last for ay, Be lifted up, that so the King

of glory enter may. jo But who is he that is the King

of glory? who is this? The Lord of hosts, and none but he the King of glory is.

PSA L. XXV. O thee I lift my soul :

2 O Lord, I trust in thee, My God, let me not be asham’d;

nor foes triumph o'er me. 3 Let none that wait on thee,

be put to shame at all : But those that without cause transgress,

let shame upon them fall. 4 Shew me thy ways, O Lord:

thy paths, O teach thou me. s And do thou lead me in thy truth;

therein my teacher be : For thou art God that doft

to me lalvacion send, And I upon thee all the day

expecting do attend. 6 Thy tender mercies, Lord,

I pray thee to remember: And loving kindnesles, for they

have been of old for ever. 7 My sins and faults of youth

do thou, O Lord, forget : After thy mercy think on me,

and for thy goodness great. 8 God good and upright is,

the way he'll finners show, . . The meek in judgment he will guide,

and make his path to know. 10 The whole paths of the Lord

are truth and mercy sure, To those that do his cov’nant keep

and teftimonics pure. 11 Now for thine own name's fake,

O Lord, I thee intreat To pardon mine iniquity;

for it is very great. 12 What man is he that fears

the Lord, and doth him ferve ? Him shall he teach the way that he

the secret of the Lord :

16 O'turn thee unto me, O God, The knowledge of his covenant

have mercy me upon : he will to them afford.

Because I solitary am,

and in affliction. 15 Mine eyes upon the Lord

17 Enlarg’d the griefs are of my heart, continually are set:

me from distress relieve. For it is he that shall bring forth

18 See mine affliction and my pain, my feet out of the net.

and all my lins forgive.
16 Turn unto me thy face,
and to me mercy show :

19 Consider thou mine enemies,
Because that I am delolate,

because they many are ; and am brought very low.

And it a cruel hatred is,

which they against me bear. 17 My heart's griefs are increas'd :

20 O do thou keep my soul, O God, me from distress relieve.

do thou deliver me :
18 See mine affliction and my pain,

Let me not be asham'd; for I
and all my fins forgive.
19 Consider thou my foes,

do put my trust in thee.
because they many are :

21 O let integrity and truth And it a cruel hatred is,

i keep me, who thee attend. which they against me bear.

22 Redemption, Lord, to Israel

from all his troubles send.
20 O do thou keep my soul,
do thou deliver me:

And let me never be asham'd,
because I trust in thee.

Udge me, O Lord, for I have walkt

in mine integrity : 21 Let uprightness and truth

I trusted also in the Lord;
keep me, who thee attend:

flide therefore shall not I.
22 Redemption, Lord, to Israel
from all his troubles send.

2 Examine me, and do mě prove;

try heart and reins, O God. Another of the same.

3 For thy love is betore mine eyes, 10 thee I life my soul, O Lord ;

thy truth's paths I have trode. 2 My God I rrust in thee, 4 With persons vain I have not fat, Let me not be asham'd; let not

nor with difiemblers gone. my foes triumph o'er me.

s Th'assembly of ill men I hate ; 3 Yea, let thou none ashamed be

to fit with such I fhun. that do on thee attend :

6 Mine hands in innocence, O Lord, Alhamed let them be, O Lord,

I'll wash and purify: who without cause offend.

So to thine holy altar go, 4Thy ways,Lord, shew,teach me thy paths.

and compass it will I. s Lead me in truth, teach me : 7 That I, with voice of thanksgiving, For of my fafety thou art God,

may publish and declare, all day I wait on thee.

And tell of all thy mighty works, 6 Thy mercies that most tender are,

that great and wondrous are. do thou, O Lord, remember,

8 The habitation of thy house, And loving kindnefles; for they

Lord, I have loved well ; have been of old for ever,

Yea, in that place I do delight, 7 Lct not the errors of my youth,

where doth thine honour dwell, nor fins remembred be:

9 With sinners gather not my soul, In mercy, for thy goodness sake,

and such as blood would spill. O Lord, remember me.

10 Whose hands mischievous plots, right 8 The Lord is good and gracious,

corrupting bribes do fill. he upright is also;

11 But as for me, I will walk on He therefore finners will instruct

in mine integrity : in ways that they lhould go.

Do thou redeem me, and, O Lord, The meek and lowly he will guide 9

be merciful to me in judgment just alway:

12 My foot upon an even place The meek and poor afflicted ones

doth stand with stedfastness: he'll clearly teach his way.

Within the congregations
10 The whole paths of the Lord our God

th’ Eternal I will bless.
are truth and mercy sure,
To such as keep his covenant

and testimonies pure. .

He Lord's my light ,

who shall make me dismaid ! I humbly thee intreat

My life's strength is the Lord, of whom To pardon mine iniquity,

then thall I be atraid ? for it is very great.

(teach 2 When as mine enemies and foes, 12 What man fears God? him fall he most wicked persons all, the way that he shall choose.

To eat my flesh againl ime rose, 13 His soul shall dwell at eale, his feed they stumbled and did fall, the earth, as heirs, thall use.

3 Against me though an hoft encamp, 14 The secret of the Lord is with

my heart yet fearless is ; such as do fear his name,

Though war against me risé, I will And he his holy covenant


11 Now for thine own name's sake,O Lord, The Lord'smylight and saving health,

fhall choose and still observe. 13 His soul fhall dwell at cale

and his posterity Shall flourish still, and of the earth

inheritors shall be. 14 With those that fear him is

be confident in this. will manifest to them.

4 One thing I of the Lord delir'd, 15 Towards the Lord my waiting eyes

and will seek to obtain,
continually are set,

That all days of my life I may
For he it is that shall bring forth

within God's house remain :
my feet out of the net.


Psalm xxviii, xxix, XXX, Xxxi.

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7 Body That I the beauty of the Lord

doth joy exceedingly, behold may and admire ;

8 Wherefore unto the Lord my cry
And with my song I will him praise.
And that I in his holy place

I caused to ascend :
8 Their strength is God alone :
may rev'rently enquire.

My humble fupplication
He allo is the saving strength

I to the Lord did send. nyhez s For he in his pavilion shall

of his anointed One. me hide in evil days;

9 What profit is there in my blood, pain . In secret of his tent me hide,

9 O thine own people do thou save, when I go down to pit? and on a rock me raise.

bless thine inheritance :

Shall unto thee the dust give praise?

Them also do thou feed, and them

6 And now ev'n at this present time,

thy truth declare shall it ?
for evermore advance.
mine head shall lifted be

io Hear,Lord, have mercy, help me, Lord: Above all those that are my foes,


11 Thou turned hast my sadness and round encompass me :

To dancing; yea, my fackcloth loosid,

Ive ye unto the Lord, ye lons
Therefore unto his tabernacle

and girded me with gladness.

that of the mighty be,
I'll sacrifices bring
All strength and glory to the Lord

12 That sing thy praise my glory may, Of joyfulnels ; I'll fing, yea, I

with cheerfulness give ye.

and never silent be:
to God will praises sing.
2 Unto the Lord the glory give,

O Lord my God, for evermore
7 O Lord, give ear unto my voice,

that to his name is due.;

I will give thanks to thee.
when I do cry to thee :
And in the beauty of holiness

Upon me also mercy have,

unto Jehovah bow.

N thee, O Lord, I put my trusty and do thou answer me, 4 The Lord's voice on the waters is :

Tham'd let me never be ; 8 When thou didst say, Seek ye my face,

the God of majesty

According to thy righteousness
then unto thee reply
Doth thunder, and on multitudes

do thou deliver me.
Thus did my heart, Above all things

of waters litteth he.

2 Bow down thine ear to me, with speed thy face, Lord, seek will I. 4 A pow'rtul voice it is that comes

send me deliverance : 9 Far from me hide not thou thy face,

out from the Lord most high ; To save me, my strong rock be thou, put not away from thee The voice of that great Lord is full

and my house of defence. i Thy servant in thy wrath : thou hast

of glorious majetty.

3 Because thou art my rock, and thee
an helper been to me ;
s The voice of the Eternal doch

I for my fortress take :
O God of my salvation,

asunder cedars tear :

Therefore do thou me lead and guide, leave me not, nor forsake. Yea, God the Lord doch cedars break

ev'n for thine own name's fake. 10 Though me my parents both should

that Lebanon doth bear. 1

4 And fith thou art my strength, therefore the Lord will me up take. ( leave, 6 He makes them like a calf to skip : pull me out of the net, II O Lord, instruct me in thy way;

ev’n that great Lebanon,

Which they in subtilty for me
to me a leader be
And like to a young unicorn

so privily have set.

the mountain Sirion. DIM , In a plain path, because of those

5 Into thine hands I do commit that hatred bear to me.


God's voice divides the flames of fire : my sp’rit ; for thou art he;
12 Give me not to mine eri'mies will; 8 The delert it doth fhake;

O thou Jehovah, God of truth,
for witnesses that lie,
The Lard doth make the wilderness

that hast redeemed me.
Against me risen are, and such

of Kadesh all to quake.

6 Those that do lying vanities as breathe out cruelty.

9 God's voice doth make the hinds to regard, I have abhorr'd:

it makes the forest bare:
13 I fainted had, unless that I

(calve, But as for me, my confidence
believed had to see
And in his temple ev'ry one

is fixed on the Lord.
The Lord's own goodness in the land his glory doch declare.


I'll in thy mercy gladly joy ; of them that living be:

10 The Lord sits on the floods: the Lord for thou my miseries 14 Wait on the Lord, and be thou strong,

fits King, and ever shall

Consider'd hast : thou haft


and he shall strength afford
11 The Lord will give his people strength,

known in adversities.
Unto thine heart ; yea, do thou wait,

and with peace bless them all.

8 And thou hast not inclosed me I say, upon the Lord.

within the en'mies hand; PSA L. XXX.

And by thee have my feet been made PSA L. XXVIII.

in a large room to stand.
10 thee I'll

haft lifted

9 O Lord, upon me mercy have,
hold not thy peace to me : And over, me thou to rejoyce

for trouble is on me : Left like those that to pit descend

madīt not mine enemy.

Mine eye, my belly and my soul
I by thy silence be.
2 O thou who art the Lord my God,

with grief consumed be.
2 The voice hear of my humble pray'r, I in distress to thee

10 Because my life with grict is spent, when unto thee I cry; With loud cries lifted up my voice,

my years with fighs and grones : When to thy holy oracle

and thou hast healed me.

My strength doth fail; and for my tin I lift mine hands on high. 3 O Lord, my soul thou has brought up,

consumed are my bones. 3 With ill men draw me not away,

and rescu'd from the grave :

n I was a scorn to all my foes,
that work iniquity,
That I to pit should pot go down,

and to my friends a fear;
That fpeak peace to their friends, while in alive thou didst me fave.

And specially reproach'd of those
their hearts doth mischief ly.
4 O ye that are his holy ones,

that were my neighbours near ;
4 Give them according to their deeds, sing praise unto the Lord ;

When they melaw, they from me fled! and ills endeavoured

And give unto him thanks, when ye

12 Ev’n so I am forgot,
And, as their handy-works deserve,

his holiness record.

As men are out of mind when dead; to them be rendered.

I'm like a broken pot.
5 For, but a moment lasts his wrath,
's God shall not build, but them destroy life in his favour lies:


For sander I of many heard,
who would not understand
Weeping may for a night endure,

fear compast me, while they
The Lord's own works, nor did regard at morn doth joy arise.

Against me did consult, and ploe
the doing of his hand.
6 In my prosperity, I said,

to take my life away.
6 For ever blessed be the Lord,

that nothing shall me move.

14 But as for me, O Lord, my trust for graciously he heard 7 O Lord, thou hast my mountain made

upon thee I did lay : The voice of my petitions,

to stand strong by thy love :

And I to thee, Thou art my God,
and prayers dia regard.
But when that thou, O gracious God,

did confidently say.
7 The Lord's my strength and shield, my didit hide thy face from me,

is My times are wholly in thy hand, upon him did rely,

( heart | Then quickly was my prosp'rous state do thou deliver me
And I am helped : hence my heart
turn'd into misery:



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