Sidor som bilder

Psalm xxxii, xxxiii, xxxiv, XXXV.




19 From death to free their soul, in dearth

the way that thou shalt go; From their hands, that mine enemics

life unto them to yield. And with mine eye upon thee set, and perlecutors be.

20 Our soul doth wait upon the Lord,

I will dire&tion show, 16 Thy countenance to shine do thou

he is our help and shield. upon thy servant make ; . Then be not like the horse or mule,

21 Sith in his holy name we trust,

which do not understand : Unto me give salvation

our heart shall joyful be. Whole mouth, left they come near to thee, for thy great mercies sake.

a bridle must command.

22 Lord, let thy mercy be on us, 17 Let me not be asham’d, O Lord,

as we do hope in thee.
10 Unto the man that wicked is,
for on thee call'd I have;

his sorrow shall abound: Let wicked men be sham'd, let them

PSA L. XXXIV. be silent in the grave. But him that trusteth in the Lord,

Od will I bless all times: his praise mercy shall compass round. 18 To silence put the lying lips,

my mouth shall still exprels

that grievous things do say :
11 Ye righteous, in the Lord be glad,

2 My soul shall boast in God: the meek And hard reports, in pride and scorn,

in him do ye rejoyce :

shall hear with joyfulness.
on righteous men do lay.
All ye that upright are in heart,

3 Extol the Lord with me, let us 19 How great's the goodness thou for them for joy lift up your voice.

exalt his name together. that fear thee keepst in store ;

PSA L. XXXIII. 4 I sought the Lord, he heard, and did And wroughts for them that trust in thee

E righteous, in the Lord rejoyce,

me from all fears deliver. the sons of men before !

it comely is and right,

s They look'd to him, and lightned were: 20 In' secret of thy presence thou That apright men with thankful voice

not shamed were their faces. shalt hide them from man's pride ;

should praise the Lord of might. 6 This poor man cry'd, God heard, and sav'd From strife of tongues thou closely shalt,

2 Praise God with harp: and unto him him from all his diftreffes. as in a tent, them hide.

fing with the psaltery,

7 The angel of the Lord encamps, 21 All praise and thanks be to the Lord, Upon a ten-ftring'd initrument

and round encompasseth for he hath magnify'd

make ye sweet melody. .

All those about that do him fear, His wondrous love to me within 3 A new song to him sing, and play

and them delivereth. a city fortify’d.

with loud

voice skilfully. 22 For from thine eyes cut off I am,

8 O taste and see that God is good; 4 For right is God's word, all his works who trusts in him is blest. (I in my halte had laid )

are done in verity. My voice yet heardst thou, when to thee

9 Fear God, his saints: none that him fear s To judgment and to righteousness with cries my mone I made,

shall be with want opprest. a love he beareth still

10 The lions young may hungry be, 23 O love the Lord, all ye

his saints :
The loving kindness of the Lord

and they may lack their food,
because the Lord doth guard

the earth throughout doth fill.

But they that truly seek the Lord, The faithful, and he plenteously 6 The heavens by the word of God

shall not want any good. proud doers doth reward.

did their beginning take ; 24 Be of good courage, and he strength and by the breathing of his mouth

11 O children, hither do ye come; unto your heart shall send,

and unto me give ear:

he all their host did make. All ye whose hope and confidence

I shall you teach to understand 7 The waters of the seas he brings doth on the Lord depend.

how ye the Lord should fear.
together as an heap :

12 What man is he that life desires,
And in store houses, as it were,

to see good would live long ?
Blessed is the man, to whom
he layeth up the depth.

13 Thy lips refrain from speaking guile,
is freely' pardoned
8 Let earth and all that live therein

and from ill words thy tongue. All the transgrefsion he hath done,

with rev'rence fear the Lord :

14 Depart from ill, do good, seek peace, whose sin is covered. Let all the world's inhabitants

pursue it earnestly. 2 Blest is the man, to whoin the Lord dread him with one accord.

eyes are on the just, his ears imputeth not his fin, 9 For he did speak the word, and done

are open to their cry. And in whose sp’rit there is no guile,

it was without delay ;

16 The face of God is set against
nor fraud is found therein.
Efablished it firmly stood

those that do wickedly ; 3 When as I did refrain my speech,

whatever he did say.

That he may quite out from the earth and silent was my tongue : 10 God doth the counsel bring to nought

cut off their memory. My bones then waxed old, because

which heathen folk do take :

17 The righteous cry unto the Lord, I rored all day long. And what the people do devise,

he unto them gives ear : 4 For upon me both day and night

of none effect doch make. thine hand did heavy ly :

And they out of their troubles all 11 O! but the counsel of the Lord

by him deliv'red are. So that my moisture turned is

doth stand for ever sure, in summer's drought thereby.

18 The Lord is ever nigh to them And of his heart the purposes

that be of broken sporit : 5 I thereupon have unto thee

from age to age endure.

To them he safety doth afford,
my fin acknowledged,
12 That nation blessed is, whose God

that are in heart contrite. And likewise mine iniquity

JEHOVAH is: and those

19 The troubles that afflict the just,
I have not covered :
A blefled people are, whom for

in number many be : I will confess unto the Lord

his heritage he chose. my trespasses, said I ; 13 The Lord from heav'n sees and beholds

But yet at length out of them all,

the Lord doch fet him free. And of my lin thou freely didk

all fons of men full well.
forgive th' iniquity.
14 He views all from his dwelling-place,

20 He carefully his bones doth keep,

whatever doth befal : 6 For this fhall ev'ry godly one

that on the earth do dwell.

That not so much as one of them his prayer make to thee :

15 He forms their hearts alike, and all can broken be at all. In such a time he shall thee seck,

their doings he observes.
as found thou mayest be.
16 Greathosts save not a king, much strength

21 Ill shall the wicked Nay ; laid waste Surely, when floods of waters great

shall be who hate the just.
no mighty man preserves.
do swell up to the brim,
17 An horse for preservation

22 The Lord redeems his servants soul, They shall not overwhelm his soul,

is a deceitful thing ;

none perish chat him trust.
nor once come near to him.
And by the greatness of his strength

PSA L. XXXV. 7 Thou art my hiding-place, thou shalt

can no deliv'rance bring. from trouble keep me free :

Lead, Lord, with those that plead, and 18 Behold, on those that do him fear Thou, with songs of deliverance,

with those chat fight with me. (fight the Lord doch ser his eye :

2 Of shield and buckler take thou hold, about Inalt compass me.

Ev’n those who on his


stand 8 I will instruct thee, and thee teach


mine help to be. with confidence rely :

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3 Draw also out the spear, and do 24 O Lord my God, do thou me judge the La against them stop the way,

after thy righteousness;
That me pursue : unto my loul,

And let them not their joy 'gainst me
I'm thy salvation, say.

triumphantly express. crub

Let them confounded be, and sham'd

25 Nor let them say within their hearts,
that for my soul have fought :

Ah, we would have it thus ;
Who plot my hurt, turn'd back be they,

Nor suffer them to say, that he
and to confusion brought.

is swallow'd up by us. V. 5

Let them be like unto the chaft, 26 Sham'd and confounded be they all
that flies before the wind :

that at my hurt are glad ; his pa And let the angel of the Lord

Let those against me that do boast, pursue them hard behind.

with thame and scorn be clad. 6 With darkness cover thou their

27 Let them that love my righteous cause,

way, and let it slipp’ry prove ;

be glad, fhout, and not cease And let the angel of the Lord

To say, The Lord be magnify'd,

who loves his servant's peace.
pursue them from above :
7 For without cause have they for me 28 Thy righteousness shall also be
their net hid in a pit,

declared by my tongue ; ndo They also have without a cause

The praises that belong to thee, for my soul digged it.

speak shall it all day long. 8 Let ruin seize him unawares,

his ner he hid withal

He wicked man's transgression
Himself let catch ; and in the same

within my heart thus says,
deftru&ion let him fall.

Undoubtedly the fear of God
9 My soul in God shall joy, and glad is noc before his eyes.
in his salvation be.

2 Becaule himself he flattereth pod 10 And all my bones shall say, O Lord, in his own blinded eye, who is like unto thee?

Until the hatefulness be found Which dost the poor set free from him

of his iniquity. that is for him too strong ;

3 Words from his mouth proceeding are, The poor and needy, from the man

fraud and iniquity - that spoils and does him wrong. He, to be wise, and to do good, 11 False witnesles rose; to my charge hath left off utterly. things I not knew they laid.

4 He mischief, lying on his bed, 12 They, to the spoiling of my soul, most cunningly doth plot : me ill for good repaid.

He sets himself in ways not good ; 13 But as for me, when they were sick,

ill he abhorreth not. in sackcloth sad I mourn'd:

s Thy mercy, Lord, is in the heav'ns ; My humbled soul did fast, my pray’r thy truth doth reach the clouds. into my bolom turn'd.

6 Thy justice is like mountains great; 14 My self I did behave, as he

thy judgments deep as floods : had been my friend or brother :

Lord, thou preservest man and beast. pe I heavily bow'd down, as one

7 How precious is thy grace! that mourneth for his mother.

Therefore in shadow of thy wings 15 But in my trouble they rejoyc’d,

mens sons their trust shall place. gath'ring themselves together; 8 They with the fatness of thy house Yea, abje&s vile together did

shall be well satisfy'd : themselves against me gather : h

From rivers of thy pleasures thou I knew it not, they did me tear,

wilt drink to them provide. and quiet would not be.

9 Because of life the fountain pure j 16 With mocking hypocrites, at feasts remains alone with thee : chey gnalht their teeth at me.

And in that purest light of thine 17 How long, Lord, look'st thou on? from

we clearly light mall see. destructions they intend

(those 10 Thy loving kindness unto them Rescue my soul, from lions young

continue that thee know; my darling do defend.

And still on men upright in heart 18 I will give thanks to thee, O Lord,

thy righteousnels bestow. within th'assembly great :

I Let not the foot of cruel pride And where much people gath’red are,

come, and against me stand: thy praises forth will fet.

And let me not removed be,

Lord, by the wicked's hand. 19 Let not my wrongful enemies proudly rejoyce o'er me :

12 There faln are they, and ruined, Nor, who me hate without a cause,

that work iniquities : let theru wink with the eye.

Cast down they are, and never shall 20 For peace they do not speak at all : be able to arise. 1 but crafty plots prepare

PS A L. XXXVII. Against all those within the land that meek and quiet are.

Or evil doers fret thou not 21 With mouths set wide, they'gainst me

thy lelf unquietly; Ha, ha, our eye doth see. ( said,

Nor do thou envy bear to those

that work iniquity. 22 Lord, thou hastseen,hold not thy peace: Lord, be not far from me.

2 For, even like unto the grals,

soon be cut down thall they, 23 Stir up thy felf

, wake, that thou mayst And, like the green and tender herb, judgment to me afford,

they wither hall away. Ev'n to my cause, O thou that art my only God and Lord.

3 Set thou thy trust upon the Lord,

and be thou doing good; And so thou in the land shalt dwell,

and verily have food. 4 Delight thy self in God, he'll give

thine heart's desire to thee. 5 Thy way to God commit, him trust,

it bring to pass shall he. 6 And, like unto the light, he shall

thy righteousness display: And he thy judgment shall bring forth

like noon-tide of the day. 7 Rest in the Lord, and patiently

wait for him : do not fret For him, who prosp'ring in his way,

success in lin doth get. 8 Do thou from anger cease, and wrath

see thou forsake allo :
Fret not thy felf in any wise,

that evil thou shouldst do.
9 For those that evil doers are,

shall be cut off, and fall :
But those that wait upon the Lord,

the earth inherit shall.
10 For, yet a little while, and then

the wicked shall not be :
His place thou shalt consider well,

but it thou shalt not fee.
11 But by inheritance the earth

the meek ones shall posless :
They also shall delight themselves

in an abundant peace. 12 The wicked plots against the just,

and at him whets his teeth, 13 The Lord fhall laugh at him, because

his day he coming teeth, 14 The wicked have drawn out the sword,

and bent their bow to Play The poor and needy, and to kill

men of an upright way. 15 But their own sword which they have

shall enter their own heart; ( drawn, Their bows which they have bent nallbreak,

and into pieces part.
16 A little that a juit man hath

is more and better far,
Than is the wealth of many such

as lewd and wicked are.
17 For finners arms shall broken be;

but God the just sustains. 18 God knows the juft man's days, and still

their heritage remains.
19 They shall not be asham'd, when they

the evil time do see ;
And when the days of famine are,

they satisfy'd ihall be.
20 Bar wicked men, and foes of God,

as fat of lambs decay: They shall consume, yea, into smoke

they shall consume away. 21 The wicked borrows, but the same

again he doth not pay;
Whereas the righteous mcrcy Mows,

and gives his own away.
22 For such as blessed be of him,

the earth inherit shall ;
And they that cursed be of him,

shall be destroyed all.
23 A good man's footsteps by the Lord

are ordered aright:
And in the way wherein he walks,

he greatly doth delight.
24 Altho'he fall, yet shall he not

be cast down utterly;
Because the Lord, with his own hand,

upholds him mightily. 25 I have been young, and now am old,



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yet have I never seen

9 O Lord, all that I do defire The just man left, nor that his feed

is still betore thine eye : for bread have beggars been.

And of my heart the secret grones

not hidden are from thee. 26 He's ever merciful, and lends; his feed is blest therefore.

10 My heart doth pant incessantly, 27 Depart from evil, and do good: my strength doth quite decay : and dwell for evermore.

As for mine eyes, their wonted light 28 For God loves judgment, and his saints

is from me gone away. leaves not in any case;

11 My lovers and my friends do stand They are kept ever: but cut off

at distance from my fore : shall be the finners race.

And those do stand aloof that were

kinsmen, and kind before. 29 The just inherit shall the land,

and ever in it dwell. (speak, 12 Yea, they that seek my life, lay snares; 30 The just man's mouth doth wildom

who seek to do me wrong, his tongue doth judgment tell. Speak things mischievous, and deceits 31 In's heart the law is of his God,

imagine all day long. his steps slide not away.

13 But, as one deaf that heareth not, 32 The wicked man doth watch the just, I sut'red all to pass: and secketh him to slay.

I as a dumb man did become,

whose mouth not op'ned was. 33 Yet him the Lord will not forsake, nor leave him in his hands:

14 As one that hears not, in whole mouth The righteous will be not condemn,

are no reproofs at all. when he in judgment stands.

15. For, Lord, I hope in thee; my God, 34 Wait on the Lord, and keep his way, thou'lt hear me when I call. . and thee exalt shall he

16 For I said, Hear me, lest they should Th' earth to inherit : when cut off

rejoyce o'er me with pride : the wicked thou shalt see.

And o’er me magnity themselves,

when as my foot doth slide. 35 I saw the wicked great in pow'r, spread like a green bay-tree.

17 For I am near to halt, my grief 36 He past, yea, was not : him I sought,

is still before mine eye. but found he could not be.

18 For I'll declare my sin, and grieve 37 Mark thou the perfect, and behold for mine iniquity. the man of uprightness :

19 But yet mine en’mies lively are, Because that surely of this man

and strong are they belide ; the latter end is peace.

And they that hate me wrongfully, 38 But those men that transgressors are;

are greatly multiply'd. shall be destroy'd together :

20 And they for good that render ill, The latter end of wicked men

as en’mies me withstood; shall be cut off for ever.

Yea, ev’n for this, because that I 39 But the salvation of the just

do follow what is good. is from the Lord above:

21 Forsake me not, O Lord : my God, He in the time of their distress,

far from me never be. their stay and strength doth prove. 22 O Lord, thou my salvation art, 40 The Lord shall help, and them deliver:

hafte to give help to me. he shall them free and save

PSA L. XXXIX. From wicked men ; because in him their confidence they have.

Said, I will look to my ways,

left with my tongue I sin : PSA L. XXXVIII.

In fight of wicked men my

mouth N thy great indignation,

with bridle I'll keep in. O Lord, rebuke me not :

2 With filence I as dumb became, Nor on me lay thy chastning hand,

I did my self restrain in thy displeasure het.

From speaking good ; but then the more 2 For in me fast thine arrows stick,

increased was my pain, thine hand doch press me sore.

3 My heart within me waxed hot, 3. And in my flesh there is no health,

and while I musing was, nor foundness any more:

The fire did burn, and from my tongue This grief I have, because thy wrath

thele words I did let pass. is forth against me gone :


Mine end and measure of my days, And in my bones there is no reft,

O Lord, unto me show for sin that I have done.

What is the same : that I thereby 4 Because gone up above mine head

of thine hand I do pine. 11 When with rebukes thou dost correct

man for iniquity, Thou wastes his beauty like a moth:

sure each man's vanity. 12 Attend my cry, Lord, at my tears

and pray’rs not filent be: I sojourn as my fathers all,

and stranger am with thee.
13 O spare thou me, that I my strength

recover may again,
Before from hence I do depart,
and here no more remain.

Waited for the Lord my God,

and patiently did bear; At length to me he did incline

my voice and cry to hear. . 2 He took me from a fearful pit,

and from the miry clay, And on a rock he set my feet,

establishing my way. 3 He put a new song in my mouth,

our God to magnify: Many shall see it, and shall fear,

and on the Lord rely. 4 O blessed is the man whose trust

upon the Lord relies : Respecting not the proud, nor such

as turn aside to lies. 5 O Lord my God, full many are

the wonders thou hast done ; Thy gracious thoughts to us-ward far

above all thoughts are gone: In order none can reckon them

to thee: if them declare, And speak of them I would, they more

than can be numbred are. 6 No facrifice nor offering

didit thou at all desire, Mine ears thou bor’d, sin off'ring thou

and burnt didst not require. 7 Then to the Lord these were my word

I come, behold and fee : Within the volume of thy book

it written is of me: 8 To do thy will I take delight,

O thou my God that art : Yea, that most holy law of thine

I have within my heart.
Within the congregation great

I righteousness did preach;
Lo, thou dost know, O Lord, that I

refrained not my speech.
10 I never did within my heart

conceal thy righteousness : I thy salvation have declar'd,

and shown thy faithfulness : Thy kindness, which most loving is,

IN they

my frailty well may know. my great transgressions be ;

Lo,thou my days an hand-breadth mad'a, And, as a weighty burden, they

mine age is in thine eye too heavy are for me.

As nothing : sure each man at best s My wounds do stink, and are corrupt ; is wholly vanity. my folly makes it so.

6 Sure each man walks in a vain show, 6 I troubled am, and much bow'd down: they vex themselves in vain : all day I mourning go.

He heaps up wealth, and doth not know 7 For a disease, that lothsom is,

to whom it shall pertain. lo fills my loyns with pain ; That in my weak and weary flesh

7 And now, O Lord, what wait I for? no loundness doth remain,

my hope is fix'd on thee,

8 Free me from all my trespalies, 8 So feeble and infirm am I,

the fools scorn make not me. and broken am so sore;

9 Dumb was I, op’ning not my mouth, That, through diiquiet of my heart,

because this work was thine. I have been made to rore.

10 Thy stroke take from me: by the blow

concealed have not I, Nor from the congregation great

have hid thy verity.
11 Thy tender mercies, Lord, from

O do thou not restrain :
Thy loving kindnels and thy truth

let them me still maintain.
12 For ills paft reck’ning compass me

and mine iniquities
Such hold upon me taken have,

I cannot lift mine eyes.
They more than hairs are on mine he

thence is my heart dismaid.
13 Be pleased, Lord, to rescue me ;

Lord, halten to mine aid.

14 Sha

Psalm xli, xlii, xliii, xliv, xlv.


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14 Sham'd and confounded be they all

that seek my soul to kill : Yea, let them backward driven be,

and sham'd that with me ill. 15 For a reward of this their shame,

confounded let them be, That in this manner scoffing say,

Aha, a ha, to me, 16 In thee let all be glad and joy,

who seeking thee abide : Who thy salvation love, lay still,

The Lord be magnify’d. 17 I'm poor and needy, yet the Lord

of me a care doth take : Thou art my help and saviour, my God, no tarrying make.

PSA L. XLI. Lessed is he that wisely doch the poor man's case consider

3 For when the time of trouble is,

the Lord will him deliver. 2 God will him keep; yca, save alive,

on earth he bleft in all live : And to his enemy's delire

thou wilt him not up-give: 3 God will give strength, when he on bed

of languifhing doth mourn : And in his fickness lore, O Lord,

thou all his bed wilt turo. 4 I said, O Lord, do thou extend

thy mercy unto me : O do thou heal my soul, for why,

I have offended thee. 5 Those that to me are enemies,

of me do evil say ; When shall he die, chat fo his name

may perish quite away? 6 To see me if he comes, he speaks

vain words; but then his heart Heaps mischief to it, which he tells,

when forth he doch depart. 7 My haters joyntly whispering,

'gainst me my hurt devise, 8 Mischief, say they, cleaves fast to him;

he ly'th and shall not rise. 9 Yea, ev’n mine own familiar friend,

on whom I did rely, Who ate my bread, ev'n he his heel

against me lifted high. 10 But, Lord, be merciful to me,

and up again me raise, That I may justly them requite

according to their ways. 11 By this I know that certainly

I favour'd am by thec ; Because my hateful enemy

triumphs not over me. '12 But as for me, thou me upholdt

in mine integrity; And me before thy countenance

thou setst continually. 13 The Lord, the God of Israel,

be bleft for ever then, From age to age eternally, Amen, yea, and amen.

Ike as the hart for water-brooks

in thirst doth pane and bray ; So pants my longing soul, O God,

that come to thee I may. 2 My soul for God the living God,

doth thirst : when shall I near Unto thy countenance approach,

and in God's light appear? 3. My tears have unto me been meat

bosh in the night and day,

Thou didst afflict the nations,
While unto me continually,

but them thou didft increase.
Where is thy God ? they say.
4 My soul is poured out in me,

3 For neither got their sword the land, when this I think upon ;

nor did their arm them fave : Because that with the multitude

But thy right hand, arm, countenance ;
I heretofore had

for thou them favour gave.
With them into God's house I went,

4 Thou art my King: for Jacob, Lord,

delio’rances cominand. with voice of joy and praise ;

(toes Yea, with the multitude that kept

5 Through thee we shall push down our the solemn holy-days.

that do against us stand : 5 O why art thou cast down, my soul?

We, through thy name, shall cread down why in me fo dismaid ?

that ris'n against us have. (thole Trust God, for I shall praise him

6 For in my bow I fhall not trust,

yet, his count'nance is mine aid.

nor shall my sword me save.

7 But from our foes thou hast us sav'd, 6 My God, my soul's cast down in me:

our haters put to shame. thee therefore mind I will

8 In God we all the day do boast,
From Jordan's land, the Hermonites, and ever praise thy name.

and ev’n from Mizar-hill.
7 At the noise of thy water-spouts,

9 But now we are cast oft by thee,
deep unto deep doth call :

and us thou putst to shame : Thy breaking waves pass over me,

And when our armies do go forth, yea, and thy billows all.

thou go'st not with the fame.

10 Thou mak'l us from the enemy 8 His loving kindness yet the Lord

faint-hearted to turn back : command will in the day,

And they who hate us, for themselves
His song's, with me by night: to God,

our ipoils away do take.
by whom I live, I'll pray.
9 And I will say to God my rock,

1 Like sheep for meat thou gavest us: Why me forgetst thou 10?

’mong heathen cast we be. Why for my toe's oppression

12 Thou didst for nought thy people sell, thus mourning do I go?

their price enrich'd not thee.

13 Thou mak’t us a reproach to be
10 'Tis as a sword within my bones, unto our neighbours near;
when my foes me upbraid :

Derision and a scorn to them
Ev’n when by them, Where is thy God? that round about us are.

'tis daily to me faid.
II O why art thou cast down, my soul? 14 A by-word also thou dost us
why thus with grief opprest,

among the heathen make;
Art thou disquieted in me ?

The people in contempt and spite, in God still hope and rest;

at us their heads do shake.

15 Before me my confusion For yet I know I shall him praise,

continually abides ;
who graciously to me

And of my bashful countenance
The health is of my countenance,

the shame me ever hides.
yea, mine own God is he.

16 For voice of him

that doth reproach, PSA L. XLIII.

and speaketh blasphemy:
Udge me, O God, and plead my cause By reason of th’avenging foe,

and cruel enemy.
against th’ungodly nation ;
From the unjust and crafty man,

17 All this is come on us : yet we O be thou my salvation.

have not forgotten thee; 2 For thou the God art of my strength,

Nor fally in thy covenant

behay'd our felves have we.
why thrusts thou me thee fro?
For th’enemies oppression

18 Back from thy way our heart not turn’d, why do I mourning go?

our steps no straying made. 3 O send thy light forth and thy truth,

19Though us thou brak'st in dragons place,

and cover'dit with death's shade. let them be guides to me ;

20 If we God's name forgot, or stretcho And bring me to thine holy hill, ev’n where rhy dwellings be.

to a strange god our hands :

21 Shall not God search this out for he 4 Then will I to God's alcar go,

hearts secrets understands. to God my chietest joy; Yea, God, my God, thy name to praise, 22 Yea, for thy fake we're kill'd all day, my harp I will employ.

counted as slaughter-sheep. 5 Why art thou then cast down, my soul ? 23 Rife, Lord, calt us not ever oft';

awake, why dost thou sleep? what should discourage thee?


O wherefore hidest thou thy face?
And why with vexing thoughts art thou

forgetst our case distrelt,
disquiered in me?
Still trust in God, for him to praise

25 And our oppreffion? For our soul

is to the dust down prest

good cause I yet shall have
He of my count'nance is the health, Our belly also on the earth
God that doch me fave.

fast cleaving hold doth take.

26 Rile for our help, and us redeem PS A L. XLIV,

ev'n for thy mercies sake. God, we with our ears have heard,

PSA L. XLV. our fathers have us told, What works thou in their days hadít done, Y heart brings forth a goodly thing; ev’n in the days of old.

my words that I indite 2 Thy hand did drive the heathen out, Concerri the king: my tongue's a pen


of and plant them in their place;

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of one that swift doth write.

And therefore blessings evermore 2 Thou fairer art than fons of men :

on thee doth God bestow. into thy lips is store

3 Thy sword gird on thy thigh, Of grace infus'd: God therefore thee thou that art most of might: hath bleft for evermore.

Appear in dreadful majesty

and in thy glory bright. 3. O thou that art the mighty One,

thy sword gird on thy thigh: 4 For meekness, truth and right Ev’n with thy glory excellent,

ride prosp'rously in state : and with thy majesty.

And thy right hand shall teach to thee 4 For meekness, truth, and righteousness, things terrible and great. in state ride prosp'rously ::

5 Thy Thafts shall pierce their hearts And thy right hand thall thee instruct that foes are to the king : in things that fearful be.

Whereby into subjection 5 Thine arrows sharply pierce the hearts

the people thou shalt bring. of th’en’mies of the king:

6 Thy royal seat, O Lord, And under thy subjection

for ever shall remain : the people down do bring.

The sceptre of thy kingdom doth 6 For ever and for ever is,

all righteousnels maintain. O God, thy throne of might: 7 Thou lovest right, and hateft ill : The sceptre of thy kingdom is

for God, thy God most high, a sceptre that is right.

Above thy fellows hath with th' oyl

of joy anointed thee. 7 Thou lovest right, and hatest ill:

for God, thy God most high, 8 Of myrrh and spices sweet Above thy tellows hath with th'oyl

a smell thy garments had : of joy anointed thee.

Out of the ivory palaces, 8 Of aloes, myrrh, and cassia

whereby they made thee glad. a smell thy garments had;

9 And in thy glorious train Out of the iv'ry palaces,

kings daughters waiting stand : whereby they made thee glad.

And thy fair queen in Ophir-gold 9 Among thy women honourable

doth stand at thy right hand. kings daughters were at hand :

10 O daughter, take good heed, Upon thy right hand did the queen

incline, and give good ear : in gold of Ophir stand.

Thou must forget thy kindred all 10 O daughter, hearken and regard,

and father's house most dear. and do thine ear incline :

i Thy beauty to the king Likewise forget thy father's house,

shall then delightful be and people that are thine.

And do thou humbly worship him, 11 Then of the king desir'd shall be

because thy Lord is he. thy beauty veh’mently :

12 The daughters then of Tyre Because he is thy Lord, do thou

there with a gift shall be, him worship rev'rently.

And all the wealthy of the land 12 The daughter there of Tyre shall be, shall make their suit to thee.

with gifts and oft'rings great: 13 The daughter of the king Those of the people that are rich,

all glorious is within, thy favour shall intrear.

And with embroideries of gold 13 Behold, the daughter of the king her garments wrought have been. all glorious is within :

14 She cometh to the king And with embroideries of gold

in robes with needle wrought ; her garments wrought have been.

The virgins that do follow her 14

She shall be brought unto the king fall unto thee be brought.

in robes with needle wrought : Her fellow-virgins following,

15 They shall be brought with joy

and mirth on ev'ry side, shall unto thee be brought.

Into the palace of the king, 15 They shall be brought with gladness and there they shall abide.

and mirth on ev'ry side, (great, 16 And, in thy fathers stead, Into the palace of the king,

thy children thou mayst take, and there they shall abide. 16 In stead of those thy fathers dear,

And in all places of the earth

them noble princes make. thy children thou mayst take,

17 I will fhew forth thy name And in all places of the earth them noble princes make.

to generations all;

Therefore the people evermore 17 Thy name remembred I will make to thee give praises thall. through ages all to be :

The people therefore evermore
Thall prailes give to thee.

Od is our refuge and our strength,

in straits a present aid. Another of the same.

2 Therefore, although the earth remove, Y heart inditing is

we will not be afraid : good matter in a song:

nothing shall her remove ; The Lord to her an helper will,

and that right carly prove. 6 The heathen rag'd tumultuously,

the kingdoms moved were:
The Lord God uttered his voice,

the earch did melt for fear.
The Lord of hosts upon our fide

doth constantly remain;
The God of Jacob's our refuge,

us safely to maintain. 8 Come,and behold what wondrous works

have by the Lord been wrought: Come, see what desolations

he on the earth hath brought. 9 Unto the ends of all the earth

wars into peace he turns : The bow he breaks, the spear he cuts,

in fire the chariot burns. 10 Be still, and know that I am God;

among the heathen I Will be exalted, I on earth

will be exalted high,
11 Our God, who is the Lord of hosts,

is still upon our side :
The God of Jacob our refuge
for ever will abide.

Ll people clap your hands, to God

with voice of triumph shout. ? For dreadful is the Lord most high,

great King the earth throughout. 3 The heathen people under us

he surely fhall subdue :
And he shall make the nations

under our feet to bow.
4 The lot of our inheritance

choose out for us shall he,
Of Jacob whom he loved well,

ev’n the excellency. s God is with shouts gone up, the Lord

with trumpets founding high. 6 Sing praise to God,sing praise,ling praise,

praise to our King ling ye. 7 For God is King of all the earth,

with knowledge praise express.
8 God rules the nations, God sits on

his throne of holiness.
9 The princes of the people are

assembled willingly,
Ev'n of the God of Abraham

they who the people be :
For why? the shields that do defend

the earth, are only his :
They to the Lord belong, yea, he
exalted greatly is:

Reat is the Lord, and greatly he

is to be praised still,
Within the city of our God,

upon his holy hill. 2 Mount Sion stands most beautiful,

the joy of all the land; The city of the mighty King

on her north-lide doth Itand. 3

The Lord within her palaces

Though hills amidst the lea be cast. I speak the things that I have made

3 Though waters roring make, which to the king belong;

And troubled be; yea, though the hills My tongue shall be as quick

by swelling leas do thake. his honour to indite, As is the pen of any scribe

4 A river is, whose streams do glad that ulerh fast to write.

the city of our God:

The holy place, wherein the Lord 2 Thou'rt fairest of all men,

most high hath his abode. grace in thy lips doth flow

s God in the midst of her doth dwell;

is for a refuge known. 4 For lo, the kings that gather'd were,

together by have gone. 5 But, when they did behold the same,

they wondring would not stay: But, being troubled at the light,

they thence did halte away. 6 Great terror there took hold on them,




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