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Pfalm lxix, lxx, lxxi.



26 Within the congregations

upon me fallen are.

his name shall highly raise. bleís God with one accord; 10 My tears and fasts t'affict my soul

31 This to the Lord a facrifice From Ira''s fountain do ye bless

were turned to my

more gracious ihall prove,
and praise the mighty Lord.
ni When lackcloth I did wear, to them

Than bullock, ox, or any beast a proverb I becáme.

that hath both horn and hoof. 27 With.their prince little Benjamin, princes and council there

12 The men that in the


do fit, 32 When this the humble men fall for, Of Judah were, there Zebulun's

against me evil spake :

it joy to them shall give; and Naphi'i's princes were. (strong They also that vile drunkards were, O all ye that do seck the Lord, 28 Thy God commands thy strength,make of me their fong did make.

your heart shall ever live. what thou wroughtft for us, Lord. 13 Bat in an acceptable time

33 For God the poor hears, and will not 29 For thy house at Jerusalem

my pray’r, Lord, is to thee:

his priloners contemn. kings fall thee gifts afford. In truth of thy falvation, Lord,

34Let heav'n and earth and seas him praise

, and mercy great, h-ar me. 30 The spear-mens host, the multitude

and all that move in them. of bulls which fiercely look,

Deliver me out of the mire,

35. For God will Judah's cities build, These calves which people have forth fént, from sinking do me keep:

and be will Sion lave: O Lord our God, rebuke,

Free me from those that do me hate, That they may dwell therein, and it Till every one submit himself,

and from the waters deep.

in sure pofleffion have. and silver pieces bring : 15 Let not the flood on me prerail,

36 And they that are his servants feed, The people that delight in war

whore water overflows;

inherit small the same;. disperse, O God, and King. Nor deep me fwallow, nor the pit

So snall they have their dwelling there 31 Those that be princes great fall then

her mouth upon me close.

that love his blessed name. come out of Egypt lands, 16 Hear me, O Lord, because thy love

PSA L. LXX. and kindness is most good ; And Ethiopia to God shall soon stretch out her hands. Turn unto me, according to

Ord, haste me to deliver, 32 O all ye kingdoms of the earth, thy mercies multitude.

with speed, Lord, luccour me sing praises to this King;

17 Nor from thy servant hide thy face, 2 Let them that for my soul do leek, For he is Lord that ruleth all,

I'm troubled, soon attend.

sham'd and confounded be: unto him praises fing.

18 Draw near my soul, and it redeem, Turn'd back be they and sham’d,

me from my foes defend. To him that rides on heav'ns of heav’os

that in my hurt delight. 33 which he of old did found; 19 To thee is my reproach well known,

3 Turnd back be they, Ha, ha, that laya Lo, he sends out his voice, a voice

my shame and my disgrace:

their shaming to requite. in might that doth abound. Those that mine adversaries be,


In thee let all be glad, 34 Strength unto God do ye ascribe; are all before thy face.

and joy that seek for thee : for his excellency

20 Reproach hath broke my heart,I'm full | Let them who thy falvation love, Is over Ifrael, his strength

of grief ; I look'd for one

lay still, God praised be. is in the clouds most high. To pity me, but none I found :

5 I poor and needy am,

comforters found 1 none. 35 Thou’rt from thy temple dreadful,Lord,

come, Lord, and make no Atay: Isra'P's own God is he, 21 They also bitter gall did give

My help thou and deliv’rer art,
Who gives his people strength and pow'r : unto me for my meat :

O Lord, make no delay.
O let God bleflcd be.
They gave me vinegar to drink,

Another of the fame.

when as my thirst was great.
22 Before them let their table prove

Ake hafte, O God, me to preserve, Ave me, O God, because the floods a snare, and do thou make

with speed, Lord, succout me. do lo environ me, Their welfare and prosperity

2 Let them that for my soul do seek, That ev’n unto my very loul

fam’d and confounded be: a trap themselves to také. come in the waters be.

Let them be turned back, and tham'd 2 I downward in deep mire do fink,

23 Ler thou their eyes lo darkned be, that in my hurt delight. where standing there is none;

that fight may them forlake:

3. Turn’d back be they, Ha, ha, that lay, I am into deep waters come, And let their loyns be made by thee

their shaming to requite. where floods have o'er me gone.

continually to shake.
24 Thy fury pour thou out on them

4 O Lord, in thee let all be glad, 3 I weary with my crying am,

and indignation:

and joy that seek for thee: my throat is also dry'd ; And let thy wrathful anger, Lord,

Let them who thy salvation love, Mine eyes do fail, while for my God

fast hold take them upon.

say still, God praised be. I waiting do abide.

5 But I both poor and needy am, 4 Those men that do without a cause 25 All waste and defolate let be

come, Lord, and make no stay : bear hatred unto me,

their habitation,

My help thou and deliv'rer art, Than are the hairs upon my head, And in their tabernacles all

O Lord, make no aelay. in number more they be.

inhabitants be none.
26 Becaule him they do persecute,

They that would me destroy, and are
mine en’mies wrongfully,
whom thou did it Imite before;

Lord, my hope and confidence Are mighty: so what I took not, They talk unto the grief of those

is plac'd in thee alone: whoin thou hast wounded sore. to render forc'd was I.

Then let thy servant never be 5 Lord, thou my folly know'st, my fios 27 Add thou iniquity unto

put to confusion. not cover'd are from thee.

their former wickedness:

2 And let me in thy righteousnefs 6 Lct none that wait on chec be sham'd,

from thee deliv'rance have: And do not let them come at all Lord God of hofts, for me :

into thy righteousness.

Caule me escape, incline thine ear O Lord, the God of Israel, 28 Out of the book of life let them

unto me, and me fave. Jet none who search do make

be ras'd and blotted quite;

3 Be thou my dwelling rock, to which And seck thee, be at any time Among the just and rightcous

I ever may resort : confounded for my fake.

let not their names be writ,

Thou gav'it commandment me to fave, 7 For I have born reproach for thee, 29 But now become exceeding poor

for thou're my rock and fort. my face is hid with shame.

and sorrowful am I:

4 Free me, my God, from wicked hands, 8 To brethren ftrange, to mother's sons

hands cruel and unjust. an alien I became.

By thy falvation, O my God,
let me be set on high.

s For thou, O Lord God, arc my hope, 9 Because the zeal did cat me up, 30 The name of God, I with a long

and from my youth my trust. which to thy houle I bare ;

most cheerfully will praile;

6 Thou from the womb didst hold me up: And the reproaches cast at thee, And I, in giving thanks to him,


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7 To many


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13 The

thou art the same that me

4 The people's poor ones he shall judge, Out of my mother's bowels took,

nor plagu'd as others be. the necdy's children lave :

6 Therefore their pride, like to a chain, I ever will praise thee. And those shall he in picces break,

them compafleth about; I a wonder am :

who them opprefld have. but thou’rt my refuge strong.

And, as a garment, violence 5 They shall thee fear while fun and moon doth cover them throughout. 8 Filld let my mouth be with ihy praise do laft, through ages all. and honour all day long. 6 Like rain on mown grass he shall drop,

7 Their eyes stand out with fat, they have

more than their hearts could wish.

or show'rs on earth that fail. 9 O do not cast me oft, when as

8 They are corrupt, their talk of wrong old age doth overtake me ;

7 The just shall flourish in his days, And when my ftrength decayed is,

both lewd and lofty is. and prosper in his reign:

9 They see their mouth against the heav'ns, then do not thou forsake me,

He shall, while doth the moon endure, in their blasphemous talk; 10 For those that are mine enemies,

abundant peace maintain.

And their reproaching tongue throughout against me speak with hate :

8 His large and great dominion shall the earth at large doth walk. And they together counsel take,

from sea to sea extend, that for my soul lay wait. It from the river thall reach forth

10 His people oftentimes for this

look back, and turn about ;

unto earth's utmost end. 1 They said, God leaves him; him pursue

Sith waters of fo full a cup and take, none will him lave. 9 They in the wilderness that dwell,

to thele are poured out. 12 Be thou not far from me, my God: bow down bcfore him must :

11 And thus they say, How can it be thy speedy help I crave. And they that are his enemies,

that God these things doth know? 13 Confound, consume them, shat unto

fall lick the very

Or, can there in the Highest be my soul are cnemies:

10 The kings of Tarlin and the ines knowledge of things below? Cloth'd be they with reproach and Mame, to him fall presents bring, that de my hurt devile. And unto him fhall offer gifts,

12 Behold, these are the wicked ones, Sheba's and Seba's king.

yet prosper at their will 14 Bat I with expectation

worldly things, they do increase will hope continually ;

11 Yea, all the mighty kings on earth in wealth and riches still. And yet with praises more and more

betore him down fhall fall :

13 I verily have done in vain
I will thee magnity.
And all the nations of the world

my heart to purify: 15 Tby justice and falvation

do service to him shall.

To no effect in innocence my mouth abroad thall show, 12 For he the needy shall preserve,

washed my hands have 1. Ev'n all the day: for I thereot

when he to him doth call :
the numbers do not know.
The poor also, and him that hath

14 For daily, and all day throughout, no help of man at all.

great plagues I suff'red have ; 16 And I will constantly go on

Yea, ev'ry morning I of new in furength of God the Lord :

poor man and the indigent

did chastisement receive. And thine own righteousnels, er’n thine in mercy he shall spare :

15 If in this manner foolishly
alone, I will record.
H: fhall preserve alive the souls

to speak I would intend, 17 For, even from my youth, O God, of those that needy are.

Thy childrens generation,
by thee I have been taught :
14 Both from deceit and violence

behold, I hould offend. And hitherto I have declar'd

their soul he shall fer free: the wonders thou haft wrought. And in his fight right precious

16 When I this thought to know, it was

too hard a thing for me,

and dear their blood shall be. 18 And now, Lord, leave me not, when I

17 Till to God's fan&uary I went, old and gray-headed grow :

15 Yea, he shall live, and giv’n to him then I their end did see. Till to this age thy strength and pow'r Mall be of Sheba's gold;

18 Assuredly thou didit them fet
to all to come I fhow.
For him still shall they pray, and he

a slipp'ry place upon : 19 And thy moft perfect righteousness, shall daily be extolld.

Them suddenly thou caftedst down O Lord, is very high, 16 Of corn an handful in the earth

into destruction. Who halt so great things done: O God, on tops of mountains high, who is like unto thee? With prosp'rous fruit shall shake, like trees

19 How, in a moment, suddenly

to ruin brought are they !

on Lebanon that be:
20 Thou, Lord, who adversities

With tearful terrors utterly
and fore to me didst show,
The city shall be flourishing,

they are consum'd away. Shalt quicken, and bring me again

her citizens abound

20 Ev'n like unto a dream, when one from depths of earth below. In number shall, like to the grass

from sleeping doth arise ; 21 My greatness and my pow'r thou wilt

that grows upon the ground.

So thou, O Lord, when thou awak'lt, increase and far extend: 17 His name for ever fhall endure,

their image shalt delpise. On ev'ry side, against all grief

lalt like the sun it shall :
thou wilt me comfort iend.
Men shall be blest in him, and blest

21 Thus grieved was my heart in me, all nations fhall him call.

and me my reins opprest. 22 Thee, ev’n thy cruth I'll also praise,

22 So rude was I, and ignorant, my God, with pfaltery : 18 Now blessed be the Lord our God,

and in thy fight a bealt. Thou holy One of Israel,

the God of Israel;

23 Nevertheles continually,
with harp I'll sing to thee.
For he alone doth wondrous works,

O Lord, I am with thee : 23 My lips thall much rejoyce in thee,

in glory that excel.

Thou doft me hold by my right hand, when I shy praises found : 19 And blessed be his glorious name

and still upholdet me. My soul, which thou redeemed hast,

to all eternity; in joy fall much abound. The whole earth let his glory fill : 24 Thou, with thy counsel, while I live

wilt me conduct and guide ;

Amen, so let it be. 24 My tongue thy justice shall proclaim,

And to thy glory afterward continuing all day long;


receive me to abide. For they contounded are, and sham’d,

Et God is good to Israel,

25 Whom have I in the heavens high, that seek to do me wrong.

to each pure hearted one.

but thee, O Lord, alone ?

And in the earth whom I defire

2 But as for me, my steps near flipt,
my feet were almost gone.

besides thee, there is none.
3 For I envious was, and grudg'd
his fon thy righteousoess.

26 My flesh and heart doth faint and fail, the foolish folk to see,

but God doth fail me never ; 2 With right he shall thy people judge, When I perceiv'd the wicked sort

For of my heart God is the strength, thy poor with uprightness. enjoy prosperity.

and portion for ever. 3 The lofıy mountains shall bring forth, unto the people peace :

4 For still their strength continueth firm, 27 For lo, they that are far from thee, their death of bands is free.

for ever perish shall : Likewire the little hills the fame

E 2

Them fall do by righteousnels.

5 They are not toil'd as other men,

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Psalm lxxiv, lxxv, lxxvi, lxxvii.


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Them that a whoring from thee go,

were settled ev'ry where :

Their horses and their chariots both
thou hast destroyed all.
The summer and the winter both

were in a dead flecp calt.
28 But surely it is good for me,

by thee created were.

7 Thou,Lord, ev’n thou art he that should that I draw near to God :

18 That th’enemy reproached hath, be fear'd, and who is he In God I trust, chat all thy works

O keep it in record ;.

That may stand up before thy sight,
I may declare abroad.
And, that the foolish people have

if once thou angry be? ( heard,

8 From heav'n thou judgment caus'd be blasphem'd thy name, O Lord. PSA L. LXXIV. 19 Unto the multitude do not

the earth was still with fear. God, why halt thou cast us off? thy turtle's foul deliver ;

9 When God to judgment role, to save is it for evermore ? The congregation of thy poor

all meek on earth that were. Against thy pasture-sheep why doch

do not forget for ever.

10 Surely the very wrath of man thine anger smoke so lore?

20 Unto thy cov’nant have respe&, 2 O call to thy rememberance

unto thy praile redounds; for earth's dark places be

Thou to the remnant of his wrath
thy congregation,

Full of the habitations
Which thou hast purchased of old;

wilt set restraining bounds.
still think the same upon :

of horrid cruelty:

11 Vow to the Lord your God, and

pay, 21 O let not those that be opprest

all ye that near him be: The rod of thine inheritance,

return again with shame :

Bring gifts and presents unto him,
which thou redeemed haft,
Let those that poor and needy are

for to bc teat'd is he.
This Sion hill wherein thou hadst

give praise unto thy name. thy dwelling in times past.

12 By him the sp’rits shall be cut off 3 To these long desolations

22 Do thou, O God, arise and plead of those that princes are :'

the cause that is thine own : thy feet lift, do not tary ;

Unto the kings that are on earth

he fearful doth appear.
Remember how thou art reproacht
For all the ills thy toes have done
within thy lanĉtuary.

still by the foolish one.
23 Do not forget the voice of those

4 Amidst the congregations
that are thine enemies:

Nto the Lord I with my voice,
thine enemies do rore :
The tumult ever grows of those

I unto God did cry ;
Their enligns they let up for signs

that do against thee rise.

Ev’n with my voice, and upto me of triumph, thee before,


his ear he did apply.
5 A man was famous, and was had
in estimation,

2 I in my trouble sought the Lord ;
10 thee, O God, do we give thanks,

my fore by night did run, According as he lifted up

we do give thanks to thee :

And ceased not: my grieved soul
his ax thick trees upon.
Because thy wondrous works declare

did confolation Chau.
6 But all at once with axes now

thy great name near to be.
and hammers they go to,
2 I purpose when I shall receive

3 I to remembrance God did call,
And down the carved work thereof

the congregation,

yet trouble did remain ;

And overwhelm'd my spirit was,
That I shall judgment uprightly
they break, and quite undo.

whilst I did sore complain.

render to every one.
7 They fired have thy sanctuary,
and have defil'd the fame,

4 4 Mine eyes, debarr'd from rest and sleep, 3 Dislolved is the land, with all

thou makest still to wake : By casting down unto the ground

that in the same do dwell;
the place where dwelt thy name.

My trouble is so great, that I
But I the pillars thereof do

unable am to speak.
8 Thus said they in their hearts, Let us bear up, and stablish well.
destroy them out of hand :
4 I to the foolish people said,

s The days of old to mind I callid,

and oft did think upon
Do not deal foolishly;
They burnt up all the synagogues
of God, within the land.
And unto those that wicked are,

The times and ages that are past

Litt not your horn on high.
Our signs we do not now behold,

full many years agone.
there is not us among
s Lift not your horn on high, nor speak

6 By night my song I call to mind,
A prophet more, nor any one

and commune with my heart,
6 with stubborn neck : But know
that knows the time how long

That not from east
, nor welt, nor south, My sprit did carefully enquire

how I might ease my smart.
10 How long, Lord, shall the enemy promotion dorh flow.
thus in reproach exclaim?

7 But God is judge: he puts down one 7 For ever will the Lord cast oft?
And shall the adversary thus

and sets another up.

and gracious be no more? always blaspheme thy name? 8 For in the hand of God most high

8 For ever is his mercy gone?

tails his word evermore?

of red wine is a cup :
11 Thy hand, ev’n thy right hand of might,
why dost thou thus draw back ?
'Tis full of mixture, he pours forth,

9 Is’t true that to be gracious
O from thy bosom pluck it out,

the Lord forgotten hath?
and makes the wicked all
for our deliv'rance Cake.

And that his tender mercies he
Wring out the bitter dregs thercof,

hath shut up in his wrath?
12 For certainly God is my King,

yea, and they drink them shall.
ev’n from the times of old,
9 Bat I for ever will declare,

10 Then did I say, that surely this
Working in midst of all the earth

I Jacob's God will praise.

is mine infirmity : salvation manifold.

10 All horns of lewd men I'll cut off, I'll mind the years of the right hand 13 The sea by thy great pow's to part but just mens horns will raise.

of him that is most high. alunder thou didst make;

11 Yea, I remember will the works And thou the dragons head, O Lord,


performed by the Lord ;
within the waters brake.
N Judah's land God is well known,

The wonders done of old by thee

I surely will record.

his name's in Isra'l great :
The leviathan's heads thou brak'it
in pieces, and didst give
2 In Salem is his tabernacle,

12 I also will of all thy works
Him to be meat unto the folk

in Sion is his feat.

my meditation make, in wildernels that live.

3 There arrows of the bow he brake, And of thy doings to discourse 15 Thou clav'lt the fountain and the flood, the shield, the sword, the war.

great pleasure I will take. which did with streams abound: 4 More glorious thou than hills of prey, 13 O God, thy way most holy is Thou dry’ust the mighty waters up

more excellent art far.

within ihy sanctuary :
unto the very ground.
s Those that were stout of heart are spoild,

And what God is so great in pow'r
16 Thine only is the day, O Lord, they slept their sleep outright;

as is our God most high? thine also is the night;

And none of those their hands did find, 14 Thou art the God that wonders dort And thou alone prepared haft

that were the men of might.

by thy right hand most strong: the sun and shining light.

o When thy rebuke, O Jacob's God, Thy mighty pow'r thou hast declar'd 17 By thee the borders of the carth had forth against them past,


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Psalm lxxviii.

21 th the nations among.

15 In desert rocks he clave, and drink | Unstedfast and perfidious 15 To thine own people with thine arm as from great depths fuppli'd. thou didst redemption bring:

they in his cov’nant were:
16 He from the rock brought streams like
To Jacob's lons, and to the tribes

made waters to run down. (Aloods, 38 But, full of pity, he forgave
of Joseph that do spring.
17 Yet linning more, in desert they

their sin, them did not say : 16 The waters, Lord, perecived thee,

provok'd the highest Ones

Nor stirr’d up all his wrath, but oft the waters saw the well; 18 For in their heart they tempted God, 39 For that they were but fading Aeth,

his anger turn'd away. And they for fear aside did flee : o far :

and speaking with mifruft, the depths on trembling tell.

to mind he did recal; They greedily did meat require 17The clouds in water forth were pour’d,

A wind that pafleth soon away,

to satisfy their luft. round loudly did the sky;

and not returns ar all, 19 Against the Lord himself they spake, And (wiftly through the world abroad and murmuring laid thus,

40 How often did they him provoke thine arrows fierce did Ay. A table in the wilderness

within the wilderness ? 18 Thy thunder's voice alongst the

can God prepare for us ?

And in the desert did him grieve dpa

with their rebelliousness? a mighty noise did make; heav'n

20 Behold, he fmote the rock and thence 41 Yea,turning back, they tempted God, By lightnings lightned was the world, th' earth tremble did and shake. came streams and waters great :

and limits set upon But can he give his people bread,

Him who in midst of Isra'l is 19 Thy way is in the sea, and in

and send them flesh to eat ? E the waters great thy path :

the only holy One. 21 The Lord did hear, and waxed wroth, 42 They did not call to mind his pow'r, Yet are thy footsteps hid, O Lord,

so kindled was a flame
none knowledge thereof hath.
'Gainst Jacob, and 'gainst Israel

nor yet the day when he

Deliv'red them out of the hand 20 Thy people thou didst safely lead up indignation came. like to a flock of sheep,

of their fierce enemy : 22 For they believ'd not God, nor trust 43 Nor how great signs in Egypt land By Moses hand and Aaron's thou

in his salvation had : EC didst them conduct and keep.

he openly had wrought; 23 Though floods above he did command, What miracles in Zoan's field PSA L. LXXVIII.

and heav'n's doors open made: his hand to pass had brought. Trend, my people, to iny law,

24 And manna rain's on them, and


44 How lakes and rivers ev'ry where theto give thou an ear: them corn of heav'n to eato

he turned into blood ; The words that from my mouth proceed 25 Man angels food did eat, to them

So that no man nor beast could drink attentively do hear.

he to the full lent meat.

of standing lake or flood. 2 My mouth shall speak a parable,

( fies, 26 And in the heaven he did cause

45 He brought among them swarms of and sayings dark of old : an eastern wind to blow,

which did them fore annoy 3 The same which we have heard, and And by his power he let out

And divers kinds of filthy, frogs and us our fathers told. ( known, the southern wind to go.

he sent, them to destroy.
We also will them not conceal
27 Then flesh as thick as dust he made

46 He to the caterpiller gave
from their posterity;
to rain down them among ;

the fruits of all their soil :
Them to the generation
And feather'd fowls, like as the land

Their labours he deliv’red

to come declare will we ::
which ly’th the shore along.

unto the locusts spoil. The praises of the Lord our God,

28 At his command, amidst their camp 47 Their vines with hail,their sycomores and his almighty strength, these show'rs of flesh down fell,

he with the frost did blast.

( Aocks The wondrous works that he hath done All round about the tabernacles

48 Their beasts to hail he gave, their we will shew forth at length.

and tents where they did dwell. hot thunder-boks did waste. 5 His testimony and his law

29 So did they eat abundantly, in Isra'l he did place,

and had of meat their fill

Fierce burning wrath he on them cast, ;

and indignation strong; And charg'd our fathers it to show For he did give to them what was to their succeeding race.

their own desire and will.

And trouble Tore, by sending forth

ill angels them among. 6 That so the race which was to come

30 They trom their luft had not estrang’d so He to his wrath made way, their soul might well them learn and know : their heart and their desire :

from death he did not fave : And sons unborn who should arile

But while the meat was in their mouth, But over to the pestilence might to their sons them show,

which they did so require,

( flew
the lives of them he

gave. r That they might fet their hope in God, 31 God's wrath upon them came, and

51 In Egypt land the first-born all and suffer not to fall the fatteft of them all

he Imote down ev'ry where : His mighty works out of their mind, So that the choice of Israel,

Amongst the tents of Ham, ev’n these but keep his precepts all. o'erthrown by death, did fall.

chief of their strength that were. 8 And might not, like their fathers, be 32 Yet notwithstanding of all this,

52 But his own people, like to sheep, a stiff rebellious race:

they finned still the more :

thence to go forth he made; A race not right in hcart, with God

And, tho’he had great wonders wrought, And he amidit the wilderness
whose sp’rit not stedfast was.
believ'd him not therefore,

them as a flock did lcad. 9 The sons of Ephraim, who nor bows 33 Wherefore their days in vanity

he did consume and waste,

53 And he them safely on did lead, nor other arms did lack, When as the day of battle was, And by his wrath their wretched years so that they did not fear :

Whereas their en’mies by the sea they faintly turned back.

away in trouble past.

quite overwhelmed were. 10 They brake God'scov'nant,and refus’d

34 But when he flew them, then they did in his commands to go.

54 To borders of his fanctuary to seek him fhew desire :

the Lord his people led, 11 His works and wonders they forgot, Yea, they return'd, and after God

Ev’n to the mount which his right hand which he to them did show.

right early did enquire.

for them had purchased. 12 Things marvellous he brought to pass, 35 And that the Lord had been their

they did remember then : ( rock, 55 The nations of Canaan, their

fathers them beheld,
Within the land of Egypt done, Ev’n that the high almighty God

by his almighty hand,
had their redeemer been.
yea, ev'o in Zoan's field.

Before their face he did expel

out of their native land; 13 By him divided was the sea, 36 Yet with their mouth they Aatter'd

Which for inheritance to them he caus'd them through to pass; and spake but feignedly, ( him, And made the waters fo to stand,

by line he did divide, And they unto the God of truth

And made the tribes of Israel as like an heap it was.

with their false tongues did lie,

within their tents abide. 14 With cloud by day, with light of fire 37 For tho' their words were good, their į all night he did them guide. with him was not sincere : ( hcart 156 Yet God most high they did provoke,






Psalm lxxix, lxxx, lxxxi.





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and tempted ever itill:
s How long, Lord, shall thine anger last? Like goodly cedars were the boughs

which out from it did 1pring.

wilt thou keep still the same?
And to obserye his teflimonies
did not incline their will.
And shall thy fervent jealousy

1 Upon the one hand, to the sea
57 But like their fathers turned back, burn like unto a flame ?

her boughs she did our send :
and dealt unfaithfully:
6 On heathen pour thy fury forth,

On th’other side, unto the flood
Aside they turned, like a bow

that have thee never known,

her branches did extend.
that shoots deceitfully.
And on these kingdoms which thy name

12 Why haft thouthen thus broken down,

have never call’d upon. 53 For they to anger did provoke

and ta'en her hedge away? him with their places high : 7 For these are they who Jacob have So that all passengers do pluck, And with their graven images

devoured cruelly,

and make of her a prey.
mov'd him to jealousy.
And they his habitation

13 The boar who from the forest
59 When God heard this, he waxed wroth, have caused waste to ly.

doch waste it at his pleasure :
and much loth'd Isra'l then.
8 Against us mind not former fins :

The wild beast of the field also
60 So Shiloh's tent he left, the tent
thy tender mercies fhew;

devours it out of measure.
which he had plac'd with men. Let them prevent us speedily,


O God of hosts, we thee beseech,

for we're brought very low. 61 And he his strength delivered

return thou unto thine ; into captivity:

9 For thy name's glory, help us, Lord, Look down from heav'n, in love behold He left his glory in the hand

who hast our saviour been :

and visit this thy vine. of his proud enemy.

Deliver us, for thy name's fake; 62 His people also he gave o'cr

O purge away our sin. (God? 15 This vineyard which thine own right

hath planted us among : unto the sword's fierce rage : To Why say the heathen, Where's their

And that same branch which for thy felf So fore his wrath inflamed was

let him to them be known,

thov haft made to be strong.
against his heritage.
When there who shed thy servants blood

16 Burnt up it is with faming fire,
63 The fire consum'd their choice young
are in our fight o'erthrown.

it also is cut down; their maids no marriage had. ( men, 11 O let the pris’ners fighs ascend They utterly are perilhed, 64 And when their priests fell by the before thy light on high:

when as thy face doth frown. their wives no mourningmade.(sword, Preserve thore', in thy mighty pow'r,

17 O let thy hand be still upon
65 Bat then the Lord arose, as one that are design’d to die.

the man of thy right hand :
that doth from sleep awake :
12 And to our neighbours bosom caule

The son of man, whom for thy self
And like a giant, that by wine

it fe'cn-fold rendred be

thou madest strong to stand. refresh'd, a shout doth make.

Ev’n the reproach wherewith they have, 18 So henceforth we will not go back, 66 Upon his en’mies hinder parts

O Lord, reproached thee.

nor curn from thee at all : he made his stroke to fall;

13 So we thy folk, and pasture-sheep, do thou quicken us, and we And lo upon them he did pert

shall give thee thanks always,

upon thy name will call.
a shame perpetual.
And unto generations all

19 Turn us again, Lord God of hosts, 67 Moreover he the tabcrnacle

we will shew forth thy praise. of Joseph did refuse :

and upon us vouchsafe

To make thy countenance to shine,

The mighty tribe of Ephraim
he would in no wise chuse.

and so we shall be safe,

Ear, Ifra’ls shepherd, like a flock 68 But he did chuse Jehudah's tribe

thou that dost Joseph guide ;

to be the rest above,

Shine forth, O thou that doft between
And of mount Sion he made choice,

the cherubims abide.

SIngloud to God, our strength : with joy

to Jacob's God do sing. which he so much did love.

2 In Ephraim's, and Benjamin's, 2 Take up a psalm, the pleasant harp, 69 And he his sanctuary built

and in Manasseh's fight,

timbrel and psalt’ry bring,
like to a palace high,
O come for our salvation,

Like to the earth which he did found

Blow trumpets at new-moon ,what day fir up thy strength and might.

our feast appointed is : to perpetuity.

3 Turn us again, O Lord our God, 4 For charge to Isra'l, and a law 70 Of David that his servant was,

and upon us vouchsafe

of Jacob's God was this.
he also choice did make :

To make thy countenance to shine,
And even from the folds of Incep

s To Joseph this a testimony
and so we shall be safe.

he made, when Egypt land was pleased him to take.


O Lord of hosts, almighty God, 71 From waiting on the cws with young,

He traveli'd through, where speech I heard how long shall kindled be

I did not understand.
he brought him forth to feed

Thy wrath, against the prayer made
Ifrael his inheritance,

6 His shoulder I from burdens took, of thine own folk to thee?

his hands from pots did free.
his people, Jacob's seed.
72 So after the integrity

5 Thou tears of sorrow gives to them, 7 Thou didst in trouble on me call,
in stead of bread, to eat :

and I deliver'd thee

of his heart he them fed :

Yea, tears in stead of drink thou giv'it
And by the good skill of his hands,

In secret place of thundering
to them in mcalare great.

I did thee answer make :
them wisely governed.
6 Thou makelt us a Itrife unto

And at the fireams of Meribah,
our neighbours round about ;

of thee a proof did take.
God, the heathen entred have
Our enemies among themselves

8 O thou my people, give an ear,
thine heritage ; by them
at us do laugh and fiout.

I'll testify to thee;
Defiled is thine house : on heaps 7 Turn us again, O God of hosts, To thee, O lira'l, if thou wilt
they laid Jerusalem.
and upon us vouchsafe

but hearken unto me.
2 Thc bodies of thy servants they To make thy countenance to shine,


In midst of thee there fhall not be
have cast forth to be meat
and so we shall be late.

any strange god at all,
To rav’nous fowls; thy dear saints flesh 8 A vine from Egypt brought thou hast Nor unto any god unknown
they gave to beats to eat.
by thine outstretched hand :

thou bowing down sialtfall.
3 Their blood about Jerulalem

And thou the heathen out didst cast, 10 I am the Lord thy God, which did like water they have shed : to plant it in their land.

from Egypt land thee guide: And there was none to bury them, 9 Before it thou a room didst make,

I'll fill thy mouth abundantly,
when they were flain and dead.
where it might grow and stand :

do thou it open wide.
4 Unto our neighbours a reproach Thou causedst it deep root to take,


11 But yet my people to my
most bale, become are we;

and it did fill the land. (fhade, would not attentive be;
scorn and laughing-ftock to them

10 The moutains vail'd were with its
that round about us be.

And ev’n my chosen Israel as with a covering :



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