Sidor som bilder

Psalm lxxxii, lxxxiii, lxxxiv, lxxxv, lxxxvi.


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he would have none of me.
12 So to the luft of their own hearts

I them delivered,
And then in counsels of their own

they vainly wandered.
13 O that my people had me heard,

Isra'l my ways had chose : 14

I had their en’mies soon fubdu'd,

my hand turn'd on their foes. 15 The haters of the Lord to him

submission would have feign'd ; But as for them, their time should have

for evermore remain'd. 16 He should have also fed them with

the finest of the wheat :
Of hony from the rock thy fill
I should have made thee eat.

N gods assembly God doth stand :

he judgeth gods among.
2 How long, accepting perlons vile,

will ye give judgment wrong? 3 Defend the poor and fatherlels,

to poor opprest do right.
The poor and needy ones set free,

rid them from ill mens might. 5 They know not, nor will understand;

in darkness they walk on : All the foundations of the earth

out of their course are gone. 6 I said, that you are gods, and are

sons of the Highest all : 7 But ye

fhall die like men, and as one of the princes fall. 8 O God, do thou raise up thy felf,

the earth to judgment call : For thou, as thine inheritance, thalt take the nations all.

Eep not,

O God, we thee intreat,

Okeep not filence now :
Do thou not hold thy peace, O God,

and still no more be thou.
2 For lo, thine enemies a noise

tumultuously have made : And they that haters are of thee,

have lifted up the head. 3 Against thy cholen people they

do crafty counsel take: And they against thy hidden ones

do consultations make. 4 Come, let us cut them off, said they,

from being a nation, That of the name of Isra'l may

no more be mention. 5 For with joynt heart they plot,in league

against thee they combine. 6 The tents of Edom, Ishma’lites,

Moab's and Hagar's line. 7 Gebal, and Ammon, Amalek,

Philistines, those of Tyre, 8 And Affur joyn’d with them, to help

Lot's children they conspire. 9 Do to them as to Midian,

Jabin at Kilon strand; 10 And Sisera which at Endor fell,

as dung to fa: the land. 11 Like Oreb and like Zeeb make

their noble men to fall; Like Zeba and Zalmunna-like,

make thou their princes all. 12 Who said, For our possession

54 As fire consumes the wood, as flame doth mountains let on fire

; 15 Chase and aftright them with the and tempest of thine ire.

( storm 16 Their faces fill with shame, O Lord,

that they may scek thy name. 17 Let them confounded be, and vext,

and perish in their fhame. 18 That men may know that thou to alone doth appertain

( whom The name JEHOVAH, doft most high o'er all the earth remain.

Ow lovely is thy dwelling-place;

O Lord of hosts, to me!
The tabernacles of thy grace

how pleasant, Lord, they be! 2 My chirsty soul longs veh’mently,

yea, faints thy courts to fee : My very heart and fiesh cry out,

O living God, for thee. 3 Behold, the sparrow findeth out

an house wherein to relt, The swallow also for her felf

hath purchafed a nest : Ey’n thine own altars, where she life

her young ones forch may bring, Othou Almighty, Lord of hosts,

who art my God and King. 4 Blest are thcy in thy house that dwell,

they ever give thee praise. 5 Bleit is the man whole strength thou

in whole heart are thy ways. (art, 6 Who passing through's vale;

therein do dig up wells; Also the rain that falleth down,

the pools with water fils. 7 So they from strength unwearied go

still forward unto strength, Until in Zion they appear

before the Lord at length. 8 Lord God of hosts, my prayer hear,

O Jacob's God, give ear. 9 See, God our shield, look on the face

of thine anointed dear, 10 For in thy courts one day excels

a thousand ; rather in My God's house will I keep a door,

than dwell in tents of fin. u For God the Lord's a fun and shield,

he'll grace and glory give ; And will withhold no good from them

that uprightly do live. 12 O thou that are the Lord of hofts,

that man is truly blest, Who by allured confidence on thee alone doth rest.

Lord, thou haft been favourable

let us God's houses take. 13 My God, them like a wheel, as chaff

before the wind them make.

to thy beloved land :
Jacob's captivity thou hast •

recall'd with mighty hand.
2 Thou pardoned thy people hast

all their iniquities,
Thou all their trespasses and fins

halt cover'd from thine eyes.
Thou tookstoffallthive ire,and turn'dst

from thy wrath's furiousness.
Turn us, God of our health, and cause

thy wrath 'gainst us to cease.
s Shall thy displealure thus enduro

► against us without end?
Wilt thou to generations all

thine anser forth extend? 6 That in ce may thy people joy,

wilt thou not us revive ? 7 Shew us thy mercy, Lord, to us

do thy salvation give. 8 I'll hear what God the Lord will speak:

to his folk he'll speak peace, And to his saints ; but let them not

return to foolishness. 9 To them that fear him surely near

is bis falvation ; That glory in our land may have

her habitation. 10 Truth met with mercy : righteousness

and peace kiss'd mutually. (ousness 11 Truth springs from earth, and righte

looks down from heaven high. 12 Yea, what is good the Lord shall give,

our land shall yield increase. 13 Justice, to let us in his steps, shall go before his face.

Lord,do thou bow down thine ear;

and hear me graciously, Because I fore afflicted am,

and am in poverty. 2 Because I'm holy, let my soul

by thee preserved be ; Othou my God, thy fervant save

that puts his trust in thee. 3 Sith unto thee I daily cry,

be nerciful to me. 4 Rejoyce ihy servant's soul: for, Lord,

I litt my soul to thee. 5 For thou art gracious, O Lord,

and ready to forgive, And rich in mercy, all that call

upon thee to relieve. 6 Hear, Lord,my pray'r: unto the voice

of my request attend. 7 In troublous times I'll call on thee,

for thou wilt answer send. 8 Lord, there is none among the gods

that may with thee compare, And like the works which thou hast done

not any work is there. 9 All nations whom thou mad'st shall

and worship rev'rently (come Before thy face ; and they, O Lord,

thy name shall glorify. 10 Because thou art exceeding great,

and works by thee are done, Which are to be admir'd; and thou

art God thy self alone. 1 Teach me thy way, and in thy truth,

O Lord, then walk will I ; Unite my lieart, that I thy name

may fear continually, 12 O Lord my God, with all my heart

to thee I will give praile: And I the glory will ascribe

unto thy name always: 13 Because thy mercy toward me

in greatness doch excel ; And thou deliver'd haft my soul

out from the lowest hell. 14 O God, the proud against me rise,

and vi'lent men have met, That for my soul have fought; and thee

before them have not fer. 15 But thou art full of pity, Lord,

a God most gracious, Long-suffering, and in thy truth

and mercy plenteous. 16 O turn to me thy countenance,

and mercy on me have : Thy servant Arengthen, and the son


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Psalm lxxxvii, lxxxviii, lxxxix.




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The holy One of Israel

is our almighty King.
19 In vision to thy holy One

thou saidít, I help upon
A strong one laid, out of the folk

I rais's a chosen one.
20 Ev'n David, I have tound him out

a servant unto me,
And, with my holy oyl, my king

anointed him to be.
21 With whom my hand shall stablisht be.

mine arm thall make him strong. 22 On him the foe shall not exact,

nor son of mischiet wrong. 23

I will beat down before his face

all his malicious focs :
I will them greatly plague who do

with hatred him oppose.
24 My mercy and my faithfulness

with him yet still shall be :
And in my name his horn and pow'r

men shall exaited fee.
25 His hand and pow'r shall reach afar,

I'll let it in the sea,
And his right hand established

shall in the rivers be.
26 Thou art my father, he shall cry,

thou art my God alone :
And he shall iay, Thou art the rock

of my salvation.
27 1'll make him my first-born, more high

thao kings of any land.
28 My love I'll ever keep for him,

my cov'nant fait shall Itand.
29 His feed I by my pow'r will make

for ever to endure:
And, as the days of heav'n, his throne

shall ftable be apd sure.
30 But if his children shall forsake

my laws, and go astray,
And in my judgments shall not walk,

but wander from my way: 31 If they my laws break, and do not

keep my commandements; 32 I'll visit then their faults with rods,

their fins with chastilements. 33 Yet I'll not take my love from him,

nor falle my promise make. ·34 My cov’oant I'll not break, nor change

what with my mouth I (pake. 35 Once by my holiness I sware,

to David I'll not lie.
36 His feed and throne shall as the sun

before me last for ay.
37 It like the moon thall cver be

establish'd stedfastly
And like to that which in the heav'n

doth witness faithfully. 38 But thou displeased hast cast off,

thou didst abhor and lothe; With him that thine anointed is

thou hast been very wroth. 39 Thou hast thy servant's covenant

made void, and quite cast by; Thou haft protan'd his crown, while it

cast on the ground doth lie. 40 Thou all his hedges haft broke down,

his strong holds down hast torn. 41 He to all paffers by a spoil,

to neighbours is a scorn. 42 Thou hast fet up his foes right hand,

mad'It all his en’mies glad; 43 Turn'd his sword's edge, and him to

in bactle haft not made. 44 His glory thou hast made to cease,


of thine own handmaid lave.

18 My friends thou hast put far from me,

and those that did me love; 17 Shew me a fign for good, that they

And those that mine acquaintance were,
which do me ha te, may see,

to darkness didft remove.
And be asham’d: because thou, Lord,
didit help and comfort me.


Od's mercies I will ever sing,
Pon the hills of holiness

and with my mouth I shall
he his foundation sets.

Tny faithfulness make to be known 2 God, more than Jacob's dwellings all,

to generations all. delights in Zion's gates.

2 For mercy shall be built, said I,

for ever to endure:
3 Things glorious are said of thee,
thou city of the Lord.

Thy faithfulness, ev’n in the heav'ns,

thou wilt establish sure,
Rahab and Babel I to those
that know me, will record :

3 I with my chosen one have made
Behold, ev'n Tyrus, and withit

a cov’nant graciously,
the land of Palestine,

And to my servant whom I lov’d,
And likewise Ethiopia ;

to David sworn have I :
this man was born therein.

4 That I thy seed establish shall
5 And it of Sion shall be said,

for ever to remain ;
This man, and that man there And will to generations all
Was born; and he that is most High, thy throne build and maintain.
himself fall [tablish her.

s The praises of thy wonders, Lord,
6 When God the people writes, he'll the heavens shall express;

that this man born was there. (count And in the congregation
7 There be that sing, and play ; and all of faints, thy faithfulness.
my well-springs in thee are.

6 For who in heaven with the Lord

may once himself compare?

Who is like God among the lons
Ord God,my saviour,day and night

of those that mighty are ?
before thee cry'd have I.
2 Before thee let my prayer come, 7 Great fear in meeting of the saints
give ear unto my cry.

is due unto the Lord :
3 For troubles great do fill my soul : And he of all about him should
my life draws nigh to grave.

with rey'rence be ador'd.
4 I'm counted with those that go down 8 O thou that art the Lord of hosts,
to pit, and no strength have.

what Lord in mightiness
5 Ev’n free among the dead, like them

Is like to thee, who compaft round that fain in grave do ly ;

art with thy faithfulness?
Cut off from thy hand, whom no more 9 Ev'n in the raging of the sea,
thou hast in memory.

thou over it doft reign;
6 Thou hast me laid in lowest pit, And when the waves thereof do swell,
in deeps and darksom caves.

thou stilleft them again.
7 Thy wrath lies hard on me, thou hast

10 Rahab in pieces thou didst break, me prest with all thy waves.

like one that flaughter'd is ; 8 Thou hast put far from me my friends,

And with thy mighty arm thou hast 'thou mad'lt them to abhor me ;

disperst thine enemies. And I am so shut up, that I

u The heav'ns are thine, thou for thine find no evalion for me.

the earth doft also take:

(own 9 By reason of affliction

The world and fulness of the same mine eye mourns do!etally:

thy power did found and make. To thee, Lord, do I call, and stretch

12 The north and south from thee alone
my hands continually.

their first beginning had :
10 Wilt thou thew wonders to the dead? Both Tabor-mount and Hermon-hill
shall they rise and thee bliss ?

shall in thy name be glad.
11 Shall in the grave thy love be told ?

13 Thou hast an arm that's full of pow'r, in death thy faithfulncis?

thy hand is great in might: 12 Shall thy great wonders in the dark,

And thy right hand exceedingly or shall thy righteousness

exalted is in height. Be known to any in the land

14 Justice and judgment of thy throne of deep forgetfulness?

are made the dwelling-place :
13 But, Lord, to thee I cry’d, my pray’r | Mercy accompany'd with truth
at morn prevent Inall thec.

before thy face.
14 Why,Lord,dost thou cast off my soul ?
and hid'st thy face from me

15 O greatly bleft the people are,
15 Dillrest I am, and from my youth

the joyful sound that know :
I ready am to die ;

In brightness of thy face, O Lord,
Thy terrors I have born, and am

they ever on shall go.
distracted fearfully.

16 They in thy name shall all the day

rejoyce exceedingly,
16 The dreadful fierceness of thy wrath And in ihy righteouinets shall they
quite over me doth go :

exalted be on high.
Thy terrors great have cat me oft,
they did pursue me so.

17 Because the glory of their strength
17 For round about me ev'ry day,

doth only stand in thee :
like water they did roul:

And in thy favour shall our horn
And, gathering together, they

and pow'r exalted be.
have compared my soul.

18 For God is our defence, and he

to us doth lafety bring :

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Psalm xc, xci, xcii, xciii.


I will him let on high.

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his throne to ground down caft. And so to count 'our days, that we · 45 Shortned his days of youth, and him

Becaufe our bearts may still apply

caule my great name he hath known with shame thou cover'd halt.

To learn thy wisdom and thy truth, 15 He'll call on me, l’li answer him : 40 How long, Lord, wilt thou hide thy self that we may live thereby. i ;

I will be with him still, for ever in thine ire ?

T And shall thine indignation 13 Turn yer again to lis, O Lord,

In trouble to deliver him,
bura like unto a fire ?
how long thus shall it be?

and honour him I will.

a 2 Let it repent thee now, for those 16 With length of days unto his mind 47 Remember, Lord, how shott a time that servants are to thee.

I will him satisfie

3. 1 shall on earth remain ; 14 O with thy tender mercies, Lord,

I also my salvation . O wherefore is it so, that thou

us early satisfie 3.'

will cause his eyes to see.

-;55: hast made all men in vain ?

So we rejoyce thall all our days; 48 What man is he that liveth here, and still be glad. in thee. In

PSA L. XCII. and death shall never see?

10 render thanks unto the Lord Or from the power of the grave, 15 According as the days have been

it is, a comely thing,
wherein we grief have had, 1
what man his soul shallfree?

And to thy name, O thou most High, And years wherein we ill have seen, 49 Thy former loving kindnesses,

so do thou make us gladi

due praise aloud to Ging. O Lord, where be they now? 16 O let thy work and pow'r appear

2 Thy loving kindnels to thew forth, Those which in truth and faithfulness

when shines the morning light ;
thy servants face before;
to David sworn haft thou.

And to deciare thy faithfulness
And new unto their children dear
So Mind,Lord, thy servant's fad reproach,

with pleasure ev'ry night of
thy glory evermore,
how 1 in bolom bear

3 On a ten-fringed instrument,
The scornings of the people all,
17 And let the beauty of the Lord


upon the psaltery,
our God be us upon :
who 'strong and mighty are.

And on the harp, with solemn round, Our handy-works establish thou; 51 Wherewith thy raging enemies

and grave sweet melody,
establish them each one.
reproach'd, O Lord, think on :

4 For thou, Lord, by thy mighty work P.SA L. X Cİ.

haft made my heart right glad's : Wherewith they have reproach'd the steps

And I will triumph in the works of thine anointed one.

E that doth in the secret place which by thine hands were made. .' 52 All blefling to the Lord our God

of the most High reside,
let be ascribed then;
Under the shade of him that is


How great, Lord, are thy works ? each For evermore so let it be.

th' Almighty, shall abide.

of thine a deep it is. (thought Amen, yea, and amen. 2 l of the Lordmy God will say,

6 A brurish man it knoweth not,

fools understand not this. He is my refuge ftill,

i PSA L. XC. He is my fortrels, and my God,

7 When those that lewd and wicked are, Ord, thou hast been dwelling and in him trust I will.

spring quickly up like grals. T2 in generations all. place

And workers of iniquity 2 Before thou ever hadīt brought forth 3 Affuredly, he fall thee fave,

do flourish all apace: the mountains great or small :

and give deliverance

It is that they for ever may
From lubtil fowler's snare, and from
Ere ever thou hadft form’d the earth

the noilom pestilence.

deftroyed be and Nain. and all the world abroad, 1

8 But thou, O Lord, art the most High, Ev’n thou from everlasting art

His feathers Thall thee hide, thy trust
under his wings shall be :

for ever to remain.
co everlasting God.
His faithfulness fall be a shield

9 For lo, thine enemies, O Lord," 3 Thou dost unto deftru&ion

and buckler unto thee.

thine en’mies perifh 'fall : man that is mortal turn:

The workers of iniquity And unto them thou sayît again, 5 Thou fhalt not need to be afraid

shall be dispersed all. Ye fons of men rerurn.

for terrors of the night,

10 But thou fbalt like unto the horn 4 Because a thousand years appear Nor for the arrow that doch fly

of th' unicorn, exalt
by day while it is light :
no more before thy light,

My horn on high : thou with fresh oyl 6 Nor for the peftilence that walks Than yesterday when it is past,

in darkness fecretly :

anoint me also shalt: or chan a watch by night.

Nor for deftruction that doth waste in Mine eye shall also my desire 5. As with an overflowing flood

at noon-day openly.

see on mine enemies thoư carriest them away:

Mine ears shall of the wicked hears, They like a sleep are, like the grass) 7 A thoufand at thy side shall fall,

that do against me rise. that grows at mora are they.

on thy right hand shall ly

12 But like the palm-tree flourishing 6 At morn it flourishes and grows,

Ten thouland dead, yet unto thee
it shall not once come nigh.

shall be the righteous onc :
cut down at ev'n doth fade.

8 Only thou with thine eyes thalt look, He shall like to the cedar
7 For by thine anger we consume,

that is in Lebanon
and a beholder be!
thy wrath makes us afraid.

And thou therein the just reward 13 Those that within the house of God 8 Our sins thou and iniquities

of wicked men fhalt fee.

are planted by his grace, doft in thy presence place,

They fall grow up and flourish all 9 Because the Lord, who constantly

in our God's holy place. And setst our secret faults before

my refuge is alone, the brightness of thy face.

14 And in old age, when others fade, Ev’n the molt High is made by thee 9 For in chine anger all our day's

PDD (come,

they fruit fill forth shall bring :

thy habitation. do pass on to an end ;

They shall be fat, and full of sap, 10 No plague Thail near thy dwelling And as a tale that hath been told,

and ay be flourithing. no ill shall thee befal. so we our years do spend. 11 For thee to keep in all thy ways 15 To Thew chat upright is the Lord :

he is a rock to me, 10 Threescore and ten years do sum up

his angels charge he shall.

And he from all uprighteousness
our days and years, we lee :
12 They in their hands shall bear thce up,

is altogether free. Or, if by reason of more strength

still waiting thee upon ;
in some fourscore they be ;

Left thou at any time should dath
Yet doth the strength of such old men

He Lord doth reign, and cloth’d is
thy foot against a stone.
but grief and labour prove :

with majesty most bright : (he - 3 Upon the adder thou shalt tread, For it is coon cut off, and we

and on the lion strong :

His works do fhcw him cloch'd to be Aly hence, and soon remove.

and girt about wich might : 11 Who knows the power of thy wrath Thy foot on dragons trample shall,

and on the lions young.

The world is allo itabiished, according to thy fear,

that it cannot depart

Because on me he ser his love,

* Thy 12 So is thy wrath. Lord, teach thou us

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I'll save and set him free : our end in mind to bear,

6, his


Psalm xciv, xcv, xcvi, xcvii, xcviii.

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7 Do you ascribe unto the Lord 19 Amidst the multitude of thoughts Thy throne is fixt of old, and thou

of people ev'ry tribe, which in my heart do fight, from everlasting art. My soul, left it be overcharg'd,

Glory do you unto the Lord 3 The foods, O Lord, have lifted up,

thy comforts do delight.

and mighty pow'r afcribe. they lifted up their voice :

8 Give ye the glory to the Lord, 20 Shall of iniquity the throne The floods have lifted up their waves,

that to his name is due ; have fellowship with chee, and made a mighty noise.

Which mischief cunningly contriy'd But yet'the Lord that is on high,

Come ye into his courts, and bring 4

an offering with you. doth by a law decree. ? is more of might by far Than noise of many waters is, 21 Again the righteous souls they joya, 9 In beauty of his holinols,

O do che Lord adore : or great sea-billows ate.

they guiltless blood condemn. 22 But of my refuge God's the rock,

Likewise let all the earth throughout s Thy testimonies ev'ry one

and my defence from them.

tremble his face before. in faithfulness excel: ; And holiness for ever, Lord,

23 On them their own iniquity 10 Among the heathen say, God reigns; thine house becometh well.! -- 0): - the Lord fall bring and lay,

the world thall stedfaitly
And cut them oft in their own fin, Be fist from moving, he shall judge
our Lord God shall them flay.

the people righccoufly. Lord God, unto whom alone

11 Let heav'ns be glad before the Lord,

'P'S A L. XCV. all vengeance doth belong ::

and let the earth rejoyce : O mighty God, who vengeance own'st, Come, let us fing to the Lord,

Let seas, and all that is therein, line forth, avenging wrong.

come let us ev'ry one

cry out and make a noile : 2 Lift up thy self, thou of the carth

A joyful noise make to the rock 12 Let fields rejoyce, and ev'ry thing the lov’reign Judge that art, of our salvation.

that springeth of the earth: And unto those that are so proud, 2 Let us before his presence come Then woods, and ev'ry tree fallsing a due reward impart. with praise and thankful voice :

with gladness and with mirth 3 How long, O mighty God, fhall they Let us sing plalms to him with grace,

13 Before the Lord ; because he comes, who lewd and wicked be, and make a joyful noite.

to judge the earth comes he : How long thail they who wicked are, 3 For God a great God, and great King He'll judge the world with righteousness

, , thus triumph haughtily ? above all gods he is.

the people faithfully. 4 How long shall things most hard by 1:4 Depths of the earth are in his hand,

PSA L. XCVII. be uttered and told,


the strength of bills is his. And all that work iniquity s To him the spacious (ca belongs,

Od reigneth, let the earth be glad, to boalt themselves be bold? for he the iame did make ::

and ifles rejoyee each one,

2 Dark clouds him compass, and in right s Thy folk they break in pieces, Lord,

The dry land also from his hands
its form at first did take.

with judgment dwells his throne, thine heritage opprefs.

3 Fire goes before him, and his focs 6 The widow they and stranger flay, 6 O come, and let us worship him,

it burns up round about, and kill the fatherless.

let us bow down withal,


His lightnings lighten did the world, 7 Yet say they, God it shall not see, And on our knces before the Lord

earth law, and shook throughout, nor God of Jacob know,

our maker, let us fall, 8 Ye brutish people, understand ; 7 For he's our God, the people we

s Hills, at the presence of the Lord, fools, when wise will ye grow? of his own pasture are,

like wax did melt away :

Ev'n at the presence of the Lord
And of his hand the sheep: to day
The Lord did plant the ear'ot man,

of all the carth, I say.
if ye his voice will hear,
and bear then fhall not he ?

6 The heav'ns declare his righteousness, He only form'd the eye, and then 8 Then harden not your hearts, 28 in all men his glory sec. shall be not clearly see?

the provocation,

7 All who serve graven images, 10 He that the nations doch correct, As in the desert, on the day

confounded let them be: shall he not chastise you?"

of the tentation, He knowledge unto man doth teach,

9. When me your fathers tempt'd and Who do of idols boaft themselves, and shall himself not know? and did my working see. (prov'd

let shame upon them fall;

Ye that are called gods, see that 10 Ev'n for the space of forty years i Man's thoughts to be but vanity the Lord doch well discern. this race hath grieved me.

ye do him worlhip all. 12 Bleft is the man thou chaftnest,Lord, I said, This people errs in heart,

8 Sion did hear, and joyful was, and mak’it thy law to learn.

glad Judan's daughcers were :

my ways they do not know. 13 That thou mayst give him rest from

They much rejoyc'd, O Lord, because II To whom I sware in wrath, chat to of sad adversity, ( days

thy judgments did

appear. my reft they should not go. Until the pit be digg’d for those

9 For thou, O Lord, art high above that work iniquity,


all things on earth that are ; 14 For sure the Lord will not cast off

Sing a new song to the Lord,

Above all other gods thou art chose that his people be,

sing all the earth to God:

exalted very tar. Neither his own inheritance

2 To God ling, bless his name, lacw fill 10 Hace ill, all ye that love the Lord, quire and forsake will he. his faving health abroad.

his laints souls keepeth he,

And from the hands of wicked men 15 But judgment unto righteousness 3 Among the heathen nations shall yet return again : his glory do declare :

he sets them fate and free. And all fall follow aftcrit And unto all the people fhow

11 For all those that be righteous that are right-hearted men. his works that wondrous are:

lown is a joyfut light, 16 Who will arise for me against,

4 For great's the Lord, and greatly he |And gladness fown is for all those thuse that do wickedly? is to be magnify'd ;

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that are in heart upright. Who will stand up for me, 'gainst those Yea, worthy to be fear'd is he

12 Ye righteous, in the Lord rejoyce: that work iniquity above all gods beside.

express your thankfulness, 17. Unless the Lord had been my help, s For all the gods are idols dumb,

When ye into your memory when I was sore oppreft, which blinded nations fear

do call his holiness.

; Almost my soul had in the house But our God is the Lord, by whom

PSAL. XCVIII. of Silence been at rest,

the heav'ns created were. 18 When I had uttered chis word, 6 Gréat honour is before his face,

Sing a new song to the Lord, My foot doth flip away:

for wonders

he hath done : and majesty divine : Thy mercy held me up, O Lord, Strength is within his holy place,

His right hand and his holy arm: thy goodness did me stay, and there doth beauty Thine.

him victory hath won.

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2 The Lord God his salvation

Another of the fame. hath caused to be known : His justice in the heathen's fight

All ye lands, unto the Lord

make he openly hath shown.

ye a joyful noise.

2 Serve God with gladness, him before 3 He mindful of his grace and truth come with a singing voice. to Isra'l's house hath been:

3 Know ye the Lord, that he is God, And the salvation of our God

not we, but he us made : all ends of th' earth have seen. We are his people, and the sheep 4 Let all the earth unto the Lord

within his pasture ted. send forth a joyful noise : Lift up your voice aloud, to him

4 Enter his gates and courts with praise,

to thank him go ye thither : fing praises, and rejoyce.

To him express your thankfulness, 5 With harp, with harp, and voice of and bless his name together,

unto Jehovah fing. (psalms 5 Because the Lord our God is good, 6 With trumpets, cornets, gladly sound his mercy faileth never : before the Lord the King.

And to all generations 7 Let leas and all their fulness rore, his truth endureth ever. the world and dwellers there.

PSA L. CI.. 8 Let floods clap hands,and let the hills

together joy declare Before the Lord, because he comes ;

Lord, I will sing to thee. 9

2. With wisdom in a perfect way to judge the earth comes he :: He'll judge the world with righteousness, when in kindness unto me

shall my behaviour be ; his folk with equity.

wilt thou be pleas'd to come ? PS A L. XCIX.

3 I with a perfect heart will walk

within my house at home, . Heternal Lord doth reign as King, I will endure no wicked thing

let all the people quake: He firs between the cherubims,

betore mine eyes to be : let th' earth be mov'd and Thake.

I hate their work that turn aside,

it shall not cleave to me. 2 The Lord in Sion great and high above all people is.

4 A stubboro and a froward heart 3 Thy great and dreadful name ( for it

depart quite from me shalls

A is holy) let them bless.

perlon given to wickedness

I will not know at ail. 4 The king's strength also judgment thou settlest equity,

5 I'll cut him off that flandereth

(loves; his neighbour privily ; Just judgment thou dost execute in Jacob righteously.

The haughty heart I will not bear, s The Lord our God exalt on high,

nor him that looketh high. and rev'rently do ya

6 Upon the faithful of the land Before his footstool worship him:

mine eyes shall be, that they the holy One is he.

May dwell with me: he shall 'me lerve

that walks in perfect way. 6 Moses and Aaron ’mongst his priests, 7 Who of deceit a worker is, Samuel with them that call

in my house fhall not dwell: Upon his name : these cali'd on God,

And in my presence shall he not and he them answer'd all.

remain, that lies doth tell. 7 Within the pillar of the cloud

8 Yea, all the-wicked of the land he unto them did speak :

early destroy will I : The testimonies he them taught,

All from God's city to cut off, and laws they did not break.

that work iniquity. 8 Thou answer'dst them, O Lord onr

PSA L. CII. thou wast a God that gave ( God, Pardon to them, though on their deeds

Lord, unto my pray'r give ear ; thou wouldest vengeance have.

my cry let come to thce: 9 Do

exalt the Lord our God,

2 And in the day of my distress
and at his holy hill

hide not thy face from me : Do ye him worship; for the Lord Give ear to me: what time I call, our God is holy still.

to answer me make hafte.

For as an hearth my bones are burnt,
PS A L. C.

my days like (moke do waste.
Ll people that on earth do dwell, 4 My heart within me smitten is,

Sing to the Lord with cheerful voice, and it is withered 2 Him ferve with mirth ; his praise forth Like very grals : so that I do Come ye before him and rejoyce. ("t<11, forget to eat my bread. 3 Know that the Lord is God indeed, s By rcalon of my groning voice Without our aid he did us make :

9. For why, I afhes eaten have

like bread in sorrow deep : My drink I also mingled have

with tears that I did weep: 1o Thy wrath and indignation

did cause this grief and pain For thou haft lifted me on high;

and caft me down again. 1 My days are like unto a shade

which doth declining pals;
And I am dry'd and withered,

ev'n like unto the grass,
12 But thou, Lord, everlasting art;

and thy remembrance shall
Continually endure, and be

to generations alli
13 Thou shalt arise, and mercy have

upon thy Zion yet :
The time to favour her is come,

the time that thou hast let.

For in her rubbish and her stones

thy servants plealure take : Yea, they the very duit thereot

do favour for her fake. 15 So shall the heathen people fear

the Lord's most holy name : And all the kings on earth shall dread

thy glory and thy fame. 10 When Zion by the mighty Lord

built up again shall be,
In glory then and majesty

to men appear shall he:
17. The prayer of the destitute

he lurely will regard,
Their prayer will he not despise,

by him it Ihall be heard.
18 For generations yet to como

this shall be on record;
So fhall the people that shall be

created, praise the Lord.
19 He from his fan&uary's height

hath downward cast his eye,
And from his glorious throne in heav'n

the Lord the earth did spy : 20 That of the mournful priloner

the gronings he might hear,
To let them free that unto death

by men appointed are.
21 That they in Sion may declare

the Lord's most holy name,
And publish in Jerusalem

the praises of the same :
22 When as the people gather shall

their troops with one accord,
When kingdoms shall allembled be

to serve the highest Lord.
23 My wonted strength and force he hath

abated in the way,
And he my days hath shortened!

24 Thus therefore did I say,
My God, in mid-time of my days

take chou me not away : From age to age eternally

my bones cleave to my skin. We are his flock, he doth vs feed, 6 Like pelican in wildernels, And for his feep he doth us take.

forlaken I have been : 4

O'enter then his gates with praise, I like an owl in desert am, Approach with joy his courts unto:

that nightly there doth mone. Praise, laud, and bless his name always, 7 I watch, and like a sparrow am For' it is leemly so to do.

on the house-cop alone. s For why, the Lord our God is good, 8 My bitter en’mies all the day His mercy is for ever sure :

reproaches cast on me : His truth at all times firmly stood, And being mad at me, with rage And Ihall from age to age endure:

against me (worn they bc.

thy years endure and stay. 25 The firm foundation of the earth of old cime thou hast laid

; The heavens also are the work

which thine own hands have made 26 Thou shalt for evermore endure,

but they shall perish all ; Yea, ev'ry one of them wax old,

like to a garment, shall: Thou as a vesture shalt them change,

and they shall changed be. 27 But thou the same art, and thy years! are to eternity.

28 The

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