Sidor som bilder

Davids last words.

II. Samuel.

His worthies.

among the biri,

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Or, yo bebe

monite head of
the three.
*See i Chr. II.
11. & 27.2.

ei Chr. 11.12.

& 27. 4.1

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r, Chr, 11.27.


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Sam. 22. 1.

Before 6 9 But the fons of Belial shall be all of Jehoiada, and had the name among three Before

them as thorns thrust away, because they mighty men.
cannot be taken with hands.

23 He was † more honourable than the

Chrift 1018,

7 But the man that shall touch them, must thirty, but he attained not to the first three: 1018. + Heb. fillede be + fenced with iron, and the staffof a spear, and David set him over his * † guard.

Or, bonourable and they shall be utterly burnt with fire in 24 m Asahel the brother of Joab was one o, council, the same place.

of the thirty; Elhanan the son of Dodo of command 8 These be the names of the mighty Beth-lehem,

men whom David had : | The Tachmonite 25 Shammah the Harodite, Elika the bafiber the Tache that sat in the seat, chief among the captains, Harodite,

( the same was Adino the Eznite) * he lift 26 Helez the " Paltite, Ira the son of Ik-- Ch. 1.5%.

up his spear against eight hundred, † whom kesh the Tekoite,
+ Heb. pain.
he flew at one time.

27 Abiezer the Anethothite, Mebunnai
9 And after him was e Eleazar the son of the Hushathite,
Dódo the Ahohite, one of the three mighty 28 Zalmon the Ahohite, Maharai the
men with David, when they defied the Phili- Netophathite,
stines that were there gathered together to 29 Heleb the son of Baanah, a Netopha-
battle, and the men of Israel were gone away. thite, Itrai the son of Ribai out of Gibeah of

10 He arose, and smote the Philistines un- the children of Benjamin,
til his hand was weary, and his hand clave 30 Benaiah the Pirathonite, Hiddai of the
unto the sword : and the LORD wrought I brooks of Gaash,
a great victory that day; and the people re- 31 Abi-albon the Arbathite, Azmaveth
turned after him only to spoil.

the Barhumite,
II And after him was f'Shammah the son 32 Eliahba the Shaalbonite; of the sons

of Agee the Hararite : and the Philistines of Jafhen, Jonathan,
105, for forage were gathered together into a troop, where 33 Shammah the Hararite, Ahiam the son

was a piece of ground full of lentiles : and of Sharar the Hararite,
the people fled from the Philistines.

34 Eliphelet the son of Ahasbai, the son
12 But he stood in the midst of the ground of the Maachathite, Eliam the son of Ahi-
and defended it, and flew the Philistines : thophel the Gilonite,
and the Lord wrought a great victory. 35 Hezrai the Carmelite, Paarai the Arbite,

13 And : * three of the thirty chief went 36 Igal the son of Nathan of Zobah, Bani
* Or, the three
captains over the down and came to David in the harvest- the Gadite,

time, unto b the cave of Adullam : and the 37 Zelek the Ammonite, Naharai the Chap. s.18. troop of the Philistines pitched in the valley Beerothite, armour-bearer to Joab the son of of Rephaim.

14 And David was then in an hold, and 38 • Ira an Ithrite, Gareb an Ithrite,

•Chap. 20.26
the garison of the Philistines was then in 39 Uriah the Hittité : thirty and seven

in all.
15 And David longed, and faid, Oh that

one would give me drink of the water of the 1 David tempted by Satan, forceth Foab to
well of Beth-lehem, which is by the gate ! number the people. 5. The captains in nine

16 And the three mighty men brake months and twenty days, bring the muster of
through the host of the Philistines, and drew thirteen hundred thousand fighting men. 10
water out of the well of Beth-lehem, that was David having three plagues

propounded by
by the gate, and took it, and brought it to Gad, repenteth, and chooseth the three days
David : nevertheless he would not drink pestilence. 15 After the death of threescore
thereof, but poured it out unto the LORD. and ten thousand, David by repentance

17 And he said, Be it far from me, O preventeth the destruction of Jerusalem. 18
Lord, that I should do this : is not this the David by Gads direction purchaseth A-
blood of the men that went in jeopardy of raunahs threshing-floor; where having fas
their lives? therefore he would not drink it. crificed, the plague stayeth.
These things did these three mighty

Nd again the anger of the LORD was 1017. 18 And Abishai the brother of Joab

kindled against Israel, and * he moved * Satans See son of Zeruiah, was chief among three; and he David against them, to say, . Go number Chr. 21. u + Heb. Nain. lift up his spear against three hundred, † and Israel and Judah.

New them, and had the name among three. 2 For the king said to Joab the captain of

19 Was he not most honourable of three? the host, which was with him, t Go now for, Composia therefore he was their captain : howbeit, he through all the tribes of Israel, 5 from Jodg, 20. 11 attained not unto the first three.

Dan even to Beer-Sheba, and number ye the 20. And Benaiah the fori of Jehoiada, the people, that I may know the number of the * Heb.greet of son of a valiant man, of Kabzeel, # who had people. I Exod. 1sins. done many acts,' he slew two * lion-like men 3. And Joab said unto the king, Now the ? Chr. 11.22. of Moab : he went down also and flew a LORD thy God add unto the people ( how

lion in the midst of a pit in time of snow. many soever they be) an hundred-fold, and # Heb. a man of 21 And he flew an Egyptian, † a goodly that the eyes of my lord the king may see it:

man : and the Egyptian had a spear in his but why doth my lord the king delight in
1 Chr. 11. 23, hand; but he went down to him with a staff, this thing ?
marof great and plucked the spear out of the Egyptians 4 Notwithstanding, the kings word pre-

hand, and New him with his own spear. vailed against Joab, and against the captains
22 These things did Benaiah the son of


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* 1 Chr, 27,211 24

Heb. lions of God.

countenance, or, right: called,

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Or, aetber-land wwwly inhabited.

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- 1Sam. 24. 5.

Befoze of the host: and Joab and the captains of the from Dan even to Beer-Shebả, seventy thou- Before Chritt host went out from the presence of the king, ' fand men. to number the people of Israel.

16 i And when the angel stretched out

Chritt 1017.

5. And they passed over Jordan, and his hand upon Jerusalem to destroy it, * the 1017.

pitched in Aroer, on the right side of the LORD repented him of the evil, and said to kGen... Or, valley.

city that lieth in the midst of the river of the angel that destroyed the people, It is e- 1
Gád, and toward Jazer.

nough: stay now thine hand. And the an-
6 Then they came to Gilead, and to the gel of the LORD was by the threshing-place
* land of Tahtim-hodshi; and they came to of ' Araunah the Jebusite.
Dan-jaan, and about to Zidon,

17 And David spake unto the LORD when lí Chr. 21, or
7 And came to the strong hold of Tyre, he saw the angel that smote the people, and nar. Ste vetosti
and to all the cities of the Hivites, and of the said, Lo, I have finned, and I have done
Canaanites: and they went out to the south wickedly: but these sheep, what have they
of Judah, even to Beer-sheba.

done? Let thine hand, I pray thee, be againit
8 So when they had gone through all the me, and against my fathers house.
land, they came to Jerusalem at the end of 18 ( And Gad' came that day to David;
nine months and twenty days.

and said unto him, Go up, rear an altar un-
9 And Joab gave up the sum of the num- to the LORD, in the threshing-floor of
ber of the people unto the king: and there # Araunah the Jebusite:

Heb. Janiek were in Ifrael eight hundred thousand vali- 19 And David, according to the saying ant men that drew the sword; and the men of Gad, went up, as the LORD commanded. of Judah were five hundred thousand men. 20 And Araunah looked, and saw the king

10 And Davids heart smote him after and his servants coming on toward him: and that he had numbred the people: and Da- Araunah went out, and bowed himself before vid said unto the LORD, I have finned the king on his face upon the ground. greatly in that I have done: and now I be- 21 And Araunah fåid, Wherefore is my feech thee, O LORD, take away the iniquity lord the king come to his fervant? And m See Geö, 13: of thy servant ; for I have done very foolilhlý. David said, To buy the threshing-floor of

II For when David was up in the mor- thee to build an altar unto the LORD, that ning, the word of the Lord came unto the the plague may be stayed from the people. prophet * Gad, Davids e feer, saying,

22 And Araunah said unto David, Let my iż Ġo and say unto David, Thus faith the lord the king take and offer up what seemLORD, I offer thee three things; choose eth good unto him: n behold, here be oxen i Kings19.2 thee one of them, that I may do it unto thee. for burnt-facrifice, and threshing-instruments,

13. So Gad came to David, and told him, and other instruments of the oxen for wood. and said unto him, Shall f seven years of fa- 23 All these things did Araunah, as a king, mine come unto thee in thy land? or wilt give unto the king: and Araunah said unto thou flee three months before thine ene- the king, The LORD thy God accept thee. mies, while they pursue thee? or that there 24 And the king said unto Araunah; Nay; be three days peftilence in thy land ? now but I will surely buy it of thee at a price: advise, and see what answer I shall return to neither will I offer burnt-offerings unto the him that fent me.

LORD my God, of that which doth cost me 14 And David said unto Gad, I am in a nothing. So • David bought the threshinggreat strait: let us fall now into the hand of floor and the oxen, for fifty fliekels of silver. •sce Cht; air the LORD, (for his mercies are + great) and


And David built there an altar unto i See Isa. 47.6. 8 let me not fall into the hand of man. the LORD, and offered burnt-offerings, and

15. So h the Lord sent a pestilence upon peace-offerings: so the Lord was intreated Israel

, from the morning even to the time for the land, and the plague was stayed from appointed : and there died of the people Ifrael.

Pero no estad


11Sam. 22.
1 Sam. 9. 9.
Che 29. 12.

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Seer Chr. 21.


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Zech. 1. 15. iChr. 27. 24•

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1 The First Book of the KING S, commonly

called, The Third Book of the KINGS.

C H A P. B.

OW king David was joiś: I Abishag cherisheth David in his extreme

old, and stricken in * Heb. entreda age. 5 Adonijah, Davids darling, ufur

years; and they cove- into days peth the kingdom. I. By the counsel of

red him with clothes, Nathan, 15 Bath-sheba moveth the king,

but he gat no heat. 22 and Nathan secondeth her. 28 Da

Wherefore his fervid reneweth his oath to Bath-leba. 32

vants said unto him, Solomon, by Davids appointment, being

+ Let there be fought Hcb. Let thens anointed king by Zadok and Nathan, the

for my lord the king, people triumph. 41 Jonathan bringing a young virgin, and let her stand before {Heb. a damsel, these news, Adonijahs guests flee: 50 X- the king, and let hér * cherish him, and let donijah fleeing to the horns of the altar; her lie in thy bosom, that my lord the king righer wito ni mwa upon his good behaviour is dismissed by may get heat. Solomon.

3 So



a virgine
* Heb; be a cosa

Adonijahs ufurpation. I. Kings.

gs. David

David reneweth his oath, &c.

Heb. Fanne:

& 2 Sam, 3.4.

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1 Chr. 3.2.
* Heb, his words

f2 Sam. 2 3.8.

* Heb. Let ty Adonjalive.

10r, the well
1 Sam. 15.11.

the king

62 Sam. 3. 4.

25efoze 3 So they sought for a fair damsel through- tell them who shall fit on the throne of my Before Chrilt out all the coasts of Israel, and found Abi

lord the king after him.

b:ift shag a Shunammite, and brought her to the 21 Otherwise it shall come to pass, when 1015. king.

my lord the king shall fleep with his fathers, 1015. 4 And the damsel was very fair, and che- that I and my son Solomon shall be counted rished the king, and ministred to him : but I offenders. the king knew her not.

22 [ And lo, while she yet talked with 5. Then Adonijah the son of Haggith the king, Nathan the prophet also came in.

exalted himself, saying, I will † be king: 23 And they told the king, saying, Behold, bz sam. is... and b he prepared him chariots and horie- Nathan the prophet. And when he was come

men, and fifty men to run before him. in before the king, he bowed himself before

6 And his father had not displeased him the king with his face to the ground. # Hebo from his † at any time, in saying, Why haft thou done 24 And Nathan faid, My lord O king, hast

lo ? and he also was a very goodly man ; thou said, Adonijah shall reign after me, and • 2 Sam. 3. 3, 4. and · his mother bare him after

Abfalom. he shall fit upon my throne ? 7 And * he conferred with Joab the son of 25 For he is gone down this day, and were with foabo Zeruiah, and with Abiathar the priest : and hath slain oxen, and fat cattle, and sheep in Chap. 2.22;28. d they + following Adonijah, helped him. abundance, and hath called all the kings t Heb. helped after Adonijab, 8 But Zadok the priest, and Benaiah the sons, and the captains of the host, and Abi

son of Jehoiada, and Nathan the prophet, athar the priest; and behold, they eat and Chap: 4.18. and · Shimei, and Rei, and the mighty drink before him, and say, i * God lave king :: Sam. 10. 24.

men which belonged to David, were not with Adonijah.

26 But me, even me thy servant, and
9 And Adonijah New sheep and oxen, and Zadok, the priest, and Benaiah the son of
fat cattle, by the stone of Zoheleth, which Jehoiada, and thy servant Solomon hath he
is by | En-rogel, and called all his brethren not called.
the kings fons, and all the men of Judah the 27 Is this thing done by my lord the king,
kings servants.

and thou hast not shewed it unto thy servant,
10 But Nathan the prophet, and Benaiah, who should sit on the throne of my lord the
and the mighty men, and Solomon his bro- king after him ?
ther he called not.

28 | Then king David answered and said,
11 [ Wherefore Nathan spake unto Bath- Call me Bath-sheba : and she came † into the taleb, bem
Theba the mother of Solomon, saying, Hast kings presence, and stood before the king.
thou not heard that Adonijah the ion of g 29 And the king sware, and said, As the
Haggith doth reign, and David our lord Lord liveth, that hath redeemed my soul
knoweth it not ?

out of all distress,
12 Now therefore come, let me, I pray 30 Even as I sware unto thee by the
thee, give thee counsel, that thou mayit LORD God of Israel, saying, Assuredly So-
save thine own life, and the life of thy fon lomon thy son shall reign after me, and he

shall sit upon my throne in my stead ; even
13 Go, and get thee in unto king David, so will I certainly do this day.
and say unto him, Didst not thou, my lord 31 Then Bath-sheba bowed with her face
O king, swear unto thine handmaid, saying, to the earth, and did reverence to the king,
h Alluredly Solomon thy son shall reign after and said, “Let my lord king David live for k Dan 2: 4.
me, and he shall fit upon my throne ? why ever.
then doth Adonijah reign ?

32 | And king David said, Call me Za14 Behold, while thou yet talkest there dok the priest, and Nathan the prophet, and

with the king, I will also come in after thee, Benaiah the son of Jehoiada. And they * Hebo fill up and * confirm thy words.

came before the king. 15 And Bath-sheba went in unto the 33 The king also said unto them, Take king, into the chamber : and the king was with you the servants of your lord, and cause very old; and Abilhag the Shunammite mi- Solomon my son to ride upon & mine own to her whilbe nistred unto the king.

mule, and bring him down to Gihon. 16 And Baih-iheba bowed, and did obei- 34 And let Zadok the priest, and Nathan ! Cht: 14, 16 + Heb. What to fance unto the king: and the king said, † the prophet, anoint him there king over IfWhat wouldst thou ?

rael : and blow ye with the trumpet, and
17 And she said unto him, My lord, thou say, God save king Solomon.
swarest by the LORD thy God unto thine 35 Then ye shall come up after him, that
handmaid, saying, Assuredly Solomon thy he may come and fit upon my throne; for
son shall reign after me, and he Thall sit upon he thall be king in my stead : and I have

appointed him to be ruler over Israel, and
18 And now behold, Adonijah reigneth ; over Judah.
and now my lord the king, thou knowest 36 And Benaiah the son of Jehoiada an-
it not.

swered the king, and said, Amen: the LORD
19 And he hath sain oxen, and fat cattle, God of my lord the king say so too.
and sheep in abundance, and hath called all 37 As the LORD hath been with


the sons of the king, and Abiathar the priest, the king, even so be he with Solomon, and
and Joab the captain of the hoft: but Solomon make his throne greater than the throne of
thy servant hath he not called.

my lord king David.
20 And thou, my lord o king, the eyes 38 So Zadok the priest, and Nathan the
of all Israel are upon thee, that thou shouldlt


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longeth 10 See Efth. 6.8.


my throne :

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his cath,

Solomon anointed king. Chap. ii.

Davids charge to him.

ne of my

fs, when s fathers, counted

*2 Sam. 8. 18.

ed with came in.

Behold, cas come If before

25, 32.
• 1 Sam. 10. 24.

Or, Amos.

1. ing, hal

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Theep in e kins nd Abi

ve king


6 Devt. 29. %* pro- Josh. 1.7.

* Or, do wifelj,

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the throne,


2Before prophet, m and Benaiah the son of Jehoiada, 3 of religiousness, $ of Joab, 9 of Bar- 25efoże

and the Cherethites, and the Pelethites, zillai, 8 of Shimei, in dieth. 12 SoloChritt

went down, and caused Solomon to ride mon fucceedeth. 13 Adonijah, moving 1015. upon king Davids mule, and brought him Bath-sheba to fue unto Solomon for Abi. 1015 to Gihon.

jag, is put to death. 26 Abiathar baving 39 And Zadok the priest took an horn of his life given him, is deprived of the priest• Exod. 30. 33, "oyl out of the tabernacle, and anointed So- hood. 28 Foab fleeing to the horns of the lomon: and they blew the trumpet,

• and altar, is there sain. 35 Benaiah is put in all the people faid, God save king Solomon. Joabs room, and Zadok in Abiathars. 36

40 And all the people came up after him, Shimei confined to Jerusalem, by occasion and the people piped with * pipes, and re- of going thence to Gath, is put to death.

joyced with great joy, so that the earth rent Ow the days of David drew nigh, that me, and with the sound of them.

he mould die; and he charged Solo-
41 And Adonijah and all the guests mon his son, saying,
ay, and

that were with him, heard it as they had 2 • I go the way of all the earth: be thou • Joth. 20.147
made an end of eating: and when Joab strong therefore, and thew thy self a man.
heard the sound of the trumpet, he faid, 3 And keep the charge of the Lord thy

Wherefore is this noise of the city being in God, to walk in his ways, to keep his sta-
eat and
an uprore?

tutes, and his commandments, and his judg42 And while he yet spake, bebold, Jo- ments, and his testimonies, as it is written in nathan the son of Abíathar the priest came, the law of Moses, that thou mayst

and Adonijah said unto him, Come in, for {per in all that thou dost, and whithersoever Ch.22.19, t, 2013

"Sam. 15.27. P thou art a valiant man, and bringelt good thou turnest thy self: fon o tidings.

4. That the Lord may continue his word ath he

43 And Jonathan answered and said to which he spake concerning me, saying, “ If • Pfal. 1šz. 14: Adonijah, Verily our lord king David hath thy children take heed to their way, to walk made Solomon king.

before me in truth, with all their heart and 44 And the king hath sent with him Za- with all their soul, there shall not † fail 2 Sam.9. ti. dok the priest, and

Nathan the prophet, and thee (said he) a man on the throne of Israel. from thee from Benaiah the son of Jehoiada, and the Che- 5 Moreover, thou knowest also what Joab faid

rethites, and the Pelethites, and they have the son of Zeruiah did to me, and what • Sam. 18.. - the

caused him to ride upon the kings mule. he did to the two captains of the hosts of 12,14. & 19.60 g

45 And Zadok the priest, and Nathan the Ifrael, unto f Abner the son of Ner, and "2 Sam. 1. 27.

propher have anointed him king in Gihon: unto & Amasa the son of Jether, whom he 82 Sam. 20.106 pul

and they are come up from thence rejoycing, flew, and thed the blood of war in peace, #Hebo proto,
so that the city rang again: this is the noise and put the blood of war upon his girdle
have heard.

that was about his loyns, and in his shoes SO

46 And alfo Solomon sitteth on the throne that were on his feet.
of the kingdom.

6 Do therefore according to thy wisdom,
47. And moreover, the kings servants came and let not his hoar head go down to the
to bless our lord king David, saying, God grave in peace.
make the name of Solomon better than thy 1 But shew kindness unto the sons of

name, and make his throne greater than thy h Barzillai the Gileadite, and let them be of 1 Sam. 15,3t. 9 Gen 47.31. throne: 9 and the king bowed himself upon those that eat at thy table: for so they came 'a Sam. 17.270 the bed.

to me when I fled because of Abfalom thy 48 And also thus said the king, Blessed be brother. the LORD God of Israel, which hath given 8 And behold, thou hast with thee * Shi- *4 Sati. 16. si one to fit on my throne this day, mine eyes mei the son of Gera, a Benjamite of Bahueven seeing it.

rim, which cursed me with a * grievous * Heb. frong. 49 And all the guests that were with Ado- curse, in the day when I went to Mahanaim: nijah, were afraid, and rose up, and went but he came down to meet me at Jordan, '3 Sam. 19.18. every man his way.

and I fware to him by the LORD, saying, 50 And Adonijah feared because of So- m I will not put thee to death with the = 2 Sam. 19.25, Chap. 2. 28. lomon, and arose, and went, and · caught sword. hold on the horns of the altar.

9 Now therefore hold him not guiltless : 51 And it was told Solomon, saying, Bes for thou art a wise man, and knowest what hold, Adonijah feareth king Solomon : for thou oughtst to do unto him; but his hoar lo, he hath caught hold on the horns of the head bring thou down to the grave with altar, saying, Let king Solomon fwear unto blood. me to day, that he will not slay his servant 10 So - David Nept with his fathers, and has 1.29. & with the sword.

was buried in o the city of David. 52 And Solomon faid, If he will fhew 11 And the days that David p reigned o1Sam. 14. 45. himself a worthy man, there shall not an ver Ifrael, were forty years : seven years zsám. 14.11. hair of him fall to the earth: but if wicked- reigned he in Hebron, and thirty and three

ness shall be found in him, he shall die. years reigned he in Jerusalem.

53 So king Solomon fent, and they brought 12 . Then sat Solomon upon the throne 11 Ch.29.24. him down from the altar; and he came and of David his father, and his kingdom was ebowed himself to king Solomon: and Solo- ftablished greatly. mon said unto him, Go to thine house. 13 | And Adonijah the son of Haggith 1014. C H A P. II.

came to Bath-Theba the mother of Solomon, I David having given a charge to Solomon,



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Adonijahs request


I. Kings.

Shimei confined.

ri Sam. 16.4.

si Chr. 22.9. & 28. so

& 21.8.

82 Chr. 21. 13.

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Before and the said, "Comest thou peaceably? And and behold, he is by the alter: then Solo- Before Chzilt he said, Peaceably.

mon fent Benaiah the son of Jehoiada, fay- Chrilt 14 He faid moreover, I have somewhat

over, I have somewhating, Go fall upon him. I014

to say unto thee. And she said, Say on. 30 And Benaiah came to the tabernacle 1014.

15 And he said, Thou knowest that the of the LORD, and said unto him, Thus faith
kingdom was mine, and that all Ifrael fet the king, Come forth. And he said, Nay,
their faces on me, that I should reign : how- but I will die here. And Benaiah brought
beit the kingdom is turned about, and is be- the king word again, saying, Thus said Joab,
come my brothers: for • it was his from the and thus he answered me.

31 And the king said unto him, Do as * Exod. 21.14. 16 And now I ask one petition of thee, he hath said, and fall upon him, and bury # twn not away no faceman deny me not.

And she said unto him, him; that thou mayst take away the inno- Deut. 19.13. Say on.

cent blood which Joab fhed, from me, and 17 And he said, Speak, I pray thee, unto from the house of my father. Solomon the king (for he will not fay thee 32 And the LORD { shall return his blood Plal.7.16. nay) that he give me Abilhag the Shunam- upon his own head, who fell upon two men mite to wife.

more righteous 8 and better than he, and 18 And Bath-sheba said, Well, I will speak flew them with the sword, my father David for thee unto the king.

not knowing thereof, to wit,'h Abner the "2 Sam. 3.27. 19 Bath-sheba therefore went unto king son of Ner, captain of the host of Israel, and Solomon, to speak unto him for Adonijah: i Amasa the son of Jether, captain of the '3 Sam. 20,10, and the king rose up to meet her, and bow- host of Judah. ed himself unto her, and sat down on his 33 Their blood shall therefore return up

throne, and caused a seat to be set for the on the head of Joab, and k upon the head * 2 Sam. 3. 29. *See Psal. 45.9. kings mother; ' and she fat on his right hand. of his feed for ever: but upon David, and

20 Then the said, I desire one small peti- upon his feed, and upon his house, and up-
tion of thee, I pray thee say me not nay. on his throne shall there be peace for ever
And the king said unto her, Ask on, my mo- from the LORD.
ther, for I will not say thee nay.

34 So Benaiah the son of Jehoiada went
21 And she said, Let Abishag the Shu- up, and fell upon him, and flew him; and 1014.
nammite be given to Adonijah thy brother he was buried in his own house in the wil-
to wife.

derness. 22 And king Solomon answered and said 35 | And the king put Benaiah the son unto his mother, And why dost thou ask of Jehoiada in his room over the host; and Abilhag the Shunammite for Adonijah? ask Zadok the priest did the king put in the sesame osa for him the kingdom also ; (for he is mine room of Abiathar. elder brother) even for him, and for Abia- 36 And the king sent and called for thar the prielt, and for Joab the son of Ze- Shimei, and said unto him, Build thee an *2 Sam. 16.50 3. ruiah.

house in Jerusalem, and dwell there, and go 23 Then king Solomon sware by the not forth thence any whither. * Ruth 1019. LORD, saying, "God do so to me, and more 37 For it shall be, that on the day thou

also, if Adonijah have not spoken this word goest out, and passeft over " the brook Ki- •2 Sam. 15. 23; ,
against his own life.

dron, thou shalt know for certain, that thou
24 Now therefore, as the LORD liveth, fhalt surely die : thy blood fhall be upon
which hath established me, and set me on thine own head.
the throne of David my father, and who 38 And Shimei said unto the king, The
hath made me an house, as he * promised, saying is good : as my lord the king hath

Adonijah shall be put to death this day. faid, so will thy servant do. And Shimei 1014.

25 And king Solomon sent by the hand dwelt in Jerusalem many days.
of Benaiah the Ton of Jehoiada, and he fell 39 And it came to pass at the end of three 1011.
upon him that he died.

years, that two of the servants of Shimeiran
26 9 And unto Abiathar the priest said the away unto Achish son of Maachah king of
king, Get thee to Anathoth, unto thine Gath: and they told Shimei, saying, Behold,
own fields, for thou art worthy of death: thy servants be in Gath.
but I will not at this time put thee to death, 40 And Shimei arose and saddled his ass,

because thou barest the ark of the Lord and went to Gath to Achilh to seek his ser

God before David my father, and because vants: and Shimei went and brought his ser• 1 Sam. 27. 2o. 4 thou hast been afflicted in all wherein my vants from Gath. father was amicted.

41 And it was told Solomon that Shimei 27 So Solomon thrust out Abiathar from had gone from Jerusalem to Gath, and was

being priest unto the LORD; that he might come again. * Şam. 2.31,35. b fulfil the word of the LORD, which he 42 And the king sent and called for Shi

spake concerning the house of Eli in Shiloh. mei, and said unto him, Did I not make thee

28 Then tidings came to Joab, (for to swear by the Lord, and protested unto
Joab had turned after Adonijah, though he thee, saying, Know for a certain, that on
turned not after Abfalom) and Joab fled un- the day thou goeft out, and walkest abroad
to the tabernacle of the LORD, and caught any whither, that thou shalt surely die? and
hold on the horns of the altar.

thou saidīt unto me, The word that I have
, 29 And it was told king Solomon that Joab heard, is good.
was fled unto the tabernacle of the LORD, 43 Why then haft thou not kept the oath


See i Chr. & 24. 3.

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Heb. a man of deash, 2 Sam. 23.6. 2 Sam. 11.11.

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Chap. 1. so,

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