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Introductory Observations.

The commencement of a New and provoking on some points conSeries of the INVESTIGATOR OF Pro- siderable controversy. The result PHECY, and the commencement of a has been, that though much learned New Year of existence, both invite and interesting matter has been us to make a few introductory ob- brought before the public, the stuservations.

dent of prophecy, who was only enI. To the Reader who only enters tering on the investigation thereof, on the perusal of our Work with the found himself embarrassed in the present Number, and who is con outset by contradictory interpretasequently unacquainted with what tions and conflicting views. Besides was written by us in the Postscript which, the matter which we had of the last Number, we would take ourselves previously designed to the opportunity of stating, what is bring forward, and which we somethe difference proposed by us in the times considered important in the Volume now commenced, which way of information, was continually gives occasion to our calling it a postponed, from the necessity of New Series.

giving immediate insertion to the The former numbers of the In. papers of Correspondents, who were vestigator, amounting now to four committed in discussion : and thus volumes, were conducted on the the Work was, in another important principle of free discussion ; so that point of view, rendered less useful whatsoever views were entertained to the inquirer. by serious Christians on the subject Without therefore stating other of prophecy, we considered our considerations, which have personally selves pledged to give them inser. weighed with us, it is sufficient to tion, provided they were advanced observe, that we hope in the present with tolerable ability and with gra- series to remedy these two principal vity. This has produced a mass of defects; and by the exclusion of communications, containing articles articles, the insertion of which we greatly at variance with each other, should deem unprofitable, and by as regards the prophetical views ad. appending notes to those we do invocated by their respective authors, sert, whenever we consider the subNo. 1 New Series. (Vol. v. No. 43.)

January, 1836.


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