Sidor som bilder

“ how speciously foever it might mingle with heathen virtues, has no. 6 thing suitable to christian penitence. Many motives impel me earn. 4 estly to beg for life. I feel the natural horror of a violent death, " and the universal dread uf untimely dissolution. I am defirous to “ recompence the injury I have done to the clergy, to the world, and * to religion; and to efface the scandal of my crime by the example 4 of my repentance. But, above all, I wish to die with thoughes

more composed, and calmer preparation. The gloom and confue 66 Gon of a prison; the anxiety of a trial; and the inevitable vicilli56 cudes of passion, leave not the mind in a due disposition to the holy o exercises of prayer and self-examination. Let not a little life be de “ nied me, in which I may, by meditation and contrition, prepare 66 myself to stand at the tribunal of Omnipotence; and support the

presence of that Judge, who shall distribute to all according to their

works; who will receive to pardon the repenting finner; and from 66 whom the merciful shall obtain mercy. For these reasons, amidft 4 shame and milery, I yet with to live.”

" It is to be hoped that these were the Doctor's real sentiments, as being infinitely more becoming him than the rhapsody above quoted; they do not, however, bespeak the feelings of a man the preceding 30 years of whole life had “ been passed in exciting and exercising cha- į rity; in relieving such distrefies as he then felt; and in adminifter. « ing those consolations which he then wanted.” Such exercise of charity, such relief of distresses, and such an administration of confola. tion, as are here represented, had the same been the fruits, not of Vanity, but of genuine Christianity, would, Joubtless, have diminished his "dread of untimely disolution," and not have left his mind, even amidit “ the gloom and confusion of a prison," and the other circumftances lamented by the Doctor, in so unapt a “ disposition to the holy “ exercises of prayer and self-examination."

Had this.writer been apprised of what is now generally known, that the latter speech was composed by a friend, he would not have wondered at the change. The difference, indeed, between the Doctor's profeífex compofitions under confinement and his other writings is so glaringly manifeft, that it is almost impossible to attribute such coinpositions to him undet circumstances which cannut realonably be supposed to have left him sufficient composure of mind for such a task.

* * *

An Account of the Life and Writings of the Rev. William Dodd,

LL. D. in which is included ihe original and present State of the Magdalen Charity, &c. sc. is. Wenman.

An occasional catchpennv; containing, however, a tolera. bly good account of the life of the unhappy object, who is the subject of it, and a better of the teveral public charities, in whole service he was engaged as a preacher.


Obfervations on Popular Antiquities : including the whole of Mr.

Bourne's Antiquitates Vulgares, with Addenda to every Chapter of that Worki as also an Appendix. By John Brand, Å. B. Svo. 58. sewed. Johnson.

The Antiquitates Vulgares of Mr. Bourne were published in a small volume in the year 1725; and are here republished without variation. Mr. Brand's additional remarks stamp a value on the book, it had not before; his explication, how. ever, of popular notions and vulgar errors, is in itself free quently very doubtful, and probably erroneous. Be that as it may, the work is on the whole an amusing and curious, though Bot very important, performance.

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An Elegy on the Death of Sir Charles Saunders. By Robert

English, Chaplain to the 12th Regiment of Foct, and 10 Edward Lord Hawke. Dedicated to Lord Hawke. 4to. Is. Becket.

A poetical and animated eulogiuin on the death of Sir Charles Saunders, which an officer of such eminent gallantry, and public fpirit, well deserved. The author has occasionally paid a 'handiome compliment to the late Lord Anson, to Lord Hawke, and Admiral Keppel, in a stile worthy the great characters he celebrates.

A Father's Instructions to his Children: consisting of Tales, Fables,

and Reflections *. Part II. Small 8vo. 25. 6d. jewed. Johnson. An account of the first part of this ingenious and entertain

et part of this in genous and .. ing work, to which the present is a suitable fequel, was given in the third volume of our Review, page 331,

* By Dr. Percival of Manchester..

*** This Supplement to be continued in our Review for Auguft.


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