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Goat's Beard, a Fable, 4to. is. 6d. Dodfley. :

March-238 Hagley, a Descriptive Poem, 4to. 25, 6d. Dodsley.

Appen.---519 Hayes's Prophecy, a Poem, 4to, is. Dodifiey. .

Appen.-536 Heath-Hill, a Descriptive Poem, 4to. 2s. 6d. Robinson. May-400, Henry and Eliza, a Tale. 4to. Is. Bew.

May-399 An Heroic Epistle to the Author of the Duchess of Devonshire's Cow, 4to. 15. Bew.

Appen.-5230 Horatio and Amanda, a Poem, 4to. 18. Robson.

Appen.-. Isle of Wight, Poctical Excursions in the, 4to. 25. 6d. Conant.

April-315 The Lion extricated; or, the Jackall's Defeat, a Fable, 4t0. is. Almon.

May-399 Lyric Ode, on the General Fast, 4to. is.

Jan.-80 Mafun's Caractacus, a Dramatic Poem, 8vo. Is. 6d. Dodsley. Jan.-77 The Milesian, an Opera, Svo. is. Wilkie. .

Appen.-525 Monody, Tacred to the Memory of Elizabeth, Duchess of Northumberland, 4to. 6d. Dooley.

- March-238 Nummus Splendidus, 4to. is. Crowder.

Appen.-525 Northern 'Tour, or Poetical Epistles, 4to. 28. Wilkie.

Tune479 Odes, Six, presented to Mrs. Catharine Macauley, 410. Is. 6d. Dilly.

Juu +76 Ode to Dragon, Mr. Garrick's House-Dog, 4to. 6d. Cadell. Map 298 Ogilvie's Rona, a Poon, in Sven Books, 4to. 125. 6d. in boards, 158, bound. Murray.

Jan.-65 Old Ballads, 2 vols, 8vo. $6. Evans

Appen.-524 Overbury, Sir Thomas, a Tragedy, 8vo. 15. 6d. Newbury. Feb.-145 A Poetical Epistle to Sir Joshua Reynolds, 4to. 15. 6d. Fielding and Walker.

Appen. ---525 Plays and Poems, Written by T. Smoller, M. D. Svo. 45. Evans.

March-206 Poetical Frenzy, or, a Venture in Rhyme, 40. s. 6d. Baldwin.

Appen.-23 Poetical Amusements at a Villa 'near Bath, Vol. III. 8vo. 34. Dilly.

May-35% Polly, an Opera, 8vo. 19. Evans,

Appen.--522 Pro-Pinchbeck's Answer to the Ode, 4to. 6. Ridley. Appen.-527 Prophecy, a Poem, 4to. is. Dodfley. .

Appen.---526 Ranelagh, a Poem, 4to. Is. Almon.

Appen.“-527 Religion, a Poem, by Christopher Wells, 4to. Is. Bathurft. Appen.-526 Reliques of Genius, small 8vo. 35. Dilly.

April-313. Rights of Sovereignty asserted : an Ode. 410. 15. Dodílcy. Appen.n l Rona, Ogilvie's, a Poem, 4to. 125. 6d. in boards. Murray. Jan.-OI Rowley's Poems, 8vo. 6s. Payne and Son.

- March--210 Savage's Sir Thomas Overbury, a Tragedy, 8vo. 15. 6d. Newbury.

. Feb.-145 Selecta Poemata Anglorum Latina, Vol. III. 12m0. 35. fewed. Dodley.

Feb.-153 The Old Serpent's Reply to the Elcetrical Eel, 4t0. 25. Smith. An.- ig The Torpedo, a Poen to the Electrical Ecl, 4to. 15. éd. Maj-302 Theodosius and Constantin, a Poetical Epistle, 4:0. 15. Palker.

March-240 Venus attiring the Graces, 4to. Dilly.

- Appen.a-524 Tlie Vision of Prophecy, 410. Is. Sha well.

Appen.-529 Whitehead, Paul, his Poems and Miscellaneous Compositions, 460. 105. 6d. Kearily.

Appen.-523 Wirenkam-Hall, a Descriptive Poen, 410. 25. Cå. Blyth. Appelt.-318


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NOVELS AND ROMANCE S. The Champion of Virtue, 12mo. 38. Robinson. - June 30 Charles and Charlotte, 2 vols. 5s. Lane.

Jan.-61 Confidence Misplaced; or Friendship betrayed, 3 vol. 12mo. 75. 6d. Fielding and Walker.

May—376 Memoirs of the Counters Dubaré, 2 vols. 55. 6d. bound. Stevens.

March239 Misplaced Confidence; or Friendship betrayed, 3 vol. 12mo. 7s.6d. Fielding and Walker.

May-375 Telemachus the Son of Ulyfies, the Adventures of, 2 vols. 12mo. 6s. Crowder.

March-238 Virtue, the Champion of, 12m0. 35. Robinson.

June-480 MISCELLANIE S. Account of the Life and Writings of William Dodd, LL. D. 8vo. 19 Williams and Hingelton.

June-473 Another Account, 8vo. 15. Wenman.

Appen.---535 Age of Loyalty, 4to. 18. Wallis.

Appen.-26 dikin's Application of Natural History to Poetry, 12mo. 25. 6d. sewed. Johnson.

June-416 Answer, A full, to a late View of the Internal Evidence of the Christian Religion, 8vo. 25. 6d. Wilkie.

June 443 An Apology for the Life and Writings of David Hume, Esq; May-332 Appendix to the impartial Account of the Life and Writings of Dr. Dodd,

8vo. 6d. Williams and Hingefton. Archaeologia, or Miscellaneous Tracts, 4to. il. is. in sheets. Jure-428 Armstrong's Actual Survey of the Great Post Road, 8vo. 35. May399 Ab's Sentiments on Education, 2 vols. 1 2mo. 6s. Dilly. April—311 Brand's Obfervations on Popular Antiquities, 8vo. 55. fewed. Johnlon.

Appen.-535 Caspipina's Letters, 2 vols. small 8vo. gs. sewed. Dilly. June-410 Candor and Good-Nature of Englishmen, 8vo. 55. Bew. March-23? Cartwright's Letters on Female Education, 12mo. 35. Dilly. Jan.-78 Cbapone's Letter to a Ncw-married Lady, 12mo. 6d. Dilly. April-316 Characters, Chciterfield's, of eminent Personages of his own Time, 12mo. is. Flexney.

April-318 The Child's Conductor, 12mo. 1s. 6d. Walter. . Appen.-535 Cbriflian Memoirs, or a Review of the present State of Religion in Engo land, 8vo. 35. 6d, fewed. Matthews.

May-357 Common-Place Book for Travellers, 3s. Rivington.

Appen.- 58 Counsellor or Preceptor of Human Life, 8vo. 35. fewed. Dilly. March-239 Courtney Melmoth, a Letter to, with some Remarks on his two Books, Svo. 6d. Wilkie.

April-295 Dainty Devices, the New Paradise of, 4to. 25. 60. Almon. May399 Des Enfans's Letter to Mrs. Montague, 8vo. is. 6d. Cadell. Jar.25 Dialogues Moral and Entertaining, izmo. 2 vols. 6s. Dilly. Jan.-12 A Dialogue on Friendship and Society, small 8vo. 29. 6d. fewed. Becket. Elements of Conchology, Da Costa's, svo. 7s. 6d. boards. White.




Eminent Personages, Characters of, 12mo. 15. Flexney. April-31 ------------------- Reviewed, 8vo. 1S. 6d. Davies.'

May-r-393 An Epifile from Shakespeare to his Countrymen, 4to. is. Richaru on and

Urquhart. Excurfion round London, 12mo. 25. Urquhart. Familiar Epistle from C. Anfiey, Efq; to C, W. Kamy.fyide, Elq; 4(0.


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A Fan

A Father's Instruction to his Children, 8vo. 25. 6d. sewed. Johnson.

Appen.-535 Female Education, Letters on, 12mo. 35. Dilly.

Jan.-78 Fortnight in Paris, the Englishman's, or the Art of ruining himself in a few Days, 8vo. 3s. Durham

April-294 Flavius Josephus, the whole Works of, No. I. 6d. Fielding and Walker.

Feb.-154 Friendship and Society, a Dialogue on, small 8vo. 2s. 6d. sewed. Becket.

May-363 Genius, Reliques of, 8vo. 35. Dilly.

- April 313 Good-Nature and Candor of Englishmen exemplified, 8vo. 58. Bew.

March-232 Gospel, a Liberal and Minute Inspection of the Holy, &c. 8vo. vs. Lewis.

Appen.-517 Griffith's Translation of Des Enfan's Letter to Mrs. Montague, 8vo. 15. 6d. . Cadell..

Jan. 25 Groje's Antiquities of England and Wales, a Collection of Plans of, 4to. ios. 6d. boards. Hooper.

Feb.-151 Hard Case of a Conntry Vicar, 8vo. is. Newbury.

Appen.---529 Hardinge, George, Esquire, A Letter to, 4to. 25. 6d. Kearsly. June-480 Harmony of Truth, 8vo. 2s. Law.

Appen.-515 Heroic Answer from Richard Twiss, Esq; 4to. Kearlly. Appen.-519 The History and the Mystery of Good-Friday, 8vo. Is. Fielding and Walker.

Appen.-529 John the Painter's Ghost, 4to. is. 6d. Williams.

Appen.-523 Kentish Traveller's Companion, 12mo. 25. 6d. Fielding and Walker,

May374 Letter to the Rev. Dr. Cooper, 8vo. 15. Alion.

Appen.-529 Letters of Pope Clement XIV. (Ganganelli), Vol. III. 8vo. 55. Durham.

· yune-477 Letter upon Education, small 8vo. 25. Nourse.

May-298 Letter from Monsieur Des Enfans to Mrs. Montague, 8vo. 1s. 6d. Cadell.

Jan.--25 Life of Dr. Smollet, with Plays and Poems, 8vo. 45. Evans. March-206 Life and Writings of William Dodd, LL.D. an Account of, 8vo. 15. Williams and Hingeston.

June-473 Literaria Biographia, 4to.: 185. Dodsley.

May--350 Lott's Account of Proposals for the Benefit of his Majesty's Naval Service, Is. 62. Owen.

Jan.-24 Mac Mahon's Candor and Good-Nature, Svo. 5s. Bew. Marcb-232 Madge's Address to Christopher Twiit-wit, Etq; 410. Is. 6d. Bew.

May--398 Malton's Essay, concerning the Publication of Works on Science and Literature by Subscription, folio. is, 6d.

April-328 Martyn's Address to the Inhabitants of St. Ann, Westminster, 8vo. is. Corrall.

May-398 Mason, Mr. a Letter to, 12mo. 19. Murray.

June-451 Millar's Illustratio Systematis Sexualis Linnæi, 2 yols. folio. 2). Millar.

Appen.-531 Miscellaneous Tracts relating to Antiquity, 4to. Vol. IV. xl. 1. in sheets.

June-428 Miscellaneous Works of the late Earl of Chesterfield, 400. 21. 28. Dilly,

March-163 Monstrous Good Lounge, 4to. is. Bew.

June-475 Moral and Entertaining Dialogues, 12mo. 2 vols. 6s. Dilly. Jan.-1% Narrative of Facts, 8vo. is. Cadell.

May-363 Natural History, the Beauties ofą szmo. 38. 6d. Richardson and Urquhari.



New-Married Lady, a Letrerto, 12m0. 6d. Diily.

April-315 Objections to Mr. Lindsey's Interpretation cf St. John's Gospel, svo. is. 6d. Johnson.

Appen.-515 Observations on a Journey to Paris, 2 vols. fmall 8vo. March-226 Observations on Popular Aniiquities, 8vo. 55. fewed. Johnson, Appen.-535 Objervations on the Case of Dr. Dodd, is. Bew.

Appen.---535 Panegyrical Eliay on the Times, &c. 4to. Is. Payne, Appen.-531 Rardal, 'Squire, his Excursion round London, 12mo. 25. Richardson and Urquhart,

May-363 Reflections on Gaming, 8vo. is. Davies

..May-384 Repository:- a Select Collection of Pieces, Izino. 2 vol. 6s. Dilly. yan.-30 Ryland's Counsellor or Preceptor of human Lifc, &vo. 35. sewed. Dilly,

March-239 Second Letter to her Grace the Duchess of Devonshire, 4t0. 15. Fielding and Walker.

June--476 Select Collection of Fugitive Pieces of Wit and Humour, &c. 2 vols. 12mo. 65. Dilly.

. jan.-30 Trial of Mr. Samuel Bruckshaw's Aētion, a true Account of, folio, 6d. Kearfly

May-364 Tooke's Translations of Pieces written by Monf. Falconet and Mons. Diderot, 4to. 45. Payne.

May~354 Paucluse's Moral and Entertaining Dialogues, 12mo. 2 vols. 65. Dilli.

Jan.-12 ay to be Rich and Refpcctable, 8vo. 15. 6d. Baldwin.. May363 Willis's Matter of Agiftment Tythes, 4to. 15. Newbury. May-375 Works Miscellaneous of the late Philip Dormer Sranhope, Earl of Chester· field, 2 vols. 4to. 21. 25. Lily of

March 161 Works of Flavius Jofephus, No 1. 6d. Fielding and Walker. Feb.---154 Foung's Spirit of Athens, 8vo. 55. Robson, --- June-- 424


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