Charles Olson and Frances Boldereff: A Modern Correspondence

Wesleyan University Press, 20 aug. 1999 - 552 sidor
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The highly influential yet undisclosed relationship between modern American poet Charles Olson (1910-1970) and Frances Boldereff comes to light in this first collection of their extensive, often impassioned, correspondence. What starts with a fan letter from the idiosyncratic intellectual Boldereff soon surges to an exchange numbering hundreds of pages. In these letters, one views the early stages of the “Maximus” poems and the developing poetics embodied in Olson’s 1950 essay on “Projective Verse.” While this correspondence reveals much about the work and life of a man who became the dominant figure among the Black Mountain poets, Boldereff herself stands out as an extraordinary collaborator, occasional lover, and intellectual rival to Olson. Here are two great minds and creative spirits caught up in an exchange every bit as riveting as the letters of de Beauvoir and Sartre.

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Part I
Part II
November 19496 December 1949
Part IV
May 195019 July 1950
July 19507 September 1950
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RALPH MAUD is Professor Emeritus of English at Simon Fraser University and author of two books on Olson. SHARON THESEN teaches at Capilano College in British Columbia.

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