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Serm. Service, the Earth, Air and Sea, and alt ^^Things fn them; and not only so, bnt the heavenly Bodies also, the Sim to rule the Day, and the Moon and Stars to give him Light in the Night Season • for tho' these may have other Uses in Nature, yet as long as they serve the Uses of Man, it is the fame to him as if they were made for him only, and require the fame grateful Acknowledgments.

2. The Wisdom of God in the Works of the Creation should teach us not only Thankfulness, but Humility. For indeed, if we consider that, among the infinite Variety of Things with which we are incompass'd, there is not one of them that is thoroughly known and understood by Man, a few Properties only of a Thing being enough for an Age or two to find out, and the least Blade of Grass having Wonders enough in it to confound the greatest Philosopher, what Avenues can there poffibly be for Pride to enter? Well then might it be faid, thatPride is founded m Ignorance, and well might the most knowing be also the most humble.

3- The Wisdom of God discovers in the Works of the Creation lhould teach us not only to be thankful and humble, but to be good, and to lead such Lives as may


make us in some measure worthy of these Serm.

. Blessings which we were defign'd to con- *-^ template and enjoy. And indeed, if we are truly grateful and humble, these Virtues will naturally lead us to this; for all the Actions of a good Life are but so many Branches that spring from them. Whoever has a just Sense of Gratitude to God, and is poflefs'd of a truly humble Mind, will also of course be temperate, sober, just, and every thing else that is good and praiseworthy j he will put that Value upon Men and Things which they deserve; he will consider himself, not only as the Workman

. ihip, but the Image of God; and therefore will be very cautious of doing any thing that tends to throw a Slur upon him whose Image and Superscription he bears. In ^

short, he will do every thing to answer the Ends of his Creation, and to contribute to the Glory of his great Creator. Which that tee may all do, God of his infinite Mercy trant, 8tc.

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Job xxyiii. i%. jlnd unto Man he said, Behold, the Fear of the Lord that is Wisdom, and to depart from Evil is Underjlanding.

N the foregoing Chapter, to which this has Relation, Job had been protesting against the Doctrine of his Friends, who all along asserted that Afflictions were ever the Consequence of Sin and that some remarkable Vengeance always attended wicked Men; which nevertheless he grants that it does sometimes happen to be true, tho' he denies it to be always a constant Rule and Method of God s Proceedings: And being aware that they would be apt to suspect the Impartiality oi this way of acting, and would not be: able to reconcile it to the Justice of Qod sie shews them that these things are beyond the Scrm. Reach of human Capacity, that the Things **• of Nature would be a more proper Subject: to employ the Wit and Industry of Man, whose Enquiries, when they have been carried this Way, have answered the End and proved successful, but that the Secrets of the Almighty are likely always to remain such to us, notwithstanding our utmost Endeavours to find them out. Surely, fays he, there is a Vein for the Silver, and a 'Place for Gold where they find it: Iron is taken out of the Earth, and Brass is molten out of the Stone. There is aTath which 110 Fowl knowetb, and which the Vulture's Eye hath not seen; the Lion's Whelp have not trodden it, nor the fierce Lion faffed by it. But where shall Wisdom be found .J and where is the Tlace of Under/landing? that is, who can. find out the Reasons and Methods of God's Providence? This is indeed a hard Question for Flesh and Blood to answer: as for this sort of Wisdom, which is Wisdom in the highest Sense of the Word, there is no Purchase to be given for it j for Man know eth not the Trice thereof, nei-> ther is it found in the. Land of the Living. The Depth faiths It is not in me; and the Sea faith, It is not with me: Where then



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SfiRM. stall we seek it? If it is not in the Earth
fj^ nor Sea, where can we imagine it to be?
where are we like to meet with k? If we
consult the fame good Man in this Cafe, he
will tell us that God alone understands the,
Way of it, he knoweth the Tlace thereof;
and tho' he only hath seen it, and searched
it out, and the Knowledge of it is not to
be obtained by Man, yet he shews that
God hath appointed Wisdom and Under-
standing of another Kind, more suitable to
our Condition, more advantageous in the
End, and which we are all able to attain.
which consists in searing the Lord, and de-
parting from Evil. Unto Man he said
Behold, the Fear of the Lord that is Wifi
dom, and to des art from Evil is Under-
standing* Now tho' these Expressions,^

the Fear of the Lord, and departing from fam
Evil, include in them the whole Sum and 0*
Substance of Religion, yet because Job had jr.
been speaking against a curious Enquiry %
into the Ways of Providence, and had shewn /
that that kind of Wisdom belonged only to
God, and having in the Words of the Text
pointed out to us a Wisdom of a lower Na-
ture, in Contradiction to that which is more
suitable to our Capacities, and which con-
sists in the doing good and forfaking Evil,

I believe'

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