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By J 0 H.N F I S H E R, A.M.*

Latg Vicar of St. Lawrence in the City of Exon j and

of Colyton in the County of Devon.

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Printed by William Bettinson; and Sold by
E. Score at Exeter. M.DCCXH,

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Right Reverend Father in GOD,


f By Divine Permislion,

Lord Bisliop of Exeter.

My Lord,

AVINGbeen prcvail'd upon by my Friends to fend a Volume of my dear deceas'd Hufband's Sermons to the Press, I could not long deliberate with myself to whom I should address them. The Favours you conferr'd upon the Author of them, when alive, and the gracious Continuance of your Kindness to myself since his Death, under ihe strait Circumstances wherein I was left, would not let me think of any one but Your

Lordship. T ,

Some of the Sermons were, I know, nreach'd before Your Lordship, and met with your Approbation. Had they come immediately from the Author they would very probably have appeared in a better

Dress' Aa But

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