Report, Volym 4; Volym 58


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Sidan 45 - Containing the Old and New Testaments, translated out of the Original Tongues, and with the former Translations diligently Compared and Revised by His Majesty's Special Command.
Sidan 51 - The Gospel according to St. Mark; translated into the language of the Cree Indians of the Diocese of Rupert's Land, North-west America, //. iv, 87, sheep. 12° London, B. and F. Bible Society, 1855 5650 — Portions of the Book of Common Prayer, Psalms and Hymns, and the First Epistle General of John, in Cree (syllabic characters), lithographed, pp.
Sidan 46 - The New Testament of our Lord Jesus Christ, Translated out of Greeke by Theod. Beza : with brief Summaries and Expositions upon the hard places by the said Authour. Toac Gamer and P. Loseler Villerius. Engeliehed by L. Tomson. Together with the Annotations of Fr. Junius upon the Revelation of S. John.
Sidan 46 - The Gospel-Narrative : according to the authorized Text of the Evangelists, without Repetition or Omission. With a Continuous Exposition, Marginal Proofs in full, and Notes.
Sidan 62 - ... person or persons as aforesaid, as a debt, in any action or proceeding applicable to the recovery of debts of like amount, in which action or proceeding the Mayor, Aldermen, and Citizens of the City of Manchester shall be the plaintiffs ; and the fact of their being the persons entitled, shall be taken to be admitted by the defendant.
Sidan 62 - ... by being soiled or written in, he shall require the person to whom the same was delivered, or the ratepayers on whose guarantee it was lent, to pay the amount of the damage or injury done; or otherwise to procure a new copy of...
Sidan 58 - An Account of some Thunderstorms and extraordinary Electrical Phenomena that occurred in the Neighbourhood of Manchester on Tuesday the i6th of July, 1850, 8vo. London, 1850 toe Portuguese Coimbra, Ephemerides Astronomicas, 1853, 8vo. Coimbra, 1850 Government. The Author. Colla (Prof. A.), Sulle due Comete scoperte nell' anno 1850 da Petersen e da Bond, e sul retorno della Cometa periodica di Faye, 410.
Sidan 62 - ... or his guarantor, to pay the amount of damage or injury done, or otherwise to procure a new copy of the book of equal value, and in the latter case such person shall be entitled to the damaged copy on depositing the new one.
Sidan 62 - ... may be safely entrusted for perusal ; and I hereby undertake to replace or to pay the value of any book, belonging to the Corporation of , which shall be lost or materially injured by the said Borrower." Any person having signed this engagement, who shall afterwards desire to withdraw from the same, must give notice thereof in writing to the Librarian, who will give a release as soon as he shall have ascertained that no loss has been incurred. This voucher must be delivered to the Librarian three...
Sidan 41 - VDM Editio nova, recognita, et emendata, a JUDAH D'ALLEMAND. New Edition, in One Volume, on fine paper (1200 pages), price 21*.

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