Annual Report of the American Historical Association

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1907 - 1374 sidor

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Sida 216 - Shall there be a convention to revise the Constitution, and amend the same...
Sida 248 - History of the discovery of the east coast of North America, particularly the coast of Maine; from the Northmen In 990, to the charter of Gilbert in 1574.
Sida 238 - Papers relating to Pemaquid and parts adjacent, in the present State of Maine, known as Cornwall county, when under the colony of New York. Compiled from official records in the office of the Secretary of State at Albany, NY, by Franklin B.
Sida 475 - Report of the committee on the revision of the constitution and by-laws of the Society ; Ira Ballon Peck, by John Ward Dean i Northrup genealogy, by A.
Sida 493 - Result of Some Researches Among the British Archives for Information Relative to the Founders of New England; Made in the Years 1858, 1859 and 1860.
Sida 157 - No. 2. The Languages of the Coast of California South of San Francisco, by AL Kroeber.
Sida 75 - Access to an open Polar Sea. In connection with the search after Sir John Franklin and his companions.
Sida 121 - Annual Report of the Managing Committee of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens, 1888-89.
Sida 87 - Scandinavians may have reached the shores of Labrador; the soil of the United States has not one vestige of their presence.
Sida 211 - Times," by SHM Byers ; The Church of George Washington, by William Stevens Perry ; The observance in Iowa City of the centennial anniversary of the Inauguration of George Washington, first president of the United States ; Mr.

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