Sidor som bilder

have contributed greatly to the harmony, birth, must be delivered to the acting Vicestability and efficiency of the church of Eng. Provost on or before the 18th of June. land, and the general welfare of the country. Thursday the following degrees were conAnd your petitioners will ever pray.

ferred: Given at our house of convocation, under Masters of Arts-W. Hussey, Balliol, grand our common seal, this 5th day of May, in the comp.; Rev. J. Scobell, Balliol; Rev. c. year of our Lord 1838.

Hodge, St. Edmund Hall; Rev. E. Crane On Thursday last the following degrees were

Streeten, Queen's. conferred:

Bachelors of Arts-W. Taylor, All Souls'; Bachelor and Doctor in divinity, by accu

W. Green, Worcester ; J. C. Harris, Wormulation - The Rev. J. E. Nassau Moles

cester ; J. Topham, Worcester; A. W. WalWorth, Trinity, Prebendary of Canterbury,

lis, Magdalen Hall; G. Weight, Magdalen grand comp

Hall; J. D. Astley, Pembroke; H. J. Mar. Doctor 'in Medicine-H. Sumner Dyer,

shall, Pembroke ; W. W. Lovell, Trinity, Worcester.

The board of heads of houses and proctors

have fixed the commemoration of founders and Masters of Arts-W. J. Phelps, Oriel, grand comp. ; T. Allen, Balliol;' Rev. J.

benefactors for Wednesday, the 27th of June. Talmage, Chaplain of Christ Church; C. Ray

Yesterday, the Rev. G. Renaud, M.A., and mond Barker, Wadham.

the Rev. J. Wilson, M.A., scholars of Corpus Bachelors of Arts—Sir R. W. Colebroke

Christi college, were admitted Probationary

Fellows of that society.
Brownrigg, Bart. Ch. Ch. ; J. Martyat, New
Inn Hall; C. Newport, Bolton, St. Edmund

May 26.
Hall; J. Round, Balliol; T. Crossfield,

Exeter College.-There will be an election Queen's ; G, T. Berkeley, Queen's ; H. Down

to a Fellowship in this College, on Saturday ing, Trinity; W. Maude Cosser, Trinity; J.

the 30th of June, open to natives of the county H. Dart, Exeter ; E. E. Estcourt, Exeter ; C.

of Devon, Somerset, Dorset, Oxford, Essex, Brodie Cooper, Wadham ; H. Annesley Tyn

Norfolk, Suffolk, Middlesex, Hants, and Kent. dale, Wadbam; F. Stonhouse, Oriel ; S. Bra

Candidates are required to deliver to the Rector zier Arnott, St. John's. On Friday, the 4th inst. J. G. Domville,

certificates, by affidavit, of their birth within

the counties above mentioned, together with Esq. M.A. of Ch. Ch., and T. W. Smith Grazebrook, Esq., M. A. of Brasennose, were

testimonials from the College or Hall of which called to the degree of Barrister-at-Law, by

they may be members, on or before Saturday

the 23rd of June. It is necessary that they the Hon, Society of Lincoln's Inn.

be of the standing of Senior Sophist in the On Tuesday last the following gentlemen of

University. this University were called to the degree of Barrister-at-Law, by the above Society :-H.

Corpus Christi College.-An Election will

be held in the above College on Friday, the Halford Vaughan, Esq., M.A., Fellow of Oriel ;

15th of June, of Two Scholars-one for the H. Stormont Murray, Esq., M. A. of Ch. Ch.;

county of Hants, and one for the county of and W. Harley Bayley, Esq., M. A. of Ch. Ch.

Lancaster. Candidates must be under 19 years May 19.

of age on the day of Election; and they will Exeter College.-An examination will take be required to present in person, to the Presiplace on Wednesday, the 13th of June, in order dent, certificates of the marriage of their to election to three Scholarships in this Col parents, and of their own baptism, an affidavit lege. One open to all persons above the age of their parents, or some other competent perof 16, and under the degree of B.A. The son, stating the day and place of their birth, second limited to sons of Clergymen of the and testimonials from their college or school; county of Somerset, under the age of 19, with together with Latin Epistles, at 11 o'clock on preference to the kindred of the Rev. Thomas Saturday, the 9th of June. How, late rector of Huntspill, Somerset. The University College. -An Election to a Felthird limited to the kindred of Myriel Symes, lowship, now vacant, on the Foundation of or failing such, to natives of the counties of King Henry the Fourth, will be holden on Somerset and Dorset, with preference to mem Wednesday the 4th of July. This Fellowship bers of the college. Candidates are required to is open to all Members of the University, with call on the rector, with the necessary certifi a preference to persons born in the diocese of cates, on or before Tuesday, the 12th of June. York or Durham. The Fellows on this Foun

Worcester College.-An election of a scho dation are required to enter into holy orders lar, on the foundation of Mrs. Sarah Eaton, before they can be admitted Actual Fellows. will take place in Worcester college, on the

The examination will commence on Saturday, 21st of June. Candidates must produce cer the 30th of June; and candidates are required tificates signed by the Bishops of their res to present to the Master certificates of their pective dioceses, by the ministers of their baptism and place of birth, together with the parishes, and by two or more respectable in. usual testimonials of good conduct, on or before habitants of the same, that "they are sons of Tuesday the 26th of June, clergymen of the Church of England, and In a Convocation holden yesterday, the want assistance to support them in the Univer. nomination of Dr. Ogle and Dr. Daubeny to sity.'

Certificates, with copies of the registry be Examiners of Candidates for Medical of the parents' marriage, and the candidate's Degrees was unanimously approved.

In the same Convocation the University seal F. Burnett, Trinity ; M. Dunn, Trinity ; R. was affixed to a document authorizing the M. White, St. Peter's ; S. Ashby, Pembroke ; Market Committee to borrow and take up at W. Rogers, Catherine Hall, J. N. Mickleinterest, upon credit of the rents and stallages thwait, Fellow of Magdalene; C. L. M. Philof the Market, a sum not exceeding five thou- lipps, Magdalene. sand pounds.

Bachelor in Civil Law-J. G. Cochrane, In the same Convocation, Thomas Wilson, Trinity. M.A. of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, Bachelors of Arts-R. P. Warren, Trinity; was admitted ad eundem.

W. W. Smythe, Trinity ; J. Cookson, Trinity; In a Congregation holden the same day the G. N. G. Lawson, St. John's; J. M. Gipps, following degrees were conferred :

St. John's; C. Williams, St. John's; P. Masters of Arts-Rev. C. Archdale Pal Maitland, St. Peter's; W. C. Nagle, Caius; mer, Student of Christ Church, grand comp. ;

F. H. Sewell, Caius; J. A. Cook, Corpus Rev. W. F. Wingfield, Christ Church; Rev. Christi ; J. W. Maher, Queen's; S. Gall, J. Fisher Hodgson, Christ Church ; Rev. W. Queen's; J. Sawer, Queen's; R. D. MackinJ. Clarke, Balliol; Rev. R. Stephens, Magda. tosh, Catherine Hall; R. Lawson, Jesus; C. len Hall; Rev. J. Hannay, Fellow of Wor. Smith, Magdalene ; J. R. Watson, Magdacester ; Rev. T. Parry, Wadham; W. F lene; W. Peck, Emmanuel. White, Trinity; H. Beaumont Leeson, Caius At the same congregation, John Frederic College, Cambridge, incorporated of Trinity Stanford, B.A. of Christ's college, was elected College, grand comp:

a Travelling Bachelor on the Worts FoundaBachelors of Arts–0. Lloyd Evans, St. tion. Mary Hall; G. Blisset, Balliol; J. Baron, The following graces also passed the seQueen's ; A. Brown, Queen's; A. G.

nate: Hogarth, Queen's; L. G. Browne, Exeter ; To appoint Mr. Browne, of Emmanuel colJ. Carthew, Exeter; H. Gosse, Exeter; c. lege, an Examiner for Tyrwhitt's Hebrew Campbell, Exeter ; C. Carey, Oriel; T. Ryle Scholarships, in the place of the Professor of Smythe, Scholar of Brazennose ; W. Lucas Arabic. Collins, Scholar of Jesus ; J. Cadwallader, To authorize the Vice-Chancellor to take and Scholar of Jesus.

act upon the advice of the University Counsel, The Public Examinations in Disciplinis in order to the obtaining of a faculty for cerMathematicis et Physicis commence on the tain sittings in the nave, galleries, and pews of 12th of June.

the church of St. Mary the Great, appropriated Messrs. Paul Butler and W. Biscoe Tritton, to the University under a decree granted in the have, this week, been elected, from West year 1819, by the chancellor of the diocese of minster School, Students of Christ Church, Ély, with the concurrence of the parishioners :

-the parishioners having authorized the entering of a caveat against the completion of the

faculty then decreed. CAMBRIDGE.

A meeting of the Philosophical Society was held on Monday evening, Mr. Hopkins, Vice

President, being in the chair. Memoirs were April 28.

read by Mr. R. Potter, of Queen's college, on On Wednesday the 11th inst., the Rev. John a new correction in the construction of the Henry Pratt, M.A., of Gonville and Caius col Double Acromatic Object Glass ; Mr. Trentlege, was elected a Frankland Fellow, and Wila ham, of St. John's, ou the expansion of a Poliam John Johnson, B.A., was elected to a

lynomical, and on Symmetrical Functions ; Wortley Fellowship of that society.

Dr. Bond, a Statistical Report on AddenOn Thursday last the following gentlemen brooke's Hospital for the year 1837; Mr. Brodie were elected scholars of Trinity college:

on the occurrence of recent land and freshC. J. Bayley ; J. R. Brodríck; J. P. Gell; water shells, with bones of some extinct aniG. D. Sismey; H. J. Guillebaud ; F. Palmer;

mals, in the gravel near Cambridge. C. Marett; W. Joy; R. M`Neill; R. L.

May 12. Ellis; H. A. Marsh ; G. H. Hodgson ; T. Taylor.-- Westminster Scholars : O. B. C. Funeral of the Rev. Dr. Barnes.-On MonHarrison ; R. B. Tritton.

day morning last, the remains of this venerable

and much-respected gentleman were interred May 5.

in the chapel of St. Peter's college. A vast On Wednesday the 25th ult., the Rev. Ed concourse of persons assembled to witness the ward Thomas Vaughan, M. A. of Christ's ceremony, which, in accordance with the recollege, was elected a Foundation Fellow of quest of the deceased, was conducted with as that society; and on Tuesday last, Alfied

little pomp and show as possible. The followHoratio Darley, M.A. of the same college, ing is a copy of the inscription upon the was elected a Fellow upon the Finch and Baines

coffin :Foundation.

“Prancis BARNES, D.D., At a congregation on Wednesday last, the

Born following degrees were conferred :

13th January, 1744 ; Masters of Arts–S. S. Greatheed, Fellow

Died of Trinity; J. Cooper, Fellow of Trinity; R.

30th April, 1838."

At the conclusion of the ceremony, a very At the same Congregation the following large number of persons pressed forward to grace passed the Senate: view the spot containing the remains of one To appoint the Vice-Chancellor, the Master whose long residence amongst them bad made of Jesus, the Master of Christ's, Professor him as well known as he was respected and Peacock, Professor Miller, Mr. Whewell, of beloved.

Trinity, Mr. Hymers of St. John's, Mr. Daniel Maude, M.A., Fellow of Gonville and Hopkins of Peter-House, Mr. Philpott of Caius college, in this University, has been ap- Catharine Hall, Mr. Thurtell of Caius, Mr, pointed to the important office of Chief Police Phillips of Queen's, Mr. Steventon of Corpus, Magistrate in Manchester. It is understood and Mr. Mills of Pembroke, a Syndicate, to the salary is 1,0001. per annum.

consider whether any and what alterations can On Friday the 11th inst., E. Lloyd Birkett, be advantageously made in the present mode obtained the Mickleborough scholarship in of Examining the Candidates for Mathema. chemistry, in Gonville and Caius college. tical Honours; and to report to the Senate

The Rev. James Saunders, of Sidney Sussex before the division of the present term. college, and the Rev. John Lodge, of Magda A meeting of the Philosophical Society was lene college, have been appointed Woodwardian held on Monday evening, Dr. Graham, the Inspectors for the year ensuing.

president, in the Chair. Papers read were

Mr. Tozer, Caius, Mathematical Investigation May 19.

of the effect of Machinery on the Wealth of a The Rev. W. Hodson, B.D., Fellow and Community and on the funds for the employ Tutor of St Peter's College, has been ap ment of labour :- Mr. Gregory, on the real pointed by the Lord Bishop of Ely to the nature of Symbolical Algebra : --Professot Mastership of that society, vacant by the Miller communicated certain experimental death of the Rev. Dr. Barnes.

measures of Spurious Rainbows. Yesterday evening a very splendid dinner

May 26. was given to Lord Lyttelton, of Trinity college, at the Red Lion Hotel, in this town, Tyrwhitt's Hebrew Scholarships. Ов in compliment to his Lordship for the manner

Saturday last, T. Coward, B.A. of Queen's, in which he had distinguished himself as a

was elected a Scholar of the first class; and Scholar during his recent residence in the

R. A. F. Barrett, B.A., Fellow of King's, a university: Eighty gentlemen sat down, all

Scholar of the second class, upon the above of whom had been educated at Eton.

At a congregation on Wednesday last, the
following degrees were conferred :-

Honorary Master of Arts- The Hon. H.
Lowther, Traity, grandson of the Earl of

At a Convocation holden on Thursday,
Masters of Arts-A. J. C. Laurie, Trinity; April 26th, the following persons were ad.
Rev. R. Yonge, St. John's ; S. Fryer mitted to the Degree of BĂ.-J. H. Sutton;
Gillum, St. Peter's ; T. Wilson, Corpus R. Beauchamp Tower; and J. Blair.

The following were also nominated by the Bachelor in the Civil Law_Rev. W. Warden and approved by Convocation :--The Wilson, St. Peter's.

Rev. H. Jenkyns, M.A., Professor of Greek; Bachelors of drts-C. C. Orme, Tripity; the Rev. Temple Chevallier, B.D., Professor G. Heathcote, Trinity ; C. De la Pryme, of Mathematics ; the Rev. E. Churton, M.A., Trinity; H. J. Bolland, Trinity; A. Thomp Christ Church, Oxford; to be Examiners at son, Trinity; W. Pitt Byrne, Trinity ; W. the Public Examination in Theology in the Whitworth, St. John's; J. Manley Lowe, St. present year. John's ; F. Brown, Magdalen ; R. Bewicke The Rev. C. T. Whitley, M.A., Junior Seale, Trinity Hall; E. Walker, King's; A. Proctor; the Rev. W. Palmer, M.A., MagCrookenden, Queen's ; W. F. Lanfear, dalen College, Oxford ; J. Thomas, B.C.L.; Queen's; W. Matthews, Queen's ; J. Ellis, Rev. T. Leigh Claughton, Trinity College, Pembroke ; G. Howard, Corpus Christi; J. Oxford; to be Examiners at the ensuing Beardmore, Jesus ; J. Jessop Blandford, Examination for the Degrees of B. A. and Christ's; W. H. Mountaio, Christ's.



BIRTHS. of Sons. The lady of the Rev. T. Da. vidson, St. Helen's, Ipswich'; of Rev. R. Bingham,Church House, Gosport; of Rev.

John Wason, Liverpool ; of Rev. W. Alford, Somerton; of Hon. and Rev. F. Baring, Itchen Stoke ; of Rev.M.J. Lloyd, r. of Depden, Suffolk, (still born); of Rev. James 'Baker, Nuneham Courtenay R.

Oxon; of Rev. E. Parker, Bicester V. ; of General in the Island of Jersey ; Rev. I. Rev. F. J. Hilliard, Little Wittenham, H. Clayton, M. A., eldest son of J. ClayBerks ; of Rev. H. Woodward, Leigh ; of ton, Esq., of Enfield Old Park, MiddleRev. J. C. Faber, Chicklade, Wilts; of sex, and of Pulteney-street, Bath, to Jane Rev. F. MacCarthy, Loders V., Dorset ; of Bunn, youngest d. of G. Sheppard, Esq. Rev. N. Oxenbam, Modbury V.; of Rev. of Fromefield House, Somersetsbire ; Rev. J. Byron, Elmstone Hardwicke V.; of C. Clarke, eldest son of Sir C. M. Clarke, Hon, and Rev. II. Powys, Warrington R.; Bart., of Durbam Lodge, Norfolk, to Rosa of Rev. Henry Sampson; of Rev. Jobn Mary, eldest d, of H. Alexander, Esq., of Connell, Royal Hospital, Kilmainbam ; of Cork-st. ; Rev. J. Pardoe, B.A., of St. Rev. W. Willett, Tunbridge, Kent; of John's College, Cambridge, to Frances, Rev. C. Nutt, Tiverton V. ; Rev. W. H. third d. of G. Thornbill, Esq., M.P. for Vernon, Carshalton R., Surrey; Rev. John the county of Huntingdon ; Rev. F. T. Brereton, Sharnbrook, Beds.

Scott, M.A., of Stone, Kent, to Elizabeth, Of Daughters. -The lady of the Rev. third d. of the late J. Tristram, Esq., of Wni. Littlehales, Compton Bishop V.; of Belbroughton, Worcestershire ; Rev. H, Rev. J. S. Brockburst, Camberwell (still T. Parker, v. of Blandford, Dorsetsbire, born); of Rev. J. R. Oldbam, Hudders to Jane, youngest d. of the late Rev. G. field; of Rev. F. J. H. Reeves, East Sayer, of Pett, Kent; Rev. T. Child, Sheen, Surrey; of Rev. H. C. Eaton ; of youngest son of T. Child, Esq., of East Rev. F. Pickford, Muckton R., Lincoln Woodhay, to Mary, d. of J. Fielder, Esq., shire ; of Rev. J. J. Matthews, Melbury of St. Mary's-bill, Newhury; Rev. C. F. V., Dorset ; of Rev. J. Browne, Milton Baldwin, M.A., of St. Jobn's College, Hatch, near Lymington ; of Rev. R. C. Oxon, second son of C. Baldwin, Esq., of L. Pbelips, Cucklington R.,Somersetshire; Grove-hill, Camberwell, to Ellen Jane, of Rev. A. Wilkinson, Winterbourne Zel. eldest d. of J. Pooley, Esq., of Hulme; stone, Dorset; of Rev, J. Fawcett, Low Rev. H. S. Pollard, M.A., of Lincoln Moor; of Rev. R. A'Court Beadon, Ched. College, Oxon, to Anne Isabella, d. of the dar V., Somerset; of Rev. A. G. Pember late W. Snagg, Esq., of the Island of St. ton, West End Lodge, Kilburn; of Rev. Vincent; Rev. W. Greswell, r. of Culve, A. H. Dutbie, Sittingbourne V.; of Rev. alias Kilve-cum-Stringston, Somerset, to Edward Daniell, Upper Bullingham; of Mary Anne, second d. of H. Harrison, Rev. F. D. Bassett, Teignmouth (still Esq., of Cheadle, Chesbire; Rev, J. C. born); of Rev. C. B. Gould, Lew Tren Allen, B.A., of Brasennose College, Oxon, cbard R., Devonshire; of Rev. J. Arm to Julia Louisa, only d. of the Rev, G. strong, Dinder, near Wells ; of Rev. J. A. Lamb, D.D., r. of Iden, Sussex; Rev. Morton, Holbeach V.; of Rev. W. W. J. G. Lawford, of Aylesbury, Bucks, to Pym, Willian V., Herts; of Rev. H. H. Phoebe, third d. of the late W. Dawson, Alford, Wymeswould V., Lincolnshire ; of Esq., of Turnham-green; Rev. B. WestRev. John Fereday; of_Rev. H. W. wood, to Eliz. Courtis, widow, fifth d. of Buckley, Hartshorn R., Derbyshire; of the late Mr. Markbam, of Gainsborough ; Rev. J. Gaskin, Kingswood Hill P., Rev. W. Hildyard, r. of Market Deeping, Bristol ; of Rev. Wm. B. Otter, Kinlet to Sophia, fourth d. of the late Rev. J. V., Shropshire.

Hildyard, v. of Bonby and Horkstrow, in

the county of Lincoln ; Rev. F. Hodgson, MARRIAGES.

Archdeacon of Derby, to Elizabeth, second

d. of Lord and Lady Denman; Rev. H. Rev. H. J. Rose, r. of Houghton G. Currie, to the Hon. Charlotte AddingConquest, to Sarah Caroline, d. of Tho ton, third d. of Lord Viscount Sidmouth; mas Burgon, Esq., Brunswick-square; Rev. P. Thresher, M.A., of University Rev. J. Nelson, of Luddenbam, in the College, Oxon, to Elizabeth, eldest d. of parish of Halifax, to Jane, youngest d. the Rev. W. Harrison, v, of Farebam, and of the late T. Hall, Esq., of Saffron Wal Prebendary of Wincbester; Rev. J. Spry, den, Essex; Rev. J. Gall, of St. John's p. c. of West Bromwich, Staffordshire, to wood-road, to Mrs. C. C. Andrew, relict


relict of H. Hunt, Esq., of the of J. Andrew, Esq., of Bengal ; Rev. B. Brades ; Rev. W. Glaister, r. of Beckley, J. Sams, r. of Alderton-cum-Grafton Re Sussex, to Elizabeth, youngest d. of the gis, Northamptonshire, to Susan Louisa, Rev. J. Burrill, r. of Over Broughton ; third d. of J. Sutton, Esq. ; Rev. C. Bou Rev. R. Moore, B.A., of Christ Church, tell, jun., to Mary, eldest d. of the Rev.

youngest son of the Rev. R. Moore, Dr. Chevalier, of Aspal Hall, Suffolk ; M.A., and late student of Christ Church, Rev. J. Hart, to Maria, d. of W. B. Prebendary of Canterbury, and r. of HunHulme, Esq., late Assistant Quartermaster ton, Kent, to Charlotte, third d. of the

Rev. Dr. Warre, Prebendary of Wells, Simpson, of Croft Hall, Darlington ; Rev. and r. of Cheddon Fitzpaine, Rev. J. L. W. P. Larken, r, of Ufford, Suffolk, to Galton, of Brampton, Hants, to Louisa Cecil Carstairs, second surviving d. of the Mary, eldest d. of the late C. Bevan, Esq., late Dr. J. Hare, jub., of Calder Hall, of Devonshire-place, London; Rev. H. Edinburgh; Rev. Dr. Dickenson, r. of R. Francis, M, A., Fellow of St. John's Seapatrick, to Margaretta, d. of the late College, Cambridge, and principal of W. Hayes, Esq., of Millmount; Rev. L. Kingston College, lull, to Beata Lloyd C. Powys, r. of Stalbridge, Dorset, to Jones, youngest d. of the late Rev. J. L. Amelia, relict of S. Knight, jún., Esq., of Jones, of Plas Madoc, Denbighshire; Missington House, Cambridgeshire; Rer. Rev. P. J. Washerton, of Hadleigb, Es C. A, Ogilvie, v. of Duloe, Cornwall, to sex, to Eliza Jane Senior, eldest d. of L. Mary Anne Gurnell, eldest d. of the late G. H. Hunt, Esq., of Compton Paunce J. Armstrong, Esq. ; Rev. T. D. West, foot, Somersetsbire ; Rev. J. B. Hartley, v. of Rushmere, near Ipswicb, to Mary B.A., eldest son of the Rev. R. Hartley Anne, youngest d. of the late J. E. Leeds, M.A., r. of Staveley, to Maria Louisa, Esq., of Chelsea College; Rev. J. H. second d. of Marsball Williams, Esq., of Hamilton, v. of Sheepshed, Leicestershire. Pale Hall, near Sbeffield ; Rev. S. Brig to Ano, youngest d. of the Rev. T. Bold; stocke, to Charlotte, third d. of J. Cun. Rev. J. Menzies, r. of Wyke Regis, ningham, Esq., of Clifton ; Rev. J. Sun Dorset, to Caroline, d. of Mrs. Lang, of derland, of Bury, Lancashire, to Miss Moor Park.


N.B. The EVENTS are made up to the 22nd of each Month.



CAMBRIDGESHIRE, -The following clergymen have been re CAMBRIDGE CHURCH MISSIONARY Şocently presented with pieces of plate by CIETY.-On Tuesday, May 8th, the twen. their parisbioners, in testimony of their

tieth anniversary meeting of the above soesteem and respect

ciety was held at the Town Hall; the Rev. Rev. G. Ainslie, St. Peter's church, Professor Lee in the chair, The Rev. Walworth.

Professor Scholefield read the report, and Rev. R. Bateman, rector of Silton, Dor

the Revs. J. Brown, W, Carus, S. Backs,

E. Bickersteth, C. Perry, Dr. Doran, and Rev. F. J. Eyre, Breamore and Wood

W. Clark, addressed the meeting, and Green, Hants.

moved various resolutions.-Camb. Chron. Rev. John Gaskin, Kingswood, Gloucestershire.

CHESHIRE. Rev. J. Husband, curate of Neston. Bowness Caunch.---Tbe pulpit, read

ing-desk, and communion-table, in Bowness BERKSHIRE.

cburch, Windermere, bave been covered

with handsome draperies at the expense of The newly-erected church at Wareham was opened on Sunday, the 15th of April, which were thus replaced were presented

the Misses Watson, of Millbeck. The covers when an impressive sermon was preached by the Rev. H. Randolph. The present of the ladies, tbe late Bishop of Landafi

to the church by the distinguished father erection will seat about 700. The expense

Cumberland Paper. of the building was defrayed chiefly by Thos. Duffield, Esq., M.P., and family,

DERBYSHIRE partly by collegiate bodies who have land Fifty-two clergymen in Derbyshire have in the parish, by liberal subscriptions of presented a memorial to the Archbishop the surrounding gentry, by a churcb-rate, of Canterbury, expressing strong disap and by a grant from the Society for Build probation of the Benefices Plurality Bill. ing and Enlarging Churches. -- Berks Chron. They state, that there are five thousand

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