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the afternoon, by the Rev. Wm. Dods. chapel sball forbid the same. S. That worth, Secretary of the Metropolis Church- every vestry or other meeting which by Building Society.— Times.

virtue of any statute, law, or custom, bas The first stone of a second new church in beretofore been holden in any restry. the parish of Rotherhithe was laid in Pa. room of any church or chapel of any parish radise-row, on Thursday, April 19th, by or place may, from and after the passing Major-Gen. Sir W. Gomm, K.C.B. The of this act, be bolden in such other room church is to be built at the expense of the within the parish or place as shall be aptrustees of the late Miss Hlyndman, and pointed in the notice given of such meetthe site is given by Sir W. Gomm, who ing by the churchwarden or church wardens bas also given ground for the site of a third or other persons authorized by law to call church. On this occasion, a neat silver the same. 4. That is any vestry or other trowel was presented to Sir William by the meeting be bolden in any church or chapel builder, Mr. J. Kelsey, in the name of the contrary to the provisions of this act, all inhabitants of Rotherhithe, as a small proceedings at such meeting shall be ab. token of gratitude for bis liberality in bave solutely null and void in lav. 5. That ing given sites for two churches, as well this act shall not extend to tbat part of the as 1001. towards the new churches, and united kingdom called Scotland.” 501. towards the new school-rooms lately SELECT COMMITTEE ON CNurch LEASES. erected in the parish. The proceedings of Lord John Russell, Mr. Goulburn, Mr. the day were concluded by a treat of cake Lambton, Mr. Pusey, Mr. Pease, Mr. G. and tea given to nearly 700 children be. Vernon, Mr. V. Smith, Mr. G. Koight, longing to schools connected with the Mr. Childers, Lord Eliot, Mr. Heetor, church of England. The church is to be Mr. Ing bam, Mr. W. Evans, Mr. H. called Christ's Church.-Morning Post.

Jobnstone, the Solicitor-General, Mr. B. VESTRIES IN CHURCHES.--The Bishop Wall, and Mr. Ward. of London has presented to the blouse of Lords a bill on tbis important subject. It

NORTHAMPTONSHIRE. has been considered and amended in a PETERBOROUGH DIOCESAN CHURCH committee of their lordships, and the fol BUILDING Association. - A general meet. lowing are the leading features of it, ting for the formation of an association in amended in committee.”—It is entitled, the diocese of Peterborough for the build. “ An act to prevent the holding of vestrying and enlargement of churches and chaor other meetings in churches.” The pels, was held on Wednesday, April, 18th preamble sets forth that_“ Whereas in at the George Hotel, Northampton. Up. parishes where the vestry-room is not suf wards of two hundred of the nobility, genficiently large and commodious for the

try, and clergy of the county attended, holding of vestry or other meetings, not and the chair was taken by the Marquis of being for the purpose of divine worship, Northampton. The aim of the association, such meetings are frequently adjourned to as specified in the first and second resoluor holden in the body of the parish church, tions adopted by the meeting, appears to which practice is productive of scandal to be to provide, as far as possible, for all religion, and of other great inconveniences: persons in the communion of the church for remedy thereof be it enacted, &c. of England the means of attending the 1. That no meeting, not being for the public worship of Almighty God, and to purpose of divine worship, according to effectuate this object by forming a diothe rites and ceremonies of the united cesan association in union with, and in church of England and Ireland as by law aid of “ The Incorporated Society for Proestablished, or for some religious or eccle. moting the Enlargement, Building, and siastical purpose, approved by the bishop Repairing of Churches and Chapels," but of the diocese, shall be holden in the hody limited as regards its own expenditure of any parish church or chapel, or other within the archdeaconry, to promoting the consecrated church or chapel, nos in the enlargement(not the repairing) of churches chancel thereof, in any parish or place the and chapels. In the course of the meets population whereof exceeds 1,000 per ing, the Rev. Dr. Butler, chancellor of

2. That in any parish or place, the the diocese, who acted as provisionary population whereof does not exceed 1,000 secretary, and appears to have taken a persons, such meeting as aforesaid shall very active part in the formation of the not be held in the body of the parish association, stated that the incorporated church or chapel, or in the chancel thereof, society bad, in the space of fifteen years, in case the rector, vicar, or other incum contributed 119,4051", by which bad been bent or minister of the said church or obtained 313,550 additional sittings, of

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which 233,925 were free. Several resolu Sir P. P. F. P. Acland, bart., of Fairtions were passed, and laws and regulations field, has had an organ built, the entire agreed to for the government of the society.

cost of which is estimated at nearly 1,0001., An account of the funds of the embryo asso. and be bas presented the same for the serciation was at the same time laid before the vice of the church at Stogursey.-Wilts meeting, from which it appeared that the Herald. sum of 7971. 18s. had been received as An important decision relative to tithes donations, and annual subscriptions entered was given in the Court of Exchequer, a few upon the books to the amount of 1141, 6s. days since, in a case sent up from North It is devoutly to be wished that this laud. Curry. The court decided that vetches able example may be followed with equal cut green were of the nature of agistment spirit throughout every diocese in the tithe, and were therefore small tithe.--kingdom.-Cambridge Chronicle.

Ibid. We are informed that the Rev. J.

STAFFORDSHIRE. Storer, as legal representative of the late A bazaar beld at Tamworth, at wbich Rev. Creed Turner, bas paid to tbe Not Lady Peel was present, for the endowment tingham General Hospital the sum of of a chapel, realized, in two days, 5001, 705l. 19s. being such part of the legacy

SUSSEX left by the said Rev. Creed Turner as

Between the hours of 9 and 10 o'clock, there were legal assets to meet ; and tbat

on Wednesday evening, the 25th of April, Miss Gill, of Doncaster, has most liberally

as the Rev. Mr. Richards, vicar of Ickles. presented the sum of 3581. 6s. 8d. to the

ham, and bis family, were sitting in his same institution, being her share of that portion of the said Rev. Creed Turner's fron-plate shutter of the window, and

parlour, some villain fired through the property, wbich, owing to the operation of nearly shot Mr. Richards ; fifteen slugs the statute of mortmain was voided for longed in the walls. There is no doubt it benevolent purposes, and became hers as

was done with an intent to murder, as it is one of his next of kin.- Nottingham Jour not the first time this gentleman bas been nal.

shot at.

It is most strange tbat these base OXFORDSHIRE.

attempts should be made upon the life of On Wednesday, May 16th, the founda one who is so great a friend to the poor. tion-stone of a parochial school for boys, We regret to state that no clue has yet to be used also as a Sunday-school, in the been obtained by which the assassins can parish of St. Thomas, in this city, was laid be traced.-Susser Express. by the Rev. J. Jones, the perpetual curate. The new church on the Montpelier-road, -01ford Heruld.

Prighton, has recently been consecrated. RUTLANDSHIRE.

--Surrey Standard. A piece of plate has been presented to

WARWICKSHIRE. the Ven. Archdeacon Bonney, by general

Last week, the annual examination of subscription of the nobility, clergy, ladies, the scholars of King Edward the Sixth's gentlemen, yeomen, and working-classes Free Grammar School, in Birmingham, of the county of Rutland, in gratitude for,

took place, The examiners were the and approbation of, his magisterial services Rev. William Hayward Cox, M.A. , Vicefor a period of twenty-one years. - Lin. Principal of St. Mary Hall; tbe Rev. W. colnshire Chron.

Jacobson, M.A., Vice-Principal of Magda. At the audit of the governors of Oakbam

len Hall; and the Rev. G. J. Kennedy, and Uppingham Schools, Henry Peach, of M.A., Fellow of St. John's College, CamEmmanuel College ; G. A. Hewit, of Sid bridge. ney College; Charles Jemkins, of Trinity

WILTSHIRE. Hall; and Thomas Relumen, of Trinity At a vestry, beld at Melksham, on the College, all of Cambridge, (lately pupils 2nd of May, a church-rate of three-halfin Oakham school,) were appointed to the pence in tbe pound was granted, without general exhibition to either Oxford or the slightest opposition.-Salisbury Her. Cambridge, value 401, a year.-G. Flud. On the 19th ultimo, the Lord Bishop of yer, Esq., was chosen a governor, vice Sir Salisbury consecrated the new chapel and Gerard Noel Noel, deceased.-Cumbridge chapel-yard of Shaw and Whitley in the Chron.

parish of Melksbam.-Ibid. SOMERSETSHIRE.

WORKS E. The new church in the parish of Weston, The Scarborougb committee of the Sonear Bath, was consecrated on the 10th of ciety for Promoting Christian Knowledge May, by the Lord Bishop of the diocese.- held their ninth anniversary on Monday, Bath Herald.

May 14th. The following is an extract


from the report of their proceedings for the in the neighbourhood would follow so last year :-"

-" The committee bave great good an example. The Bradford Church cause to express their tbankfulness that Education Society, whenever it may comthe diffusion of the word of God, by the mence its useful labours, will afford to all means of this society, continues steadily employers, whetber more or less affluent, advancing The rumber of books and an excellent opportunity of imparting retracts issued from the depository since the ligious instruction to the families of their last report, amounts to 2,524_namely, 226 workmen. The archbishop of the proBibles, 158 Testaments, 176 Books of Com

vince and the bisbop of the diocese have mon Prayer, and 1,964 other books and already sent, by way of good example, tracts, being a much larger numher of liberal donations to tbis society. – Leeds Bibles and Testaments than has been issued before, in any one year, since the New CavRCH.-On Friday, the 6th formation of the committee."

April, the foundation stone of the District New NATIONAL SCHOOL Room, Bow Church of Christ Church, Lothersdale, in LING.-A very commodious and handsome the parish of Carlton, was laid, in the preGothic edifice bas been erected, chiefly at sence of a numerous assembly, by the Rev. the expense of the Bowling Iron Com. John Pering, M.A., vicar of Kildwick, on pany, upon the Wakefield road, nearly op abich occasion the address was given by posite their works, and about a mile from the Rev. J. A. Busfield, D.D. The site of ibe town of Bradford. For a year past, this church, consisting of an acre of ground, a Sunday school has been collecting wbilstis liberally given by the Earl of Burlingthe building at Church-bill was in pro. ton, and the Rev. Walter Lavett, M.A., gress, and wbich now numbers 400 chil. vicar of Carlton, has endowed it with the dren. The Lord Bishop of Ripon having munificent sum of 10001. granted license for divine service to be A meeting of the inhabitants of Wetherbeld in this building, the first instance of by was lately held, to consider whether its celebration took place on Monday the present chapel of ease in that town afternoon, on which occasion, after a ser should be repaired or a new one built, the mon from the Rev. James Bardsley, cu latter course baving been agreed upon, a rate of Bierley, a collection was made to subscription was set on foot, and in the wards the expense of the fittings, henches, space of half an bour nearly 1,0001, were desks, &c. On Tuesday afternoon, a collected. Wetherby is by no means a general meeting of all the Sunday-school large town.-York Herald. teachers of the Bierley Chapel schools, The sum of 1,5001. bas already been and of those in the proposed district of St. subscribed towards the erection of a new James's church, was beld at Church-bill cburch at the top of Victoria-street, White school room, and after partaking of tea, an Abbey, Bradford. - Halifax Guardiau. address of thanks was voted most unani. mously and heartily, to the Bowling Com

SCOTLAND. pany, and to J. G. Paley, Esq., in particular, who, in addition to the company's The Queen bas been pleased to appoint liberality, bad freely granted a site upon Lord Belbaven to be her Majesty's bigh his own estate for the building. A de. commissioner to the General Assembly of putation then waited upon Mr. Paley, the church of Scotland. who kindly expressed bis hearty wishes The Duke of Richmond, chancellor of for the prosperity of the institution, and Marischal College and University, bas depromised to acquaint the company with clined giving any decision in regard to che grateful acknowledgments of the meet tbe last election of a lord rector, agaiast ing, wbich consisted of nearly 800 persons, which, as declared in favour of Lord most of whom were residents in the town. Brougham, an appeal was transmitted to ship and neighbourhood. In the address his grace, signed by 108 of those students an earnest bope was expressed that all who were supporters of Lord Lundborst wealthy employers of the working classes and Mr. Colquhoun.-Aberdeen Jounal.


A Treatise on Engineering, Field Work, &c. By

P. Bruff. 8vo. 10s. 6d. cloth.
Girdlestone's Commentary on the Old Testament.

Part III. 8vo. gs. cloth,
Smith's Sermons at the Temple and at Cam-
bridge. 8vo.



The Holy Sanctuary, or Domestic Devotions for

Every Day in the Year. 8vo. 15s. cloth. Conder's Analytical and Comparative View of

all Religions. Svo, 14$. cloth. Moberly's Practical Sermons. Svo,

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Christian's Family Library, Vol. XXVII. Roberts's Life of Moore. fc. 6s. cloth. Montrose and the Covenanters. By M. Napier,

2 vols, 8vo. 24s. boards. M'Caul's Sketches of Judaism and the Jews.

12mo. 33.6d. cloth. Sprague on True Christianity. 12m), 58. cl. Adam on the Sealed Book. 8vo, 85, 60. bds. Coloor as a Means of Art. Crown 8vo. 10s. 6d.

cloth. Humour and Pathos. By G. R. W. Baxter.

Crown 8vo. 7s. 6d. cloth. Travels of Minna and Godfrey in Many Lands,

** Holland." fc. 73. cloth. Winning's Manual of Comparative Philology.

8vo. Is. boards. Lavate. 's Original Maxims for the Young. 32mo.

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By the Hon. and Rev, A. P. Perceval. Post

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218. bound. Fisher's Waverley Forget-Me-Not. 2nd series.

4to. 258. bound.

7s. 6d.

FROM APRIL 24, TO MAY 24, 1838.

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At the Office of R. W. Moore, 5, Bank Chambers, Lothbury.

[blocks in formation]


" Mr. Perceval," “ F. O.," and “ Clericus Felix” on Attendance at Balls, will be given in the next Number.

“ W. W. S.” is informed that there can be no doubt that D. N. D. Papa, represent the words Dominus Noster, Dominus Papa; that the form is frequently fully given, and that it is quite in unison with the forms of low Latin, Italian, French, and even earlier English, where the complimentary title was often repeated, as “ To my Lord's Grace, the Lord Archbishop,” &c. &c. It is perhaps worth noticing, that Mr. Southey, whose authority is so great, charges the commentators only with giving the pope the blasphemous appellation of our Lord God. His note, perhaps, should be transcribed, Foulis' Hist. of Popish Treasons, &c, p. 29. Extra. Joh. xxii., Tit. xiv., de verborum significat , cap. iv., cum inter non nullos, Gloss. sect. Declaramus, prope finem, The reader who refers to Foulis, will see why he has been thus minute in his quotations. The passage is found in ten editions of the canons which he had examined, four of them published after Gregory XIII. had corrected the canon law."— Book of the Church, chap. X., at the end.

“ The Church,” a weekly paper, published at Cobourg, in Upper Canada, ought to be recommended to those interested in the church affairs of that country, as being under excellent direction and authority. The Editor of the " British Magazine" would be truly obliged to any clergyman in Canada, and in any other of our colonies, who has the means of knowing what it is important should be stated and circulated in this country, and who would briefly state it in the compass of a common letter to the Editor, which would not cost the writer much time, and could always be given in the Magazine. It is impossible at a distance either always to know what is most important or to give the time necessary for abridging paragraphs from newspapers arriving from different quarters, and full of local matters.

“ J. M.," on Flacius Illyricus, is received. Will he not allow the Editor to give his valuable name in full ?

In answer to the following note,-"Sir, I hope, for the credit of the clergy, you will undertake to answer the very weak arguments with which a weak advocate attempts to defend the practice of clergymen's attending balls. I am, Sir, yours truly, A Subscriber from the First Number of your Magazine,"—the Editor would be exceedingly glad if the writer would himself answer either the letter in question or any other letter which may seem to him deserving of animadversion, and, if the arguments are weak, expose them.

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