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dated in the bowels of the earth, here is of uniform density and uniform wheace'it"was elevated to its surface, naterial from top to botom. and to the tops of our mountains, by Marine thells and their impreffione Abe expansive force of fubterranean fire. have lately been discovered in some of

Wild as this fathionable theory must our Batalıs t : this proves they never appear, and contrary to all probability, were in fusion, as such substances calm ii is alfo untiupported by any species of cine and turn into live with a very proof, and contradicted by facts in moderate heat. brery part of this country; for instead Bafalt pillars have also been lately of the dijturation and contorhon of the found with cavitjes filled with frelh wa. Jerata, which according to his Theory, ter; a fact incompatible with igneous tx, five, we amalt eslieca, Edinburgh fufion

Transactionis, vol. I. p. 205), and in Mr. Kirwan derives every thing from fiead of finding them, as he fays, we do, aqueous solution; and says, that the

in every puikble pofition, from tori- material of which our Causeway is zoutal becoming vertical, froin conti- formed was split into ..columns ly de auous brukon, and feparated in every ficcation. ppfully direction, froin a patie bent Eniinent as this

great man undoubt and doubled,” nothing cant exceed the edly is, in the chemical and mineralogie regularity with which the firata are caf branches of Natural History, yet, difpofed over the whole face of this Bale on this subject, his theory fecms to be as dali country, nor does itreir tieady pa- infufficieni' as those of rallelilin feem ever to be difiurbed. deceffors ; for his myftem does not aco

Though Batalt bas for a long time connt for the delicáre articulations of been prerry generally confidered as a our pillars, by far the most curious cisvolcanic prodluciion, yet more accurate comfiance atiending shem, and mot modern observers have discovered ma- happily exhibited in different points of ay circumstances which thew it never view in the prefent picture. pould have been a fution for id lace, This theory too is incompatible with

Al lavas abound with air-holes, the different ranges or firata of pillars while not a single carily is to be found placed on one another with solid rock in my of our Bafalts, except what are between when. mentioned below.

But, above all, it is contradi&ted by All kavas are accon panierl by scoria, fact, our pillars being in close contact. ook a particle of which is to be found with each other, as appears, by their at the starts ('auteway; or any where firface holding water : whereas, had on our coal #

they been formed hy their substance Currents of lava are stated by Sit fpliting on deficcation, great intervals William Hamilton, Ferber, and Spa- muft have exilied between them. Janżani, alwavs to varv in'rherr deug Froni all this, it must appear, that & ; atseit materiais being generally ar- Philofophers have not yet discovered ranged wecording to their specific gra- the proces adopted by Nature, in the vities: thus, at the bottom compact conliruction of this beautiful and hue Java, then cellular laura, then scoria, pendous work; but'though we cannot lasily cinders and volcanic alhes. Now penetrate thc fecrct of her operations, it of Bufale be of volcanic' origin, our is with pleasure we admire her inagnitrix muh he curreng of lava, of courteficence, especially when joined to the

hould be goverräed by the fine rule: niotti conltiommate neatnels; and where ipliead of which, every Bafalt firatum are both to abundantly displayed, as at

Some travellershave thought they ohlerved veit'ges of fire and fo ria of iron; buf, if they had broke the fiones, they would rave tund they had been deceived by the exherior appearance, and that the internal ftriieture was in ompatible with any furch prin. ciple. Some itunes which have heco -picked up on one coat have beeir produced as ex

ibig real wanks of fore ;; but these liad been used in farming hearths for the burning ol kelp:

+ These had o i been discovered when D.. Hamilton's.naok was publife. #That foch water could not pollibly have got through any chinks or clefts between thie Malite columns will be thewn below, for nothing can be more compact and closely joined, so as not to admit the minuteft interval. Indeer, this water is always found as a kind of nucleus, within the most compact part of the stove, and inchised in a glazed cop vercle, or gify thelt, wrich feams to have formed ils niuus from the futt formation of its tienny Beu.

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the Giants Causeway and its vicinity following written lines on the pillary The coils of a journey are amply re- they are entirely at your lervice.“. paid by the contemplation of such won Cætera defisit. derfal objects ; and to those who are An infeription for an obelisk raised too diltant for such an expedition, Mr. by Sir W. Draper, to the memory of Robinfon's finę picture, finithed on the the late Lord Chatham, and knit fpot, and now at Belfast, will give a, W. Gordon, elga. to be infetibed better idea of the Gianis Causeway, thereon, 1781. and its lowering promontories, than

Viro memorabili, invi&o, any thing of the kind yet attempted.

qui in dubiis rebus trepiurgive W.R.

patriz laboranti

vindicem se impavidam ob eilit, Mr. URBAN, Gloucester, May Io.

ruentis imperii ftætor, ERMIT inę to communicate an

conglii et exempti fingularis au&ory inscription that the late Sir

qui grandia ausus et affecutus

Britannia gloriam, Wm. Draper designed for his obe

jam propè intermortuam, liik at Clifton, which he raised to

resuscitabit, adauxit, the memory of the late Lord Chat- qui orbem ferè universam animo complexus, ham. - If you should think it wor hoftibus ubique profiigatis, thy of a place in your valuable Mif

Europam, Afiam, Africam, American,

victoriis perazravit, cellany, as the production of an

triumphis illuftravit, elegant Latin scholar, it may afford

GULIELMO Pitt.** a degree of satisfaction to one of your constant readers, tliat he has

Mr. URBAN, contributed thus much, though at second-hand, to a choice colletion you will rejoice to hear that Mr.

Prrr's birth-day was yesterday of materials with which your pub- commemorated, with great fetiiviy, in lication is monthly acknowledged to Merchant Taylors Hall, Threadneedleabound. &

street, hy a leldom equalled I add a fragment of Sir Wm. for rank and refpectability of character. Draper's Letter addrefled to Wm. Among those prelent were the Gordon, efq. who occupied the Dukes of Rutland and Montrole.- Mars houle at Clifton, called Manilla: quifles Cornwallis, Towulhend, Bucka

ingham, Exeter, . Worceller.- Earls Hall, in the year 1781.

Spencer, Camden, Welimorlaud, Er ** This war is a most troublesome fex, Cowper, Guwer, Eution, even in its molt prosperous Lords Romney, Whitworth, Carringa ftate: I wonder that the purles as well ton, Grenville, Loftus, Wallinghang as patience of the nation are not totally Morpeth, Giydir, Bruce, Hawkerg exhaufted. I profess that my political bury, Rolle, Hood, Calilereagh, R. cres bare not discernment enough to Seymour, F. Campbell, W. Gordon, discover, how a decrease of commerce Braybrook, Yarinouth, Iloodhouse and an increase of enemies can end, Mulgrave, Bayning, Hervey, G. L, bit in our total ruin, unless a speedy Gower, Louvaine, and Villiers.--The trop be put to the contet. I see by the Attorney and Solicitor-General.-Adpapers, that 24 millions are wanting for miral "Berkelev.-Generals Lenex, ihe year, and voted accordingly, I Egerton, Gafenigne.- Sirs R. Peeler was a bold stroke--but what Purifi have Will. Wynne, R. Buxton, 11. Milda we taken to furnish the incans. I read mas, R. Pauilun, J. Wrottelley, S. of no naral victories ; undecisive en- Slewart, Christopher Banes.t-Aldeipigements are bad omens ai lia. men Curtis, Anderson, Price, Flowerg

* I will my honeti praife of the dead &c. - The doors were opened foon may not be iniscontirued into fatire after 4, when the company collected in against the living. I with most fin- vast numbers. The three rooms were cerely, that every line may be appro- occupied as follows: priated to lord N. at ibe conclution of The large room contained 305 The war. His good qualities delerve The fecond room

260 belier fucceis than he has met with

The third room

149 but - he' has more enemies to firuggle

904 with, and more difficulties to conquer. The number avho fat down exceede If you this proper to intcribe the ed that for which the dinner had been


ordered-at a Guinea a head-by four. fible for him to express the sentiments The dinner, which was from the Lon- he felt for the distinguished honour don Tavern, was served up about a which had been thus conferred upon quarter past 6, and was of a very fupe- him ; he should therefore content himrior kind, both in quantity and qua- felf with thanking the company most, lity. When “ The King" was given cordially, and drinking to

in The as a toalt, all the company joined in Health of all present." The glee of. "God Save the King!" «The Queen," « The mighty Conqueror of Hearts,"

The Prince and Princess of followed the toast of the “ Army and Wales,"

'—". The Duke of York, and Navy of the United Kingdom."-" The all the rett of the Royal Family,” afiera Lord Mavor and City of London" was wards followed, and were moft cor- given with univerfal applause; and the dially given. Earl Spencer (who was glec of the “ New Mariners," tvas next in the chair), previously to his propo- fung. Earl Spencer then addrefled the sing Mr. Pitt's health, wished to ftale company~" 'We have heard with to the company, that he bad that pleature a very excellent glee respecting morning received a letter, which he • the Stormy Winds,” and I now beg tead, the substance of which was, " that leave to give you, “ The Pilot that Mr. Pitt had received with much pride weathered the Storm." The toast proinformation of the honour which his duced the most enthusiastic applause, Lordhip, and those who composed the and Mr. Dignun gave an excellent fong, meeting, intended to confer on him which was written by Mr. Canning that day; that, however thankful he In the course of the evening a variety was for this teftimony of their regard, of other toalls were given; as, “ The he begged that his Jordihip would make British Army and its brave Commanhis beli excuses for declining bis perlo- ders!"-" The Memory of Lord Howe nal attendance ; that the occasion of the and the First of June, 94 !"-" Earl St. meeting would belt point out the deli- Vincent, and the Fourteenth of Februcate propriety of his abfence; but that ary!"-"Lord Duncan, and the meno man could recollect with greater morable Battle of Caniperdown !"pleafire and respect fuch a very Hatier “ Lord Nelson, and the glorious Battle ing distinciion of his friends." Earl of the Nile!"_"General Abercromby, Spencer, after reading the letter, short and the brare Heroes of Egypt!" Then lý observed, that although they all fin. Earl Spencer gave, "The Throne; the cerely regretted his absence, yet that Virtues that fill it, and the Councils none would the less cordially unite that preserv'd it!". This was very loudly with him in drinking " Mr. Pitt," to applauded. At a quarter before 10, whom this country was to much in- Earl Spencer, looking round how to debted for the preferration of its rights conclude the evening handsomely, gave and liberties. The toast, with three again the coast of “The Pilot who tines three, was loudly reiterated from weathered the Storm ;" and the last long

of the room, accompanied by was repeated with still greater enthufie universal huzzas, and the waving of alin. After this Earl Spencer gave, hats and handkerchiefs, in testimony “ The Merchant 'Taylors Company ; of the most cordial approbation. Dig- and thanks 10 the Master, Wardiens, num augmented the general joy by an and Court of Alifiants, for the use of Anacreontic Song, written by Mr. their Hall. The health of Marquis George Rose"; and, after the tumult Cornwallis was then proposed, and of general applaufe had in fome degree drank with the most general and enabated, Earl Spencer gave

" The thufiaftic acclamation. The company Wooden Walls of Old England ;" broke up about half after 10. Civis. which was immediately followed by the glee of “ Britain's 'best Bulwark's Mr. URBAN, Slau'fon, Apr. 20. are her Wooden Walls." Sir Robert

WISH to know whether he had to subinit to the meaning; he


and it should make no apology for the toast


what they are ; having he was about to propose, but gare lately heard of its being used in “ The Worthy Chairman." This met America, and the West Indies, as a, with enthutiaftic approbation. . Lord preventative or cure for the Yellow Spencer remarked, that it was impor: Fever. Yours, &c. J. TailBs. * Theíc excellent Songs Thall both appear in our next. EDIT.


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