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till 1793:

nary Nature and obliging dispofilion pro taken with an apoplectic fit, which relle cured lom a recommendation to His Royal dered lier infenfible, and ended her life. Highness ihe Prince of Wales, with whorn Mrs. Butler Diinvers, wife of the Hon. he lived as louge-porter at Carleton-house Auguftus Burler D. of Swihland, co. Leic.

He was then appunited fer 9. Aged a 3, Thomas Chapman, geut. He geant in the Sutherland Fencibles; but, on was line:lly descended fronu SrItaas Newaccount of his prodigious height, which ton's own fifter, the heiug lits grandmother. made the reit of the Corps, though fine 11. A: S.. S'eplien's, Camerhury, in an fout maen, look like soo many dwarf, he advanced age, Mos, Ficidmg, widow of the was chiefly empluyed in the recruiting late Heniy f.ely. well known by his truly service; he, however, continued with them original writings in the lit century. after they were formed into the 934, until 12. At Margate, in Iris 75ch year, Franthe day of his death. He measured 6 feet cis Conb, eles. who misy luiy be called po inches high, 4 fert round the chest, " The Friend of Margue," As a magis, extreme y Itrong-built and muscular, buc trate and a inan he lived g nerally beloved, yet proportionable, unless his legs might His death will, therefore, he juftly and be thought even too large for the load they sincerely reg: etted by all wio knew him. had to bear. His ftrength was prodi- Of his numberleis kindi elics to them wlio gious; but such was his pacific difpofition, stood in need, and of his well-simed muthat he was never known to exert it im. nificence to many a worthy individual, properly. He always displayed a degree who now gratefully recalls it to mind, his of manly pride, anıl, not withittanding very memoria is bott prelerved in the hearts of considerable offers were made to him, lipon others ; aut, from the frience which in condition that he mould allow himself to theie cales he ever withed to impose on he exhibited as a flow, he found at himself, it can become none besides to prowhat he thought the hire of degradatio. claim them. His declue was gradual: Once, and only once, he was prevailed he fele its impretlion as a sincere Chirittian upon to make a public appearance; nor Our!t; and walled for his change with was this ohlamed from him by loís autho calm cognition, suited to his ch.racter, rity than that of His Royal Highness, whose He has lek tokens of his grea! usefalness, fervant he then was. This book place at his private athully, and public spirit, all the Opera house, in the Haymarket, ihen around him; and, living fricily in the occupied by the Drury-lane Company, patlıs of moral.virtie an halluarng piely, where sim appeared in the appropriale it my croiy be land of nim, fion ene concharacter of Herculos in Cymon and Iphi- ftant teror of los Colldoct, thachis highest genia. His death was occaliged by a luxury was to do good. H: Was eqiially collection of water in the thor:X, an in unspiring of his powers and count is for fi Jious and almost incurable difese, 10 the promotion of every plan not imrtovewhich the robust are more particularly lia ment to the 10111f Niagare. Fit anved blu. 1ų is sometimes the consequence of them essencialty by lvis Hile est, no less exceflive bleeding in pleunifies, and other than huis alsiy, and, above all, try the ftcomplaints that affect the brcan, but its lurry in Huence of his own animathig *** ougin is 1706 unfrequcndly quite obscure. amplu. To that excellent inttirution, the je generally lurks under the mask of an Se.1- bathing Lufirmary at M.rgate, he was alina, and continues increasing, till at an early and a liberal berrefsetur, and one length the patient can handly breathe, un of the ons val vice-, rendents. fuss upriglit in bed. A legti a fit of 13. Ai Limpilone, near Exeter, aged wishing terminates the tragedy, though 102, M:s. Adams. very often quuden ex: rtion cuts the lotterer 16. At Dover, at John Trevan ou`s, esq. off at once, before the quantity of water Mils Boyd, fifter of Sir John B. bari. would otherwise have occafionci luttoca 18. At the houfe of his brother-in-law, tion. Sam continued healthy and active in Great Marlborougli-treet, the Rev. Edtill bis 35th year; bis hic.lth then began to ward Cranmer, M. A. rector of Quendon, decline, and it is by no means imprchable Elex, and vicar of St. Brne's, Loujoo. that this was the firit formalito of the di 20. At Lambeth, iu kis 79:1 year, Mr. fcase which foually terminated bis existence. Roburt Csilony.

7. At her house in Beaumont-treet, 22 At his Louthip's house in St. James's Máry-la-Bonne, in ber 54111 yor, Mis. place, the Countets vif Roden. Loufa Butcher. She had buen tv. Hackney 23. After a lingering wivel, the wife of the preceding day, and, on her retum), was Mr. White Newman, of Newgule-itreet.

BILL of MORTALITY, from April 27, tu May 25, 1802.

2 and 5 340

50 and 60 133 Wiles 8012 Males

5 and jo


60 and 79 84 1 244 fem des 6125

10 and 20 38 Whereof have dieel under two years old 356 20 and 30 78 80 and 90 27 Sabi, 145. per bushel; 30 per round.

30 and 40 121 yoand ico 5 Pecs Loaf 3. 2.0; 39 id;; 35. zd.

40 and go 14+

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Fenuales 667 $ 1468

70 and so 61


from the Channel and the North Seas, as

our hands, and in virtue of our reti eetlive far as the Cánacy. If ands inclufwely, as full powers, the prefent Definitive Treaty, well in the Ocean as in the Mediterranean, aubng is to be fealçd with our respective two months from the Canary Ifands to the Seals. Equatot; and, finally, five months in all Donc at Amiens, the 4th Germina, ia the other parts of the world, without any the year jo (March 23, 1802). futther exception, or distinction of time (signed) BONAPARTE, orpice.

CORNWALLIS, XVM. Thie Ambifailors, Ministers, and

AZÁRA, aod ilier Agents of the Contracting Powers,

SCHIMMELTENNINCK. Thall enjoy refpe&irely in the States of the A correct copy, J. Bon&PARTE Said Powers the fame rank, privileges, pre The following was a separate Artide to mgarives, and immanities, which were en the above Treaty. joyed before the wär by Agents of the lame: It is agreed, that she omiffion of forme clats,

Tities, which may huve tiken piece in the XVMI. The Branches of the House of prefent Treaty, talint he pirjaticisi to -Nallag which were established in the ci- the Powers or to the perfons concerned. idevant Republic of the United Provinces, í It is fansher agrved, that ilte Engl fa und how the Batavian Republic, baving ex• -French languages de uso of in all the rospérienced some'lotses, as well with respect pies of the present Treaty, thall not fara to private property as hy the change of an example, which may he' allegeil mar Conftitution alopted in those countries, an quoted as a procedent, er in any manner equivadent compensation hall be prucured prejudice the Contracting Powers whose for the losses which they shall be proved to languages have not been uled; and that fear have luftained.

the future what has been ehler verl, and XIX. The present Definitive Treaty of ouglit to be observed, wiifa regud!, and -Peace is declared common to the Sublime

on the part of, Powers who are in the pr:cOrtoman Porte, die ally of his Britannic tice and pottetion of giving and receiving M jelly; and the Sublime Porte thall be ine Copies of likse Treaties in ally sather lanvited to trausmit its act of accefion as soon guage, thall bore cooformed with; the preas poffibie.

fent Treaty having severtheless, the lays XX. It is agreed that the Contrading force and virtue as if the aforerad palics Parties, upon requisitions made by them. hail been therein observed. respectively, or by their Ministers, or Of.

In witness whereuf, we the tinderurit. ficers duly authorised for that purpose, Plenipotentiaries of His Britannie Majeste, shall be found to deliver up to justice pete , of the french Republic, of His Catholic fuas accused of murder, forgery, or fraue - Majetty, and of the Baravian Republic, dulent bankruptcy, 'einmitted within the

Have Agned the prole it is parale Articles jurisdiction of the requiring, party, pro- and leave caused our reipective Seals to be vided that this thall only be done in cafes affixed thereto. in which the evidence of the crime all be

Done at Amiers, the Twenty-seventh dry - fuch, that the laws, of the place in which

of March, One Thousand Light Hundene the aocafed per los faald be discovered, and Two); The Sixth Germmad Ivar : would have authorised the deaiong and Ten of the French Repubick. : firinging irina la trial, had the offic: hoen

(L. S.) CorNWALL18. 1', : 'curn miêted there. The expences of the

(LS.) JO EPH BONAPARTR. · arreft and che prosecution ball be detrayed

(LS) 1. NICHOLAS D« ÅLARA. *: by the party, making the requifilion ; but

(L.S.) R. J. SCHIMBALPENNAMLA. chis arcicle tras no largoi reference to crimes of murder, forgery, or fraktulent bink

Thus hias terminales & war the most ruptcy, commited before the couclusion of expentive that ever, cork plice, anui 19this Definitive Treaty.

eqna'ird once the dark ages, for the wolf r; XXI. The Contracting Parties promise animisfitirs, and, on fome occafious, the ja. 1:20.obferve fincerely and farthsully all the pumpe firsciiv with which it suas been carried

Articles contained in the picleat Treats, on Oy. Many of the parties. It's impositie

ant will not ioffer any fur of comer action, b'e not to consider the situation of France, as 1 direct or indirect, en be made to it ny cheir

* prominent feature in the present state of citizens, or semper live fahjects; and the things; the in't ability and novely of whish 1 Contracting Paelles Guarantea, 8cr illy, are its nuo striking characteritics. Winan and reciproc ills, all the stipulations of the

Eng and revolled aya'nt is Sovereign a "prefer Toraty.. :

? CCM Ury and a half go, the people were XXII. The prelent Treaty to he ratified grinded by religious zeal, and a wistaken a by the Corrieng Partses id thirty days, or nonton of Government; bu experience, frontrol grosfinle; 2013 the rugincacions shall

.. wluch alone teaches mvleratio:1, af dit 8. Be exchanal.:0) due form at Paris..

brouzlu the people hack 10 muslerate fin. to teftimony, wieren we, the, under: - ciples, and to an end. R. iyi fiu nily was sínu Pienipu.cataries, l129= igned with reitoral, though she cviis ihat not occ fle


oned revolt were not remedied. On a le. severed until the form was over; shewing could occifion, however, grown wifer hy to all the world what a nation may do, it experience, and more moderate by adverfity guided with firmness and ability, towards when they had fit come equally afraid of a fair and honourable end. thie military and the motin-owr ancestors in The unanimity of all ranks, in co-operat vited over King William, with whom they ing in the great struggle, has exhibited an ftipulated their conditions, who, having no aviable example, the reward of which will patural or hereditary right to reign, had no be, the prefervation of a Conftitution that pretence for appealing to Royal privilege has Itond the test of ages, and of a Royal against the rights of a people who had vo- 'Race' which has given happiness to several luntarily accepted him for their Sovereign. generations. The blond and treasure that I was when Revolt had finished, that the this glorious effort has coft are indeed great Revolution, so happy in its consequences, the strife has been mighty ; but the object was atchieved ; and when party fpirit had in view has heen obtained. Sensible, then, "died away, that meni hecame capable of that buman happinels is mutable, and fun being governed with mildness and cquity. turity uncertain, we liave but to unite in

The French Revolutions, from the begin- rejoicing, that hitherto, ander the guidance ning, has differed from that of England in of Providence, we have fucceeded, and re. every thing relative io Religion; initead of mained free from those scenes of internal

afect of Religious Zealo!s, the French Re. misery, which have defolated more than formers were at patos to difplay the Prin. Sone-half of the civilized world, and that ciples of Arbeism, and a comte ript for Re. we have maintained our character of fivealed Religion : but it is no small matter delity to our Allies, to our Sovereign, and of triumph, to those who feel the neceffity of 'that character for bravery, courage, and 1 comhining the princ ples of true Religion humanity, which has so long ignalized the with those of true allegiance to their Sove. British Nation by sea and hy land, at home reign, to find, that the present ruler of and in foreign countries.France hås, with the general will of the prese That our Peace may be durable is a leple, re-established the Chriftian Religion, -girimate with to which we are warranted

The world is no longer menaced with - in joining a hope, founded on the perfect the principles that prévated uhen England conviction, that the Nalion las not in any! etered into the war. The French there. mitance forfeited that characer which has * felves are convinced of the fallacy of their trailed it to, and maintained it in, an unexbyfem of equality and destrine of Infurrelion ; Sampled state of weality grandcury and they are not less fenfible of vie toily of at- happiacfs. tempting to reduce all nations to their form of government and mode of acting. Nay, THE FROCLAMATION OF PEACE." the very princ ple of the Government of The Proclamation of Peace (as noticed the many is completely overturnedl; and in p. 367,) excited the moft lively leninthey perceive, that peace aout fecurity, tions of joy. The ftreets were crowded at without which there can he no happines, a very early hour hy perfruns of almost is only to be fuand under the government every rank, impatiently waiting for ibe of a few. Here indeed is a legit le letion; - proceffion; andlitve 0400:seis auf Iran. auw (wenty four mullions of men, who for gers from the counua y, whom curion y had fume line boasted that each wis a portion ' attracte!, added much to the rule of the of the Sovereiga, find that it is unier o' e scene. Every window in the line of the man that they can atone expect #roaction! procellion displayed a groupe of female They have reverted to their vid form of beauty; and many ladies 100k puble ling povernment under a ne: nume, and för a 3 of feir teats by goin'clock. All other King they have triburutesla Ciumful hereny business was tulpended; and genuine happiMwing a promit in dl mankind of the mag - Dels fee:ned to roign uncourouled. So minde of their et ror.

great a crowd cen tanuly never atembled in England alone has stood superior to the the Ititels and in and on the houtes of · shock of the Revajution, and triumphed - London bifore.' The houses in the Atreets over the errors and ettorts of tole svar. Through which the proceiton palled, lrad chifts, whose aim was u one time universal more the appearance of pyramids of peodonunion, but who at last have found out ple; for the most Night and dangerous electhat the laws are immutabile, and that inc tions were eigent, contended ter, and with Theories of men are only good fo far as they there the front of every troute was com i citrefpond with the filiation of men and pletely ohifimed Fire proclamation in . of shirgs

1;83 was por atended by a tenth praise of inguud never engaged in the war for the number. Ai hill putt folhe homeContitbut for security gamit an allack giards arrived vč St. James's, 100 diew up * maite on that form of Government and luo deep in ftotine palace (their lates ; K'principles ot Luthercy.ertiblibog at Plie towards iki paide- ), l.retching their tre ** glorious kevolution of 1688; and the itas, (101 Se. Janies nefise, along Pauh Malby

uuder the auspices of the, rei. lo (llu (pion C.ut Huote ,' 10 their hoi10

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the ancient sceptre, which is regularly uprights breaking, part of the scaffolding transferred when the Lord Mayor is (worn gave way, from which Mr. Hadley, broin, but rel'om or never used in publik; it ther-in-law to the Lady Mayoress, received is about 13 inches long, made with gold very levere bruises, and Mr. Samuel Dixon and glass, ornamented with pearls and pre and several others were nightly hurt.. cious stones, round the coronet ; at the top A lalor feil from a niche in St. Milis the British arms. The Sheriffs bove their dred's church, in the Poultry, into which wands. They were received with a giand lie had previously climbed, and broke his acclamation of trumpets and other musical leg: and a woman, who had inprimiently instruments; and took their ftation within got upon the iron rails on the west side of the gate, which was shut and guarded. On the Bank, flipped from her foot-hold, and the approach of the proceilion on the West the spikes entered the upper part of her minster fide, the horse-guards filed off and Irigh; the was remover' from her dreadful lined both sides of the way. The beat'lis situation in extreme agony, and carried off of Westminster; the officers of the high in a coach. The pivceffion having reachbailift, and the conftables did the fase, and ed the Royal Exchange, where Alderman made a lane for tlie Knight Marthal ans! Curtis was in military command, the prohis officers to ride up to the gate. The clamation was read for the last time, amid high-conitable of Weftinin te went first to very loud and reiterated huzzas. The proclear the way. Sir Janies bland Burges, as ceilion patted along Cornhill and LeadenKniglie d'aithal, dretsed in his mantle and hall-stree: to Aldgate pomp), where it done collar, mounted on a beautiful bled back along Fenchurch-lireet, up loured charger, led by two men, went up to Gracechuch-street, down Cornhill, and the gate; and the trumpeiers having given formed opposite the Maniw-house, where three diftinct sounds of the trumpet, ille his M. jeity's thanks were presented by the Knight Marshal kuorked thrice wib his Lord Alavor to the various Volunteer Corps. staff on the gare, which was opened; and he He invited their Commanders, as well as pailed through, and delivered into the hards the Aldei men, &c. to dine with him. The of the Lord Mayor a paper with the fign horse-guards escorted the Heralds back to moval, demanding, on the part of his Ma the Horalds' College, in Doctors Commons, jelly, admillion into the City, :o make puro and proceeded to St. James's, with the clamation of the peace. The Lord Mayor Knight Marthal and his men. signified his aflet; and the Knigric viar wert aloos, they dep sited the three mie Ihal, with his suite, returned to the He ces at Mr. Isherwood's, on Ludgate-ball. ralds, and announced that the patfage was The Lord Mayor invited the Heralds to pen. The cavalcade then moved on; and dive with him in their tabarts. This they the Lord Mayor and Sher it took their could not do; but they went in full dress, place in the line immaliately after the le The Illuminations were never more generalds, and other officers of the College of Tal; and the effect was very striking. The Arms. At the bu'u m of Carcery-lare fplendour of the ligtits, reflecled on the the whole halter', and the itunpeeurs hav perpetual stream of curious gazers that roling made their funt, the Heraid read a led on through the streets below, prelented loud his Majesty's proclamation. The ft le a very animaled scene. We cannot precoach fell into the rear of the Muifhals, tend to describe the effect of this wide-exHeralds, &c. and was followed by ten Al. tended blize. The whole firmament was dermen's carriages, among whom were as it v'ere on fire ; and by the darkness of those of Mers Skincer, Combe, Saines, the night, the fplendour of the citost to Cadell, Anley, Flower, Shaw', &c. The convert night into the brightness of day was procellion nived on through Fitet-street, the more conspicuous. Tie Moon and up Luugate. hill, through St. Pitui's Churchia Stars were both withdrawn from the coni. yard, and into Cheape. The word Mayor petition of allo outftrip their glories, and rode in a very capital flyle; but one of lo fuper fede their reign! The displays the Sheriff (Raulins), whole horse was more particularly to be diftinguished were, frigides at the noise and crewd, hid very Mr. Outo's bonse in Portman-square, received a lesere fall under S. Douitan's which was ihe object of universal adrataclock. While the cavalcade .s gong 3. tion; and curiority was amply gratifie), and Jong Fleet-street a chita Ninped out of a was fuccee led by idmirauen, From the level woman's arms in a one-tar of 118 rs en of the there role a projectsig colodow; but the mob cauuht od lived it. nude of the lovic Order, with corrispoodAt the top of Woodlaltret the cavalcale ing piliters, ai grlands of yurious coagain halted; and the trump-ters basiese leurs The entabluture, nchly decraleil, founded thrice, the was agua was divided inete Cflitre by a labiel, on sead. When the proceti in cime opposite which was formed te word AMITY. Tlie the Mai fion-house, a scaft id erected for upei part of the structur- wos Adorned by the reception of the Lady M. vorets and her four pilaitos, termoating in arches : the friends, in the front of the Mansion-binute, middle arch for mig a separate hody, kutended for 40 or 50 people, by one of dic seachwg to the cornict, wluch was dalinta


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