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down its historic portion. Let us recallto chain, more dreadful to high-born our minds that day when the banlie of minds when subdued, than even Death Durham was fought ; when the king of itlelf. The scene cloles, and I wiihScots dared its very walls; when Queen diew me from a fane where I have Philippa inspired by her presence Eng not been a heedless viltor. I have lifhmen to conquerorto die; when those made my purchase, endeavoured by heroes, the Newls and the Percys, my attempts to liay a raging fire, fhielded her facred person ; when ihe which, it' not quite extinguished, is great and good Hatfield, bearing in one yet got under, under the deliberation band a cross and in the other a jul. of returning veneration for the holy chion, led on the mighty botis to at place; and I have received my reward, chieve immortal deeds of arms. Then in the idea that I hare done the caute of let us remember how they won that Antiquity that service, which, as å baletul conflict, and see them return true and profelled Antiquary, I am ing triumphant to the Cathedral, there bound by Royal Charter'moli disinteto offer up their prayers to Him that retedly to perforin. gave the victory. They enter the nave It is more than probable, from the in pompous procellion, país along the late decision given in the Society of Norih aile or the choir, and then en Antiquaries (p. 466), that there will ter into this chapel as making the re be no augmentation made to their ligious circuit of the Church previous annual subscription, &c.; and, from to their entering into the choir, 10 ce the fentiments delivered by a lew on lebrate the service upon to brilliant an that occafion, inasmuch as our Catheoccasion. They appear; the advanced drals are works of but little interest, body are the holy fraterning them- and deferring only of a flight illufirafelves ; next follow the relicks of St. tion; the lali publication by them of Cuthbert, born by Prior Foster, which DURHAM Cailiedral may prove my last had been carried to the field as pro- employ of this nature, although I have pitious to England's fafety: The i be- by the Council's orders taken the hold the venerable Haifield, armed sketches of Wells and GLOUCESTER now only with the cross : after him Cathedrals, the drawings for the latter are brought along the trophies of the being in great forwardness. Why a battle; as the king of Scots banner, certain part of this Learned Body the famous Black Rood of Scotland, Dhould on erery occasion rise to protett taken out of Holyrood boule, to en their aversion and evmiy 10 fuch pubfure success in this his invasion; with lications, and to the structures themother banners and arms of the van selves, many are at a loss to account quished lords and knighis. Now look for. . With me the cause is very obupon the lovely Heroine, the thrice il vious: I see no mystery. These workulirious Confort to the Third Edward; thy Members, no doubt, have their see on her golden be!m an Angel as reasons for what they say. Weighty her creli, emblematic of her heavenly they may be, and noi without an end mind; see the avenging sword, fatal in view. Our Cathedrals, according to lacrilegious foes, Tee how it daris to the new system, are either to be new terror from her fieel-clad arm ; her decorated, new arranged (not through thiving cuirass dazzles our enraptured worldly motives or new principles), or sight; something more than morial ele- leli to iheir juft deserts, neglect ; decay vates her divine mien; her eyes, her and ruin of course fucceeding. The foul, feem all ascending in adoration end with some is then gained ; anel to the Most Hign, for glory and for here ends my Durham tale. J. C. conqueti gained. Her fupporters are the Archbishop of York and the two Mr. URBAN,

June 8. Nevills: How endless is the drain of CAN any correspondent communit succeeded by their equals in patriotic Aldworth, of Stanlakis, Berkshire, virtue. The captive King nexi appears, from which the Lord Braybroke main downcait guise. He moves heaven- ternally descends ? Roberi Townson, ly along. Shame and remorte alone bill op of Salisbury, died (says Anthony cover his dishonoured head ; bis hel- à Wood) May 15, 1621, leaving 15 mei, sword, und mace, are held re children. What were their namies? versed before him, as indelible niarks of and do any of his family now survive? his compleat overthrow. His remain Yours, &c. PALEOPUILUS. ing warriours drag alike the galling


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Mr. URBAN, Lettcomb Regis, Jan. 1. enormous trunk will possibly exist in a antient oak-tree in the forest of as iis verdure at present appears quite

su Savernake, near Marlborough in Wilt- luxuriant. So that without an hyperbole, Thaire, the property of the Earl of Ailef- we may ailign him a date, perhaps lito' burv, called, in the dialect of thecommon tle short of a thousand years ! whichi people of the county, Duke's vant, who will lerve thew that it was no poetic also pronounce foni in the fame manner. fierion when Mr. Dryden atferted, Yet, after the moti diligent enquiry; “ The mönsrch oak, the patriarch of the I find no testimony to corroboraie tuch


Tgrees; etymology ; but rather turpote it a cor- Shonts riling up; and spreads hy fow deruption of vaun!, ie. the boalt, or Three certuries he grows, and three le glory of the duke. It probably re stays

[cays." ceired this denomination about the Supreme in ftate, and in three more debeginning of the reign of Edward VI. Yours, &c.

J. Stone. when it belonged to the great Sir Edward Seymour, first duke of Somerset, CONTINUATION OF THé JOURNAL whole vaunt and glory it might well KEPT AT MOCHA. (See p. 395.) be, as, from its ftupendous bulk, it Mocha 5 Aug. Therm. 85° must long have been the admiration


86° and wonder of the neighbourhood.


870 The dimenfions of this vaft tree are


870 30 feet in circunference on the outside,


87° light raiti. and 20 feet round the hallow withini In the afternoon went to the Minza which grew for some time, but is now strangers, near the Eastern gate. After gone.

visiting the different apartments I. This long-time pride of the forest found they were neither proof against stavds near the highway leading from wind or rain. There was no furniMarlborough to Great Bedwin, about 'ture of any kind, except fome old half a mile froni the great London and couches, or cradles, such as are comBath road, on the Northern boundary monly used by the Arabs for sleeping of the parish of Burbage; and I re on. On these they usually spread the member, on a perambulation round cloth which they carry over their the boundaries of that parith about 40 noulders; and it answers the purpose years ago, being one of twenty boys of theet and coverlet.' They have no who were shut up together in the con- bedding of any kind. I obierved leve.." cavity ; and alto that a band of music, ral camels laying in the yard, or ina : consisting of a violin, hauboy, and closure near the house. They were bafloon, plaved leveral tunes in it. from Moufah, and a dark brown coThere was then a door hung to it, lour; they had brought Taam, or lary, which shut or locked occafionally. a finall grain resembling millet, for At that time some of the oldeli men fale. The Arabs were laving on the present observed, that it had been in couches in a reclining porere, smoaks the fame decayed state time immemo- ing their hooka's and drinking kahwa. rial; a cogeni argomeni, if any were I enquired for the master of ihe house, wanting, of the extreme great age of but found it was kept by an old wothis verdant ruin ; which having re man. On being introduced 10 her, mained in the fime condition upwards I explained that I was hungry, and of a hundred years, thus certainly wished to procure some refrelliment, proved, may reasonably be conjectured It not being the usual hour, I found to have been much longer in its gra- they had nothing in the midzilah but dual decline. And if, according to 'kahwa and couches. Indeed, I fancy the commonly received opinion, the the fare is but indifferent; however, periods of the growth, perfection, and the expences are very moderate, being decline, of the oak are equal, we Nall as follows: for one night's lodging, one look into very remote antiquity for comash; for a camel for one night, the acorn that produced this venerable half a comalh ; for dinner of muuon, Tovereign of the woods. And though or goat's flesh, with bread made frons long fince deprived of its lowering Taam, or llary, with Ghee and coffee, head and wide-extending arms, yet die four comalhes ; for breakfact of bread GEXT. MAG. June, 1802.


and milk, Ghee* and coilie, four co- enploved in the mapubictory of male malhes ; daily expence of a man and and reinalc dates. One of ihese girls, his camel, about iwelve comathes, llanding on the terrace of the house

From the Minzilah I went to the where they are kept, obierved I was Fell, about three quarters of a mile looking at her, and leemed much of 19 the Ealiward of the Grand Mofque, fended at my prelumption. The mode to procure tome planis, particularly ine of exprefling hier difpleature was loineMecca Valliin, and the tree which pro- what similar to the ladies on the pont ! duces ihe gum myrrh, neither of which at Portsmoutlı, be turping the back of were to be met with there, or in the hold her hand towards me and clapping it nic gardens contiguous. I only met with wiih the other. Whether this is the the Barban, which produces a frmit a result of education, or proceeds from bout the lize of a peach, containing a intrind, I shall not pretend 10. delerfmall kernel, the leaf of a deep green mine. In returning from the garders, colour, not unlike the Mango leaf, but I came through the village where the more oblong. There was the Mango Jews relide. A voung lad, the fon of free likewise, and the Sitaban, which one of the Rabbes, mel me, and inreebies thie Laburnam; it bears no forming me there was a wedding in the fruit, bnt is cultivated for ornament Jew town, he proposed to introduce only. I law.cotton plants with a much me' I willingly accepted tbe otler, Imaller leaf than those of the Weii In- but on coming to the house we were dies; the Capsicum, or red pepper, refuled admittance. The alarm lurwhich seems well adapted to the toil, ing been given, that a Sharangee, of as it thrives remarkably well; the Hy: European, was coming, we were met bak, oz Myrtle; the "Palm-three and at the door by three men, who oppoted Palmyra, Woruwood, Mint, Sage, our entry, and were much displeased There is likewise a plant called Alkar, , with the boy for attempting to intruc'enn the leaves of which coutain a milky their feftivity; however, parily by perdikjuice extremely acid, which is applied fion and partly by force, I got in, and by the Arabs to remove local pains; it took a feat. Tlie women had ail dit occafions irritation and inflammation appeared, ou fecing the struggle to force of the culis, and is emploved on the our way in; but, after the commo:ion fame principle we apply blifiers, to was over and all quies, they came back produce a counter irritátion. There again, but kept at a reljectable dil are two or three rubs from India, tance. The boys, however, eager to with the names and properties of which look at my waich, crowded round me; the gardeners are unacquainted. There and on my indulging thein, the rery is likewise a true called by the natives men who had opposed my coming in Heoal, which is used for singing the with so much violence becue exskin of a vellow or reddish colour ; tremely civil, and requested that I ther broile the leaves and finaller would open the watch, to thew the inbrniiches, which they ipfule in warm ternal structure, with which they were water, and wash with this frequently, highly pleased. This excited ihe: curi

The fare girls, brought from the op, olitv of the females, who had hitherto posite coaft, on their arrival at Nocha kept aloof, excepting an old woman, on are extremely black; bine in the space whom I prevailed to bring founething of three weeks or a month, by the use to drink, telling ber “Sherab jotee,” F of ibis losion, iher become brown, fo want some liquor. She brought some as liardly to be distinguished from the of the Kalk, or spirit diftilled froin Arabs, They likewise have a process dates; which I tasted, and told her [for making their hair firaight, by tying wanted water, it was too firong; the it very tight with a piece of lead fur- brought a filver cup and fome water poided behind, which keeps it con- which I mixed with the spirit, and preItantly on the firçich. In the morning fented it to the old lady; but the dewhen combed out it covers the upper clined drinking. I tasted ihe grog, part of the Moulders; and, except the and, in my opinion, it is a more pa difference of colour, exhibits nearly latable liquor ihan the arrack, though the fame appearance as the bishops not near lo foroug; it is below proof. wius. Bordi luft vear and this, I have I then gave the cup to the bridegroom had an opportunity of obierving from and to two other men, who drank a my window the different manauvres little. a number of the boys seemed A kind of boiler. tager to get ha a of the cup, but, as I


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