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Mr. URBAN, Lettcomb Regis, Jan. 1. enormous trunk will possibly exist in a

antient oak-tree in the forest of as its verunre at present appears quite Savernake, near Marlborough in Wilt- luxuriant. So that without an hyperbola , Thire, the property of the Earl of Ailes- we may allign him a date, perhaps lita' bury, called, in the dialect of thecommon tle short of a thousand years ! whichi people of the county, Duke's vent, who will serve to thew that it was no poctie alto pronounce font in the fame manner. fiction when Mr. Dryden aflerted, Yer, after the most diligent enquiry; “ The monarci oak, the patriarch of the I find no testimony to corroboraie toch


[grees; etymology ; but rather fuppofe ita cor- Shoots riling up; and (preads hy low deruption of vaunt, i. e. the boaft, or · Three centuries he grows, and three lie glory of the duke. It probably re


[cays." ceived this denomination about the Sapreme in ftate, and in three more debeginning of the reign of Edward VI. Yours, &c.

J. STONE. when it belonged to the great Sir Edward Seymour, first duke of Someriet, CONTINUATION OF THE JOURNAL whose raunt and glory it might well KEPT AT MOCHA. (See p. 395.) be, as, from its ftupendous bulk, it Mocha 5 Aug. Therm. 85° must long have been the admiration


86 and wonder of the neighbourhood.


879 The dimenfions of this vafi tree are

8 so feet in circunference on the outside,


87° light rairt. and 20 feet round the hollow withine IN the afternoon went to the Minza. which grew for fome time, but is now frangers, near the Eastern gate. After gone.

visiting the different apartments I This long-time pride of the forest found they were rieither proof against slands near the highway leading from wind or rain. There was no furniMarlborough to Great Bedwin, about 'ture of any kind, except fome old half a mile from the great London and couches, or cradles, such as are comBath road, on the Northern boundary monly used by the Arabs for 1leeping of the parish of Burbage; and I re- on. On these they usually spread ihe member, on a perambulation round clouh which they carry over their the boundaries of that parish about 40 shoulders; and it answers the purpose years ago, being one of twenty boys of sheet and coverlet. They have no who were shut up together in the con- bedding of any kind. I observed leve cavity ; and allo that a brand of music, ral camels laying in the yard, or ina. consisting of a violin, hauboy, and closure near the house. They were balloon, plaved teveral tunes in it. from Moulah, and a dark brown coThere was then a door bung to it, lour; they had brought Taam, or fary, which shut or locked occasionally. a Finall grain resembling niillet, for At that time fome of the oldeit men fale. The Arabs were laying on the present observed, that it had been in couches in a reclining posure, smoak, the same decayed state time immemo- ing their hooka's and drinking kahwa. rial; a cogent argomeni, if any were I enquired for the master of ihe house, wanting, of the extreme great age of bat found it was kept by an old wos this verdant ruin ; which having re On being introduced 10 her, mained in the fame condition upwards I explained that I was hungry, and of a hundred years, thus certainly wished to procure foine refreshment, proved, may reasonably be conjeclured It not being the usual hour, I found to have been much longer in its gra- they had nothing in the midzilah but dual decline. And if, according to kabwa and couches. Indeed, I fancy the commonly received opinion, the the fare is but indifferent; however, periods of the growth, perfection, and the expences are very moderate, being decline, of the oak are equal, we flall as follows: for one night's lodging, one look into very remote antiquity for comah; for a cainel for one night, the acorn that produced this vencrable half a comash; for dinner of mution, fovereign of the woods. And though or goat's flesh, with bread made from long lince deprived of its towering Taam, or llary, with (hee and coffee, head and wide-extending arms, yet die four comalhes; for breakfalt of bread GENT. MAG. June, 1802.


and milk, Chee* and collie,' for co- en loved in the maoukictory of male mathes; duly expence of a man and and female liaves. Uoc of ihese girls, his camel, about iwelve comathes, Nanding on the terrice of the house

From ihe Minzilah I went to the where ihey are kepi, obteried I was Fell, about ilirce quarlers of a muile looking at her, and leemed much ofto the Eaward of ihe Grand Matque, fendes at my prefumption. The mode to procure tome planis, particularly ide of exprefling her displeature was fomeMecca ballain, and the iree which pro what fimilar to the ladies on the po nt duces ihe gun mytrh, neither of which at Portlivouth, br turping the back of were to be met with there, or in the bold her hand towards me and clapping it nic gardens caminuous. I only met with with the other. Whether ibis is ihe the Barban, which produces a fruit 2 result of education, or proceeds from bout the size of a piacin, containing a intrinct, I shall not pretend to deterImall kernei, the leaf of a deep green mine. In returning from the gardens, colour, not unlike the Mango leaf, but I came through the village where the miore oblong. There was the Mango Jews retide. A young lad, the fon of tree likewise, and the Sitaban, which one of the Rabbes, bet, me, and inrefeibies tlie Laburnam; it bears no formning me there was a wedding in the fruit, hit is culiivated for ornament Jew town, be proposed to introduce only. I saw.cotion plants with a much me. I willingly accepted the otler, smaller leaf than those of the Weii In- but on coming to the house we were dies; the Caplicum, or red pepper, refuled admittance. The alarm havwhich seems well adapted to the toil, ing been given, that a Sharangee, or as it thrives remarkably well; the fly- European, was coming, we were met bål, o Murile, the Palm-three and at the door by three men, who oppoted Palmyra, Wormwood, Mint, Sige. ‘oyr entry, and were much dilplealed There is likewise a plant called Alkar, , with the boy for attempting to intruc!eon the leaves of which contain a milliy their festivity; however, parily by pertinjuice extreinely acid, thich is applied fion and partly by force, I got in, and by the Arabs to remove local pains; it took a feat. The women had all dir occafions irritation and intlammation appeared, ou seeing the firuggle to force of the culis, and is employed on the our way in; but, after the commosion fame principle, we apply blifiers, to was over and all quiet, they came back produce a counter irritation. There again, but kept at a relpectable dits are two or three dirubs from India, tance. The boys, however, eager to with the names and properties of which look at my watch, crowded round me; the gardeners are unacquainted. There and on niv indulging thein, the very is likewise a true called by the natives men who had o; poted my coming in Heoah, which is used for vinging the with so much violence became exskin of a vellow or reddish colour; tremely civil, and requested that 'I ther bruile the leaves and smaller would open the watch, to thew the inbranches, which they infufe in warm ternal structure, with which they were waler, and wash with this frequently, highly plealed. This excited the curia

The fase girls, brought from the op.. olity of the females, who had hitherto polite coatt, on their arrival at Mocha kept aloof, excepting an old woman, on are extremely black; but in the space whom I prevailed to bring founething of three weeks or a month by the ule to drink, telling ber “Sherab jotee," I of this lotion, ihes becoine brown, lo want some liquor. She brought some as hardly to be distinguished froin the of the Kalfa, or fpirit ditiilled froin Arabs. They likewise have a process dates ; which I tafted, and told her [-for making their hair firaight, by tying wanted waier, it was too ftrong; the it very light with a piece of lead fuf- brought a filver cup and fome water pended behind, which keeps it con- which I mixed with the fpirit, and preItantly on the firçieh. In the morning fented it to the old lady; but the dewhen combed out it covers the upper clined drinking. I lasted the grog, part of the poulders; and, except the and, in my opinion, it is a more padifference of colour, exhibits nearly latable liquor than the arrack, though the time appearance as the bishops not near lo ferong; it is below proof. wigs. Both lait vear and this, I have I then gave the cup to the bridegroom had an opportunity of oblerving from and to two other men, who drank a window the different manauvres liule. a number of the hoys feemed A kind of bacter. cager to get ho, a of the cup, but, as I



could not indulge thenı all, I took care their confiant attendance on divine of my young friend who had intro. worship, and the very gicat increase of duced me; I gave him the cop, and he the congregation : indeed, such in drank of the whole with avidity. Longht every relpect was their attention, such to have mentioned my first introduction was the forwardness exprelled by every to the bridegroom, which took place individual to adopt every measure that during the circulation of the lilver cup. was recommended, as might well inHe was a tall good-looking young drice me to tay, that “ the lines have

After withing him every hap fallen to me in goodly places." Lately, piness the inarriage tato affords, I beg- however, neceility has frequently comged to be introduced in the bride; but pelled the not only to remind them of could not prevail; they promited, their duty to attend the fervice of the however, ihat I thould see her to church, but also to lament the want of morrow. The young ladies now col- that Christian humility whose praile is lected round nie, 10 the number of in the Golpel. A reflection on the treive or fourteen, and begged I would change prompted me to enquire into perniit them to look at my watch. I the caule. It occurred to ine, that, could not retilla then of courle; I among the usentres (for lich only I Thook hands with ferrral of thieni, one confidered then the far greatest part in particular Itruck my fancy as re contiited of people employed in butimarkably handtome. I enquired fier nets: and upon iny enquiring of Mrs. name, which was Mariam; and her Grocer, whin she was replenishing my age, I was toll, was fourteen. I laid to inutt-box, afier the welfare of her my young friend, Nada Mara Hale- neighbour Talliwi, as I had not seen ka," this is a very pretty girl: she her lately in church!

60! fir," returnell, and went asvay; I could observé plieel the;" have you not heard of the a finile on her couutenance, and that new Ercisinuun?' He was dipped lati the was not displeativi ai the compli- Sunday; and Mrs. Tallow fays, that he ment. She was rather tall, a time is the liverleii nun in the world, fings figure, rich lively eyes and very ex- delightfully, always gives out the preilive features. I dare fas, in Spain hymns at meeting, and prays before nie would have passed for a firli-rate the fermon, and has converiod leveral beanv. I again regnetied to be in- by his good advice when he comes to troduced to ihe brile, explaining 10 fürvey them.” Mrs. Boniface atured them that, among the Englilh, it was


ós that there was nothing lofi by cafioinary on these occasions, but going in Mecting, as he would maincould not prevail; on which I took tain it, that notwithitanding their late

great increase of business, yet they paid (To be continued.)

not much more than half of that uit

natural and dereliable money which Mr. URBAN,

May 14. was extorted froin them at the firing. Incomioo even in de KNOW yo channel through which Mr. Gange was fo good to them, and not

near to particular as his predeceffor." a stream as your valuable Miscellany ; On the following day Mr. Scripulous, and if you will permit the following vicar of the next market-town, paid me lines to appear before cour nonnerons a visit, and, in the course of conversaand judicious correipodients, you will nation, obferred his having about fix thereby not only oblige an oid and. months before administered the Sacracontiant reader,.but allo revive this

nient to a young man, to qualify him hopes that the fubject will engage the for the Escile, who relded in his attention of fome able hand, that will town, and was from his youth a rigid alminister that jutrice to it which its Anabaptiti, and never was seen before importance teeins to require.

or acier in that church. He added, that, For leveral years pail, it has been should it fall again to his lot to qualify my lot to be fettled in a mukei-own, anotier, who was kuown to be of that where I lived in the greatest intimacy defcription, he should never be able to and amity with my parishionero, thote quiet bis own confcience on the occia, warte demeanour towards me evinced fion. But," continued he, “Mr. that my conduct was fuch as gained Meanwell, my worthy neighbour, has

their approbation ; and, were proofs ar Froilemin residing in his parish, - Hecefliry in tapport my atlerion, they who not only prays with the fick after might withoua fonty be adduced from he has brco lu visit thein, but preaches

my leave.

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