Sidor som bilder

openly almost every Sunday, and at- ought to be lodge in the Bank, or at tacks ihe doctrines of the Church with a banker's, not to be called for till the the greatest violence. Nay, he has amount is such as to insure a certainty proceeded so far as to threaten an old of succes, and until a committee of rich malister, that he had heiter take gentlemen of credit and character have care he was not put in the Exchequer, determined to enter on the undertakir:g. as he suspected him to be not fo howeit 2d. The second is to fix on a lituaas he ought to be, having never feen tion fiued to commence the plav: aud him in Meeting."

as the number of the objecis may at Now, Mr. Urhan, after the state- firit be fmall, it would be adviseable ment of such facts which exist in my 10 make a trial on a proportional scale, neighbourhood (and I doubt not of to be enlarged as the funds and the many such instances in other places), applicants increale. would it not be charity in Govern It may be objected, that the place itjnent (although it may apprehend that self would be looked upon as a prison, no danger can arise to the revenue from rather than as a houle 10 be fought its being collected by fuch officers) to after for reform. This imprelion can devise fome means to ease the con- only be effaced by having it clearly fciences of the clergy, who are obliged undersiood, that as those who seek adto prostitute the symbols of Redemp- million are volunteers, so they cannot tion to a perjured wretch, whose con- be compelled to remain contrary to science will perunit him to communi- their inclinations; but, while they do çale to-day in the church for the emo- continue, they must strictly conforin to lument of 60l. per ann and to-morrow the rules and regulations prescribed by will preuch that the Church of Eng. the governors; of which they must be land and Ireland cannot be a church previously, informed, and their affent, of Christ, and its ministers do not in- before admission, be explicitly dederfand the Golpel?

manded, and freely given. A Presbyter of the united Church The primary and grand object being of England and Ireland.

to change the propenlitics of these un

fortunate persons, from vice and idle, Mr. URBAN,

June 2. neis to fobriety and inclufiry, every If the difficulties which hatta cinta muy

means muli be employed to avoid important scheme when first fug: flaming the patlious. Temperate regested are fu vast and complex that it gimen, mild treatment, productive larequites unwearied porleverance to bour, and directing their attention, furrhount them, it is no wonder if ai when unemployed, to proper purluits first view the forming of an inftitution seem to be the likelieti way io effect for the purpose of changing the habits this reformation. of depraved individuals (p. 422) Mould The diet must be well regulated ; appear altogether impracticable : but for its influence, primarily on the body it luch men, while prisoners in county and ultimately on the mind, is far gaols, have been induced to labour for extensive than is generally their own support, how much more known. It


be adapted and regirmay it be expected from those who vo lated according to the degree of labour Juntarily enter into an afylum for the and exertion of the individnal, and

express purpose of acquiring enploy, should confilt of a due proportion of ment, retrieving their character, and animal and rezcable food. The only regaining ile alicem of the worthy pari beverage bould he pure water, or good of fociety!

table-beer; the latter, for fear of abuse, Thc poffibility nay therefore be thould be given in limited quantjies. adinie:!: but lo carry it into practice Spirits of every kind muti be totally will require the united exertions and prohibited, and so muti porter, er bbilities of the well-difpoful, to plan cepting medicinaliv. Thai this molt and desile the ineans calculated to ex- ctiemial part of the plan inay be prochie and encourage labour, to rezulate perly managed, a iial separation from the health, and w form and guard lie all intercourse with those who are poris of those who are admitted. without the walls will be respired,

ill. The first conideration will be email ihe governors are convinced, by how to provide a find for the intritu- the good conduct of the objecis, that fion; and, 19 merit the confidence of greier indulgences may be allowed. die public, the fubfcriptions procured As air and exercise are most etlen,

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ance to

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tial to health, there must be stated at Falkland, Surling, Leith, Dumtimes for enjoying both, more efpeci- fermling, Perth, and Scone, beginneth ally for those whose confiant employ- the 8 day of Julii

, 1650, inclusive, and ment is sedentary. Athletic and inno- 'endeth the last day of December, cent amusements are proper ; but 1650." The other, “ The Secund gaming, having the most deftructive ef- Dyet Booke for the Kingis Hous, befects, must be forbidden under the fe- gun at Perib 2 Januar. 1451." The yerelt penaltics.

following extracts are taken from these Cleanliness being of equal import- volumes for intertion in your Maga

secure health and promote zine. strength, cold and temperate bathing Tuesday denner, 16 Julii, 1650. must be introduced, together with a

Pantrie. "regular and frequent change of linen.

Of main flour bread

4 On admillion, the parties must un Of fair flour bread

6xx 13 dergo a thorough cleansing in the

Paistrie. warın bath ; and, to avoid any danger Of fair flour upon nyne pieces from filth and infection, a proper dress

of bakin meat must be provided for each person.

Lairdner. Those who have been brought op.


7 any particular trade must be fupplied Tongues with the neceflary tools and materials Veal pieces to carry it on : and such as have been Mution pieces

17 initiated in agriculture, and such ma. Capons

1 nufactures as the place cannot admit to Hens, young and old 9 be carried on in it, with menial fer- Chikenns

10 yants and idlers, inust either learn a Geiss trade or be employed in some profit. Dukis able occupation.

Moorfoulis The profits of the labour of each Poutis

6 person are to be appropriated to defray Cunynges the expence of his cloaths, tools, and Salt buiter

ift.7lb. Subsistence; and the surplus to be kept Sueit butter as a fund to be given, without any de Salmond ductions, as foon as their conduct lias Whytings convinced the directing committee that Eggis

5 doz. s they may be fent into fociety, with the Jambis pieces

6 character of diligent, industrious, and Pykes fober men.

Troutis Preiniums and certain indulgencies Pearches to such as do the beli and nioli work, Grills

1 and who conduct themielves in the Tuesday fupper, 16 of July 1650. molt becoming manner, will be neces

Pantrie. fary, that their example may prove a

Of main flour rollis

3 fiinulus to others.

Of fair flour bread

5xx 1 1 Thefe cursory thoughts are in them

Paisirie. selves of liule importance; but, if they of fair four upon nine pieces prove a foundation for a permanent

of bakin meat

1 p.1 lip. ftruclure to be raised, they will have

Lardner. anfivered all that is expected.

Beif This much, however, may be ob. Tongues ferved, that although a confiderable ex

Veal pieces pence must be incurred in commencing Mutton pieces

17€ luch an infiitution, it may, in a short Lambis pieces time, be nearly competent to lipport Capons

1 qilelf. Medicus. Henns


Chickenns Mr. URBAN, Edinburgh, May 18. Geils

10 In the an antient family and ample for- Moorfoulis

11 tune in this country, are two folio vo Pontis

6 }umes in manufcripı; the one inti- Sitht butter tuled, “ Dyet Buik of the Kingis Hous Sueit butter


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18 Aug. Ane great old turkı cok; Grills


young wurkjes 2. Pykis


19 Aug. Ane deir sent fra the Erle of

Murray, 3 Sept. Purtridges !; pioPearches

veris 8. Eyvis

3 doz. Perth, Truday 6 Sept. 1650, spent 18 July. Scian geils 6 sent be je upon breakiäit before the intimation of Laird of Waglion. Veayton, ane fatting commandit be the king, 8 mayre buck out of Falkland park cuit in 6 four rollis, tu fuir flour breaid. Na pieces to be baked. Ane heih cock; denner. ane heth hen.

11 Sept. Ane reiei deir fent fra the 23 July. This day afternoon the Earle of Murrak. King's Matie and his travme went fra Sunday, 15 Sept. ta denner tot Fahland 10 Perih, q' his value is to falling be ordour of 'ne Kirke be entertained be the prornit and bail 10 Sept. sive reid seir ira the Earle Jies of Perih jor supper ibis miglit and of theie. for breakfall the morn (and the built 17 Sept. Ane great buck fra the day next thaireafier); and ira thence io Varques of Argill. Dumfermling that night for tupper: and

Wednefilar', 18 Sept. Na denner, efter breakich ane baill day intervein- boi falling bé ordour of the kirk. ing) the morne y efter his Ja'ile and 29 Sept. Black cokis !. his trayne are to go to Surling ujjon Lali Sept. Viidgeons, or atteillis 2; Friday at night the 26 Julii, 1050. wild duckis 4.

26 July. Sent fra the Marques of Fryday, 4 Od. Eller dinner the Argylle ane seid deis broken into fex hing went awar from Perih. pieces.

Sunday, © 04. bilier denner the 27 July. Sent fra the Laird of Glen-' king retårned in Perth. noquhie ditto.

Wednekar, 30 O&. This day efter Stirling Sunday, 28 Julii 1650, be- denner the Kingis Marie went fra ing a fali, no dinner.

Perih to Burghly (Burleighi, near Kin20 July. After breakfast the King ross.) removit fra Stirling to Edinburgh or

Saterday, 9 Nov. This day efterJeith.

noone, before night, the king returned Leith, Menonday 29 Julii, 1050, fra Burghly 10 Penth. the kingis Maric was enterieint in the 24 Nor: Clack geiss 1. Lord Belinermoch his hous in Lavili, Perih, Tuesday 26 Nov. This day upon his charges that vight; and upon before noon, anertermon, the first parlithe morne thereefter being Tueirat ment of King Charles the Sceund, our dinner and fupper allo upon the fitid foveraigne lord, began at Perih, 26 Lord Balmerinoch his charges.

Nor. 1030), presente Rege. God save Leith, Tuettav penuit Juli, 1650, our King! fent be the Lurd at Glennuquinicane Wyksi dukis fra Earl Londerdaill 2. feid deer and two hitres leges cuill in 27 Nor. It'yld geits fra Earle Louw ten pieces.

deraill i. Dumfermlios, Suchy 4 Aug 1650, Perili, Thursday 26 Dec. na denner, na dinner, boi funding in the kingis bort failing in the kingis hous. hous.

Scouc, the firfi day of Januar 1651, 9 Aur. Sent be the Earle rf Vir, buitiile day of the coronation of our out of the park of Surling, une buck Suterane Lord Charles ile Second. broken into a piccts.

Tivat S. D. X. Ker (AROLOS; 10. Aus Vennyiune, ane luck fent

Percant Fromniei ejus ! be the Earle ni Louhanit, and our other be Glennukipublier

Wr. WRRAN, 12. Aur. Sent cut oi ta'kialud park TATE read with great fatisaction, be vie, tarle of Amedaill ane lod a hilo lingfied by Lord Grefrille, buck.

of bringing forward i motion in the 13 An. Sen: fra the Land i Glen liest parliament for a lill to ameliorate Durquie 01.;" bores and ane pie.

thic tituution of the interior ciergy. I Tvoriti bois de king able fra ladie long entertained a favourite idea Dumitinlinna : boutis semoone, of a plan for this purpose, without anuri caminio Perib kou: !! bowl, is at berthaning, die piblick, which I beg

leave now to lay befure your readers,


June 7.

through whom it may pass to the noble the men of pleafure about the town and able patron of this unfortunate whose employment it is to act up to body of men, for lo may thote juftly the principles laid down in the abovebe filed, who are compelled by their mentioned paper, and who ftrucule by profeflion only to remain in a state of repeated projects of unquestionable orihelpless indigence.

ginality and powerful attraction to vini. I propuste, that no curate what. dicate the ingenuity of our country, ever, upon livings amounting to 100l. a and einulate with fuecets the frictius year, Thould have less than 501. per and licentioufrels of a Frenci ineline ann. falary from his rector or vicar; polis. Thote of this class, who have that upon a living of 1501. 51. Diere became my correspondents, profess a Tould be allowed ; of 2001. 101. more; readiness to contirm wliai I have, muie of 2501. and 900l. 201. more; and that from speculation than experience, senon all livings above the laft-Nared tured to affert, and to prove that it is amount, and under 5001. 10 per cent. not neceflary to vifit the Continent, if in addition to the original 501. should our only object be the pursuit of follics be granted to the curate ; and where that may contribute eller to the waste the living is above 500l. 151. por cent. of time or money. As every man mult Iron!d be paid in addition to the origi- be naturally, pleased to find that his nal 501.

efforis hwe been successful, and thas 2. I propose the curate's appoint- his endeavours have been underfiond in ment to be for life.

their intended meaning, I fall make 3. That in the very small livings of no apology for inferting the following very trifling duiy, where not more than lester : nor, like some of niy too mo 301. or even 201. can be expected to he dei fellow proprétors, be ashamed of paid to the curate; and alt, in the the przite it confers. livings under 3901. per unn. a pcr ceil

To ihe AUTHOR of the PROJECTOR. tage from the lay impropriulors, ac

Sir, I have read your paper in the cording to the relpective wanis of the April Magazine wiili more pleasure feveral poor cures, and allegeale to at tin I expecied to reap from lpeculafull performance of the in:ensions of tions heged on the moral plan: and Government, be paid 10 a partie, iar as I perceire that you por only know, office, on purpose to be diftribetec 10 but are inclined io apologize for the the several bolders of cures ball workel, l applaud your spirit, and vearly.

Inill be very happy to give you that al-4. That every clerzyman hou!! c fifiance, of whichi men like voorldf joy an income of roles than 150 per very much feine in need. It has, inte ann, and that, therefore, the above deall, slunya fruct me as one of the por centage should be regulated in a- greatest antirelities in the world, that mount, to as, with the aid of the beta men profiiling to be scholars or moter livings, to produce this annua? in- ralilts fhould take upon them to judge PHILO-CLERICUS. of the important concerns of toy and

fashion, which must, in the very naTHE PROJECTOR, No VI. ture of things, be as much above the

comprehentions of their minds as beFeemin-um clsmo em doceli fiderato!loint: yond the reach of their persons. It is Qui corsa portis primi irrupere parentes, a pretty farce, indeed, io lee a fellow Høs intovica super mixto premic agroine who is confined !! das amougfi a par-'

(in ipso, cel of old bools, and who sueaks to Nec miseram oskagjunt mortem : fed limine bed at eleven o'clocki, pretending to. Mæuibus in patriis, a que inter tuta diomo.

write about midnight frucs," and a

worlel which does not begin to live and Confixi expirant animas."


move until his faculties are fufpended I ,

tlattering circunfiance, that iny fourth change of raiment, censuring or criti.' paper has procured me the favour of a cising the varieties of a fplendid wardclats of men with whom Thave had but robe, and talking of “ body, train, few opportunities of becoming acquaints and trimming," as if they were the fura ed, whom I have hitherto viewed at a niiure of carrei- man'who-but I rcipreetlul dilance, and who will get beg your pardon : I do not mean to be perhaps, be raher she tabjects of my personal.' I discover in you; Mr. conicmplation than itimacy; k akan, PROJECTOR ( like your name), a


" Matres




more liberal fpirit; and I shall so far tion, which is said to be one of the honour you for it, as to bestow upon laws of Nature, but which it will ap you my private correspondence, and pear very absurd to retain at a tiile ihrow luch light upon your lucubra- when the wbole code of Nature's laws tions as your lanıp cannot furnish. is, by general content, repeale, ard

Wbajeter, indeed, I may think of scarcely even the preambles of any of you as a writer, you either deserve them are to be found, except in the fome credit as a prophct, or you were old and neglected writings of your preled by fome accident to choose a very decellors. But there is another more happy time for the subject of your powerful reason for abolishing this law fourth paper.

You must have forefcen of tell-prefervation, which is, that it that, within a very short period, every interferes with a new edict, intituled effort would be made to vindicate the the SQneezing Act, according to ingenuity of our native covntry in the the letter and spirit of which (and no manufacture of the articles fpecified in law has more fpirit) every danger of that paper ; and that May and June, life and limbs, of decency or dislocathe carnival months of London, would tion, is to be encountered in the parexhibit a blaze of unusual brilliancy en- fuit of pleasure ; and according to an kindled by a spirit of rivalship, which I amendment lately introduced in the hope will prevent those emigrations fo fame, it is enacted, that in all time much dreaded in consequence of the henceforward CURIOSITY shall be held peace. The event has, I trult, fully and considered as the fint law of apfwered your expectation; and I nature. should have left our fêtes, and routs, Without, however, accounting for and balls, and masquerades, to the this complaint fo feriously, or antivero confequence of their own nierit, had I ing it by such a pompous display of my not seen it neceliary 10 obviate some legal knowledge, which must be very objections, which ignorance or preju- dry reading, I shall now point out in judice has started against them. the next place the grofs abfurdities to

Those who are inclined to admire which it will lead those who are 111the number and splendour and utility happily prejudiced in its favour. of our füles, and routs, and balls, and “ The inconveniencies," fay ihev, " of masquerades, and hops, and pic nics, such immenfe crowds, are drawbacis and public breakfalis, and are con on the pleasure we should otherwise vinced that thev are powerful rivals to receire, and tend 10 remind is rather the glories of Paris (he that city erer of the horrors of war than of the rentofo glorious), err very egregiously in one ration of peace; for what can have a particular, in which it is my bounden more hottile appearance than the firaduty to set them right, and clear up tagems we are under the neceility of any misundertanding that may inter- practiling, to force the narrow dehies, cept our progress towards perfection in and close paílages of the tireets, or har those truly valuable concerns. What the many bloody encounters between , I allude to is, the frequent complaint the heads of the visitors and the poles made of the “ vast nunibers” admitted, of the coaches ?" or at least invited, to our routs, more All this is fpecious, but it is in reathan the places of rendezvous can con- lity tke prejudice of ignorance of igtajn; and the confequent crowding of norance, however, I am willing to carriages, blocking-up of tireets, and believe, not to deep-rooted but that a endangering of limbs and lives, so that little explanation will set every thing to what Swift said of familiarity with the rights, and convince those who offer great may be truly taid of a famionable lich complainis, that the aforesaid allembly; it is " vanity” at fira, but grievances irituut doors are really and ends in “ vexation of spirit.”

lona fide as component a part of the In answer to this, permit me to re- much-envied entertainment as what mark in the first place, that this com- palies within doors. plaint is a remnant of the old way of lu fact, fir, if you will but confult thinking, of which we must positively common senfe, vou will fee how proget rid before the auspicious projecis polteroutly unfashionable such comwhich we have formed for the advance- plaints are. Without buttle, inconvement of national pleasures can be cai- nience, and danger, what would a ried into execution. It is founded on rout or a masquerade be but a poor the antiquated wouion of self-preferya- tame-spirited and infipid visit which


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