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Rev. Joseph Dixie Chirchill, M. A.

Blickling R. Norfolk,
Rev. Marmaduke Wilkinson, B. A.

EV, C. Beresford, M. A. rector of

Saxulhy, c. Lefter, to hold Bed. Nowton R. Suttolk.

worth R. CO W rivick Rev. Robert A. Jugram, B. D. Segrave Rev. Edware Wille, M. A. to hold Huit R. co. Leicester, vice Thwaites, dec. V. with the chanel if Largpre apnex

Rev. J. Newling, Ditchingham R. Nor ed, together wit Weft C mel R. Son-rrer, folk, vice Matlay, dec.

Rev. Charles Fowler. M . lolold Rol. Rev. 1. F B. Bohun, St. Michael Sonth lefton V, with Easto. V hoth co Norts. Elmham perpetual curacy,

Rev. George Croft, D D. lecturer of St. Rev. l. L. Warren, M.A. Werdmore V. Martin's, Birmingham, to bols Towing Ả, Co. Somerset

with Arnchste V both co, York. Rev. James Phelps, M. A. Alerley R. co. Gloucritor.

THEATRICAL REGISTER. Rev Mathew Surtees, M. A. rector of Murcb DRUBY-LANE. Norih Cernev, 10 a prebendal itall in Glou 16. A Bold Stroke for a Wife-The Prize. cefter cathedral, vice Dr. White, resigned. 18. The Duenna--The Anatom it.

Rev. Thomas Todd, B D. Bromptoi). 20. Venic Preserve Virgi. Vomakk'd. Regis V. c«). Somerset.

22 Pizarro)-The Mock Doctor. Rev. William Cooper, M.A. West Rai. 23. A taxeixes - Who's the Dupe ? sin R. co. Lincoln.

25 The Winter's TsleVirgin Unmask'd Rev. M. Doud, M. A Highley prehend, 27. The Duenna-The Liar. in Chichester cathedral, to which is annex 29. The Winter': Pale----Mly Grandmother. ed the prehendul school of Chichester. 30. Ditto--The Mock Doctor.

Rev. Joseph Ruddock, M.A, Aisgarth V. April 1. Artaxerxes-The Humourift, co. York, vice Ellis, dec.

3. The Winter's Tale–The Shipwreck. Rev. Mr. Gra es, aged 87, rector of 5. l'he Country

Garlega'n. Amulet. Claverton, near Bath, Croscombe living, 6. Love in a Village--The Lying Videt. co. Somerset.

7. Receniption. Rev. Thomas Kidd, M... fecond mar. 8. The Winter's Tale-The Devil to Pay. ter of Merchant Tailos school, St. James R. 9. Selection of Sacred Mufick. [riage. Garlickiche, London.

10. Artaxerxes-Three Wecks after MarRev. Thomas Mills, elected lecturer of 19. The Orphanie Harlequin Amulet. St. Olave, Hari-tree', London.

20. Pizarro The Spurl's Child. Rev. John Ion, Rusion and Lowthorpe 21. The Winter's Tale The Anatomir perpeiual curacies, co. York.

22. The Fashionable FriendsTheDoaf Lower. Rev. Charles-Robert Marshall, B. D. 23. Dirto-Who's the Dupe ? Hanworth V. co. Lincoln.

24. The Rivals—The Citizen. Rev. D. Everard, M.A. Burnham-Thorpe 26. Artaxerxes-Harlequin-Amulet. *R. co. Norfolk, vice Nelson, dec

27. Pizarro –The Doctor and Apothecary. Rev. Edw. Rodd, Direithem liv. Devon. 28. The Winter's Tale - The Devil to Pay,

Rev. George Glover, B. A. Waterford 29. No performance; proclamation of peace. Stratford R. Bucks.

30. AgorabThree Weeks after Marriage Rev. Charles Turner, M. A. Wendorer May. The West Indian-Virgin Unmak'). ' Bucks.

3. Macheth-The Wedding Day. Hon. and Rev. Edward Rice, M.A.

4. Algonaha-The Mock Doctor. Driffield precentorship and prebend, in 5. The Winter's Tale-The Sultan. York cathedral, vice Rev. Henry Forster 6. The Clandestine Marriage - The Pannel Mills, appointed chancellor of the said die 7. Rule a Wife and Have a Wife Adela thedral, on the resignation of the Rev. Geo. 8. Algonah-The Wedding Day. '[morn. Markham, promoted to York deanıy. so, The Way to Keep Him-The Devil to

Rey. Samuel Henthali, M. A. Stratford 11. The Winter's Tale-Adelmoro. [Pay. 'Bow R. co. Middlesex.

12. She Wou'd and She Wou'd Not-Ditto. Rey, Wm. Carey, M.A. and Rev. Lam

13. Algonah-The Virgin Unmask'!. plugte Wickham Hird, M.A. to prebendal. 14. As You Like It-Irza; or, The Nebeb of italls in York cathedral.

15. Winter's Tale-Wedding Day. [Arcop. Rev, Thomas Pearton, curate of Upwell, 17. The Tender Husband-The Old Maid. "Norfolk, Brampton V. co. Weltmorland, 18. A Trip to Scarto ough-Adelmoru. Vice Walker, tegned.

19. The Winter's Tale-The Anatomut. Rev. Wm. Hurdman Jane, D, D. Tre 20. Algonah- The Mock Doctor. Jington R. co. Worcester,

21. The Way to Keep Him-Bon Ton. Rev. Robert Afneck, M.A. installed 22. Much Ado abou. Nothing - NoSong No prebend of Tockerington, in York cathe- . 24. School for Scand l-Adelmord[Supper. dral, vice Foord, dec.

25. TheWayto Keep Him--The Shipwreck. Rev. David Hughes, B.D. fellow of Jesus 20. Artaxerxes-Who's the Dupe i college, Oxford, elected principal of that 27. Twelfth Night-Sylvefter Daggerwood Society, vice Hoare, dcc.

High Life Below Stairs.

58. The


The Wonder The Deserter.


The Man of the World-Brazen Mark. The Duenn.-The Old Maid.

6. Art. Xerxis Drlo. The (ender, Hubund-Ade! morn. 7. The Iron a hell The Review. »e 1. ThePawelRolin-K charine and 8. The Chine - zer Mik Pizarro- The Devil to Pay. [Petruchio. 10. The Man o l W r- tto. A exerxe -Blae Beard.

11. Alfon. Polat' Vigna Hamlet - Of Age Tii-morrow.

12. The Cabinei --Baz Malk, The C..ft! Sp-etie-Sylvetter Dagger- 13. The Birth-D:!! Bundau ini --

Ditto wood-Katharine and Petruchio. 14. Wild Oats --Sprigs of Laurel Che . The Chapierf Accidents-The Gentle

Spoilil Cibo. 2. Country Girl - Blue Heard. (Sivepherd. 15. Folly as it Fries-Prazeo Misk.

. Lirefa Lav-Ditto. (The Pi foner. 17. The C.binel-Dieu 2. ris YUL- (-- SyletterDigger von- 18. Sneed the Ploeg' -lern Antiques. e The Chiltlf Nitri-TbRam Din 19. Tlie ic.lous Wife - The Review.

Te Confed i'cy-Blue Beru. [fu.n. 20. The Comet z n Milk 5. The Wy to Kepleim-Rosa. 21. Dougl Lock n Ky. B. Siege of Be grade-Lovers' Quarrels. 22. he Birth-D--Rull: Brazen M k. 7. The bucuttin'cintomi Don Juan, 24 Le Man of the Worlu Ditt, % The Recriwt ng ibce: -The Flicc' of 25. Love in a Village - Modern Intiques. 9. The WiThe Sul' 111. ! [Bron. 26. The !Vor.d of Honout-Paul a' d Virginia. 1. Baggrs().- Three Weeksa'yo Mira 27 Tire Deon Love à-11-Mode. 1. A lijn to Scarborougi-Roma. (riage. 28. R. (in-Leuflie!) y 5. D vid's Diy 3 The Countr Girl-D, Ua",

29 Venicu Frere ved Histford Borge. 4 T velf, Nghi - The Fiich of B.CO", 21. Love in a Vilag -Bazen M fk 5. The Pr : The Chuid of Nature June 1. The Wordut Horiour-T' e Farmer. The W Ferrar,

2. The Cottle of laluha-Tbe Cuifres; March COVENT-GARDEN.

er, Buried Alive. 'le Cinet- he Royle 4,

3. T.merline-The Spoil'd Chl-Tlie 13. Siegeot Belgrade. Nu Song NoSupper. Deseries of Naples. 16. Livina Village, cave à-Mode. 4 The Cabinet - The Birth-Day. Ie, Seedino Sacred Milick.

7 be!! Peros. 13 To Cabu-Te Spou'. Cild. 8. ire Road to Rin he Dife ter of 19- The Creatina.

Naples1.- vont. 20: Ti DiciniHoneft Thieves.

9. Seed he angliall kinds cani. 22 Dttope vie.

10. The War of Hoorn Water23 Tiesabinet Hirl-quin's Almanack.

mapul anu Viikide 2. Selection of Sciej Mufick.

II. A line for the Heart. Thomas 25. The Buits-Day-Peroute.

and Sully-Peroute. [Lomo:1. 25. Acis and Galate. - Miscellaneous A&t. 12. The Be.19Stratagem-Tie lithuan 27. The Cabinet - The Revie.. (wanack, 14. The Man ut lite voshat-- 1b. Sudan. 29. K.Henry the fourth-Hiriequin's Al 15. The Cahui erBrazen Malk, 30. Love in a Villageliwe a-1.- Minde. 16. Inkle and Yarico-roncit leves. 32. Selection of Sacred Munck.

17. The P or Gentleman-Love de ia-Mude, April 1. The Cabinel-The Prisoner at 18. The Moon aineers-Paul na Virginia. 2. The Mestiali.

[Large. 19. Loveis' Vort-The Padlock. 3. Artixerxes- The Review,

21. Folly as it Flies - The Spoii'd Child. 5. Fully sit Flies-Tbe Bruzen Mask; or, 22. Tie Cabin The Pritonc! at large. Alberto and Rolabella.

23. Sper the Plough The Follies of a 6. The Canne-Duco.

Day-Thc'Wturman. (Ditto, 7. Slection of Sacred Mufick.

24. Le lealus vit. -Paul and Virginia 8. The Duenir-The Brazen Malk. 25. The Buty BuivRura. 9. Selection of Sacred Munck.

26. The Cabio IT Sultan. 10. The Man of the World - Br. zen Milk. 19. King Richard the Third-Dixo.

P. 187. Harry Hosie, esq. late of Pall 20. The Cabinet-Disco.

Mall, wine and oil merchant, who died 21. The Man of ihe World-Ditto.

Feb. 1, at the age of anout 85, -as : man 22. The Cabinet-Ditto.

of extraordinary worth and liberalicy of 23. King Henry the Fourih-Nitto. mina. From the le::d he wa repeatedly 24. The Man of the World-Ditto.

called to take in Weltminiter elections and 26. Castle of Andalusia-Love à la-Mode. other public and polilied matters for more 29. Art.Xerxes- The Braz-u Valk than half of the last century, as well as 28. The Merry Wives of WijnfoiDito. from his age and other well-earned ho. 29. Folly as it Flies--Hirlequin's Almanack.

nours, he was denomaled * The Father 30. The Woudinan---Crotchet Lodge.[nack,

of Westminster.” He lei ved luis aprenMay 1. Love in a Vill Harlequii's Alma. ciceship 10 bis moter's brixher, Arthur 3. The Man of the World-Brazen Mok. Rowlinson, a celebrated oil man in the 4. Poor Gentleman-Modern Apliques. Tome Areet, near 100 years ago. He was

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a member of the Court of Westminster for Ibid, b. Mr. Bell was an eminent attorney ak ng period; and succeeded to the office in Gray's inn, and a partner with Mr. Roof high conftable on the resignation of Mr. bert Dynely. He was from Sunderland, ia Daniel Jones, in 1732 (see our vol. II. p. the county of Durham; and, as his origin 1726) Ao unmarried filler of his, Doro. was rather humbie, his laudable anplication thu Rawlinson, died a few years ago, at a and steady pursuit in bufiner joitifir d him very advanced age, and left a consulerable in sying, with Archer in " !he Beaux fairiune to lier rephew aforesaid, who, ba. Stratagem, “We are the men of superior ving long conducted an extensive and lu- merit, who can bring our forinne ont of crative line of business with success, was ourselves." He came carly in life to Love considered very rich. He has lefi iwo don, where he spent his first years with Mr. daughters, the eldest of alom is married Charles Alhmell, attorney; and when his to Capt. Corner, in the Eust ludia trade, master died, lie courted his wider, whom and the other to Mr. Rivers, forgeon, in he afterwards mar: ied, and lins survived Spring-gardens, Charing-cross.

her 5 years. See our vol. LXVII. P. 572. P. 280. The late Mr. Jolliffe's will has Ibid. for “cure of the ganglions," r. just been proved. It is accompanied by fix use of the ganglions." couicils, all of which, except the last, to P. 475, l. 19, r. " After a lingering and gether with the will, are wri ten by himle!f painful illness, aged 67, the rest of j cib upon looft half-fheets of paper, or the hecks Hinde, esq. ef Lang'am- hall, Ellex, who ) of letters. He h...s left the hulk of his fortune died Dec. 11, 1780. She was niece and to his elded son, Hy'ton Jolliffe, efq.; and heiress of Humphry Thayer, efy. denggift, 10,000!, to his voungest, William. Join fole and commisioner of the excite, who died Jiffe; and zool, for the erection of a mu D«c. 9, 1737, being second fou of foleum. His eldett fan is his fole executor. Thyer, eff. druggit to his Maj fty, who The last cod.cil was made after his acci- left him the manor of Laogham, which he dept; he was only ahle to figo it with his lefi to his niece." mark, which was for the purpose of add

Inid. I. 32.

Mr. Jacob Harmsen, in the ing sonol. to a former legacy of the same midule part of his life, male two voyages amount to his youngett fon.

to the ladies; for more than 40 years he P. 469,.n. for Clanard, read Clonard. worked on the city of Amsterdam mod.

P. 4-0, b. Maurice Morgan, ely. was boat; and four years brofire his death he one of the commithioners of the Hackney was strong enough to cary water through Coach office, and au'bor of an exay on tie the Areets; and died at blie age of 107. character of Falstaff, and formerly private secretary to Lord Shelburne.

BIRTHS. lhid. for Mabew, r. Myy ew.

May T Exning, Suff. the wife of the P. 4-2. Ain. Harilton, Counters-Jow.

Rev. Cooper Williams, a dangh. ager of Roden, was the eldeft dughter of 27. The u ife of Ja. Dean Pau, esq. a lun. James Earl of Cland atti:l; ny Lady Hen 28 In Weymouth-freet, Portland, place, rietta bertinck, aughter of William Ear! the wife of Jas-Adr. Hefiellin, esq. addo. of Portland. She was born 1730, and the 20 The wife of Captain Otway, of the Princess of Orange Itond as spouloi. In royai navy, a daughier. 1752 the married Robert Jocelyn, Earl of 31. 10 York-olace, Portman-square, the Roden, of lielard, by whom fie was ne. wife of Bieli, esq. a daughter. thier ut the preleat gallant Earl, who dií. Lately, in Dublin, the lady of Sir Richard ti' guidici limfelf in the lat. rebellion. Slec 1, bari. a son and heir. On ihr death, of her brother, the latt Eart The wife of Raiph Tew, esq. of Trim, of Clan'athili (who left no llue ny his a daughier.

Grace, dauer of Thomas Lord fo The wife of Alex. Rateliffe, of Blackley, Biron of Kinderminiter), lier lady- leach, in Saddleworth, co. Salop, the lle repicker tative of the Ha- fons, baptized Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob; milions Earts of Ciobra., and in her all, with the mether, likely to do well, rishi L'id Roden enjoys the ettates of The other is herself a twin, and has that famil.

been before delivered of twins, P. +9+, b. for "many claiman's," r. At malling buy-plice, Effex, the wife of every claimant."

Archer Houblon, esq. a fon, fruce dead. P. 475, a. Dr. James Mackittrick Adair Al his house in B ker-street, Portman. is recorded in the first volume of Philip Squase, the wife of Jo. Hawk os, ely. a lon. Thicknelle's Memoirs, 178%, in the front In Cuizon street, Maroficir, the wife of of which are fonie corious it is in the veft Samuel Holmani, efq. rwo fans. style of this wuler. The respect in jutily June I. In Alderigal--freer, the wife of due to the nanie of Thicknelle deserves John Robley, ery a daughter. fome farther once of the author of a ican. 4. Al his Lordihip's house iu Ca endirla. dalous pamplile which seems to reprobare fquare, the mountess of Catlilis, a fou. Mr. T. of cwruht, a C. aracter he docs In Park-place, Lady Caroline Stuart not appear to meru.

Wortley, a ton.



in Qu

5. In Grafion-street, Lady Cbarlotte 29. Ac Dublin, by (pecial licence, R. P. Dhinc mhe, a Jaughter., foni of Gen Ralpli D. to Vir Man 1o Jermyn-treet, the wife of George finne La Tuche, d'all. of Lilio La T. esą. Torrare, «iq. a daughter.

31. Rev. A. Brolic, M.A. to Miss Wal." 6. At his Lordship's house in Grosvenor. ter, das'.of blin of Teeldi gton.; squirt, Lady P-tre, a son.

June I AL Tlepham, Mr R. F Paro in Conduit ftreet, Hanover-square, the Aw, fumen, to Mits Lucretia Willmor, wife of Major Day fin, a son.

daugh. of the lare M1:1. W of that parith. In Piccadil", the wile of Thoma Arifon, 2 Hon. Mr. Weilutlev, brother to the elq M.P.a d.ugli who died in a few hours. Mimus W. to Lady E. Cadogan, daughter

7. ln Lincoli's ine-fields, the wife of oft Furl of C. Henry Hulon, e'q a lon

3. Col. B.ayley Wallis, M P. for liches. in Hery-stree', D hlin, Lady Emily ter, so the wicow of tne lile Col. Bosville, Herre, a son a dheir

of the guards 10 Pu P.lacr-yard, the ladyofthe Speaker 4. Ai Ciplian, urrey, the Rev. David, of the touse of Commons, a lon.

S.aville, 'o Miss Petrie, daugi. of Martin P. II. Al the hur se rof Jn. W. vlmore, esq. f. como try to the forces in Portugal.

"quare, Bloom burv, lie wife of 5 Cant. Corne, of the royal navs, to Mils J-thua S. S. Smirli, eią of Hampton- Scakes, of Eai! Acton. CUQI -green, a fin

Lent -cul. Mauley Power, of the 20th, Ai Chichester, the lady of the Hon Capt. foot, in Mir Collin, of Yoklace. Blu, k wou a im.

7: Jolin nringeti Harvey, elq. harrister, 13. lo Uper Seymour street, the wife ofihe Inner Temple, to Mrs. Lightfoot, of of T. Nimel, riq. i fon.

Berners-ftreet, relict of the Rev. John L. 15 In B ker il rect, Putnam-quire, the author of the “Flora Scotica" wie of in Rev. Jono Bramsto Stane, of 8. Sir Georne Sieuart Mackenzie, hart. Fo istasoll, etc. Y, a daugliter.

of Choli, ir ils Mary M'Lead, fifill dau, 16 i Brood-itseel, ive wife of Mr. of Dis M.L.eq. of Genies, in Scotland. Neninan, hinker, a fon.

9 J. Ruthril, etq. of Ca nberwell-grove, Thulerty of Sir Gen. Cavie; hurt. a son. to w is Foer, of Hait-frael, Bloomsbury.

19 Ai Trent ha.n), the Marchioness of 10. Af St. Pancs, Rev. Ed aru God. W ciu, a lon,

d.rd, of cliffe p land, Will, to the only ly in lody of Sr Divid Carnegie, bart. d uzliter of the la'e Edward Bauntun, esq. of 50 bk in Scotland, alon.

anak lister of Copt. B of the royal 11 ivy. 20. 1. Sia in -itr et, Piccadilly, Lady 11. Francis Trench, e'q. of Dublin, to Pell. m. atin ane lomir.

the youngest daughter of the late James Atitle house of vir Wm. Rush, the wife, cry. of Shrewsbury. of B 6l Monagle, e'q. . son.

13. Hon. Jos sveiciombie, thi d loa 22. In Portlaod.; 'a e, the lady of Sir otic late Sir R. Iph A. to Miis leigh, Join C. Mogra , hal, fin.

ell.17 Jaug' ter of Egerton L esy. of High At Wikimtou, co Ellex, the wife of Leigh and Twembou, co Chefter. Cart. W Morte)

14. Hon. a I Rri. Walter Hulchinin At Kromo oro, live wife of Es'mund Wig. Aiton, lo me eld-ft 0,h. of the Rev. Dr. key, ely M P.augliter.

Haines, vicar os. Hay's, Nottingham. 25. Actis hou'. in Somers-lown, the 16 Thomas Creevev, e'q. of Gray's-inn,

Ncula Piroulle, esq. a fun and two to Mis. Ord, of Great Cumberland place. daug' tt is, utwo, with the mother, ale all 17. Capt. Heiry Lidgiri Ball, of the likely to do well.

royal navy, tu Miss Charlotte Fuster, of 26. Mrs. H. Johnston, of Covent-gar- ti dle theatre, a ton ; and Mrs. Gibbs, altu' 18 Jorm Heic ek, esq. late lieutenant of that thea:re, a daughter.

in the 28th light ragons, to Mrs. Jenkins,

worow rof David J. tfy. of Birmingham. MARRIAGES.

19. At Brigith lovitone, the Rev. John, 1801. TD nu; ore, in the East In.

Slape, of Ni field, Suflex, tu Mats Petrie, 016:8, C. 5. M.:ling riq (eldeft of Brixion Civit. Qui, Surrey. for ol c. T. Mirling, of weit Hurtigting Ar Sl.'s, Hanover.fure, Tho.. in the county of Dur! m, eiq.) la Mil Mjie, mas Hene g“, eiq. to the Hon. Aineila dai'cero. S:: Wo Mohare, if Lancail re.' Pelham, 4u sugh. of Lord Yarborough,

1802. May 27. M. W G. R te, tie 21. rdware Cewk, esq. of the Treasury, House of Cn.o..., Mit 8. Davies, of to Miss Five of Mo chake, Surrey. Gulatorditreel, foury

22 Ai Hampstea], M. Henry Sddons, Lord Viscount S.Joey, to Lady C lote of Coviniogrden theatre (ion of the celeClements.

brated Mrs. 5.) to Miss Murray, daugliter 2.. Major Adniphus Hercuber, l.e de. of Mr. M. boh likewise of that.nes ie. puty-aju ant general to the forc sat MI.

23. At hampstead, jubo N rth Boydell, notc., 10 l'e ekt_1t laughter f Charles elu n. 115 Ogilvie, daughter of Johu 0. Turner, efq. of, wit, eiq.ol ar gyle-treet.


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hé, hy piere-work, kept himself from 1800. TOHN, Thomas, aud Richard, fons starring, to'l a fatal Sun ay murning, haJOH

of the Rev. Richard Glover, of ving nothing for dinner, and the landlird Dean's-yard, Wettin'niter, were all cut ott importuning him for rent, an old friend, in the face of seven montls, and lie in. with ulioin he lived, wen to provide him tërrud ä! Barking, Ellex,

something to ea', but before he returned, June 2 Ageil 54, Mr Thomas Richards, he had diftri yed himself. He left a will . Jate fireman to Mr. Thomas Pirman, of in favour of llie heirs of his friend a d paLoxfou'-hall, 111 the marihi Barkı s. Ir in Mr. Hadley, wlich fecures to them

18.1. Mareb 4. On his paildze irom all lois claims on those his presumptive ef. Goree to S!. Jage, Capt. Wars, of Ma lates, which lie in the counties of Suhjefty's fhip Osprey, ift: r an illness of five

ampton, Sollox, an! Kent, as by the va. m whs, aged 45 years, 32 of whiche riou proud in Chancery doth appear. had spent in the naiy. He wis one of 28. A: Qlieice, Major Samie Hula: d. Capt. Cook's officers in his ! It vry ge, 1502. Jun 20. Aged 55, the R.. Jolin and was tatuo'd üll ser his boty hy fome Lot Pilips, wo had been 19 years curaie of the natives of the inlaods lie viliced in of Et Him, Eilex the course of the voyage.

Morcb... Ai Charl--own, South Ca. ya'y 7. Al Berhaspore, in the Ealt In rola, the Rev. Di, Herry Piiriel, updins, Major-general Ex 120d Rawit horne, w.rds of 26 years rector of St. Michael's, conimindet of the Reig i native infan'ry.

Dec 13 Inatial derangement of mind, March 2. At Port Reval 10en, Martie ag:69, Mi. Theobald Michell, sun-ma- nique, Lieu. Charles Wake, of the royal ker. He'u is the grandion of Robert M.

nues, and enrew of the late Sir Wm. ela. Hertham, Suflex, a gentle:n an of W. bart. of Courteen-hall, Norhampton. cu lid rulle rack and forsure, who re 15. A! St. Helena, the wile of Col. F. piere te that lowa in many parliame: ts ; Rblon, lieu enant governor of that find. and, in the ilt of Qucen Anne, on voting 21. AL Mala, M. G Bracebridge, (ur. the succession on the Hufe of Hanover, geon, formerly of L içefter, and lale onhe was one of the memorable 11% who board his 11 jesty's ship Ixicuition. carried it hy a najority of only one vote. 29. I Kingiton harracks, Jamica, Ma. He married Theodoga, daughter of George jor ju. Lennox, commanding the yeh bate Mintague, Earl of Halifax, and, having calon of the both regiment. children by another marriage, he seitled pril 2. A liis apartments in Sion col. all his effate on his illue male of either, lege, 10 his 68th year, the Rev.Donel and of whom Theobald was for 50 ye? Barwell, formerly of Benedi ciliese, Cam. the livivor. His father was à yourger bridge, where he was admitted 1751, and , brouver, and held lume place in London, proceedia B. A. 1755. He was a native of where lie died the year he was born, and Hompthire; and his only preferment was his mother did not long furvive.

When the lectuelbip of Sl. Bele'l Fink, Grace. he found his clear pédigree and utle, lie church-fitel, on which le maintained applied to the two gentlemen wir held himself and wife. the paternal estates, conveyed from a fe 6. O o board the Temeraire, whilft at male line, and thewed his clvini, to no archer ott Port Royal, Jamaica, Mr. H. porprte.

Power fometims overcomes Alchila', a miuthipman, aged about 15. righi-when money is w.deling. One of Playing about the fern lawiar, the North the genulemen did not long survive him; wind felling in at one P. M. the ring-bolt he who fat in parliament many years for to which the hawser was affixed giving a horougli said to belong to this poor man way, the hawler Itruck him so viulently. free p. 280). He was an induftrious and on the head as to occafiou his death within 1 able work man; and, till poverty and dif- three hours. Previous 10, the unfortunate tress, hroughe on by age and infirmy, accident lie had been taken from the law. overtook him, he was deserving the re- ser leveral cimes by his metimaies, who, fpect of all god men. In his person he being older, knew the danger he was in. then ex, though covered withi talters, the 13. Ac Prestick, near Ayr, Mr, Alex, air and manners of a gentleman. Mr. M. aner Bladfure, formerly one of the gram: was never married. Being left an orphan, mar-schoolmatters wf Glasgow. he was adopted by Mr. Henry Hadley, of At St. Petersburgh, Mrs Elizabeth MeyCockspor-treet, gun-maker, whole fa. bohm, wife of James of that place. es is said to have made the first guns May... At Berlin, aged 77, Baron De

the flourishing town of Birmingham, Heiguitz, the Prullian minister. This able here he was born. Mr. Hadley maile farelman was celebrated throughout all,

m a very excellent workman, a d, dy. Europe for his talents, and fill more for ing, left him his business, But his pro the confidence reposed in his judgment and. spes' took too much hold of bis minil, integrity by the Great Frederick. and, fore au aily nothins, he neglected his Aged near 70, Mrs. Pingel, daughter of customers. Thus reduced to his garret, Richard Meiry, ely. of Eltham, meriff of


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