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dress in general less fulied, than what wire privately interred, on the first of most per ons in this

cin":53:d as pro June, in St. Anne's. S ho. Many of the per for a pavician. F. m lhes cures, Fully wished to pay tie lift tribute of and from his spending no more i

respect in his memory ; but it could not his rarients than what was not in ito! b. rantid." his forking á just oninion of tel. 23. Achis tonse on Croom's-hill, Greenmenis, he had for many years uz lite wi, in his sê ni year, Christopher Malin, private employment in his prolellin;

eig. 1700-admual c?the Whire. never, creia in the latter part of his lie, Is Putland-plice, if a bilious fever, the when his reputation was at irs ieighi, en wift of They 3, Filzherbert, eiq. late of joyed nearly for its my of lus con Hiri Cu045, '.rs. teisipararies. it is wajali y of mentiri, At "Voer, Mi í un Whitehead, enhou ever, tha: the amount of his fees, kind sig in the RWC myiot igion. ning 'he yer immediatesy preceding luis Ir: Quenec-il'ce., afec' Pn, the widow of dece, was greater, notwithitanding !iis Atb. iver, ca.luie of Bitley hill, Aerts. adv 120 d age and infirm health, shan it ritir's kosongs in fct:$ criege, Oxford, had ever hero kfore in the same space of aged 9', after a lingering í bove time. He ha ilu ayı been fond of the nine years, the Rev. Joseph Hoare, D.D. pleasures of pocety; and in his youlli, i principal of that society 1763, prehendary render the enjm-nt of them compofille of Vetminster 1762, and rector of Thurwith his positiis aiter knowleuse, ne istesi uefton, co. Northampto. This genileto deep very litile. He has ofion, inized, :1!) (tendedrelee Eari ! a court to the homti iki own coleturn for threrloors in a Court of Mecklenburgh-Strelitz, in 1761, Mong without having androiled borrelt and liad the lig!!000"] of martying our the fre eding night, The vigour of his gracious Queen. His deth was owing to Chattin on enab'ed hiin to fustju, for 1 the folloumig reinirkable acuden : fitting confid-abome, without apparctit down, infurtunt'eiy, upon the tail of a fajy, tisd b::staiing toe of life.

But at

Punte cti, which was under the leg of his leneth le a tacked with gout, alich Cliair, the a:'mal cried pile Lily, but the allerwards hecitin irrguiar, anu fur many oid man had lost luis leaiis; the animal year fregently affuetud him with exc1u grew furious, and, in a delpera e Attempt citing pins in luis 10:1ch and bowels,

to get loose from is confinment, taitened In the latter part of his life aito, his feet its cl10:s op i's naster's les, and tore the and cles were almost coutians (weten; cair a mhockingly that the leg at length and, sh stly he ore bis deach, he had 11:43. mortified, and broug! i on death. pions of u arer in tis chest. But there he 27. At Camden.c.uni, in lier 28th year, dis girded, and unfermly attributed siis the wife of Mr. F. Dietricher, of Badford

1 stjor, which for leveral weeks pre street, Bedford-Igujare. vious o his daih hie krew to be lo vjera,

Jamics Cotes, esq. captain in the royal to the p (enie ofilie first mencionaddira nayv, and brother to John C. esq. M.P. eale. in 1762 he married a daugliter of for Woodcute, 9.alop. Carles Stuart, eq. conservator of the Drowned, while bathing near the Eton Scotch privileges in the Urited Netherlarius, head-pile, in the siver Thames, Matter and by her had two sons and two daughi- Briwerip, an Etonian. The accident hap. Ers: 1. Georse, who died while an infant; pened in right of several persons, and boxes 2, 11 y bopiva, married to Şamuci Berita

were instantly pushed off in search of the ham, eiq.a brigadir-se en in te Rufliaa body, which in less than 20 minutes was service, and inspector-general of nasad af. taken up in very deep u aler, and imme. fairs in this com; 3. William, who was dia cly convey d on thore, where medical drowned in the minim , near his father's and wasdirectly blained, hut without efteet. honse in El x-treet, a' the age of 11. The Aged 18, the widow of Mr. Neale, mang Bufs of him contioned 10: Mict his father 10

years an excise-officer at Cambridge. the time of liis own death. 4. Margaret, Of a fewer, aged 25, Mis Ellen Sass, :!e is married.

wite of Mr. R. S. of Great Queen-street, "AnotherCorresporilent adds, When fome Lincoln's-jon- fields, drawing.matter. men (ię, " They di all;" poder pong 28. Al his apartments in Robert-itreet, oçcuvel in their transit through life otily Bla kéniers-road, by fhooring himself with of record, or converfation by mnmriy. a pistui, Mr. Crofilman, a Marshaltea court Not to we this ful! great pliilosopher and officer. A derangement in his pecuniary Celebrated pi y Gcian ; who, by his intrinic affairs is reported to be the caule thereof. merit ani exivarry genius, advanced At her house in Bedford-treet, Bedford10 ine summit of ind proteilion. As a square, Mirs. Wroughton, lecturer, for more than 30 years, on the Atier a painful and ingering illness, the ynious branches of meclicine, his memury wife of Mr. Jofcpli Roper, of Suow-brilla

! he held in the ligheit na'ion, and A: Volt-bank, ne ir Annar, Scotland, eve; honoured by the eminent in the pro in lis 25th yess, Lieui. Bryce Jolinston, of bulion in town and country. His reallains the suya cavy.


.29. A. Streatham, co. Surrey, aged 33, park, Surrey, widow of Capt. C. of the John Whitlock, esq.

royal nary. 1. Par on-147 1", Lieut-eni. Will. m The wise of Mr. Pidcock, surgeon, of Gun:. for merls of h logikillingstagonis, Watford, Herts. anu lieu enant gov neto Cister cattle. Very denly, at his house in Cneting

At an advanced 18', Mrs. Lighlazel, of h0), az-a-3, W11. Travis, esą, o Hull. Norton-fireet, Fortino.)-place.

god 47, Capt. John Wire, some years Aged 81, Mr. W. Chapman, late of mer of le vetiel called the Bremen Kennisgion-lane, Sartry.

packet, employed in the trade between 3. Mi Garniana, an eminent grocer, that purt and Hall. of Baner freut, Pirim-qizore.

At his house in Oxford-firect, the Right 31. At Chelsen, taie Rev. Hanry 0:0 Rev. Lewis Bagot, D.D. lord bishop of St. Schrader, chaplin to his Majesty's Ger Alph.

He had been for ten years past in man chapel it S. James's.

a decline, but was confined to his hed only Suddenly, cle Rev. Charles Here, pre the dy hefore his death. An illuess of hend ry of Caine'ile, co. Ai trim, in Ire such long continu nce had wasted him to a Land, rector of Tralerie, co. Cire, ud mere fk ciston. Trough but little krown brother of Jimes H. tfy. M.F. fur Kuurei. in the worl', from the wak stare of his borougli, co. Yok.

health, wisich did not admit of his mixing June 1. it Barrogill calle, in his r3th much in it, he was a man of great learning, yedi, Juha Lund Buriedaie, cldent fou of an ccomplished scholar, and of the most the Earl of Cotoneis.

genia id amiable manneys.

He was Agul 51, Nr. loha Wakel n, of Parton Tatilored from the see of Twich to that free, 'tay markei, fivesimith.

in which he did. The Warburton lec2. A Morder-ball, Surrey, the lady of tures, preulei in Lincoles inn chapel, Sir Robert Burneti, kiit.

are the only works, we believe, that he in Busto, He widow of Cpt. Vitha. configned to the press. lo that duty he nach French, of the Someripo incibks. fined Bp. Hard, and, it may perhaps

In Berk ev-squirt, Mrs. Jane Min be fail, cum paffibus equis. waring, after of William M. esq. Mit's A Chrion, rear Bintol, of a vivient fe. for Mudelex

ver, which isted leven weeks, Hannah, 3. ALW: writ, Sarrey, in his 7th yeai, eldest daughter of the late Tho. Fletcher,, ouls un of the late John Mic esq. oi Erling, co. Middl-sex; boro A. D. Niih, "14. : Nevlon.

1762 ; mariel, in November, 1583, 10 1 The wife of Luke Floo', efq. of Mary, the Rev. George-Heniy Gialle, M A. TecJand-pout, Strathore, Eflex.

tor of Hinwell, in the same county; with 19 bis 50th ver, Mr. Thomas Martin whom ih lived in perfect domeitic union, fon, o: Huli, ship and intrance-hr ker, and the exem: lary discharge of every conjuiand age't tolereral of the con radi veliels. gal and maternal dyty. They had flue, i.

4. A: R cheiter, much regi tied by all Hinan; 2. Caroline; 3. G-orge-Henry; 4. wiin kuew her, Mrs. R-bocco Haru ooil, Hery-Simuel, died in 1791; 5 Edwarddaughter of Thomas Chile, eiq. of Brom. Henry; 6. Eleanor, vied 1794; 7. Emmaley, Kent, and relict of the Rev. James H. Mirgaret; 8. Arthur-Henry; 9. Ellen. M.A. of Christ Church, Oxford, and vicar Clara; 10. Mary-Louiti, born at Clifton, of Dartford, 1765, who died 1775, and during the height of her mother's illness, 64, having by her had seven childien. He May 12, 1802 (see p. 468). wis buried in a viult in Si. Edmund's ce Ai Cultterworth, co. Lincoln, aged 20, metery in the top of Dartford-hill, and Miss Mary Mutlon; who was to have been has an elegant marble tablet, with a dort married on the 7th. infiription, against the East wall of the 5. Mich lamented, the wife of Colonel South chancel He was chaplain to Bp. Wond, of Piercefield, M. P. for Newark. Wilcox, and is represei red in the point of Aged 61, Mr. John Rooke, farmer, of Bromley palac: in Haited's Kint.

Filurion, ne.r Lincoln. At Fulbeck,co. Lincol, the H. 9. Hen. A: Monlev, Mils Diana Warren, youngFanc, M. P. for Lyme Regis, Dorfei, bio el ding hier oi Rear-admiral Sir John Bur. ther to the late, and uncle to the pruleo', lale W. bail. Earl of Weitmorland. he was surveyor Ar the house of Henry Bonham, esq. in of the King's private roads; and married, Broad-lireet-buildings, after a severe ille in 1973, the daughter of Edward Buckley nels, Can.. Charles Wemyss, of the navy. Barfon, era of London, banker.

Mrs. Starp, widow, of Coifterworili, co. After a lingering illness, Jas. Mico, esq. Lincoln. She retired 10 lett well as usual of Horton, near Uminster, som du fet. the pieceding evening, and was found dead

In his bitt year, J. B. Murphy, try. of in the morning. şion college. He had rehded 38 years as a

6. Ai Deth, after a long illness, aged merchant at Cadiz.

about 60, Benjamin S yer, eiq. collector of Al Telton, in Kent, the seat of Sir Cha. the customs at that place, and one of the Mudleton, bart. Mrs. Comnewall, of Chan jurais of Sandwich.

At Clapham, Surrey, in his 720 year, At Cumherwell, Surrey, Capt. Francs
Mr. Jaires Randal, of Queen'ithe, W'il an Leigh, lait of the Karten Hut

7. At Highbuy place, Joseph Mayfes, ings East indlanan.
ely, of Amwell, Herts.

M15. Neinfin, luizion and apothecary,
Aged 44, the Rev. Morgan Grave', of Newik, co Nering! an.
M. A. rector of Rodgrave with Borefurle, M. George Thoms, f :he Red Line,
and of Hirderclay, co. Suffolk, buth in the Oil-hireet rad, maliy years kl.1632
presentation of Adiziral Wiifon.

He wis

ott cial 6:09tion in the rouie of his
or Pembroke college, Oxf.; M. A. 1774. and Athe, distilcis, Thaner. Atreet, ard

Aged 86, Mi, Rohert Couls, farmer, of more particularly for bis bumour and con-
North H, keham, nar Lincoln.

vivairiy in public companie.
Matthew Bujarisse, efq. of Hugel:(. 14. Actionca-fd0', H 165, aged 72, Mr.
core Grange, co. Leicefier,

Goodwin, formerly of Nagbury.
9. Of a (ca: Jet fever, aged 7, the eldest Of a decline, in bis 18!! ver, Mr. J.O.
fon of R. Lee, esq. (f Bruce cafite, Tot Rattleit, e!dett fon of Mr. 5. at! rney, or
tenham, Middlesex, banker, in Lombard-it. Warehim, Dorfet.

Aged 74, the wife oi Wr. Wm. Martin, A! Hanım-şfinithi, aged 2", Mrs. Wi!.
thip-on ner, of Holl.

lims, wife of Mr. Wilian W. billon-
In Catherie-street, Sennd, in bis 754 mker, Sc. Mart'n':-line
ye ir, Mr. Greive, long kaJwn as a collec Ar Camdentown, in bis 37th es, fola
tor of prints and picture.

Orum, esq. of Hull
Al Bour-gale, East Barnet, 'f the 15. Mits Guynne, ellest arug ter of
gnut in his itomach, Jacoh Baker, e'q. fon Sackilde Henry G. etg. of Gaubrare
of the late Sir William B. knt, and hiother park, C. Cormarthen.
to W. B. erq. representative of the couny Ai Fulbek, co. Luinrolo (the feat of the
of Hertiord.

late in. Henny Fane), Carle. Blir, els
A his house at Scandier, Lieur -col. of Blindford it. M Diet He mire
Cowper, lale of the loth foot, and depe - rice, earli in lfe, lody M.::y Fana, Gier'
ty-inspector general of the foreign its or foretike, and aunt to live piciens, Esilof
at East Ches.

At the seat of James Bourciier, era at 17. Of it decine, in his 19th year, it
Linle Berkhampstead, co. Hayts, Childers Upper Dundtable-hicule, Richinond, Sur-
Walhank Chiiders, cry. of Caotley longe, rey, the deal fou of Sr Roh. Bikor, hart.
co. York.

IS Al Southam120, fileniy, the wate
JO. At Hinckley, co. Leiceiter, Nir. o? W Lomer, eiq, high heritt.
Santome, hof'r.

19 Art: $4, dile:ex, Jon Lafisat,
In Quebec-ftret, Portor in-quare, ged et. of Lemon-ftreet.
32, John Resnolds, ely. Inte conign in the in Gracchurch !!r. Vrh, Finacs, erg.
London inilicia.

In Baker-itr. Por!o) ti! (pure, the wile
II. Ai Theubalds, Herts, in an ipophtc of the Rev. Dr. D. C!!l, and one of l?ie
tic fil, aged 65, Benj. Barnett, etg, formes'y diught ti of the late S! W. Kentworth, he.
full primer in the banking houle of House A Sp.715.6-3:)!, near Bitmacham, aged
and Hill, Lonibud-trert.

ns, the Rev Les Pricei, rector of
At Clih 17, in lus 27ch year, In. Shifto, liigite, in. Silop.
efq. of When orth, D.1: hnu

Allis fittier's life in Thread: eedle.
At Shpen-

Mt. Pullippo fry, ef. ftreet, M:. iteniy Ciake, of King's Bench
The preceding nig!', 34 11 o'circi, nie je wurk, Tenie,
tired to bed appre tly 10 point belts and Aged :3, M:: Jibin Horne, of Merlin's
spiri:s, and was dwindlitb3197 ile moing. C:ve, Citrkeoweli,

Sir Toon Rivil, f Checkers, Bick.. 27. 1. Devonshire place, Miss Helen

In Upper Brook-freet, Gruivencs='? Sow, this daughter of Diniel S. esq.1
Jubn Cookiin, ela.

heilen.11'-vernor of Sipit.
Geige-Illiam Rou, e'q. harsilap : 22. In Howiand-Areel, Fitzroy-square,
law, and come to tie Eit 11 Con. aher a life of pitful struggle for more
piny. He was seized on the 8h asid all 11.11 17, Nils Henley, ughter of the
apoplectic firoke ubile in the Cours of Rev. Mr. Horector of Rendlefaim, S.If »li.
Excherier, as lie wits heginning to adureis. At Besconsticlel, Bucks, an advanled
the jury, and never recovered.

age, Mis. Msry buik, bier of Sir W.B.
13 Aged 6 yenis, Henry Hiore, son of

À Sepney green, in his 75th year, Mr.
Heniy-Hugh H. esq.f S!. James's-fonte. Fot. Bhean.

842) 1602

5 and so

BILL of MORTALITY, frim May 25, in June 22, 1002.

2 24 51959 and 60 1:2
Mites 6272

13 0; and 70 8:

Fenales 760
Femids 6255

10 and 20 70 and Xo 63
Hilierent nave died aner years old 3+2 20 and 30 9. 8 and 90 30
Sat, 148. per bushel; 30 per pollet

30 30 40 !IDI,O and 100

Pack Loa 3s. 4. ; 3s 4.; 3s5 ; 3s. 6. ; to and you

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AVERAGE PRICES of CORN, from the Returns ending June 19, 1802. 15.3

When Rye Barley Oats Beans

Wheat Rye Bailey Oats Beans

s. d. s. d. d. s. ds. do
Middl f. 73 033

9 32 3:24 333 Erex 71 8131 0,0 424
72 6

6 Kent 69 0100 0132 0123 121 4
433 632

035 Siitlex 72 O' 0:27 c1:4 3134 0
Bedford 64 655


Suffolk 67 1oo 0129 9112 4128 6
Huntiny. 65 2100 032

9 Cambrid. 6; 820 027 0 15 519 10
Northam. 62 1.00 0,26 9.16

Norfolk 67

Rutlan! 67 636 032 017 01 36 Lincoln

146 6:30

2 5

Leicester 69 300

6 York

67943 02; 1116 11:23


Derhy 78 CM 39

Northun. 64 842 1127


Cumberl. 75
2149 430 618

Salip 72 49 4 37 0 2 2


79 356 03)
Hereford 64
7:1 7123 926 7 Lanc.ft.

74 11 00 o'c

0 20 1138

6 # Cherter 69 400

00 0.25

Warwick 75

76 509 04? 1000 O
W115 66

4 CO
0 23

Denbigh 73


420 60o
79 6.00 0130 10 23 34

6 Anglesea ou


0,00 09
Otors 65

oo 019

9 20

5 Carnarv 10 033 416 6:0
67 6-0
0,12 9'33

Merione 162 6 44 037 419
Montgo. 65 So 032 016

Cardigan 54 400

4:43 231 2 16

Pembroke & 2 610


13 4CO
Rajnor 70 8,10 0132
121 joco Cirmait. 56 00) o'28

012 000
Glamorg. 61

0 26 816 4100
Average of En and and Wales, per quarter.

Gloucest. 66 2142 030


Somerset 62 Toloo 0 29 1115 4400
67 10.42 7131 4119. 9134 9

Monm. 61

031 16,00 Coo

Devon 61 50 023 110 Ooo
Average or Senilind, per quarter. Cornvall 5) 1000 0'24 19:16 5'ng
61 633 4 27 118 0129

Driet 62 cod 0124 424

338 0
Hauts 65 3:30 027 6 22

435 7
AVERAGE PRICES, by which Exportation and Bounty are to be regulated.

Wheat Rve Parley Oats Beans Whe! Kse Brley Oats Beans.



di s. d. s. d.


$5 342 7126 112
917 19

63 54 730 819 1132



62 42

7124 417 1034 9
67 11:44

0125 11 23 6, 26

69 4: 127

9 13

4123 424 4 IS

7 73 +2 731 421 833 0 1 15

6) 1
13 4:27 1019 6

30 11

0,37 5913 I3? 9

55 1'33

9.13 61292

505. In 558.! Niddling cjs 1) OIS,, Ilore Pollard 245. od. 10 os.
455. 10 ses. line Pollard
229. to 245. Pran 135. 6d. to


oos. to 00. Cormond.tto 175. to ies:
OATMEAL, per 1 dl of 140lbs. Avoirdupois, 395. si.

Kent Fockers
sl. os. to 61. 156. Suflex Pockets

sl. os. to

61. 65.
41. Tos

61. 10.
Ditto B:55

4'. ins. to 6.
Farnham Pockets 61 OS. to 81.

Eilex Bigs

4. ICS. 10 OS.
Whitechapel-llay 41. 125. cd. to 61. 19, od. Aver. 51. 125. od.

Siraw 21.

out. to 21. s. ou.

Aver. il. 18. o.
Average Price of SUGAR, campied from the returns mule in the weak inding June 23,
18oz, is 3;;. 104 e cw.exchuhve of the villty of Culis puid or payaile thereon
on the imp: falsa thereof is Great-Pritain.

SMILFIELD, de -5. Tonk the orfilm-per itone of Blb.

49. 4. in 5.


55. odd. to 55. 4d

Sa. 01. I 5. 6.

65. 6.1. to 75. .

55. O. Io 63. o.

Bens, about 1800-Sheep and Limius 9KO
TALLOW, lune 28, per store of 8b. 38. qu.
COALS, June 28. New tie 42s. at:. :)

Sudan I, 35. ed. to oys. od.
SO.ta, cilow, 00$, -- vvtilel, 001.---Cure, - .

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745 76 901

27 Sunday

ros και
Printed by Nichows and Son, Red-Lion-Paliage, Fleet Street.]

731 17 9 O 981 88
1. BRANSCOMB and Co. Srock-Brokers, at the Lucky Lottery Office, No 11, Holborn

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