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Upon good Men, because this is the best Inheritance they can leave them, and gives them the best Title to the Care and Blelling of Providence.

2. The other Part of the Application concerns Children, i. e. Those that are grown up to Years of Discretion and Knowlege to difcern between Good and Evil: This lies a very great Obligation upon them to avoid the Evil Examples, and to imitate the Virtues of their parents. If they observe any Wickedness in their Father, this should instill a fecret Horror into them; and they should consider, that it is more dangerous for them to be Wicked (I mean as to this World, for when Wickedness is entailed, the Punishment of Wickedness is entailed too, and the longer Judgment has been delayed, the nearer it is, and the more severe it is like to be. And this Consideration ought to be particularly remembred in this Matter ; that a wicked Son of a wicked Father cannot promise himself to escape lo' well as his Father did ; because his Father's Sins stick close to his Pof fellions; and fince he imitates him therein, both call for a more speedy

more speedy Vengeance : Either to put a Stop to Exemplary and Incorrigible Wickedness; or to root out a wickked Family, and to pull down the Leprous House.

On the other Hand, what an Encouragement is here given to the Children of Righteous Parents, to imitate the Virtues, and to # make good the Characters, and to perpetuate E the Memory of their Family, that so they


may inherit, not only their Eftatés, but their Honours and Blessings. We think it a great Advantage for Children to inherit the Fruits of their Parent's Care and Industry; but to inherit the Rewards of their Virtues is infinitely greater.

And this none but virtuous Children can do. A Prodigal Son may inherit the Eftate of an Industrious Father, but he cannot keep it : And a Wicked Son of a Virtuous Father causes Shame to his House, and forfeits his Inheritance. In fhort, though some good Men meet with very little or no Reward in this World ; this gives reasonable Hopes to their Children to expect the more: For an Exemplary Virtue shall have its Reward one time or other, even in this World ; and what the Father suffered or lost, shall be repaid to the Son, and the Son's Son, in a Line of Virtuous Succeflon. Good Men have the Reward of their Sufferings in Hea-, ven, and their Children upon Earth. And so much may serve to have been spoken to the Second Thing under this Head, viz. The fingular and remarkable Punishments, which God has threatened, and inflicts upon the notorious Sins of Injustice, Oppression and Cruelty in this world. I, very briefly to the Third and Laft, viz.

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3. The terrible Sentence and Doom they will receive from God in the other Worlá. Indeed the

Consideration that these Sins fels dom go unpunished here ; that God moft cerrainly remembers them, and makes future Generations to account for them, ought, one would think, to be fufficient to deter. Men from the Commission of them : But this is a mean and low Consideration in Comparifon of that Account which God will exact of them in the other World. Alafs ! what is a Temporal Punishment upon Pofterity? What is it that our immediate Descendants are profuse and Extravagant ; that they are Poor and Beggarly, and Scandalous ; that what we unjustly amaffed together, is as profufely spent? Nothing of thefe will affed or reach us in the other World: When we are gone to the Grave, we know not who rules over our Substance, whether he be a wife Man, or a Fool: But the Remembrance of our Ill-Deeds; the Guilts of our Injustice; the Cries of our Oppressions ; these will stick close to our Consciences; Galt and Wound us

with everlasting Horror and Remorse. And Ch. 5. 1. therefore faith St. James. Go to, je Rich 2. 3. 4. Men, weep and bowl for your Misery which

fball come upon you. Your Riches are corrupted, and your Garments are Moth-eaten : Your Gold and your Silver is cankered, and the Rust of them shall be a Witness against you,


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and shall eat your Flesh as it were Pire: re
have beaped together Treasure for the last
Days... Bebold, the Hire of the Labourers
mbich bave reaped down your Fields, wbich
is of you kept back by Fraud, crieth ; and
the Cries of them wbicb bave reaped are en
tred into the Ears of the Lord of Sabboth.
Dreadful Words, my Brethren now; but
how much more dreadful, when we shall hear
them from the Mouth of our Judge (in
the Great and Solemn Appearance of the
World) audibly pronounced against all the
Injustices and Oppressions committed in the
Earth : When Christ will take upon him the
“ Patronage of the Poor and Unbefriended;
6 and plead the Cause of those that have

been oppressed with Wrong. When he will display all the Secret Frauds or open Violence done unto them ; and say unto those that are Guilty ; 1 know you not, De- Mat: 25. part from me, ye Workers of Iniquity, into 41. everlasting Fire, prepared for the Devil and bis Angels

. Wherefore take we heed in time, and out of that awful Regard we have to the Temporal Judgments of this World ; and much more, to the Final and Eternal Sentence of God in the next: Let us be careful to avoid these beinous Sins of Injustice, Oppreffion, and Violence, which have such a loud Cry, and such a Damning Guilt : Let us always


keep a good Conscience, void of Offence cowards God and towards Men; and then, through the Merits and Satisfaction of our over Blessed Saviour, we shall be acquitted in that Great Day: Which that we may, God of his Infinite Mercy grant, &c.

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