Includes adjourned, called, extra and special sessions and provisional session of 1870.

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Sida 157 - An act to authorize the State of Tennessee to issue grants and perfect titles to certain lands therein described, and to settle the claims to the vacant and unappropriated land within the same," passed the eighteenth of April, one thousand eight hundred and six.
Sida 72 - Whereas the people of the territory of the United States south of the river Ohio...
Sida 69 - Resolved, That the Senators from this State, in the Congress of the United States, be instructed, and the Representatives requested, to...
Sida 4 - Ordered that a message be sent to the House of Representatives informing them that the Senate are now ready to proceed, on their part, to the election of a senator in Congress.
Sida 129 - The declaration of rights hereto prefixed is declared to be a part of the constitution of this State, and shall never be violated on any pretence whatever. And to guard against transgression of the high powers we have delegated, we declare that everything in the bill of rights contained is excepted out of the general powers of government, and shall forever remain inviolate.
Sida 34 - ... and on motion, ordered to lie on the table. Received from the house of representatives a...
Sida 29 - Carolina, praying relief in that case, which was referred to the committee of propositions and grievances, and sent to the House of Representatives.
Sida 156 - Also, a bill' to amend- an act entitled " an act ascertain ing the number of judges of the superior courts of law " and equity, and fixing their salaries and directing their qualifications to...
Sida 25 - PM, the sergeant-at-arms announced the presence of the managers of the Impeachment on the part of the House of Representatives, and they were conducted to the seats assigned to them.
Sida 80 - DECEMBER 13. JUDGE PECK. Mr. BUCHANAN, on behalf of the managers appointed to conduct the impeachment against Judge James H. Peck, submitted the following report, which was agreed to: The Committee of Managers appointed by the House of Representatives to conduct the impeachment against James H.

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