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tourist pours forth such strains of condolence and revenge, made louder by the borrowed trumpet of Mr. Burke. Now Bologna is at this moment, and has been for some years, notorious amongst the states of Italy for its

attachment to revolutionary principles, and was almost the only city which made any demonstrations in favour of the unfortunate Murat. This

change may, however, have been made since Mr. Eustace visited this
country; but the traveller whom he has thrilled with horror at the pro-
jected stripping of the copper from the cupola of St. Peter's, must be much
relieved to find that sacrilege out of the power of the French, or any other
plunderers, the cupola being covered with lead.*
* If the conspiring voice of otherwise rival critics had not given consider-
able currency to the Classical Tour, it would have been unnecessary to
warn the reader, that however it may adorn his library, it will be of little
or no service to him in his carriage; and if the judgment of those critics
had hitherto been suspended, no attempt would have been made to anti-
cipate their decision. As it is, those who stand in the relation of posterity
to Mr. Eustace may be permitted to appeal from cotemporary praises, and
are perhaps more likely to be just in proportion as the causes of love and
hatred are the farther removed. This appeal had, in some measure, been
made before the above remarks were written; for one of the most respect-
able of the Florentine publishers, who had been persuaded by the repeated
enquiries of those on their journey southwards to reprint a cheap edition
of the Classical Tour, was, by the concurring advice of returning travellers,
induced to abandon his design, although he had already arranged his types
and paper, and had struck off one or two of the first sheets.
The writer of these notes would wish to part (like Mr. Gibbon) on good
terms with the Pope and the Cardinals, but he does not think it necessary
to extend the same discreet silence to their humble partisans.

* “What, then, will be the astonishment, or rather the horror, of my reader, when I inform him............ the French Committee turned its attention to Saint Peter's, and employed a company of Jews to estimate and purchase the gold, silver, and bronze that adorn the inside of the edifice, as well as the copper that covers the vaults and dome on the outside.” Chap. iv. p. 130. vol. ii. The story about the Jews is positively denied at Rome.



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