The Mystical Life of Jesus: An Uncommon Perspective on the Life of Christ

Penguin, 2006 - 243 sidor
Responding to the extraordinary number of questions raised by recent cultural phenomena such as The Gospel of Judasand The Da Vinci Code, New York Timesbestselling author Sylvia Browne brings readers the fullstory of the life of Jesus

New discoveries in archaeology and recent bestsellers and movies such as The Da Vinci Codeand The Passion of the Christhave sparked a renaissance of the many controversies that have remained unanswered in Christianity and other religions. At the heart of these controversies is Jesus. With a unique perspective only Sylvia Browne could bring, The Mystical Life of Jesusis filled with the details of Jesus’ inspiring life.

Including his birth, childhood, travels, ministry, miracles, crucifixion, death, and resurrection, she addresses all of the major controversies:
• Was there a virgin birth?
• Was there a Star of Bethlehem?
• What did he do for the first thirty years of his life?
• Was he married?
• Was he divine?
• Was it a miracle at Cana (and who was getting married)?
• Is there a Jesus lineage?

Using her unique relationship with her spirit guide and her years studying the controversial Gnostic texts, Sylvia answers all of these questions with a confidence and authority only someone who has visited the afterlife can have.


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Användarrecension  - thewitchescupboard - LibraryThing

This book should be required reading for the entire human race! Whether you are a Christian, a former Christian, or pretty much anyone curious about this man called Jesus, please read this book ... Läs hela recensionen

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Användarrecension  - michrym - LibraryThing

I am glad that someone finally answered some of the questions I alway had regarding the "truth" the Church gave to us in our youth . I have called myself a recovering Catholic for years...... I knew ... Läs hela recensionen


Birth and Childhood
The Lost Years of Jesus
His Baptism and Gathering of Disciples
His Early Ministry and Miracles
Mary Magdalene The Beatitudes of Christ J 03
The Real Passion Story of Christ
The ResurrectionA Plan for Christs Survival
The True Apocalypse
The Mystical Traveler
A Note FrOm Sylvia

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Sylvia Browneis the #1 New York Timesbestselling author of Insight; Phenomenon; Prophecy; Visits from the Afterlife; The Other Side and Back; Life on The Other Side; Past Lives, Future Healing; and Adventures of a Psychic. She has been working as a psychic for over fifty years, and appears regularly on The Montel Williams Show. She has also appeared on Larry King Live, Good Morning America, CNN, and Entertainment Tonight.

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