Sidor som bilder

Peace of 1814, the “Right of Search," the Texas and Oregon questions, etc. By Francis Wyse. 3 vols., 8vo, cloth, uncut.

London, 1846 37 AMERICA. Antiquities of. The First Inhabitants of Central

America, and the Discovery of New England by the Northmen, Five Hundred Years before Columbus. By A. Davis. Svo pamphlet, 32 pages; fine copy ; scarce.

Buffalo, 1849 “ Thither came in times afar

Stern Lochlin's sons of roving war;

The Northmen trained to spoil and blood" — 38 AMERICA. The History of Ancient America, anterior to the time

of Columbus : proving the identity of the Aborigines with the Tyrians and Israelites; and the introduction of Christianity into the Western Hemisphere by the Apostle St. Thomas. By Geo. Jones. Third edition ; royal 8vo, cloth ; engraved title-page. Medallion of Count Joannes.

London, etc., 1843 39 AMERICAN REVOLUTION, MEMOIRS OF THE, so far as it related

to the States of North and South Carolina and Georgia. Compiled from the most authentic materials, the Author's personal knowledge of the various events, and including an epistolary correspondence on public affairs, with Civil and Military Officers of that period. By Wm. Moultrie. In two volumes, portrait ; 8vo, sheep.


during the, from 1775 to 1783 ; Describing interesting events and Transactions of this period ; with numerous Historical Facts and Anecdotes, from the original MSS. To which is added an Appendix, Containing Biographical Sketches of several General Officers. By James Thatcher. 8vo, sheep ; second edition ; fine copy, scarce.

Boston, 1827 41 AMERICAN NAVY. A Compilation of Biographical Sketches

of Distinguished Officers of the American Navy, with other interesting matter. By Benj. Folsom. Svo, boards, frontispiece.

Newburyport, 1814 42 AMERICAN SUNDAY SCHOOL UNION. Minutes of the Debate in the

Legislature of Penn., on the Bill to Incorporate the American
S. S. Union. 8vo, Pamphlet, 25 pages ; curious and interesting.

Phila., 1828 43 AMERICAN GEOGRAPHICAL and STATISTICAL SOCIETY BULLETIN. Vol. II. for 1856. 8vo, paper, uncut.

New York, 1857 44 AMERICAN INSTITUTE of N. Y. Eighth Annual Report. 8vo, cl., Portrait of James Tallmadge.

Albany, 1850 45 AMERICAN'S OFFERING. A Recitative Ode on Events of Revolution

ary Times. Dedicated to the American People. By a Mechanic. In Five Cantos, with Historical Notes. Zvo.

Philadelphia, 1849 46 AMERICAN PHILOSOPHICAL SOCIETY, Phila. Transactions of the His

torical and Literary Com. of. Containing an Account of the History, Manners and Customs of the Indian Nations who once inhabited Pennsylvania and the neighboring States. By John Heckwelder. 8vo, half mor.

Phila., 1819 47 AMERICAN PIONEER. A MONTHLY PERIODICAL, devoted to the

objects of the Logan Historical Society : or to collecting and publishing sketches relative to the early settlement and successive improvement of the Country. In Two Volumes, half cr. lev. mor., gilt top, rough edges.

: Cincinnati, 1844 48 AMHERST, Mass. CHARITY INSTITUTION. I. Address delivered at the

laying of the corner stone of. By Noah Webster. II. Sermon delivered on the same occasion. By Rev. Dan'l A. Clark. III. Brief account of the origin of the Institution. Svo, orig. cov., 48 p., uncut ; fine copy.

Boston, 1820 49 AMHERST, N. H. Historical Sketch of, from the First Settle

ment to the present time. By John Farmer. 8vo; fine copy ; very scarce.

Amherst, 1816 50 ANACREON. Select Odes of, with Critical Annotations. To which

are added Translations and Imitations of other Ancient Authors. By Rev. Hercules Younge. 8vo; sheets folded ; frontis.

London, 1802 51 ANDOVER, Mass. HISTORY OF, from its settlement (1634) to

1829. By Abiel Abbot. 8vo, cloth, uncut. Andover, 1829 52 ANDOVER, Mass. MEMORIAL OF the Semi-Centen. Celebration of the Founding of the Theological Seminary at. 8vo, cl.

Andover, 1859 53 ANDOVER THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY. Sermon delivered Sept. 22, 1818,

at the Dedication of the New Edifice erected for the use of. By Ebenezer Porter. 8vo, orig. cov., 30 p. uncut ; fine copy.

Andover, 1818 54 ANDRÉ, MAJOR. ORATION PRONOUNCED before the young men

of Westchester County on the completion of a monument erected by them to the Captors of Major André at Tarrytown, Oct. 7, 1853. By Henry J. Raymond. Svo pamphlet ; rare.

New York, 1853 55 ANDRÉ, MAJOR JOHN. Minutes of a Court of Inquiry upon

the case of. With accompanying Documents, published in 1780 by Order of Congress. With an additional appendix, containing copies of the papers found upon Maj. André when arrested, and other documents relating to the subject. 4to, orig. cov., rubric titles. With portrait. 100 copies printed.


Egbert Benson. 8vo, half polished cf., rough edges. Extra Illus

trations. 200 copies printed. New York, Joseph Sabin, 1865 57 ANDRÉ, MAJ. JOHN. LIFE AND CAREER OF. By Winthrop Sargent. 8vo, cl. Portrait, map.

Boston, 1861 58 ANDRÉ, MAJOR JOHN. The Life and Career of, Adjutant

General of the British Army in America. By Winthrop Sargent. LARGE PAPER. 75 copies printed. 8vo, cl., uncut.


OFFICIAL PAPERS issued during the period between the overthrow of the Andros Government and the establishment of the second charter of Mass. Reprinted from the Original Editions and Manuscripts. By W. H. Whitmore. 2 vols., paper, uncut.

THE PUBLICATIONS OF THE PRINCE Soc. Vols. I. and II. With Votes upon the grant of the second charter. 150 copies printed. Sm. p. Portrait.


LARGE PAPER. Only 20 copies. 61 ANNAPOLIS, ANNALS OF. Comprising Sundry Notices of that

old City, from the period of the First Settlements in its vicinity in the year 1649, until the War of 1812 ; together with various incidents in the History of Maryland, derived from Early Re cords and Public Documents. With an Appendix, containing a number of Letters from Gen. Washington and other Distinguished Persons. By David Ridgely. 8vo, in sheets, folded.

Baltimore, 1841 62 ANTHON, HENRY. “Parish Annals.” A Sermon, giving Historical

Notices of St. Mark's Church in the Bowery, New York (from
A. D. 1795 to 1845), delivered May 4, 1845. Svo pamphlet.

New York, 1845 63 ANTRIM, N. H. History of the Town of, for a Period of one

Century, from 1744 to 1844. By John M. Whiton. 8vo, paper cov., 95 pages; fine copy; scarce.

Concord, N. H., 1852 64 APES, WILLIAM. The Experience of, a Native of the Forest.

Written by himself. Bds., 12mo. Second Ed. New York, 1831 65 APES, WILLIAM. Indian Nullification of the unconstitutional laws

of Mass., relative to the Marshpee Tribe ; or, the pretended riot explained: 12mo, cl. With plate.

Boston, 1835 66 APPLETON, SAMUEL. Memorial of. With Genealogical notices of

some of his Descendants. By Isaac Appleton Jewett. Roy. 8vo, c.; engravings.

Boston, 1850 67 ARIZONA, Terr. Its Resources and Prospects. By R. C. McCormick. Svo pamphlet.


the year 1819, with occasional observations on the manners of the Aborigines. With a map and other engravings. By Thomas Nuttall, F.L.S. Svo, bds., uncut; very scarce ; fine copy.

Philadelphia, 1821 69 ASSOCIATION OF 1774. Printed by crder of Gov. R. F. W. Allston. 8vo pamphlet.

Charleston, S. C., 1859 70 ATTLEBOROUGH, Mass. SKETCH OF THE HISTORY OF, from its

settlement to the present time. By John Daggatt. 8vo, paper cov., 136 p.; fine copy ; very scarce.

Dedham, 1834 71 ATWATER, CALEB. REMARKS made on a Tour to Prairie Du Chien, thence to Washington in 1829. 12mo, sheep.

Columbus, O., 1831 72 AUBURN, N. Y. The History of St. Peter's Church. Sermon,

March 29th, 1868. Being the last occasion of worship in the old church. By Rev. John Barnard. Stiff covers ; 80 pages, square 12mo.

Auburn, 1868 73 AUDUBON, JOHN J. A Story of Meadville. August 28, 1824.

Boston, 1846 74 AUSTIN, IVERS J. An Address delivered before the Corps of Cadets at West Point, June, 1842. 8vo; fine copy ; 18 pages.

New York, 1842

75 AUTOGRAPHS for Freedom. Compiled for “The Rochester Ladies Anti-Slavery Society.” 8vo, cl.

Boston, 1853 76 AYRES, J. A. LEGENDS OF MONTAUK, with an Historical Appendix. Cl., 8vo; scarce.

New York, 1849

PAMPHLETS. 77 Miscellaneous. [Thirteen.)

Africa, Southern. Narrative of Travels in the Interior. By J.

London, 1802
Andy's Trip to the West, with Life of its Hero. By Petroleum

V. Nasby.
Abbey, Henry L. Ralph and other Poems. New York, 1866
Allan, William. Commemorative of. By Wm. B. Sprague.

Albany, 1868
Austin, L. A. Memorial of Mary W. Wicker. Ticond., Aug.

26, 1865.
Aladdin. Letters on Monetary Science.

London, 1848
Alexander, A. Discourse occasioned by Burning of Theatre in

Phila., 1812 Addicks, Barbara, O. S., Mrs. Essay on Education.

New York, 1837 Atticus. Few Considerations, in Relation to the Choice of President.

1822 Arbuckle, James. The Sabbatical Institute: an Oration, Oct. 28, 1828.

New York, 1828 Account of the very Important Debate in the House of Commons, July 9, 1782, on the Question of American Independence. 28 Edition.

London, 1782 Authentic Copies of the Provisional and Preliminary Articles

of Peace between Great Britain and the United States of America.

London, 1783 Account of, and Directions for using Coal Tar and Varnish.

New York, 1788 78 Miscellaneous. [Thirteen.)

Avery, David. Sermons on Nature and Evil of Professors of
Religion not Bridling the Tongue.

Boston, 1791 Andros (of Jersey Prison-Ship’s fame). Sermon on Death of his Wife.

Providence, 1798 Austin, David. A Prophetic Leaf.

New Haven, 1798 - The Dawn of Day.

New Haven, 1800 Andrews, John. Sermon at the Interment of Rev. Thomas Cary.

Newburyport, 1808 Abercrombie, James. Two Sermons (National Fast).

Philadelphia, 1812 Allen, Stephen. Observations on Penitentiary Discipline add. to William Roscoe.

New York, 1827 Aladdin's Lamp.

New York, 1833 Alleghany County, Address to the Citizens of. By E. Pentland.

Pittsburgh, 1836 Abridgment of the Evidence on Bribery and Corruption in Parliament.

London, 1837 Ayrault, Charles. Habits of Mind or Character. A Lecture.

Generd, 1839
Alien List returned to Court Martial in 1839.
Address, Pastoral, to Young Women, by Rector of St. Timothy's

Philadelphia, 1813
79 Miscellaneous. [Thirteen.]

Atkinson, Rev. Thos. Sermon in Reference to Catastrophe on
U. S. Ship Princeton, Feb. 28, 1844.

Baltimore, 1844
Alverson, Laban. Lectures by the Clairvoyant. Part I., No. I

Ann Arbor, 1817

Anglican Church. List of Printed Books. London, 1850

Andrews, Wm. W. Sermon preached in Kent, Conn., May 20,


New York, 1851

Adshead, Joseph. On Juvenile Criminals' Reformatories.

Manchester, 1856

Abbott, The Messrs. New Seminary for Young Ladies at No.
45 La Fayette Place.

New York, 1843
Ackermann's Patent Movable Axles. Obs. on. London, 1819
Address to the People of Ohio on the Subject of the next Presi-

Cincinnati, 1824

Address to the Republicans and People of New York, Penn.

and Virginia upon the state of Presidential Parties.

New York, 1824

Advice to a certain Lord High Chancellor, etc., in which all the

rules of modern practice are laid down. Dublin, 1792

Arkansas, Supreme Court of, Jan., 1859. No. 181.

Auburn Prison, N. Y. Letter from E. King and T. J. Whar-

ton, with a Communication from the Agent of.

Harrisburg, 1829

Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company, Disc. before. By
T. Baldwin.

Boston, 1807
80 Miscellaneous. [Thirteen.]

Alton Outrage. Discourse on, at Peacham, Vt., Dec. 17, 1837.
By L. Worcester.

Concord, N. H., 1838

Australian. Adventures of Three Travellers in search of the

marvellous, giving an account of the discovery, capture and

semi-civilization of the wild Australian children.

New York, 1864

An account of the Great Whig Festival held in the City of Bal-

timore, Nov. 12, 1835.
Algiers, a short account of, and its several wars against Spain,
etc. Added, a copious Appendix.

Phila., 1794
Acadie. Proofs considered of the Early Settlement of, by the

Dutch. By J. Watts De Peyster.

Auction System. Remarks on the.

New York, 1831

Age of Credulity. Letter to Nathan B. Halhead. Phila., 1796

Appeal to the Candid. No. II.

Ames, Mr. Speech of, April 28, 1796.

Boston, 1798

Allyn, John. Election Sermon by.

Boston, 1805

Abercrombie, James. Charge to Senior Class of Phila.

Philadelphia, 1808

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