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The position of Persia, relatively to project an alliance with Persia, as the other powers, and especially in pre- means of an attack upon British India. sence of the complicated and warlike The idea was, perhaps, suggested by aspect of affairs in the East, gives to a request for assistance against Engthat fallen country a degree of interest land, made by the Shah to the French it would not otherwise possess. The emperor in 1805. Desirous to asceronce renowned empire, so long sunk tain the military and other resources into degradation and decrepitude, has of the country, Napoleon sent the acquired, in recent times, à factitious orientalist Jaubert to procuro inforor reflected importance from the mation. Simultaneously with him, changes that have occurred in other but not in his company, General Rostates. Two centuries ago, all that mieu was sent on a similar errand. Persia knew of Europe was from the The French Cæsar was a man of foreJesuits and other missionaries who sight; he despatched his emissaries in wandered thither in the vain hope of duplicate, as merchants write letters making converts to Christianity, and to the antipodes. In this instanco who, protected and well-treated by the precaution proved wise: General Shah Abbas and his successors, but Romieu had hardly reached his destiwholly unheeded by their subjects, nation when he perished-by poison, were frightened out of the country by as his countryinen affirm, but possibly the usurpation of the fierce Mahmoud by one of the malignant maladies Afghan. The rise and consolidation common at Teheran, and due to its of British power in India, and the unhealthy site. Jaubert was less uncommercial enterprise of Englishmen, fortunate: he escaped with three naturally led to intercourse between months' captivity in a well sunk in England and Persia. By France no the rock, into which he was let down attempts were made to establish either with ropes, by order of Mahmoud diplomatic or trading relations with Pasha, governor of Bayazid.

From the Shah and his subjects until early this damp and dismal cell he was rein the present century, when Napo- leased by the death of the rapacious leon's boundless ambition and invete- Kourd chief, whom the plague carried rate animosity to England led him to off. The information M. Jaubert sent

Voyage en Perse de Messieurs Eugène Flandin, peintre, et Pascal Coste, architecte, attachés à l'ambassade de France en Perse. (Undertaken and published by order of the French Government. The narrative of the journey by M. Eugène Flandin.) Paris, 1851. 2 volumes.



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