Appetites: Are You Driving or Driven?: Don't Get Left Behind

AuthorHouse, 25 apr. 2005 - 328 sidor
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After meeting Jesus, Paul, once the world-class advocate of the disciplined life, told everyone he met that Jesus, by taking not just our sins but the appetites that cause sins to the cross, became the Truth that set us free from that way of life (Gal 2:20 & 5:24). Illuminated by inspiring analogies, this book describes how you can get everything Jesus purchased for you: freedom from not just the penalty but freedom from the power of sin. As Chaplin Bill says, this book reveals that true freedom from the cycle of self indulgent appetites comes only through Christ, and not our own self discipline. Instead of impassioned reminders of your duties, this book speaks joy to your emotions.

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Don’s greatest joy daily comes from his having married his heartthrob on her 16th birthday more than 50 years ago. He is thankful that his children love and respect him and that they serve the Lord. His greatest comfort comes daily from his assurance that as the author of Living Beyond the Cycle of Defeat he has been used of the Lord in the US and in South Africa. It has been his pleasure during the past 50 years to lead Bible study groups at home and abroad. It has been his purpose over the past ten years to validate the content of Appetites: Are You Driving or Driven in the classrooms of four major denominations.

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