Gaston de Blondeville: Or The Court of Henry III. Keeping Festival in Ardenne, a Romance. St. Alban's Abbey, a Metrical Tale: with Some Poetical Pieces, Volym 3


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Sida 112 - Caput apri defero Reddens laudes Domino. The boar's head in hand bring I, With garlands gay and rosemary. I pray you, all sing merrily Qui estis in convivio.
Sida 99 - Now, if this cloister, fallen and gone, Ye fain would view, as once it shone, Pace ye, with reverend step, I pray, The grass-grown and forgotten way, While murmurs low the fitful wind, Winning to peace the meeken'd mind ; And Evening, in her solemn stole, With stillness o'er those woods afar, Leads in blue shade her brightening star, As spreads the slow gloom trom the pole, And these old towers their watch more awful keep, (Where once the Curfew spoke with solemn rule) And the faint hills and all...
Sida 83 - Squiers, having collers and chains of gould, every each of them throughout, bearing the one of them a spice-plate, the other a cuppe, beside yeomen of the guard that followed them with potts of wine to fill the cuppes. The spice-plates were furnished in the most goodly manner with spices, after the manner of a voidee ; and the cuppes were replenished with wine, and universally throughout the said hall distributed. The number of the said spice-plates and cuppes were goodly and marveylous, and yet...
Sida 23 - The Prior of St. Mary's is gone to his account. Be warned!" At these words cold drops stood on the King's forehead, and his eyes remained, fixed on the vacant air, where the countenance of the Baron had just appeared. At the same instant, these words of the distant requiem rose on his ear, " I go unto the dark lane ; that is covered with the mist of death, — a land of misery and darkness, where is the shadow of death and no order. The eye of man may no more behold me.
Sida 80 - King's majestie ; where when it had been conveyed it was sett somewhat out of the way towards the one side of the hall. " The second pageant was a shippe, likewise sett uppon wheels, without any leaders in sight: the same was in right goodly apparel, having her masts, toppes sayles, tackling, and all other appertyenances necessary unto a seemely...
Sida 71 - I could deliver to none but to the King himself; upon which the King said, " The esquire is in the right : for he ought not to deliver any letter or message to any but myself, he being at this time the chief officer of my house ; and if he had delivered the letter to any other, I should not have thought him fit for his place.
Sida 86 - Nas voil laisser ne oublier." " Her lays," says the Dissertation, " were extremely well received by the people. Denis Pyramus, an Anglo-Norman poet, and the contemporary of Mary, informs us, that they were heard with pleasure in all the castles of the English Barons, but that they were particularly relished by the women of her time. He even praises them himself.
Sida 81 - The said ladyes gave their final! answere of utterly refuse and knowledge of any such company, or that they were ever minded to the accomplishment of any such request ; and plainely denyed their purpose and desire.
Sida 97 - This western front shows various style, Less ancient than the central pile. No furrows deep upon its brow The frown of seven stern centuries show ; Yet the sad grandeur of the whole Gives it such a look of soul, That, when upon it's silent walls The silvered grey of moonlight falls, • The busts of Offa and his Queen are at the spring!
Sida 120 - This vaulted chamber once was lined With arras rich, where stood combined The story of Cologne's Three Kings, With other far-famed ancient things. Yet oft, on solemn festival, A deeper tale spoke from the wall, Such as might aid the mimic show Enacted on the scene below ; Where the raised platform, near the BAY, Served well for stage. That oriel gay Rose with light leaves and columns tall, Mid roial glass and fretwork small ; While tripod lamps from the coved roof Showed well each painted mask aloof,...

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