Excursions in the County of Essex: Compising a Brief Historical and Topographical Delineation of Every Town and Village; Together with Descriptions of the Residences of the Nobility and Gentry, Remains of Antiquity, and Every Other Interesting Object of Curiosity, Volym 1

Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown, 1818

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Sida 156 - On these days, the buck and the doe were brought by one or more servants at the hour of the procession, and through the midst thereof, and offered at the high altar of St Paul's Cathedral : after which the persons that brought the buck received of the Dean and Chapter, by the hands of their Chamberlain, twelve pence sterling...
Sida 157 - Chapter, three and fourpence in money, and their dinner : and the keeper, during his stay, meat, drink, and lodging, and five shillings in money at his going away ; together with a loaf of bread, having in it the picture of St. Paul.
Sida 157 - ... the west door, where the keeper that brought it blowed the death of the buck, and then the homers that were about the city presently answered him in like manner...
Sida 170 - ... versed in the science of antiquity, and richly possessed of the curious productions of nature, but who modestly desired no other inscription on his tomb than what he had made the rule of his life...
Sida 181 - HOUSE, about one mile south-east from Barking, is an ancient and very spacious brick edifice, having octangular towers, and curiously ornamented chimnies : some of the rooms are painted in fresco. This mansion is associated by tradition with the Gunpowder-plot: one account asserting that the Conspirators held their meetings here; and another, that it was the residence of Lord Monteagle when he received the letter that led to the discovery. Previous to the Dissolution, the manor of...
Sida 179 - The entrance arch is pointed ; above it is a niche, with a canopy and pinnacles. The apartment over the entrance is, in an old record, named, " The chapel of the Holy Rood lofte atte-gate, edified to the honour of Almighty God, and of the Holy Rood.
Sida 132 - RALEIGH, now a very inconsiderable village, \vasformerlya market town, and the head of the Barony of Suene, who is reported to have built a CASTLE here, of which some important earth-works still remain. These consist of a mount, with an ovalshaped base, surrounded by a ditch; and this again by a rampart, and a second ditch, defended by other embankments, particularly on the east side. The summit of the mount is divided ; the western part is circular, and upwards of 100 feet high ; the other is somewhat...
Sida 21 - Church, are considerable remains of a circular camp, defended by a double vallum, almost levelled within on the south side, but very plain on the south-west, where the present road ruus along the outer bank ; the river defending it on the west side, where the woiks arc lower : a road runs through it from north to vii,:L.
Sida 70 - The |x> culiar construction of these windows, so entirely different from any in modern buildings, is worthy observation. An arched niche, about three feet deep, formed the inner opening of the window; in the back of which niche, anothe'r, of less dimensions, gradually decreasing in breadth, penetrated about seven feet further, at the extremity of which, a narrow apcrtuie, only eight inches wide, lined with hewn stone, was made through the remaining thickness of the wall.
Sida 172 - Ethelburgh, wife to Ina, King of the West Saxons, who was canonized; and Cuthburgh, sister of King Ina, who had been a Nun at Barking in the time of St. Hildelitha: she died about the middle of the eighth century. Nothing more is known of this Monastery till the year 870, when it was burnt to the ground by the Danes, and the Nuns either slain or dispersed. It lay desolate about one hundred years, being within the territories which were ceded by Alfred to Gormund, the Danish Chief. About the middle...

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