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CHAP. must we do to work the works of The Je!vs then nurmured at CHAP.

God?” Jesus answered, “ This him, because he said, “I am the replies to is the work of God, that ye believe bread which is come down from by what

cavils of on him the Jews.

whom he hath sent.” heaven;" and they said, " Is not motive Then they said, “What sign there- this Jesus the son of Joseph, whose 42 30 fore dost thou show ; that we may father and mother we know?

see and believe on what thou per- What then doth he mean, by say31 formest. Our fathers ate manna ing, 'I am come down from hea

in the desert ; as it is written, ven?” Jesus answered, “ Mur- 43 Psalm. He gave them the bread of hea- mur not among yourselves. No 44 13914. 24. ven to eat." Then Jesus said unto one can come to me unless the Fa32 them, “ Verily, verily, I say unto ther who sent me draw him, and

you, Moses gave you not that him I will hereafter exalt. It is 45 bread of heaven, but my Father, written in the prophets, in refer- Isaiah who is now giving you the true ence to the time of the Messiah, 12*13*,

Jeremiala 33 bread of heaven : for the bread of All will be acquainted with xxxi. 24.

God is that which cometh down God;' every one, therefore, that

from heaven to give life unto the heareth of the Father and hath 34 world.” Then they said unto him, I learned him, cometh unto me.

“ Master, evermore give us that Not that any one seeth the Father, 46 35 bread.” And Jesus saith unto them, except he who is from * God, he

56 I am that bread of life; he who doth see the Father. Verily, veri- 47 cometh to me will never 'hunger, ly, I say unto you, He who beand he who believeth on me will lieveth in me, hath everlasting life. never thirst.

I am the bread of that life. Your 48 36 " But I have already said unto fathers ate manna in the desert, and 49

you that though ye have seen me, died afterwards. The bread of hea- 50 disciples S and the miracles which I have ven which is come down now is

wrought, yet ye believe not. All, such, that if any one eat of it, he 37 however, whom the Father giveth will not so die, but that he shall

me, as being properly disposed, I have eternal life. I am that bread 51 will come to me, and him who of life which is come down from

cometh to me thus disposed, I will heaven. If any one eat of this 38 in no respect disregard. For I am bread, he will live for ever. More

come? down from heaven, not to over this body of mine is to be con

do my own will, but the will of him sidered as bread, which I will give 39 who sent me. And this is the will up to sufferings and death, in the

of him who sent me, that of all cause of truth, for the life of the
whom he hath given me, as my as-world.”
sistants on earth, I should lose Upon this the Jews contended 52

none, but should exalt them here- among themselves, saying, “ How and how 40 after. This also is the will of him can he give us his body to eat ?” quan

who sent me, that every one who Then Jesus said unto them, “ Un-53 seeth the son, by learning his doc- less ye eat of the body of the son of trine, and believeth in him, may man, and drink his blood, ye have have everlasting life, and I shall ex- no life within yourselves. He that 54 alt him hereafter.”

eateth my body, and drinketh my




- ! In the future life.

as calls himself, in verse 35.
* This language is used in allusion to the 3 Unless the love of God prevail in his
bread which was before said to have come heart.'
down from heaven. There is no more rea- o Entertains right and worthy sentiments
son to suppose that Christ literally came of God.
down from heaven, than that he was bread,


be taken

CHAP. blood, hath everlasting life, and him, est conviction, that thou art the CHAP

I will ex alt hereafter; for my body | Christ, the son of the living God.” V. 55 is the true food, and my blood the Jesus answered, “ Did I not choose 70 56 true drink. 'He that eateth my you twelve for myself ? but one of

body and drinketh my blood abid- you is a false accuser.” Now he 71 57 eth in me, and I in him. As the meant Judas Iscariot, the son of

Father who hath life, sent me, and Simon, one of the twelve, who was

I live by the Father, so he that eat- about to deliver him up. 58 eth me will also live by me. Such And after these things, Jesus CHAP.

is the bread which is now come walked in Galilee, for he did not V. down from heaven, not like the choose to walk in Judea, because the Jesus goes manra which your fathers ate and Jews sought to kill him. Now the 0 Jerusa. died afterwards, for he that eat- | Jews' festival of tabernacles was at ly;

eth this bread shall live for ever.” hand. Therefore his brethren said 3 •59 Jesus said these things as he was unto him, “ Go hence into Judea, Jesus's teaching in a synagogue at Caper-that thy disciples also may see the words are to naum. Then many of his disci- works which thou doest; for no 4 spiritually. ples when they had heard him, said, one, who seeketh to be known

605 This is hard doctrine, who can publicly, performeth his actions in
61 understand it ?” But Jesus know- a secret place: since thou doest

ing in his own mind that his dis- these things, show thyself openly
ciples were murinuring at this, to the world." For, not even did 5

said unto them, “ Do ye revolt his brethren all of them believe on 162 at this?” What if ye see the son him. Then saith Jesus unto them, 6

of man come up again from the " My time is not yet come, but gruve to the place where he was your time is always ready. The 7 before? Will you still be of world cannot hate you, but me it

fended with the doctrine which I hateth ; because I testify of it that 63 teach? It is the spirit that giveth its works are evil. Go ye up to 3

life, the body is of no use without this festival. I go not up at present ; it: the words which I speak unto to this festival, for my time is not

you, they are spirit, and they are yet fully coine." When he had said 9 .64 ? life. But some of you believe these things unto them, he remain

not.” (For Jesus knew before this ed still in Galilee. But after his 10

who believed not, and who would brethren were gone up, then he al. 65 deliver him up). And he said, so' went up to the festival, not open

“ Therefore did I tell you, that no ly, but with secrecy. Then the 11 man can come to me unless it be Jew's sought him at the festival,

given him by my Father.”. saying, "Where is he?” And 12

66 After this, many of his disciples there was much private dispute conPeter's went away and walked with him cerning him, among the multitude: fession. on- no more. Then said Jesus to the for some said, “ He is a good

twelve, “ Do je also wish to go man,” others said, “ Nay, but he 68 away?" Simon Peter answered, deceiveth the people.” No one, 13

“ Master, to whom shall we go ? however spake openly of him, for

thou hast the words of eternal life, fear of the Jews. . 69 and we believe upon the full- But when the festival was now 14

noble con

? By imbibing and digesting my doctrine, ? They relate to the actions of the mind,
so as to make it productive of obedience, are a life-giving principle, and the source of
an union is established between me and my everlasting life and glory.

1 3 In his favour.

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CHAP. and froin Bethlehem, the town of self, and my Father, whose evi- CHAP VII,, David ?" So the opinion of the dence is preferable to that of any

Po multitude was divided concerning number of men, beareth testimo- 18 44 him. And some of them were de- ny to me." Then they said unto 19

sirous of laying hold of him ; but hiin, “ Where is thy Father " Je.

no one put forth his hands against sus answered, “ As ye know not 45 him. So the officers went to the me, ye know not my Father ; for

chief priests, and Pharisees ; who if ye had known me, ye would 46 said unto them, “ Why did ye not have known my Father also.”

bring him?" The officers answer-| These words spake Jesus, in the 20 · ed, Never man spake like this treasury, as he was teaching in the 47 man." Then the Pharisees replied, ternple ; and no one laid hold on 48 « Are ye also deceived ? Hath any him, for his hour was not yet come.

one of the rulers or of the Phari- Then said Jesus to them again, 21 49 sees believed on him ? But this " I am going, and ye will seek me, Vicious

is affections multitude, who know not the law | but it will be in vain, for ye will a 50 are accursed.” Nicodemua, (the die in your sins ; for whither I am men from

same who came to Jesus by night) going, ye cannot come.” Then believing.

who was one of them, saith unto the Jews said, “Will he kill him- 22 51 them, “ Will our law condemn self? because he saith, "Whither · this man without first hearing him, I am going, ye cannot come !"

and knowing what he is doing." And he said unto them, “ Ye are 23 52 They answered, “Dost thou also from below, I am from above : ye

stand up for Galilee? Search, and are of this world, I am not of this thou wilt see that the prophet is not world. Therefore I said unto 24 to arise out of Galilee."

you, Ye will die in your sins ; CHAP. Then Jesus spake again unto for if ye believe not, that I am he,

Vill. them, saying, “ I am the light of ye will die in your sins." Then 25 Jesus jus. the world. He who cometh to me they said unto him, " Who art

his will not walk in darkness, but will thou ?” Jesus said unto them, 26 doctrine. "ico have the light of life.” Upon this " Even what I told you at first. Í 13 the Pharisees said unto him, have many things to say of you,

“Thou bearest testimony to thy- and to condemn in you, but the
· self ; thy testimony is not worthy Father who sent me, and to whom
14 to be considered as true.” Jesus I must leave you, is a true judge,

answered, " Though I do bear and I speak to the world those
testimony to myself, this testimony things only which I heard from
is true, that I know whence I came, him." But they knew not what 27
and whither I am going : but ye he meant by the Father. Jesus 28

know not whence I come, and said further unto them, “ When ye
15 whither I go. Ye judge according have set the son of man on high,

to the flesh, from prejudice and then, ye will know that I am he,
16 passion. I judge' no one. And and that I do nothing of myself,

yet if I judgé, my judgment is true, but speak what my Father taught
because it is not I alone that judge, me; and that he who sent me is

but I, and the Father who sent mé. with me. The Father hath not left 29

17 And indeed it is written in your me alone ; because I always do those Deut. law, that the testimony of two men things which please him." xjx. 15. is true. I bear testimony to my- As he spake these words, many 30

tifies his

lieved what he said of the Father.

By my own authority. • By attending to the proofs of the divine commission of Jesus, they would have be

3 The Christ.



CHAP, believed on him. Then said Jesus was a 'man-slayer from the first, CHAP,

VIII. " to those Jews, who believed on and continued not in the truth, beReply to him, “ If ye continue in my word, cause there is no truth in him, of being pe then ye are truly my disciples, and When any one speaketh a lie, he

" descended ye shall know the truth, and the speaketh according to his own kinfrom Abra- truth shall make you free. Some dred, for his Father the devil also bum.

answered, 66 We are Abraham's is a liar. Now I speak the truth, 15 33 race, and were never slaves to any but ye do not believe me, Which 46

one, how dost thou mean then, of you can convict me of sin ? And 34 that we shall be free?” Jesus an- if I speak the truth, why do ye not

swered, “ Verily, verily, I say un believe me? He who is of God,

to you, every one who committeth listeneth to the words of God. Ye 47 25 sin is a slave of sin. Now the slave | therefore do not listen, because ye

abideth not in the house for a con- are not of God.”. Then the Jews 48
tinuance, as part of the family, answered, “ Do we not say rightly,

but the son does abide for a conti- that thou art a Samaritan, and hast 36 nuance. If therefore the son shall I a demon ?" Jesus answered, "149

make you free, ye will be free in- have not a demon, but I honour 37 deed. I know ye are the race of my Father, and ye dishonour me.

Abraham ; but ye seek to kill me, " Now I seek not my own glory ; 50

because my word hath no place in there is one who seeketh it, and will shows his 38 you. I speak what I have seen punish. Verily, verily, I say unto su

with my Father, and ye also do you, if any one keep my words, ham;

what ye have heard from your Fa-he shall never see death.” Then 52 39 ther.” They answered, “ Abra- said the Jews unto him, “ Now we

ham is our Father.” Jesus saith know that thou hast a demon ;
unto them, “If ye were Abraham's Abraham and the prophets died;

children, ye would do the works yet thou sayest, if a man keep my 40 of Abraham. But now ye are words, he will never taste of death.

seeking to kill me, a man who | Art thou greater than Abraham our 53 have spoken to you the truth, which | Father who died, or than the pro

I have heard from God: Abraham phets who also died : whom mak41 did not act thus. Ye do the works est'thou thyself ?” Jesus answer- 54

of your Father.” Then said they ed, “If I give glory to myself, my
unto him, 66 We are not a spurious I glory is nothing ; it is the Father,
idolatrous race; besides Abraham who giveth me glory, whom ye af-
our earthly Father, we have one firm to be your God, though ye
Father, even God.”

know him not; but I know him, 55 42 Jesus said unto them, “ If God and if I say, I know him not, I shall

were your Father, ye would have be like unto you, a liar ; but I do proves the loved me, because I came forth I know him, and keep his word. Jews; from God; for I am not come of Your Father Abraham earnestly 50 43 myself, but he sent me. Why do longed to see this my day, and he

ye pot understand my discourse? saw it, and was glad.” Then 57

Because ye cannot bear to listen to said the Jews to him, “ Thou art 44 my doctrine. The devil is your not yet fifty years old, and hast

Father, and ye willingly perform thou seen Abraham !” Jesus saith 58 the desires of your Father. He unto them, “ Verily, verily, I say



? Alluding to the history of Cain, Gen. of his brother, or a devil.
iv. 8, 9, who was both a man-slaver and a • After he has been raised from the grave.
liar, an enemy of goodness, a false accuser . In the promise made to him, Gen. xii. 3.

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