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CHAP. is often falling on it from God, and is no more any offering for sin ore- CHAP. * beareth herbage useful to the tillers quired. 8 of it, receiveth praise; but when Having therefore, brethren; a Whatever it bringeth forth thorns and briers, high-priest over the family of God, the Je

as expected is disapproved and condemned, and let us come near with a true heart, from their at last burned up.

in assured confidence, having hearts high-priest 9 But, beloved, we are persuaded sprinkled from an evil concience,

may look The apos- better things of vou, and things and the sbody washed with clean for in

on which belong to salvation, though water: let us hold fast the steady Christ. demn, only we thus speak. For God is not un profession of our hope (for he who to caution just, so as to forget that proof of hath promised is faithful), and let 24 the Hebrews.

your love, which ye showed for us consider one another, that we
his name's sake in having relieved may provoke each other to love

the saints, and still relieving them. and to good works : not forsaking 25
11 Now we wish every one of you to the assembling of ourselves toge-

show the same earnestness, accord-ther, as the manner of some is, but

ing to the confidence of your hope encouraging each other, and so
12 unto the end, that ye be not sloth-much the more, as ye see the day

ful, but imitators of them who of retribution approaching.
through faith and patience inherit For if we sin wilfully after re- 26
the promises.

ceiving the knowledge of the truth, The danCHAP. Now under the law of Moses, there remaineth no more any sacri

tacy every priest continueth serving fice for sins, but a fearful expecta- strongly Obedience daily, and offering the same sacri- tion of punishment, and a raging represent

est fices frequently, which can never fire, that will devour the adversaries, ed. sacrifice.

take away sins; but Christ, after He who despised the law of Moses, 28
offering for ever one sacrifice for died without mercy under two or

sins, sat down at the right hand of three witnesses ; how much sorer 29
13 God, waiting after this “ until his l punishment, think ye, will he re-

enemies be made his footstool :"ceive who treadeth under foot the 14 for one offering hath made those son of God, and regardeth as vile

who are 'sanctified by it perfect for that blood of the covenant by which
15 ever. Now the holy spirit also bear- he was sanctified, and insulteth the

eth testimony to us: for after the spirit of s favour? For we know 30
scripture had said before, “ This is who hath declared, “ Vengeance is Deuter.
the covenant which I will make with mine, I will repay, saith the *XXij. 35.
them, After these days,' saith the Lord.” And again, « The Lord Psalm
Lord, I will put my laws into will judge his people.” It is a fear-1: 4.

cXXXV, 14.
their hearts, and on their minds, ful thing to fall into the hands of
17 I will write them :" it saith also, the living God.

" Their sins and their iniquities But call to mind those days, 32 18 I will remember no more." Now when ye were first enlightened, in

where 3 remission of these is, there which ye endured a great struggle


Ter. xxi. 1

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are-reminded o

had acted

CHAP. of suffering; as well by a public, faith, Noah, having been warned CHAT,

to exposure both to reproaches and from heaven concerning things not Hebrews distresses, as by sharing with those then seen, with pious reverence Genesis,

f who were so afflicted. For ye had prepared an ark, by which he . 13. the noble compassion on those who were in condeinned the world, and obpart they bonds, and took joyfully the sei tained the deliverance according ted. zure of your goods, knowing that to his faith.

ye have a better and a lasting | By faith Abraham obeyed the call 8 35 substance. Cast not away there-to depart to that place which he was Genesis,

fore your confidence which will afterwards to possess, and departed, *1. 31. 36 have a great reward. But ye must not knowing whither he was going.

have patience in performing the By faith he sojourned in the pro-9

will of God before ye gain the promised land, like a stranger there,

37 mise. For yet a little while in- dwelling in tents, with Isaac and Hab. deed, “ He who is coming will Jacob, joint-heirs of the same proii. 3, 4. come, and will not delay." And mise, and looking for that city 10

38 whoso trusteth to 'faith for deliver-which hath foundations, whose

ance, will save his life : but if he framer and builder is God. By 11

withdraw himself, my soul will faith Sarah also received power to Genesis, 39 have no pleasure in him.” But we conceive, and bare a child beyond XVI. 17.

are not they who withdraw unto de her proper age; for she relied on struction, but who faithfully per-him who had made the promise. S severe to the deliverance of our Wherefore even of one (Abraham) 12 lives.

and him 100 become as dead, CHAP. Now faith is a confidence in sprang as many as the stars of

. things hoped for, a conviction of heaven in multitude, and as sand Nature and thing's not seen : and for this our by the sea shore which cannot be good ef. fathers were well spoken of. By numbered. fects of faith.

faith we understand that the ages! All these died in faith, not hav- 13 were so ordered by divine power, ing received the promises, but havthat the present state of things ing seen them afar off, and having

arose not from what did then ap- hailed them, and having confessed Genesis, pear. By faith Abel offered unto that they were strangers, and foiv. 4, 5. God a better sacrifice tban Cain ; reigners on the earth. Now they 14

4 through which he was declared to who speak thus, show plainly that
be righteous by a testimony of God they are seeking their native coun-
to his offerings; and through this, try. And indeed if they had borne 15

though dead, he is still spoken of. in mind that country whence they

5 By faith Enoch was translated, so came out, they might have had Genes's, that he did not see death, and was opportunity to return; but now they 16

not found because God translated desire a better country, that is, an
him; for before this translation he heavenly; wherefore God is not
was declared to have pleased God. ashamed to be called their God,
6 Now, without faith it is impossible for he had prepared for them a

to please him ; for he who cometh | city,
unto God must first believe that he By faith Abraham, when tried, 17
is, and that he is a rewarder of offered up Isaac, and though per- Genesis,
7 such as diligently seek him. By suaded of the promises, offered in a Ille


V. 22.

I His belief of and obedience to the gospel. which the world rejected.
· Believing that to be sufficient evidence,

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CHAP. sacrifice that only son, of whom more examples, for time would CHAP. ale it had been declared, “ A posterity fail me to tell of Gideon, and of *

will be derived to thee from Isaac;' Barak, and of * Samson, and of Judges 19 reasoning with himself, that God Jephtha; of David also, and of iv. &c

was able even to raise him from the Samuel and the prophets; who ! Sam. dead : and indeed from a like con- through faith subdued kingdoms, "ace

dition he at first received him. wrought deliverance, obtained pro-33

20 By faith Isaac blessed Jacob and mises, stopped the mouths of lions, Penesis, Esau, concerning things to come. quenched the rage of fire, escaped 34 V. 27. By faith Jacob, when he was dy-the edge of the sword, became 21 ing, blest each of the sons of Joseph, strong from weakness, were mighty

and worshipped God, leaning on in battle, put to flight the arinies of
22 the top of his staff. By faith Joseph, their enemies, received for women 35
enesis, at the end of life, made mention of their dead children brought to life
31. 22. the departure of the children of again ; and some were killed with

Israel, and gaye directions concern clubs, not accepting deliverance
ing his bones.

when offered, that they might ob-
23 By faith Moses as soon as he tain a better restoration unto life :
xodus, was born, was hid three months some moreover experienced mock-36

by his parents, (for they saw thatery and scourges, bonds also, and
hy bien
he was a promising child) in de- imprisonments.

fiance of the order of the king. They were stoned, they were 37 24 By faith Moses after he was grown sawn asunder, they were thrust

up, refused to call himself the son through with stakes, they were 25 of Pharoah's daughter, and chose slaughtered by the sword, they

rather to suffer hardships with the went about clothed with sheep-
people of God, than to enjoy the skins and goat-skins, destitute, af-

pleasures of sin for a short time ; flicted, cruelly treated ; (of whom 38 26 and esteemed such reproach as the world was not worthy ;) wan

Christ endured greater riches than derers in wildernesses, and moun-
the treasures of Egypt; for he was tains, and dens, and holes of the

looking forward to his reward. 27 By faith he left Egypt, in defiance ed for their trust in God, received xodus, of the anger of the king: for he not the promises ; God having 40.

remained firm, as if he had seen his long ago intended this advantage 28 invisible deliverer. By faith he for us, that these proinises might xodus, observed the passover, and the not be performed before our days.

sprinkling of blood, that the de- Wherefore, since we are sur- CHAP:

stroyer of the first-born might not rounded with so great a cloud of S

29 touch them. By faith the Israel- witnesses, let us Jay aside every The exxodus, ites passed through the Red Sea, weight, and the sin which easily ahorss . 22. as on dry land, which the Egyp- entangleth us, and run with perse- should ex,

tians attempting, were drowned. verance, the race that is laid out cite us to 30 By faith the walls of Jericho fell for us, looking forwards unto Jesus,

imitate shua, down, after a procession round the guide and complete pattern of qualities. 1. 20. them for seven days.

this faith, who for the joy that was 32 And why should I mention any set before him, endured the cross,

be king : for he /ed for their trall these thus celefthe

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* Abraham's other son Ishmael, is passed follies, they are to be admired for the con.' over, as being born of a bond-woman. fidence they had in the existence and good.

• Though this person and others hereness of God. mentioned, were guilty of great faults and


CHAP. despising the shame of it, and is holiness, without which no man CHAP.
XII. seated at the right hand of the shall see the Lord ; keeping watch, A

3 throne of God. Now consider with lest any one fall short of the favour 15
yourselves what a great opposition of of God; lest any 'root of bitterness

sinners he endured, lest ye be wea- | as gall, spring up, and by it many
4 ried and faint in your minds. Ye be defiled: lest there be any forni- 16

have not yet in your struggles re- cator or 3 profane person as Esau,
5 sisted sin unto blood ; and have ye who for one meal gave up his birth- Genesis,

forgotten that encouraging voice, right; for ye know that he wished *XV. 33.

which talketh with you as with afterwards indeed to obtain the 17 Job, sons, “ My son, despise not the blessing, but was rejected : for v. 17. chastening of the Lord, nor faint though he sought it earnestly with Prov. iii. 11.

under his reproof : for whom the tears, he found no way of chang6 Lord Joveth he chastiseth, anding the purpose of his father.

scourgeth every son whom he re- For ye are not come to a moun- 18 ceiveth ?”

tain covered all over with burning Superiority 7 Bear your chastisement with pa- fire, and to blackness and darkness, pod Patience tience : God dealeth with you as and tempest, and the blast of a sation to recom with sons : for what son is there trumpet, and a noise of words ; the law mended.

whom his father chasteneth not? So which the hearers entreated might M
8 then if ye be without chastisement, not be addressed unto them: (for 20

of which all sons have partaken, they could not endure that strict
then are ye a spurious race, and command, “If even a beast touch 21
9 not lawful sons. Besides, have our the mountain, it shall be stoned ;
natural fathers chastised us, and | and so frightful was the appear- 22
we paid them reverence, and shall | ance, that Moses said, " I exceed-
we not much more submit our ingly fear and tremble”) but ye are
selves to our spiritual father, and come to Mount Sion, and to the

for ever! For they inde. d, city of the living God, to the heawith a view to a short life, and af venly Jerusalem, and the general ter their own humour, used to l assembly of innumerable angels, chastise us, but he corrects us for and to a church of first-born sons, 23

our good, that we might be par- I enrolled in heaven, and to God the
11 takers of his holiness. For the judge of all, and to spirits of just

present indeed no chastisement ap- I men made perfect; and to Jesus
peareth to be joyous, but grievous; the mediator of the new covenant, 24
nevertheless afterwards it yieldeth and to a 4 sprinkling of blood,

peaceful fruits of righteousness to which speaketh better things than I ihem who have been exercised by it. I that of Abel.

12 Wherefore lift up the hands | Take care that ye refuse not 25 and zeal, which hang down, and strengthen him who now speaketh to you ; Wick fortitude, the feeble knees, and make 'straight for if they escaped not who reject- deserve

' Christians peace, and Durity. paths for your feet, that the lame led the earthly 5 messenger, much the severest

13 and timid may not be turned out | less shall we escape who reject the punish

of the way, but rather be healed. Cheavenly messenger of God, whose" 14 Follow after peace with all men, and voice then shook the earth; but he



i Those of true Christian goodness and such sufferings as Christ endured, and which fortitude.

I will procure for us more glorious rewards
• Apostacy which might extend itself by than what Abel had reason to expect.

5 Moses.
3 One part of Esau's birthright was, that 6 Christ, called heavenly in distinction
the Messiah should descend from him. from Moses, on account of the superior ex

4 To that high degree of holy fortitude cellence of his doctrine.
which disposes us voluntarily to submit to


11, 6.


xviii. 1.


luties en

CHAP. hath now declared, " Once more it is better that the heart should be CHAP.

I shake not the earth only, but established in the gracious gospel, Hae heaven also.” Now these words than in Jewish meats, by which 9

“ once more," signify the removal the followers of them have not 27 of those things which are shaken, been profited. .

as worn to decay, that the things we have not here a continuing 14

not shaken may continue. Where- city, but are looking for one here-
28 fore let us who have received an after. Through Christ, therefore, 15

unshaken kingdom have thankful- let us offer up continually to God
ness, and pay religious service'unto. a sacrifice of praise, that is, the

God, with reverence and pious fruit of our lips, which render
29 fear. For to the impious and ir- thanks to his name.
reverent our God is a consuming. Moreover, forget not kind of- 16

fices, and to distribute to the poor ; Beneficence CHAP. Let brotherly love continue. For-for with such sacrifices God is wellXIII.

i mission to get not hospitality; for by this some pleased. Obey your guides, and superiors Genesis, have entertained angels unawares. yield to them ; (for they are watch-recom

Remember those that are in bonds ing for your souls, as having an ac- " Various as bound with them, and the dis count to give) that they may pre- 17 forced.

tressed as being yourselves also in side over you with joy, and not the body. Let marriage be ho- with uneasiness, since this were unnourable among all, and the mar profitable for you. Pray for us ; 18 riage bed be undefiled : for whore- | for we trust we have a good conmongers and adulterers God will science, wishing to conduct our5 punish. Let your manner of life selves well in all things. be without covetousness, and be Now the God of peace, who 20 content with your condition ; for brought up from the dead, that Benediction

me and conclu. loshua, God hath said, “ I will never leave shepherd of the sheep, become

5. thee, nor forsake thee;" so that we great by the 'blood of an everlastPsalm may boldly say, “ The Lord is ing covenant, even our Lord Jesus vi. 4, 11.

my helper, and I will not fear Christ, make you complete in every 21

what man can do unto me.” good work, to perform his will!
7 Remember your guides, who spake doing with you what is pleasing in

unto you the word of God; his own sight, through Jesus Christ;
whose faith imitate, considering to whom be glory for ever and ever.
the blessed end of their course Amen.
of life.

Now I entreat you, brethren, 22 8 Jesus Christ is the same yes- suffer the word of exhortation. erpetuity terday, and to-day, and for ever ; The favour of God be with you all. 25 Christian be not, therefore, carried aside with | Amen. digion. a variety of strange doctrines; for



By voluntarily submitting to death, in venant, which will never be annulled. defence and confirmation of shat gospel co

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