A Tribute to the Memory of William Cowper: Author of The Task and Other Poems, Occasioned by the Perusal of His Works, and the Memoirs of His Life by Haley

J. Raw, 1808 - 34 sidor

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Sida 27 - So spake the seraph Abdiel, faithful found, Among the faithless faithful only he; Among innumerable false unmoved, Unshaken, unseduced, unterrified, His loyalty he kept, his love, his zeal ; Nor number nor example with him wrought To swerve from truth, or change his constant mind, Though single.
Sida 21 - Deem our nation brutes no longer, Till some reason ye shall find Worthier of regard, and stronger Than the colour of our kind. Slaves of gold, whose sordid dealings Tarnish all your boasted powers, Prove that you have human feelings, Ere you proudly question ours ! PITY FOR POOR AFRICANS.
Sida 29 - ... Though graced with loveliness thy verdant side, While all around enchantment seems to reign ; These glories still with filial love I taste, And feel their praise ; — yet thou hast one beside, To me more sweet ; for on thy banks reside Friendship and truth combined ; whose union chaste Has soothed my soul ; and these shall bloom sublime When fade the fleeting charms of nature and of time.
Sida 15 - With England's Bard, with Cowper who shall vie? Original in strength and dignity, With more than painter's fancy blest, with lays Holy, as saints to heav'n expiring raise. — MATHIAS, THOMAS JAMES, 1794-98, The Pursuits of Literature, Eighth ed., p. 418. I have been reading "The Task
Sida 5 - ... from such causes. The country that you have had in prospect has been always famed for its beauties ; but the wretch who can derive no gratification from a view of nature, even under the disadvantage of her most ordinary dress, will have no eyes to admire her in any. In one day, in one minute I should rather have said, she became a universal blank to me ; and though from a different cause, yet with an effect as difficult to remove as blindness itself.
Sida 26 - Reluctant to receive th' unwelcome cup, That mars her joy, to med'cine her disease. Afflictions are the ministers of love, By heav'n appointed:—happy, if they serve To bring us nearer home !—to wean our hearts From toys and trifles; and to fix them there, Where only lasting happiness is found ! To...
Sida 25 - ... sank beneath the overwhelming flood : But rather like the wise, who having built, With prudent caution, and a single eye, To that which shall withstand the wreck of time, His mansion on the everlasting rock, Unmov'd beheld it firm abide the assault Of weary elements, and stand secure.
Sida 27 - ... His righteous law; thy peace for ever flows, Like Jordan's stream, and as the countless waves Of yon extended sea, thy righteousness. Mortality's frail garments cast aside ; Corruptible put off for incorrupt; And with the Lamb's unspotted robes array'd, Made meet to mingle with th...
Sida 28 - Thy fears now all are hush'd, and ev'ry pang, Of time and sense, in sure possession lost. Beauty for ashes ; oh the blest exchange ! And oil of joy, to mourning now succeeds. Wak'd by his voice, who tun'd thy trembling strings, With genuine...

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