Bulletin, Volym 6–7


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Sidan 154 - In this country there are fourteen large monasteries, without counting the smaller ones. Beginning on the first day of the fourth moon, the main thoroughfares inside the city are swept and watered, and the side-streets are decorated. Over the city gate they stretch a large awning with all kinds of ornamentation, under which the king and queen and Court ladies take their places.
Sidan 154 - At the sound of a gong, three thousand priests assemble to eat. When they enter the refectory, their demeanour is grave and ceremonious; they sit down in regular order; they all keep silence; they make no clatter with their bowls, etc. ; and for the attendants to serve more food, they do not call out to them, but only make signs with their hands.
Sidan 154 - K'eeh-ch'a; but Fa-hien and the others, wishing to see the procession of images, remained behind for three months. There are in this country four great monasteries, not counting the smaller ones. Beginning on the first day of the fourth month, they sweep and water the streets inside the city, making a grand display in the lanes and byways. Over the city gate they pitch a large tent, grandly adorned in all possible ways, in which the king and queen, with their ladies brilliantly arrayed, take up their...
Sidan 152 - Few of them wear garments of skin (felt) and wool ; most wear taffetas and white linen. Their external behaviour is full of urbanity ; their customs are properly regulated. Their written characters and their mode of forming their sentences resemble the Indian model; the forms of the letters differ somewhat; the differences, however, are slight.
Sidan 154 - These are all beautifully carved in gold and silver and are suspended in the air. When the images are one hundred paces from the city gate, the king takes off his cap of State and puts on new clothes ; walking barefoot and...
Sidan 154 - This country is prosperous and happy; its people are well-to-do ; they have all received the Faith, and find their amusement in religious music. The priests number several tens of thousands, most of them belonging to the Greater Vehicle. They all obtain their food from a common stock. The people live scattered about ; and before the door of every house they build small pagodas, the smallest of which would be about twenty feet in height.
Sidan 156 - They have a knowledge of politeness and justice. The men are naturally quiet and respectful. They love to study literature and the arts, in •which they make considerable advance. The people live in easy circumstances, and are contented with their lot. This country is renowned for its music; B9 the men love the song and the dance.
Sidan 119 - ... to confer fertility on women and to help in the process of parturition. They are, therefore, worn on girdles by maidens, presented to them as bridal offerings, and used by sterile or pregnant women to attain these respective benefits. They are also put into graves to confer vitalising power and ensure the continuance of the deceased's existence, ie, not merely life but also resurrection. They have been used as artificial eyes for mummies, and also as charms against the evil eye, and to bring...

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