The Bang-Bang Club

Arrow, 2001 - 320 sidor
The Bang-Bang Club was a group of four young photographers who covered the last years of apartheid, taking many of the photographs that encapsulate the final years of white South Africa. Two of them won the Pulitzer Prize for Feature Photography for individual photos. One of the four died, shot by Inkatha gunmen while working, a second committed suicide weeks after winning the Pulitzer. This book will be by the two surviving members of the group, telling the story of four remarkable young men, the stresses and tensions of working as a war photographer, the relationships between them and the story of the end of apartheid. An immensely powerful and harrowing book.

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Användarrecension  - PGAllison - LibraryThing

This is a harrowing insight into what makes and drives war photographers. Fittingly it is also a great snapshot of life in South Africa during Apartheid. Läs hela recensionen

LibraryThing Review

Användarrecension  - Clurb - LibraryThing

The Bang Bang Club tells the story of a group of South African journalists who attempted to document the bloody and gruelling transition of South Africa out of apartheid. This is a book full of ... Läs hela recensionen

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