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Section 28, part 2, amended.

Section 54, part II, amended.

Section 58, part II. mended.

Section 66, part II. mended.

nomination made for any ward he shall declare such
candidate the Councillor elect for that ward for the
ensuing year.
In case more than one has been nomi-
nated he shall proceed to appoint a deputy Returning
Officer for such ward and to hold an election under
the provisions of this Ordinance in so far as they will

7. Section 28, Part 2, is hereby amended by striking out the words and that you are the bona fide owner or lessee of the property for which you are assessed where they occur in said Section.

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8. Section 54, Part 2, is hereby amended by adding the following words:

"Provided and in case the municipality should as hereinafter provided be divided into wards after the 1st day of September in any year, the clerk shall compile a separate voters' list for each ward and shall, not later than the fifth day of December following, post such ward lists in his office for the inspection of the public.

"Provided also that any voter who, on inspection, fins that his name has not been copied into the proper list by the clerk, may serve the clerk with a written notice to that effect not later than the tenth day of December and he shall thereupon be entitled to a hearing before the council of the municipality sitting as a court of revision with powers as provided in Sections 59 and 60, part 2, of this Ordinance, and such sitting of the Court of Revision shall be held on the 15th day of December in that year, unless that day should be Sunday in which case the sitting shall take place on the following Monday.”

9. Section 56, Part 2, is hereby amended by inserting the word "to" after the word" notice' in the third line from the bottom of the Section.

10. Section 66, Part 2, is hereby amended by striking out the numbers "183" and "184" where they appear in

said Section and substituting numbers " 63" and " 64" respectively.

11. Section 1, Part 3, is hereby amended by adding Section 1, the following sub-clause:

part III, amended.


“(a) Provided that in case the municipality shall Election of have been divided into wards, as hereinafter provided, the clerk of the said municipality shall attend, and having received from the councillors elected for the then current year their Certificates of Election and oaths of office, shall preside as chairman at such meeting until said councillors, by open vote, have elected a chairman, and in case of a tie the clerk shall give the casting vote and the chairman so elected shall, for the purposes of this Ordinance be called the Reeve of the municipality and shall have all the powers and perform the duties of the office of Reeve as laid down and defined by the various Sections and clauses of this Ordinance pertaining thereto."

12. Sub-section 1 of Section 11 of Part 3 of the said Sub-section 1, Section 11, Ordinance is hereby amended by adding after the part III. word "Act" where it occurs in the fourth line thereof amended. the words "and may prescribe regulations for governing them in the performance of their duties according to the provisions of this Ordinance."

Section 16,

13. Sub-section 12 of Section 16 of Part 3 of said Or- Sub section 12 dinance is hereby repealed and the following sub-sec-part II, tion substituted therefor:



"(12) Laying out, constructing, repairing, and main- Roads and taining highways, roads, streets, bridges, and alleys, by-ways."

Sub-section 37,

14. Sub-section (b) of sub-section 37 of Section 16 of Sb-section (b) Part 3 of said Ordinance is hereby amended by strikings ction 16, out the word "hereinafter" where it occurs therein amended. and substituting the word "hereinbefore" therefor.

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Section 16, part III, amended.

Division of Municipality into wards


into statute

labor and fire


15. Section 16, Part 3, is hereby amended by the addition of the following sub-clauses:

"(65) To divide, when deemed expedient, the municipality into five wards, each of which shall be entitled to and elect one councillor: Provided that such division into wards shall not be made after the first day of December in any year.

“(66) În presentation of a duly certified petition and formation representing not less than one third of the electors of townships named on the last revised assessment roll, to make the necessary provisions to take, at the time fixed for the next ensuing annual election of councillors, a vote of the electors as to the advisability of petitioning the Legislative Assembly to pass an Ordinance disbanding the municipality and form the different Townships therein into Statute Labor and Fire Districts."

Section 22, part III, amended.

Industrial farms, parks, etc.

Erection of

buildings and fences.



16. Section 22, Part 3, is hereby amended by the addition of the following sub-sections :

"(24) For acquiring any estate in landed property within or without the city or town for an industrial farm or for a public park, garden, or walk, or for a place for exhibitions, and for the disposal thereof when no longer required for the purpose or when the council of the respective city or town may deem it advisable to dispose of the same; and for accepting and taking charge of landed property within or without the city or town dedicated for a public park, garden, or walk for the use of the inhabitants of the city or


"(25) For the erection of buildings and fences for the purpose of the farm, garden, walk, or place for exhibitions, as the council deems necessary.

"(26) For the management of the farm, park, garden, walk or place for exhibitions and buildings.

stock of rail



"(27) Upon a petition of at least three-fourths in Subscribing to number of the resident ratepayers entitled to vote on ways by-laws requiring the assent of the electors, and sub-through or ject to ratification by a vote of the electors, as in the municipality. case of such by-laws, to subscribe for any number of shares in the capital stock of any incorporated railway or street railway in the construction or maintenance or operation of which, in, through or near the municipality, the municipality is in the opinion of the Municipal Council interested; and for issuing, for the purpose, debentures payable at such times, and for such sums respectively, not less than $20.00, and bearing interest as the Municipal Council thinks meet, being not more than eight per cent."

IV amended.

17. Section 2 of Part 4 of said Ordinance is hereby Section 2. part amended by adding thereto the following subsection:


any trade or

"(a) No person deriving an income exceeding $600 How persons per annum from any trade, calling, office, profession, income from or other source whatsoever, not declared exempt by profession to this Ordinance, shall be assessed for a less sum as the be assessed. amount of his not personal property, than the amount of such income during the year then last past, in excess of the said sum of $600, but no deduction shall be made from the gross amount of such income by reason of such indebtedness save such as is equal to the annual interest thereon, and such last year's income in excess of the said sum of $600 shall be held to be his net personal property unless he has other personal property liable to assessment, in which case such excess and other personal property shall be added together and constitute his personal property liable to assessment.”

Section 6, part

18. Section 6, Part 4, is hereby amended by adding iv amended. the words "other than income" to sub-section 12, and by the addition of the following sub-sections :


"(13) The annual income of any person derived from Income his personal earnings, provided the same does not ceed $600.00.

ex- from taxation.

"(14) Rental or other income derived from real Rentals estate except interest on mortgages.

exempt from taxation.

Churches exempt from taxation.

Section 2 part
IV repealed.

Section 24 part
IV amended.

Assessor to deliver notice

"(15) A building used for church purposes and not used for any other purpose for hire or reward and the lot or lots whereon it stands not exceeding one-half acre, except such part as may have any other buildings thereon."

19. Section 20 of Part 4 of said Ordinance is hereby repealed.

20. Section 24, Part 4, is hereby amended by adding the following sub-section :

"(a) Provided that in rural municipalities the assesof assessment. sor shall deliver such notice at the time of assessment and if any corrections or alterations are made by the assessment committee the assessor shall deliver or send by registered letter a new assessment notice showing Corrections or the corrections or alterations so made."

New notice

in case

alterations are


Section 1 part
V amended.

Sect on 3 part
V amended.

Advertising sale in newspaper.j



sale in official Gazette

21. Section 1, Part 5, is hereby amended by striking out the word collector" where it appears, and inserting in lieu thereof the word "treasurer."

22. Section 3 of Part 5 of said Ordinance is hereby amended by striking out the words "immediately preceding the day of sale therein named" where they occur after the word "weeks" in the eighth line there of, and by adding thereto the following:

"And for the next following five consecutive weekly issues of said newspaper preceding the day of sale therein named shall publish a notice therein in form following:

Sale of lands in the (fill in proper title) for arrears of taxes.

Notice is hereby given that certain lauds in the (fill in proper name) will be offered for sale for arrears of taxes (stating the day, time and place where and when the said lands are to be sold and the dates of the issues of said newspapers in which a full list of said lands may be found).

And shall also publish a similar notice in The North-West Territories Gazette during the said nine weeks.

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