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NO. 30 OF 1895.




(Assented to 30th September, 1895.)

Whereas by Ordinance No. 22 of 1890 certain part- Preamble. ies were duly constituted a body politic and corporate by and under the name of the Calgary General Hospital with powers to purchase, acquire, receive, accept, build, hold, possess and enjoy for them and their successors any lands, tenements, hereditaments and real and moveable property and estate within the Territories for the sole use and benefit of a Public Hospital;

And whereas it is necessary that the said Corpora- Preamble. tion should have power to raise money by mortgage, debenture or otherwise upon the said lands and buildings for the purposes of paying their liabilities;

Therefore the Lieutenant-Governor, by and with the advice and consent of the Legislative Assembly of the Territories, enacts as follows:


1. Ordinance No. 22 of 1890 is hereby amended by Ordinance adding thereto the following Section

borrow money

"21. The Directors of the said Corporation shall Power o have power to borrow money upon the security of the property of the said Calgary General Hospital either by mortgage, debentures or otherwise, as they may deem proper."




Section 2 amended.

Section 7 repealed.

New Section.

Section 10 repealed.

New Section.

NO. 31 OF 1895.




(Assented to 30th September, 1895.)

The Lieutenant-Governor, by and with the advice and consent of the Legislative Assembly of the Territories, enacts as follows:

1. Section 2 of "An Ordinance to Incorporate the Medicine Hat General Hospital" is hereby amended by striking out the word "annual" and substituting therefor the word "actual," and by striking out the words "ten thousand" and substituting therefor the words one hundred thousand" therein.

2. Section 7 of the said Ordinance is hereby repealed and the following substituted therefor :

"7. All annual subscribers, who shall have paid at least five dollars during the current year and all life members whose names shall appear in a book kept for that purpose, shall be members of the said Corporation and shall have the right to take part in the annual or any other meeting of the said Corporation."

3. Section 10 of the said Ordinance is hereby repealed and the following substituted therefor :


10. There shall be a General Annual Meeting of the members of the said Corporation on the third Monday of December in each year at an hour and place to be named by the directors, and notice thereof shall be given by the Secretary by written notice to be mailed to each member, which notice shall also be published in one or more of the newspapers, published in the town of Medicine Hat, at least six days previous to the day of such meeting."

4. Section 12 of the said Ordinance is hereby re- Section 12 pealed, and the following substituted therefor :

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"12. If such General Annual Meeting shall from any New Section. cause not be held on the day hereinbefore appointed for the same, the Directors then in office shall decide upon another day for the holding of a General Annual Meeting, which day shall be within one month after the time when it should have been held; such meeting shall be called in the same manner as it was called on the proper day, and at such meetings all business may be transacted and all things done in the same manner as the same would have been transacted and done, if such meeting had been held on the day aforesaid."


5. The said Corporation shall have power to Power to borrow money from time to time for the purposes of money. the Hospital to an amount not exceeding five thousand dollars in the manner hereinafter provided.


6. In case a by-law authorising the same is sanc- Issue of Bond tioned by a majority of the members at a General Debentures, Meeting duly called for considering the by-law, the directors may borrow money upon the credit of the coporation, and issue bonds, debentures, or other securities of the corporation and may sell the said bonds, debentures, or other securities at such prices as may be deemed expedient or necessary; but no such debentures shall be for a less sum than $100.


(1) The directors may, under the like personal Power to sanction, hypothecate, mortgage, or pledge the real or personal property of the corporation, to secure any sum or sums borrowed for the purposes thereof.

meetings of

7. Special meetings of the members may be called Special at any time by the Directors for the transaction of members. any business specified in the notice calling such meeting, which notice shall be the same in other respects as that required for the General Annual Meeting.

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In corporation.


(Assented to 30th September, 1895)

Whereas the different parishes and missions of the Catholic Church are owners of property assigned to their foundation and for their support;

And whereas for more than a quarter of a century the property of said Parishes and Missions has been under the management of the Catholic Bishop residing at St. Albert;

And whereas the Catholi: Bishop of St. Albert, wishing to be assisted in the management of said property, has to that effect prayed for the incorporation of each of the said Catholic Parishes and Missions in the Diocese of St. Albert, and whereas it is expedient to grant said demand and to secure thereby to said Parishes and Missions the advantages prayed for;

Therefore be it enacted by the Lieutenant-Governor, by and with the advice and consent of the Legislative Assembly of the Territories, as follows:

1. If any Parish or Mission of the Catholic Church owns or wishes to acquire any land for the erection of a church, chapel, parsonage house, or for a cemetery or other worship purposes, such parish or mission, from the fact of its canonical erection, shall become a body politic and corporate, which will be represented by his Lordship the Bishop of St. Albert, and in case of death or of absence, by the Administrator of the Diocese, by his Vicar General or the Dean of his clergy and the priest canonically appointed for the administration of such Parish or Mission, with power to associate with them, for any period of time, two

other members or representatives of the said Corporation.

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2. These different Corporations will be known under Title. the name of "The Catholic Parish (or The Catholic Mission) of according to the names given to those Parishes or Missions at the time of their regular establishment by the Bishop or the Administrator of the Diocese.

3. Said Parishes and Missions under those names, Powers and represented as above, may have perpetual succession and a seal, with power to change, alter or renew said seal as often as they will see fit; and may under the same name, and at any time in the future, buy, acquire, hold, possess, enjoy, take and receive for their said establishment, by virtue of any legal title whatever, and without any further authorization, any lands, hereditaments, and unmoveable property, within the limits of these Territories, within an income not exceeding Two Thousand Five Hundred Dollars, Canadian currency, per annum, and each of said corporations shall also have power to sell, mortgage, dispose of, buy, acquire or own property for the same purposes and under the same name, shall be able and may prosecute and be prosecuted for the same purposes and under the same name, assign or be assigned to, appear before any Court of law in any place whatever, and in as ample and advantageous a manner as any other body politic and incorporate, or as any person legally entitled to prosecute or be prosecuted, assign or be assigned, and said Corporation shall have all power and authority to draft and enact such regulations and orders not contrary to the Laws in force in these Territories and to the laws of the Catholic Church which shall be deemed necessary and useful to the welfare of said Corporation, for their management and that of their business and property, and from time to time may amend, alter or annul said regulations and orders, or any of them, in such manner as said Corporation shall deem fit and proper.

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