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has satisfied all money due on, or to grow due on, a certain chattel mortgage made by

which mortgage bears date the A.D. 18


day of

and was registered (or in case the mortgage has been renewed under Sections eleven and twelve, was renewed) in the office of the Registration Clerk of the District of

on the

A.D., 18 as number (here mention the day and date "of registration of each assignment thereof, and the names of the parties, or mention that such mortgage has not been assigned, as the fact may be) and that I am the person entitled by Law to receive the money; and that such mortgage is therefore discharged.

Witness my hand this

day of

Witness (stating residence and occupation.)

A. D., 18

NO. 9 OF 1895.


[Assented to 30th September, 1895.]

The Lieutenant-Governor, by and with the advice Preamble. and consent of the Legislative Assembly of the Territories, enacts as follows:



1. Persons duly enrolled as Advocates under the Only provisions of this Ordinance, or of some previous Or- permitted to dinance of the Territories, and no others, shall be per- practice. mitted to practice at the Bar in the Supreme or any other Courts of civil jurisdiction in the Territories, and to sue any writ or process, or commence, carry on, solicit or defend any action, or proceeding in the name of any person or in his own name, in any such Courts.

enrolled as

2. Any of the following persons upon production to who may be the Lieutenant-Governor of a certificate from a Judge Advocates. of the Supreme Court to the effect that he is a fit and proper person and is entitled to be enrolled, and the payment of a fee of seventy-five dollars to the General Fee. Revenue Fund of the Territories, may be enrolled as an advocate in the said Territories;

The Judge may grant such certificate to—


(a) Any person who has been duly called to the Bar Barristers and of England, Ireland or Scotland, or who has been mitted to practice as an Attorney or Solicitor in of Her Majesty's Superior Courts of Law therein.

ad-from England. any Scotland.

Ireland and


(b) Any British subject of the age of 21 years fur- Filing of nishing to a Judge of the Supreme Court satisfactory evidence of a good moral character, and that he has pursued the study and practice of Law for at least three years under articles with a duly enrolled advocate in

Barristers, Attorneys. Advocates, and Solicitors from other Provinces.

preliminary to Articles.

the Territories, that he has passed the examination or examinations hereinafter mentioned, and that the said articles, and any assignment thereof, the execution thereof being verified by affidavit, have been filed with the Registrar of the Supreme Court, within six months after the execution thereof, and has subscribed and taken before such Judge the oath hereinafter prescribed.

(c) Any person who has been duly called to the Bar of, or who has been admitted to practice as an Attorney, Advocate or Solicitor in, any of Her Majesty's Superior Courts of Law in any of the Provinces of the Dominion, and who produces sufficient evidence of such call or admission, and testimonials of good character and good standing in the Law Society of the Province of which he is a Barrister, Attorney, Advocate or Solicitor, to the satisfaction of a Judge, but the fee payable by any person applying for enrollment under this sub-section shall, unless the person applying be a permanent resident of the Territories, instead of the fee herein before mentioned, be the same fee as an Advocate of the North-West Territories would be required to pay in order to be called to the Bar of the Province of which the applicant for enrollment hereunder is a Barrister, Attorney, Advocate or Solicitor as the case may be.

Qualification 3. Any person shall be required to produce to the Judge satisfactory evidence of his having matriculated in Arts in some University of the United Kingdom or · a British Colony, or of having obtained either a Second Class Non-professional Certificate as a teacher from the Council of Public Instruction, or a statement signed by the Secretary of the said Council of Public Instruction that he possesses scholarship equivalent to that required for a Second Class Non-professional Certificate as a Teacher for the Territories or a certificate equivalent thereto, though not necessarily a teacher's certificate, from some other recognized examining body in the United Kingdom or a British Colony.

Verification of Articles.

4. The execution of any articles and the date of such

execution shall be verified by affidavit before being entered by the Registrar.


5. If articles are not produced to the Registrar for of not filling entry within six months of the date thereof they may Articles. be subsequently produced and entered but in such case the service of the Clerk shall be reckoned to commence from the date of the production for entry unless a Judge shall otherwise direct.


6. Any articles binding any person to serve as Clerk Filing of to an Advocate and not registered before the passing of this Ordinance shall within six months from the date hereof be produced to the Registrar of the Supreme Court who shall enter into a book the names and addresses of the parties to, and the date of the articles and the date of the entry.


7. For every such entry the Registrar shall be titled to receive a fee of fifty cents and the book in which the entries are made shall during office hours be open to inspection without fee or reward.


of articled

8. Every articled Clerk or Student-at-Law shall Examination pass an intermediate examination at least twelve Clerk. months before the expiration of his time of service and a final examination after the expiration of such time on such text books and subjects as shall be prescribed by the Board of Examiners appointed by the Lieutenant-Governor-in-Council.

(1) Any Student or Articled Clerk whose articles Exception. were filed prior to the First day of January, A.D., 1895, shall not be required to pass the intermediate examination provided for in this Section.


9. The Lieutenant-Governor-in-Council shall appoint Board of not more than three Examiners, who shall be duly enrolled Advocates of the Territories, who shall constitute a Board of Examiners for the purposes of this Ordinance.

Time and place of examinations.

Notice by

Notice to
Clerk of

Fee on examination.

Expenses of examination.

Enrollment of

Form of

(1) The Examination prescribed by this Ordinance shall be conducted at such times and places and in such manner as the Lieutenant-Governor-in-Council shall, by order, determine.

(2) Candidates for such examination shall give one month's notice, in writing, previous to the date fixed for such examination, which notice shall mention the place at which the Candidate wishes to present himself for such examination.

(3) Such notice shall be sent to the Clerk of the Executive Committee.

(4) Each Candidate shall send with such notice the sum of $10.00, which shall belong to the General Revenue Fund and shall be used towards defraying the expenses of examination.

(5) The expenses of such examination shall be paid by the Lieutenant-Governor-in-Council out of the General Revenue Fund.

10. Upon receipt of a certificate from a Judge, and of the requisite fee, the Lieutenant-Governor shall cause the name of the person named in such certificate to be enrolled in a book, to be kept for that purpose, and shall issue to such person a certificate in the form following:



This is to certify that

having complied

with the provisions of "The Ordinance respecting the Legal Profession" was, on the

day of

A.D. 18 duly enrolled as an advocate of the Courts of civil jurisdiction in the North-West Territories, and as such is entitled to all the rights and privileges granted by said Ordinance.

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